andjjj23when running "fakeroot debian/rules ...", how do i tell it to use gcc-11 rather than gcc-12 (Ubuntu 22.04 host machine)? I've tried all manner of passing HOSTCC=gcc-11 and CC=gcc-12 in various ways, but the build always gives an error about "x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-12: not found"05:28
andjjj23nevermind, i figured it out05:39
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blahdeblahandjjj23: Care to share the answer? :-D06:50
chiluk_lol andjjj23.  14:51
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kmikitaIs there in the plan an update HWE to kernel-lts-6.1 for Ubuntu 18.04?14:57
chilukkmikita, I'm no longer in Canonical, but typically the last hwe kernel for an LTS release is the kernel from the next LTS.14:58
chilukso for 18.04 the last hwe kernel you will receive is from 20.0414:58
kmikitachiluk, thanks14:58
kmikitaI'm interesting in update reanahead patch for recent kernels. :)15:00
chilukkmikita https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle#ubuntu-kernel-release-cycle15:00
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dave_Fthere are no mainline builds since 6.1RC5 and 6.0.9. Please advise.23:14

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