Spadsravage: the end of the topic explains what is meant by the beginning, I hope.09:38
ravagestill says RT10:01
ravagebut at least it mentions an email :)10:01
SpadsYes, it explains what we mean by "use RT".10:03
bG9shello - may I ask for an assist on an updated resource for how to create your own repository? not exactly a mirror but thought I'd ask14:23
merthello, "tr.archive.ubuntu.com" is extremely and painfully slow. even directory listing is taking more than 50 seconds. is it possible you to change A records of that mirror to point archive.ubuntu.com?17:02
mert$ curl -o /dev/null -s -w 'Total: %{time_total}s\n'  http://tr.archive.ubuntu.com17:02
mertTotal: 101.663106s17:02
tomreynmert: i'm just another user but i can already tell you that your report is appreciated but you'll need to send it to the email address given in the channel /topic17:06
mertthank you tomreyn, i'll do it.17:07
FluorbG9s, 'reprepro' (package) could help you.17:27
bG9sneat ty ty17:27
bG9swill check here shortly17:27
bG9sFluor: ty17:27
FluorbG9s, for a more manual/dirty solution, look into dpkg-scanpackages / dpkg-scansources17:31
bG9smanual is nice, just now taking a loowk17:32
smoseri'm told that others have seen mirror issues? I came looking after my caching-proxy mirror (which i dont really have access to logs for) had a client fail with: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/URqu6kVL/raw17:51
smoserapt would normally use by-hash, but i think the following line indicates taht didn't work and it fell back:17:51
smoserFailed to fetch http://my-mirror/path/ubuntu/dists/focal-updates/main/binary-amd64/Packages.xz  Hash Sum mismatch17:51
tomreyni've seen recent reports about what looked like tcp timeout issues with TR and US.archive.ubuntu.com, not hash sum mismatches18:02
tomreynsmoser: ^18:02
tomreynof course those could be due to your local mirror failing to get updates from the origin18:03
tomreynhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors appears to be mostly good on the first look, https://status.canonical.com/ also18:07
smoserright, my caching-proxy mirror could have had an issue with its GET and that manifested this way.18:08
smoserand this woudl be the first time i've ever had an issue other than "Hashsum mismatch" with official mirrors, so absotlutely it could have been our link.18:09
axinohello all, yes sorry we've had a weird outage on our archive servers but things should be back in shape now19:37
smoserthanks, axino . the result of this is better for me anyway, now i have 'by-hash=force' which i previously didn't kniow about.20:25

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