sarnolda bit thin on details, but it's probably more than other companies might share. sheesh :)01:51
arraybolt3[m]Glad I use Google's password manager and not a weird third party one.02:00
mwhudsonyeah sheesh is about right i think03:08
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smoserhey. is there a way that i can tell apt (client) to only do by-hash ?16:11
smoserI'm seeing an error in apt-get update https://pastebin.mozilla.org/URqu6kVL/raw16:17
smoserdoes taht look like a path where apt fell back to using non-by-hash ? or am i to believe that the caching-proxy mirror has bad content.16:19
smoserapt.conf(5) says that I can set By-Hash to "force". trying that. thanks for listening, internet16:33
smoserhow does apt decide whether or not it can use by-hash ?16:54
rbasaksmoser: I think it's Acquire-By-Hash: yes in InRelease17:35
rbasakAnd of course you need InRelease for by-hash to be useful - otherwise there's a race against Release.gpg17:35
smoseri thought it was something else.  that apt tried to allow for people doing rsync mirrors of ubuntu.com (which would get InRelease) but *not* getting the by-hash directories.17:45
smoserso I wrote apt sources.list with entries like: deb [by-hash=force] $mirror $rel main universe17:46
lotuspsychjethere are users reporting issues with the inrelease repos17:46
smoserand i think that shoudl force it, but not easy to test.17:46
lotuspsychjeaka; presently getting "Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/focal-updates/InRelease: Unable to connect to us.archive.ubuntu.com:http17:47
smoserhuh. like, right now they are ?17:47
lotuspsychje15min ago yeah17:47
smoserwow, and that'd push it down a no-by-hash path.17:47
smoserso thats probably what happened withmy caching proxy mirror.17:48
smoserlotuspsychje: link ?17:48
lotuspsychjeits another user i know reported it17:48
smoserwell, if it is helpful, there are timestamps https://pastebin.mozilla.org/URqu6kVL/raw17:49
lotuspsychjesmoser: try #ubuntu-mirrors for known issues17:50
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meekeee[m]I successfully installed ubuntu-22.04.1 on a physical box, but found out it has neither wpa_suppliant nor network-manager out of the box (and no GUI of course). I have then no internet connectivity. My institution uses PEAP MSCHAPv2 for ethernet authentication, so I am a bit lost. I dowloaded the *.deb package of network-manager and will try to manually install it with ```> sudo dpkg -i ```. Is there any hint or proper tutorial on19:14
meekeee[m]how to use network-manager from the shell for my needs? 19:14
JanCsmoser: supposedly the mirrors are working properly again19:21
JanCaccording to Canonical sysadmins19:21
JanCnetwork-manager can be configured using nmcli & nmtui, I think?19:25
JanCmeekeee[m]: ^19:25
leftyfbmeekeee[m]: you don't need network-manager to connect to wifi on a server19:25
meekeee[m]leftyfb: I have no wifi on this PC, just the ethernet cable.19:26
leftyfbmeekeee[m]: then you don't need wifi ;)19:26
JanCthen why are you talking about wpa_supplicant & such?19:27
JanCyou probably need to read netplan documentation19:28
meekeee[m]JanC: Because the same PC had Debian installed, and through wpa_supplicant, I handled the (wired) authentication. The tutorial I have from my institution assumes one has a GUI and launches (GNOME's) Network Manager applet. That's why I am focusing on Network Manager.19:28
leftyfbno you didn't19:28
leftyfbwpa_supplicant does not manage wired connections19:28
JanCwpa_supplicant is specific to WiFi19:28
meekeee[m]leftyfb: I swear I did and that was the only way to give the PC connectivity. It took me 2 weeks to do it. ☚ī¸19:29
leftyfbwpa managed wireless authentication19:29
leftyfbit does not manage networking (wired or wireless)19:30
meekeee[m]leftyfb: In Debian, I had created a file in ```/etc/wpa_supplicant/MYINST_WIRED.wpa_supplicant.conf``` and that contained the following... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/c2cc6c2b497a6e355a5941e960a50118464d2fc0>)19:30
leftyfbnah, you'll have to use pastebin or something. I'm not clicking on matrix links19:31
meekeee[m]The tutorial I started was entitled "Configuration guide for the MYINST Wired Network (dot1x authentication), using wpa_supplicant."19:31
JanCMatrix is just a pastebin really  ;)19:31
meekeee[m]https://pastebin.com/ZbpZZWCR 19:32
meekeee[m]leftyfb: Apologies. I used the Markdown syntax ` ` ` (as on GitHub). I am new to Matrix and did not expect it to render the code snippet as a link. I do not see it as a link.19:33
leftyfbmeekeee[m]: this is IRC, not matrix. You are using a matrix client as a front-end to IRC which adds all sorts of matrix-specific garbage to IRC19:33
meekeee[m]leftyfb: Apologies. You are right! I joined #ubuntu-server:libera.chat on IRC, but I forgot. BTW: I am old enough to remember Goopher and Netscape and I was active on IRC decades ago. 😉 19:34
leftyfbI think my first time was about 1992 or 1993 on Undernet. And I also used Netscape. But we are OT. Feel free to /join #ubuntu-discuss19:35
meekeee[m]Well, happy to "shake" your hand through a Matrix-IRC bridge 🙂 Assuming that I am saying the through, can I install wpa_supplicant in ubuntu? Why did it come out of the box.19:35
meekeee[m]Ok. Thank you all and apologies for the OT.19:36
leftyfbservers do not typically connect via wifi19:36
leftyfbso it's not installed by default19:36
leftyfbmeekeee[m]: https://netplan.io/examples19:37
leftyfbmeekeee[m]: specifically https://netplan.io/reference#authentication19:38
meekeee[m]leftyfb: Thank you. But it does not feature support for PEAP MSCHAPv2, which is my curse.19:38
meekeee[m]leftyfb: I will study it. Thank you very much.19:38
televiI am just trying to setup sendmail so my phpmail will work.. when I "service sendmail restart" it takes forever to restart. and when I try to send mail from terminal it also takes too long20:48
televimy /etc/hosts has: mydomain.com20:48
leftyfbtelevi: I would highly recommend getting proficient at reading and understanding server logs before running a public email server. Especially one that utilizes phpmail20:50
leftyfbtelevi: you should use an email service like gmail to send email from your website. Not local sendmail21:07
leftyfbtelevi: a relayhost21:07
leftyfbtelevi: according to the logs you provided in #ubuntu, your /etc/hosts is invalid21:08
televiis this correct?21:11
leftyfbtelevi: you want your hostname and then FQDN in for
leftyfbremove the bottom entry. You do not need your public ip in there21:13
televiso just the ?21:15
sarnold1.1 != 0.121:15
televiso both of the top 127 lines?21:16
televileave them as is?21:16
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televiI delete my public ip but do I need to change anything with the & ?21:18

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