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daftykinsyowzer, archive.ubuntu.com is crawling this eve17:38
daftykinsanyone else seeing similar?17:38
zxmpii've never used it17:52
zxmpiany particular link?17:52
daftykinshearing of trouble on the US side as well, my Oracle VPS was getting poor performance just now too17:57
daftykinsmethinks there's trouble afoot!17:57
daftykinsgetting < 150 KB/sec here at home17:58
zxmpiwow... that's half the speed of a cd-rom 1x18:04
daftykinsnoo that's a match! 4x was 600 KB/sec :D18:05
zxmpiwow, you're right, it has been a little while :-)18:24
daftykinsah ha they reported they found an issue, back to normal now20:15
zxmpiwire got a good wiggling21:23

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