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moffaHello, is there a way to pin the terminal on the left bar for all users on a machine? There are too many users to manually login and pin it for01:27
FaTaL_Gis there a command that will give "extra" details on a linux directory besides .... ls -al?01:35
leftyfbFaTaL_G: what "extra" details are you looking for?01:36
FaTaL_GI have two folders.... they have the same owner, they are both on a mergerfs mount point, along with many others.... tehy have same persissions everything. The mount point is a samba share....01:36
FaTaL_Gnow... when I try to add a root folder on one of them to Radarr... it works... the other one does not, it throws a ASPNET exception.....01:37
FaTaL_GThere's literally nothing different about either folder. I did renames, moved contents between them, you name it.01:37
FaTaL_GI now have an "empty" "upload2" folder, that used to be the "upload" folder.....01:38
leftyfbFaTaL_G: sounds to me like a not-ubuntu issue01:38
FaTaL_GI rebooted the machines that were trying to mount it. I think its ubuntu or posix01:38
FaTaL_Gthe problem follows the folder on the ubuntu machine01:39
FaTaL_Gls -al upload and upload2 are identical in every way01:39
FaTaL_GI even swapped names between them, and the problem stays with the same folder, regardless of what I call it. Its a real file. No links, no mounts, etc... its just a folder on a disk01:40
leftyfbFaTaL_G: again, I don't think it's an issue with ubuntu.  I think it's with this mix of mergerfs and samba shares01:40
murmelmoffa: gsettings set org.gnome.shell favorite-apps "['org.gnome.Terminal.desktop']"01:42
murmeland if you want others, just add them with a , between '01:42
FaTaL_Git shouldnt be, but how can I reveal any added info on it? the /mnt/media is the mergerfs & samba shared point, /mnt/media/upload and /mnt/media/upload2 are just folders01:42
sarnoldFaTaL_G: maybe check audit logs or journal logs or dmesg logs to see if you've got errors or other messages?01:43
FaTaL_Gthank you. I'll try that01:44
FaTaL_GI did a grep for upload of var lol...01:44
murmelmoffa: you would need to sudo -u, sadly for all of them :X01:44
FaTaL_Gerr, var/log01:44
jhutchinssudo -i ?01:45
murmeljhutchins: -u for different user01:45
moffaThanks! it worked02:13
Carrot212Hi guys, I'm a political activist, I'm trying to make my standard voice calls more anonymous. I can't use Signal for all calls. I need a way to setup an anonymous VOIP so somebody who knows my number, can't trace me back to my physical phone. A web-browser based VOIP, which I can connect to with public wifi or a VPN, would work, but I cant find any02:23
Carrot212that I can pay via BTC with.02:23
Carrot212Another option is a SIP? maybe, I just need a way to call, text, voicemail people without it being linked to my physical phone number.02:23
sarnoldCarrot212: maybe try #privacytech on irc.oftc.net? that sounds like something they'd know02:26
lagunaloire123does anyone know what gnome-box program does ....is it an alternative to the propietary virtualbox03:47
sarnoldlagunaloire123: gnome-box is a frontend to libvirtd; libvirt provides a management infrastructure around qemu and kvm03:48
sarnoldlagunaloire123: you can use the virt-manager front-end, which is a pretty good competitor to virtualbox; gnome-box is much simpler and might be suitable as a replacement for virtualbox, but it might also not support features you need03:49
lagunaloire123sarnold well i used qemu years ago to try to design some free bios'es for several motherboards to free them from propietary bioses03:49
lagunaloire123sarnold but i have not used qemu since then03:49
leftyfblagunaloire123: https://imgur.com/a/qB1vBes03:49
leftyfblagunaloire123: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/qKFCjhvtpn/03:50
lagunaloire123sarnold so it is just a front-end...does it support virtualbox..but virtualbox doesn't need a front end...i tested it many years ago before oracle bought it and it was easy to use and ran xp great in linux back in the day03:50
sarnoldleftyfb: oo nice03:50
sarnoldlagunaloire123: it probably does not support virtualbox as a backend; normally free software does free software things :)03:51
leftyfblagunaloire123: gnome-boxes != virtualbox03:51
lagunaloire123sarnold yes that is quite right and proper03:52
lagunaloire123leftyfb ok lefty thanks for the tip...i think virtualbox is a great vm but it is propietary now so i don't use it03:53
leftyfblagunaloire123: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Editions03:54
lagunaloire123leftyfb i do use propietary stuff when i can afford to pay for it...i don't mind...but i don't need a vm these days except for the 16 bit vm in windows32 to support the Outlaws game03:54
lagunaloire123i am glad that some game developers are learning from the excellent girl-centered game final fantasy 7...now genshin impact is coming along and doing quite nicely...and also a new one looks promising for girls also called Infinity Nikki...so i think games are improving these days03:57
arraybolt3lagunaloire123: You have been tols multiple times to not do that here. Stop.03:58
leftyfb!discuss | lagunaloire12303:58
ubottulagunaloire123: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!03:58
leftyfb!ot | lagunaloire123 actually,03:59
ubottulagunaloire123 actually,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:59
lagunaloire123well anyway thanks for the advice on gnome-box..i wasn't sure what that was.04:01
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lagunaloire123ok well i have lots to do...nearly everyday something new to work on....so see all of you later04:03
ThePendulumthey /wc04:11
tareqHi Guys!04:45
tareqI am new to Linux. Loving it so far. One problem though04:45
tareqI am a power excel user. I am a SEO professional. And I need Excel daily04:46
tareqis there any way I can harness the power of excel within Linux?04:46
arraybolt3tareq: There are ways of getting Excel to run on Ubuntu, but it's tricky. Is LibreOffice Calc not sufficient for your use case?04:46
tareqOnline excel doesn't work since I have to use advanced plugins.04:47
arraybolt3Calc is like free-and-open-source Excel.04:47
tareqproblem is, I don't have the time to learn libre calc04:47
tareqI am extremely efficient in excel04:47
murmeltareq: sounds like you are stuck to a vm then :X04:47
arraybolt3You can put it into a mode that looks like Excel and not hardly have to learn anything.04:47
murmelarraybolt3: pretty sure the plugins make calc non usable04:48
tareqI am thinking of that. But is it a problem?04:48
tareqhow can I do that?04:48
tareqI can try that at least04:48
arraybolt3It will be way easier to do that than to learn how to run Excel in Linux. If you have to use Excel, the easiet way is to get a Windows license, install Windows into a virtual machine, and install MS Office into that.04:48
arraybolt3You will need both a Windows license and an Office license though, which may be *pricey*.04:48
tareqho can I make libre look like excel?04:49
arraybolt3One moment, let me find the button again.04:49
tareqI understand how to run excel in a VM04:49
tareqsure. thanks04:49
sarnoldtareq: you could try using PlayOnLinux to get excel to run in wine04:50
tareqI will only use the VM when I have to use the plugin functions.04:50
sarnoldI haven't got a clue if it's *good* but it might be worth trying04:50
arraybolt3tareq: Open Calc, click the View menu, click User Interface..., then set the interface to Tabbed.04:50
murmelsarnold: it really depends on which version of office we are talking about04:50
arraybolt3Bam, you get an Excel-like ribon.04:50
tareqi have installed wine. But don't know how to use it yet. Have to watch some tutorials04:50
bougymanWhen did manpages get replaced with youtube videos?04:51
sarnoldmurmel: that wouldn't surprise me04:51
arraybolt3bougyman: They didn't. YouTube videos can be dangerous to follow, the manpages are way more likely to be right.04:51
bougymanI was being facetious.04:52
tareqthanks arraybolt04:52
arraybolt3tareq: Glad to try to help!04:52
tareqanother question, are the formulas same in excel and libre calc?04:52
bougymanThey use different operators.04:53
arraybolt3tareq: In my experience, yes.04:53
NickHRegarding Excel on wine https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1104:53
arraybolt3bougyman: Really? I don't remember that.04:53
bougymanAre you sure? OpenOffice was way different from excel.04:53
arraybolt3I remember OpenOffice being like that, but not LibreOffice.04:53
bougymanUnless libre changed something dramatically.04:53
arraybolt3Libre changed things dramatically.04:53
bougymanOk, cool.04:53
bougymanI don't use excel nor libre, but cool.04:53
arraybolt3OpenOffice was a formula mess in my experience, LibreOffice makes things much more Excel-like.04:53
bougymanI guess that's good for people coming from Excel.04:54
tareqit is very sad to let go excel. Although I don't like windows. I am very good at excel. I used to flex about it.04:55
arraybolt3As a fellow Excel ninja, I miss nothing from it. I can switch between Excel and Calc effortlessly.04:55
bougymanIt's definitely a marketable skill. Low ceiling though.04:55
tareqhow do you switch?04:55
tareqVM? dualboot04:56
arraybolt3I mean I can use Excel one day and be happy, then use Calc later and be happy. I use Calc only unless I'm using Excel on someone else's computer who doesn't have Calc.04:56
arraybolt3The one thing in Excel that's missing in Calc that I know of is VBA support, and even that is changing.04:56
tareqI am thinking of using Qube OS as soon as I get used to linux commands. I guess that way I can use Linux and excel with the level of privacy Qubes provide04:57
tareqhow is the idea?04:57
murmelwrong channel to talk about this ;)04:57
arraybolt3No clue. I know Qubes is tricky to use and requires a lot of resources and special hardware.04:57
PeanutCashew1tareq try #linux04:57
tareqyeah. I am a noob. it is in my future learning list04:58
PeanutCashew1Yeah the special hardware/limited hardware support is why I dont use it04:58
tareqwhat is best place to learn linux commands for a complete linux noob?04:58
bougymanUse linux as a daily driver, and only use the terminal for administration.04:59
bougymanDoesn't really matter which linux.04:59
arraybolt3tareq: Use a VM with a second copy of Ubuntu in it so that when you break things, you can recover easily. I've broken my installs so many times, VMs saved me mutliple times.05:00
tareqsure. thanks05:00
tareqcurrently using VM to run whonix05:01
tareqwill add another ubuntu on it05:01
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gloomyHey, why is it that `apt search gist` gives me a long list of packages that don't contain "gist" in neither the name nor description?07:08
gloomyhttps://gist.github.com/ldorigo/8db8f9d0a90b6d180e2e20ef3640d524 These are the results I get07:09
rfmgloomy, it searches the long description, and lots of packages have frex "registry" which has gist as a substring...07:12
arraybolt3If I was to rsync my entire /home/arraybolt3 folder to flash media, how would I tell it to verify the files it wrote as it did so? I'm prepping to back up and reinstall my system in order to switch Ubuntu flavors, and I have a lot of data that I would really prefer to not lose. I believe rsync can do checksum verification, but I'm not sure if it does so by default during a local copy.07:22
arraybolt3It looks like rsync does this by default, just double-checking mosly.07:24
arraybolt3Though rsync kind of looks like all it does is checksum to ensure things weren't damaged in transit, not sure if it re-reads stuff that was written, or if disk buffering would get in the way of that anyway.07:27
alkisg1arraybolt3: mksquashfs /home/arraybolt3 /media/arraybolt3/my-home.squashfs07:31
alkisg1It compresses which makes things faster, and checksums at the same time07:32
alkisg1It's like tar.gz, but it can also be loop-mounted, so I prefer it over tgz07:32
alkisg1(use sudo if you have non-user owned files)07:33
arraybolt3That sounds like a good idea. Just... forgive my paranoia here, but having had corrupted USB file transfers, I really am trying to be careful here. Is there a way to make mksquashfs verify that an existing squashfs file matches a folder structure? That way I can test the archive after the fact.07:34
arraybolt3(And I can do the backup and verification from a live USB, thus avoiding a file changing in between archive creation and verification.)07:34
arraybolt3Actually I can look this up...07:34
alkisg1arraybolt3: sure, mount -o loop,ro my-home.squashfs /mnt; diff -r /mnt /home/arraybolt307:34
arraybolt3alkisg1: Oh that's really smart. Why I didn't think of diff -r before is beyond me.07:35
alkisg1Or if you have enough space you may write it to /srv first,then md5sum it,then write it to flash, then md5sum it from there07:35
alkisg1That will actually be quite faster, as sequential writes to usb are much faster07:35
arraybolt3Eh, it will be to a fast SD card, so I'm not too worried about write speed.07:36
arraybolt3It's probably silly for me to be this careful, but that *one* time I got a bad USB flash is making me scared :P Anyway, thank you for your help!07:37
hiyaCan I upgrade to mainline kernel in 22.10?08:08
Neithis there a way to run a script after unattended upgrades finishes running? after some googleing I found `DPkg::Post-Invoke` but that fires more than once (I assume maybe due to unattended upgrades running more than one DPkg command?)08:13
Neithoh some more googleing finds https://askubuntu.com/a/1369397, so I'll give that a try08:22
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alkisg1While running the Ubuntu 22.04 installer for Raspberry Pi, what's the default username/password to login to vt2? I tried ubuntu/blank, ubuntu/ubuntu, ubuntu-live/blank, nothing works08:55
alkisg1It's been stuck at "waiting for unattended-upgr" for an hour now, so I wanted to look at the logs before force-rebooting it...08:56
murmelalkisg1: internet says ubuntu/ubuntu :/08:57
EriC^iirc it used to be ubuntu/blank for the desktop iso's08:58
EriC^maybe the username is different on pi iso?08:58
alkisg1Could be... e.g. on ubuntu-mate the username was ubuntu-mate, not ubuntu08:58
EriC^hmm, seems as murmel said alot of ubuntu/ubuntu in the wiki and other places08:59
sutradharmy custom kernel parameters in /etc/sysctl.d/60-custom.conf doesnt load on reboot08:59
murmelsutradhar: and what is in that file?09:00
alkisg1I googled about it too, I tried ubuntu/ubuntu, it didn't work either :/09:00
sutradharif i run manually its all ok sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.d/custom.conf09:00
alkisg1(I ended up force-cancelling unattended-upgrades, and of course purging them after reboot)09:06
alkisg1Woah, the rpi image is using wayland too!09:06
alkisg1I go to the remote desktop settings, enable remote desktop and remote contol, then I connect with xfreerdp /u:user /v:host, and I can view, but I can't control, why?09:26
alkisg1At least VNC works...09:29
lotuspsychjemaybe some remote apps dont like wayland yet alkisg1 ?09:32
alirezaI'm looking for an IRC group to ask some bandwidth calculation question.09:35
alirezaI'll be glad if someone give me a group name09:35
alkisg1lotuspsychje: I think it worked when I tested on the PC architecture, maybe some pi-specific bug...09:36
lotuspsychjealireza: whats your specific issue, maybe volunteers can point you the right direction09:38
alirezaI want to calculate how much network my machine used in one month. The system gives me this output: Transmitted 191.849 Mbps, Received 2.861 Mbps. How should I calculate it for days or months? What method should I search for?09:45
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lotuspsychjealireza: maybe these might help you out; https://www.tecmint.com/linux-network-bandwidth-monitoring-tools/09:52
alirezalotuspsychje: Thank you but I want to create my own system and I want to know how does it works. or example this is my output when I download a one gigabyte file:  https://paste.ofcode.org/tR7j43wKpRrMXYyrC85qJc10:01
DiagonDetecting Mini Display Port: change the GPU to discrete in BIOS and auto detect OS to false. Restart and you can now access the mini-display port.  https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Lenovo_ThinkPad_T53010:07
DiagonThat seems to be the general agreement, but I have no sign of the mDP, either via xrandr or NVIDIA Settings.  Suggestions?10:07
murmelDiagon: wrong channel?10:07
murmeldo you have a t530 or just a system like that?10:08
hiyanative heic support in Ubuntu?10:21
Diagonlinux-modules-nvidia-390-5.15.0-53-generic "Provides: nvidia-dkms-390".  But nvidia-dkms-390 is a package and it isn't installed (?)10:28
l3onHi all, I have a problem with my input in Ubuntu 22.10 I can't find a way to solve it. Sporadically, when i use type down shit+t instead of getting T i get FT. can't find a way to debug the situation here. My xev looks okay https://pastebin.com/2ZAUWu3510:37
wicopeHi. Ubuntu 22.04 with kernel 5.15.0-53-generic. The problem is "modprobe aufs"10:48
wicopemodprobe: FATAL: Module aufs not found in directory /lib/modules/5.15.0-53-generic10:48
wicopeDownload the kernel sources, the aufs sources,  configure the kernel for aufs, compile...10:48
wicopeWhy doesn't aufs come in the kernel anymore by default?10:48
wicopeShould I use a certain version of the kernel version and aufs?10:48
wicopeShould I use a code repository to build the kernel where everything is already semi-automated?10:49
alkisg1wicope: because most software has switched to using the upstream overlayfs now10:58
alkisg1Which software are you using that needs aufs?10:58
wicopealkisg1, https://sourceforge.net/p/lethe11:08
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alkisg1wicope: https://sourceforge.net/p/lethe/git/ci/master/tree/ => last update 201111:10
alkisg1Search for some updated software that uses overlayfs for this, not aufs11:11
Maikwicope: beside that software being not further developed and is outdated, installed software from outside the official Ubuntu repo's is not supported and at own risk.11:13
wicopeI use both, aufs and overlayfs. I don't see any problem with it.11:13
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vlmis it supported to disable journaling on ext4 then add data and later re-enable journal without data loss or other adverse effects? Does the journal ever get reset when files are actually written to disk or will a record for all files ever copied to the filesystem be present? My understanding of the journal is limited to that its there to prevent data loss on sudden power outtage or so11:57
Diagonjust upgraded 22.04 on a thinkpad t530. On reboot, suddenly the buttons don't work. I can move cursor, but no left/right/middle button effects.12:16
DiagonNo response to tapping the trackpad, either.12:18
DiagonWell, it's working on reboot.  :?12:25
elias_aDiagon: I have been experiencing something like that. I use TP t450s and 22.04.1. Sometimes after boot the trackpad is enabled and it should not be because I've disabled it in BIOS.12:29
elias_aBooting the OS solves the problem here as well.12:30
DiagonSwitched to Nouveaux drivers on X, and it's allowing me to use the mini displayport on this thinkpad t530. It doesn't work on wayland unless I turn off virtualization in the bios.12:53
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BluesKajHi all13:16
relipseHi, I have Ubuntu 20.04 and normally I Remote Desktop into it, but after doing an upgrade I can't anymore. (I can ssh, however), any ideas?13:21
relipsenevermind, this seemed to fix it: https://linuxconfig.org/ubuntu-20-04-remote-desktop-access-from-windows-1013:24
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zetherooIs it possible to have the Power Mode change to Performance automatically when the PC is connected to external power?14:54
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hiyaSo what is the best Ubuntu updater for software?15:38
hiyaGnome Software15:38
hiyaor Ubuntu Updater?15:39
hiyaI see in apt-get upgrade that some packages are being kept back15:39
hiyaIt includes linux-image-generic-hwe-22.0415:40
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jhutchinshiya: The CLI tools (apt, apt-get, aptitude) are much less complicated and extremely reliable.16:29
jhutchinshiya: On the other hand, the GUI tools just use the CLI tools with a cartoon wrappper.16:29
jhutchinshiya: Without looking into your specific problem, there is something going called "staged release" that holds back packages for a more gradual upgrade.  Someone else here probably knows how to fix it, or there's Google.16:31
lotuspsychje!phasedupdates | hiya maybe?16:46
ubottuhiya maybe?: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.16:46
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pjstirling123Hi, I'm trying to upgrade a server and something horrible seems to have happened with apt, and I'm trying to figure out what to do next17:47
leftyfbpjstirling123: what release of ubuntu are you running? What exactly are you uprading and how? Please pastebin the errors you are getting17:49
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Bluerateubuntu 22.04 terminal is not working and tty terminal is not working also .. can you help?17:51
leftyfbBluerate: define not working17:52
imion my machine the primary boot source is an external USB hdd (with ubuntu 22.04 up-to-date installed). when I let it boot the default way instead of grub activating the machine goes into an infinite loop of rebooting. But whenever I press f9 (selet boot device) and manually select the second entry: the only entry saying ubuntu, it boots up the exact same OS from the same external HDD. How do I fix this issue? (uefi machine)17:52
Bluerateleftyfb when I clicked on terminal, it's not opened terminal window .. hope it's clear now17:53
leftyfbBluerate: this is a fresh install of ubuntu 22.04 desktop running gnome? You've made no changes? Tried rebooting? What hardware is it installed on?17:54
Bluerateleftyfb it's ubuntu 22.04 installed as Operating system few months ago and made many installation ... already rebooted ... the hardware is intel core i717:56
leftyfbBluerate: CTRL+ALT+F3  that should bring you to a tty17:58
BluerateYes and when open and enter username and password it opened and flied and asked again for username and password17:59
Bluerateso I can open tty terminal leftyfb17:59
leftyfbBluerate: sounds like either you have something bad in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile or something else is severely wrong with your system18:00
BluerateI tried to remove firefox with snapd command then there's issues with snap-store connectivitiy and i close the terminal while running and when reopened it wasn't working leftyfb18:00
leftyfbBluerate: I would suggest booting with a live usb and running this in your home directory:  mv .bashrc bashrc ; mv .profile profile # and then reboot18:00
alkisg1Does ubuntu gnome have a "launch a guest session" feature? If so, they could use that one...18:08
arraybolt3[m]I haven't seen such a feature.18:08
arraybolt3[m]One assumes that you could make a new user account named "Guest" and do the same thing though.18:09
alkisg1What about user switching, so that they'd add "user2" and login with it?18:09
arraybolt3[m](Assuming you didn't give it admin privileges.)18:09
alkisg1Does it have a "users-admin" dialog?18:09
arraybolt3[m]Can't remember if GNOME has user switching, but that wouldn't surprise me.18:09
arraybolt3[m](If it did have it.)18:09
tomreynit does18:11
alkisg1Bluerate: try this: https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-help/stable/user-add.html.en18:11
alkisg1If you can add a new user and login with that one, then you'll also be able to fix the first account18:11
leftyfbthey left a while ago18:12
toddcalkisg1: 14.04 had guest user built in https://people.ubuntu.com/~gunnarhj/shell-guest-session.html   but ... no longer18:12
alkisg1Meh, matrix :D18:12
alkisg1toddc: thanks; it's still there in mate, but anyway they left so...18:12
lotuspsychjea guest account was pretty handy actualy18:13
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Bluerateleftyfb tried with mv .bashrc bashrc .. mv .profile profile .. but not working18:23
leftyfbBluerate: can you open your settings and create a new user and set it to an admin?18:24
Bluerateleftyfb yes added18:27
leftyfbok, login as the new user and try to open a terminal. Or go to your tty and login as the new user18:27
Bluerateleftyfb still terminal now opening for a new user or tty18:30
leftyfbBluerate: now or not?18:30
leftyfbBluerate: reinstall18:30
Blueratereinstall ubuntu18:31
leftyfbit's going to be quicker than finding out what is wrong without terminal access18:31
Blueratecan i install another terminal with user interface18:32
leftyfbBluerate: without being able to login to a terminal, you're not going to be able to do much. I highly recommend reinstalling ubuntu18:33
jhutchinsBluerate: You can open another terminal instance as any configured user.18:34
jhutchinsBluerate: That's going direct to the consoles - Ctrl-Alt-F1-F6.18:35
leftyfbjhutchins: they can't login at all18:35
jhutchinsRescue mode?18:36
leftyfbjhutchins: and then what?18:36
jhutchinsProbably adduser?  I'm still wading through scrollback.18:37
jhutchinsyou could move all of the files from the user directory and see what that does, otherwise it's something in pam.18:37
leftyfbthey already added a new user18:37
jhutchinsI think we have a communication error here, I don't see what _is_ happening, just "not working".18:39
jhutchinsleftyfb: You're probably right, given the level we're working at, reinstall is probably easier than figuring out exactly what's wrong.18:39
jhutchinsSorry for butting in.18:40
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tomreyncommunication wasn't great and the explanation of "tried to remove firefox with snapd command" for gnome-terminal no longer opening and TTY login no longer working is, at best, surprising.18:44
tomreynpjstirling123: did you make progress beyind typing a nickname here? ;-)18:47
ForeverNoob[m]Trying to update... wuts dis? https://paste.debian.net/1262546/18:48
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999918:51
nteodosioI've experienced something similar some minutes ago18:51
leftyfblooks to me like the 32bit repos for bionic are down/gone ?18:51
ForeverNoob[m]But I'm running 64bit 18.04? Anyway: https://paste.debian.net/1262547/ - There's more in `/etc/apt/sources.list.d/` though.18:53
tomreynit must be a different issue, status 403 was returned18:55
tomreyni assume this is something like a WAF overreacting18:55
imion my machine the primary boot source is an external USB hdd (with ubuntu 22.04 up-to-date installed). when I let it boot the default way instead of grub activating the machine goes into an infinite loop of rebooting. But whenever I press f9 (selet boot device) and manually select the second entry: the only entry saying ubuntu, it boots up the exact same OS from the same external HDD. How do I fix this issue? (uefi machine)18:55
tomreynForeverNoob[m]: try again, do you get the *exact* same errors, similar ones, or none?18:56
alkisg1ForeverNoob: I just tried updating a vm and got similar errors, so I switched to a local (gr) mirror and updated successfully; I think there are some glitches with the primary ubuntu servers, maybe depending on the  source IP as well...18:56
alkisg1imi: sudo efibootmgr | nc termbin.com 999918:57
imialkisg1: https://termbin.com/j2v718:58
UnivrslSuprBoxI can confirm some issues with slow performance and 403 errors on archive.ubuntu.com18:58
tomreynUnivrslSuprBox: which ip address?18:58
alkisg1imi: sudo efibootmgr -o 0001,0000,0007,0002,0003,000818:58
tomreynUnivrslSuprBox: the target, i mean18:59
alkisg1If this doesn't show any error messages, then reboot and test if it works18:59
imiwell, I want this external usb hdd to be portable18:59
UnivrslSuprBoxtomreyn: `http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/python3-defaults/python3-minimal_3.6.7-1~18.04_amd64.deb  403  Forbidden [IP: 80]`18:59
tomreynthat's the same one18:59
alkisg1imi: you currently booted with 0001, this will pre-select the one you currently booted with19:00
alkisg1imi: the boot order is stored in nvram, it's per-pc, it's not stored in a disk19:00
imiI see19:00
alkisg1It is portable; but of course in every pc you need to select "boot from usb"19:01
imithat's not a big problem19:01
imilet's hope that helps, thanks19:02
rollappuserwhat is 2+2?19:03
pottenfromthebloquick question, i've been trying to teach my son some linux admin stuff. so we're working with Ubuntu. i wanted to teach him terminal to get him comfortable in the shell. when we do  useradd -m, it creates a user with a directory. but then when the user signs in and tries to KDE Plasma, its sort of a mess, because it doesn't create all the shell directories. is there a flag to do that within kde? i've been doing it19:05
pottenfromtheblomanually, but for some reason its buggy. ie. dolphin doesn't go to documents, when i go click documents, etc..19:05
tomreynUnivrslSuprBox: i've passed this on to #canonical-sysadmin fwiw19:06
pottenfromtheblofor the folders, i mean Desktop, Downloads, Music, Pictures, etc... does everyone create those manually as well?19:06
tomreynpottenfromtheblo: those should be created automatically, but i would expect kde to handle that. note though that on debian derivates such as ubuntu the default tool for adding another user is adduser (a wrapper around useradd, IIRC)19:08
tomreynso if you prefer using useradd directly, i recommend making sure you know how adduser would use it19:09
ForeverNoob[m]@tomreyn: Re: 403 on updates: It works now (I previously tried like 3 times)19:20
tomreynForeverNoob[m]: it was just fixed, whatever it was19:23
ForeverNoob[m]Cool, good to hear 👍19:28
audiodefI've recently been seeing "Errors were encountered while processing: grub-efi-amd64-signed shim-signed needrestart is being skipped since dpkg has failed" on my headless server. How should I fix this?19:40
pottenfromtheblo@tomreyn thank you.19:47
arraybolt3Alright, the system backup saga continues. I have managed to backup my whole Home directory to a squashfs, verified it wrote properly, reinstalled my OS, then restored my data. The problem is, I have managed to unmount the squashfs file, but now cannot manage to get the loop device associated with the file to detach. I'm doing "sudo losetup -d /dev/loop6" (which is the right device), and it fails19:58
arraybolt3(Also, if I run "echo $?" immediately after the above command, it reports 0 (success, according to the manpage), but the device doesn't disappear, so idk what it's doing.)19:59
arraybolt3If I were to take a guess, it looks like something is somehow still using the squashfs file even though I unmounted it, since the manpage talks about "lazy device destruction".20:00
arraybolt3Also "sudo fuser /dev/loop6" and "sudo fuser /media/path/to/home.squashfs" both return nothing.20:02
arraybolt3(I'm trying to detach the loop device since I can't manage to unmount the SD card containing the squashfs now.)20:04
leftyfbarraybolt3: losetup -d doesn't remove the loop device from your device tree. It only disassociates it with your file20:04
arraybolt3Hmm, yet running "losetup" on its own still shows /dev/loop6 associated with the squashfs.20:05
leftyfbsudo lsof |grep /dev/loop620:05
arraybolt3leftyfb: https://dpaste.com/CFRBYQVVC20:06
arraybolt3A couple of error messages, no other results.20:06
leftyfbso it's not being used by anything20:06
leftyfbsudo losetup -f20:07
leftyfbsee if it shows up as the next available20:07
arraybolt3Trying to unmount the card gives me "umount: /media/arraybolt3/dfdf8cc2-6514-49a7-b90d-019949fd8e11: target is busy." I have no file manager open, no process with the squashfs open, and the squashfs is the only file on the card. Trying that next command now.20:08
leftyfbnot that it matters, just curious20:08
arraybolt3(re: sudo losetup -f) Returns "/dev/loop7".20:08
leftyfbdid you detach the loop device before unmounting?20:08
arraybolt3Nope, unmounted first.20:08
leftyfbmaybe next time run a "sync" after20:08
leftyfbsudo lsof |grep /media/arraybolt3/dfdf8cc2-6514-49a7-b90d-019949fd8e1120:09
arraybolt3After the umount, but before the losetup -d?20:09
leftyfbafter the umount20:09
arraybolt3I did run "sync" a few times.20:09
leftyfbbefore detaching, yes20:09
arraybolt3The last lsof command seems to have returned the exact same thing as the first one.20:09
arraybolt3Two errors, no other output.20:09
arraybolt3(Er, warnings, not errors.)20:09
leftyfbI'm not good enough to determine the next step other than to reboot20:10
arraybolt3Eh, oh well. I just realized I might should be in #ubuntu-next since this is Lubuntu 23.04 I'm on. Just jumped from Kubuntu 22.04, not used to being in the wrong room for this :P20:10
xboxis there any update for ubuntu on xbox 36020:20
arraybolt3Pretty sure that's not an official Ubuntu project.20:20
xboxprobably dead project by now20:21
xboxtesting ubuntu 10 right now20:21
xboxit runs prettty fast20:22
gygarraybolt3, children of God by third day is a good one.20:34
arraybolt3[m]gyg: Probably the wrong channel, but I actually like that band and that song :)20:34
leftyfbgyg: can we help you with something?20:34
gyghaha yeah20:34
televihello, my sendmail takes forever to restart and sendmail.  so look at my /etc/hosts I have: " my server.com" is that ok?20:40
televiI have my real ip and real domain20:40
jhutchinstelevi: How long is "forever"?20:41
televito restart the server takes about a minute20:41
televior two20:41
leftyfbtelevi: what version of ubuntu is this?20:41
televiis this an impatient problem? lol20:41
leftyfb22.0 isn't a valid version of ubuntu20:42
leftyfbtelevi: please run this and paste the URL here:  cat /etc/os-release | nc termbin.com 999920:42
leftyfbtelevi: either way, 1 minute is perfectly acceptible for a server to boot up20:42
jhutchinstelevi: is a frontier.net address - is that your real IP?20:44
televino I just wrote that ip20:45
televiI have my real ip written20:45
televiin my /etc/hosts20:45
televihttps://conetix.com.au/support/simple-php-mail-test/ <-- I use this script and it tells me Connection Timeout20:45
leftyfbtelevi: you should /join #ubuntu-server with help running a sendmail server20:46
televibut from terminal when I run: echo "Subject: test" | sendmail -v my@email.com it takes forever but it does come eventually20:46
televioh ok20:46
leftyfbtelevi: but might I suggest using as more modern MTA like postfix20:46
jhutchinstelevi: What logs have you looked at?20:48
televinone :)20:48
rob0What are you hoping to do with sendmail? It's really not feasible to run a mail server from home. You can do it on a VPS, but there too, it requires commitment.20:54
rob0I'd suggest ##email as a better place to discuss.20:54
sarnoldand postfix is almost certainly a better choice than sendmail unless you've already got a complex sendmail.cf that your business relies on..20:55
leftyfbrunning an email server properly is non-trivial and should not be performed by those who are not invested in the time it takes to set them up properly and securely as well as troubleshoot when needed20:56
rob0It's certainly easier to learn. Sendmail is in many ways more powerful, but it's very difficult.20:57
jhutchinsI dunno, I read the book and wrote my own config without m3.20:57
leftyfbAnyone can get an email server to send and receive email. The number of people who can do so properly and securely is exponentially smaller20:59
televido I need to have the localhost domainname in my /etc/hosts ? or should I only have my public ip & public domain?21:02
leftyfbtelevi: the former is required. The latter isn't in all cases but is in some. Add both21:03
jhutchinstelevi: Make sure you can ping both, and READ THE LOGS.21:04
jhutchinstelevi: You don't get hero points for working blind.21:04
televithis is my log when I try to "service sendmail restart"21:05
leftyfbtelevi: please troubleshoot in #ubuntu-server where it is more appropriate21:06
rob0televi: again: What are you hoping to do with sendmail? It's really not feasible to run a mail server from home. You can do it on a VPS, but there too, it requires commitment.21:06
televirunning a website, and my website sends emails via phpmail or sendmail21:06
televiand its on a vps, not a home pc21:07
jhutchinstelevi: Do you see anything there about hostnames or errors?21:07
rob0Then all you want is a null client and a relayhost/smarthost21:07
rob0you're only SENDING, not hosting incoming mail?21:07
televirob0 that is correct.  only SENDING21:08
leftyfbrob0: help is being provided in #ubuntu-server21:08
televiok thanx21:08
rob0ok, I'll drop it, but again, televi and others are welcome in ##email21:08
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rodybigIs it possible to find out which thread within a process made a network syscall like accept/ write/ read etc from outside the process? I'm using something like "perf trace -p xyz" but I can't quite make sense of the data it dumps.21:24
rodybigThis is how the output looks like: https://paste.linux.chat/?25b73899e4515acf#87tZqmsFhDft9BTzcEmgMcdZC2n9nQ2zoVbVGE82M64o21:24
rodybigThere's frontend/abc being logged21:24
rodybigDoes that correspond to the thread ID?21:24
bray90820Hey how would I enter an IP address into the terminal and view the hostname of the interface21:26
sarnoldrodybig: the linux kernel's view of the thread id, yeah; it might not have any relationship to the process's idea of what its thread id is21:26
leftyfbbray90820: interfaces don't have hostnames21:26
sarnoldrodybig: (some threading libraries provide 'thread id' objects that might not be related at all to the names the kernel uses)21:26
sarnoldbray90820: what problem are you trying to solve?21:26
bray90820I have a virtualnetwork interface and I just wanna know the hostname of said device21:27
bray90820*Virtual network21:27
rodybigsarnold Ah, I see what you mean. But the thread ID shown here is for the unique kernel schedulable entity, right?21:27
rodybigI suppose it has to be.21:28
sarnoldrodybig: yeah; you'll probably find a /proc/2454413/status etc21:28
rodybigPerfect, thanks.21:28
sarnoldrodybig: *maybe* it'd be under a different /proc/nnnn/task/2454413/ directory -- I'm not 100% sure how that works :(21:28
rodybignnnn = PID you mean?21:29
rodybigI see, makes sense.21:29
leftyfbbray90820: interfaces do not have hostnames21:29
sarnoldmost of what 'threads' are are kinda done in userspace..21:29
rob0bray90820, "host <IP address>" will show the reverse DNS if there is any set, but that might not have the information you want.21:29
sarnoldbray90820: what are you going to use this 'hostname' for?21:31
bray90820rob0: Yeah that command worked thanks21:31
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morgan-u2ok so sarnold or was it tomreyn? -- I was running <journalctl -f > when chrome shut down --- as advised.  Now what (Hope I didnt mess it up but I did the update and reboot. I also started chrome but have not clicked "restore" to redopen my 35 or so tabs.22:39
morgan-u2shall I start journalctl -f    again? I failed to look up what it does.22:39
sarnoldmorgan-u2: when chrome crashes, read through the journalctl -f output and look for log lines that look relevant22:40
pedahzurAm I mis-remembering, or is ubuntu.org supposed to be owned by Canonical?22:40
sarnoldmorgan-u2: running it at the time is lovely because then you just need to scroll back a few lines .. trying to read the logs the next day is more work22:40
pedahzurhttp://ww12.ubuntu.org/ resolves, but that's not Ubuntu... :)22:41
sarnoldpedahzur: I don't know the story why canonical doesn't own ubuntu.org but it's been this way for a while, heh22:42
arraybolt3pedahzur: Sounds like you have found a phishing site.22:42
arraybolt3Especially with the ww12 at the start... :(22:43
pedahzursarnold: Thanks. arraybolt3: I was trying to going to packages.ubuntu.org...I *thought* that was valid. Apparently not.22:43
pedahzurarraybolt3: http://ww1.ubuntu.org/ refuses to connect. :)22:43
arraybolt3Should be packages.ubuntu.com, though you probably already know this.22:43
sarnoldheh yeah, the packages.ubuntu.com but packages.debian.org messes with my head22:43
anddamhowdy, I have access as user A on a 20.04 LTS, I added user B, then created /etc/sudoers.d/B.user and wrote a nice  "B ALL=(ALL:ALL) :NOPASSWD ALL"22:44
arraybolt3sarnold: Oh it gets worse, debian.net is also a Debian website, pretty sure.22:44
sarnoldarraybolt3: yeah, but iirc most of the sites you'd want to visit in that domain don't work. but iirc there's one that's *only* available via debian.net22:44
anddamnotice the type error in :NOPASSWD in place of NOPASSWD:, now B and A cannot run sudo  due to   >>> /etc/sudoers.d/B.user: syntax error near line 1 <<<22:44
anddamdid I just lock myself out this system admin?22:45
arraybolt3anddam: Sounds like it. Boot into recovery mode, drop to a root shell, you should be able to fix it from there.22:45
sarnoldanddam: maybe try pkexec ? that's sometimes available as a fallback22:45
scottg489I just started getting this error: "The repository 'file:/cdrom focal Release' no longer has a release file" This is on a fresh install using an autoinstall USB drive I've been using for a while. Does anyone know what's going on here?22:46
sarnold(it depends upon your polkit configuratino what services / commands might be available to you)22:46
anddamsarnold: pkexec is there22:46
sarnoldscottg489: I think it's always worth removing those cdrom rules after install, most users have faster networks than they have USB sticks or CDROM drives22:46
scottg489I'm on 20.04.4. I know 20.04.5 is out and I feel like that might have something to do with this, but I don't think support for *.4 should have dropped?22:46
sarnoldanddam: .. but the *configuration* is probably not :(22:46
anddamarraybolt3: if I can do it via this session is probably better22:46
arraybolt320.04.5 is the same OS as 20.04.4, just with updates applied.22:47
arraybolt3scottg489: ^22:47
sarnoldanddam: you might also be able to just 'systemctl restart' as your user, systemd does polkit auth things for that, too22:47
scottg489sarnold: Yeah, this was my first go at setting up an autoinstaller so I don't have anything like that22:47
anddamsarnold: what would the result?22:47
scottg489arraybolt3: So what is going on though, why is this failing all of a sudden22:47
anddamthe result be**22:47
sarnoldanddam: that'd reboot, so you could get to a root shell22:47
arraybolt3scottg489: It sort of sounds like you have a cdrom inserted and now apt is finding it, but not able to find the release file or something. I dunno.22:48
anddamthe system is remote and virtual, I need to grab someone with access to the managing console22:48
scottg489Maybe there was just a weird problem with the install. It seems like almost nothing is running, not even SSH22:48
arraybolt3scottg489: What's your /etc/apt/sources.list look like?22:48
arraybolt3Just remove any lines about file:/cdrom.22:48
anddamjust for reference, visudo checks the sanity of the sudoers file on exiting, could I have used that to edit this sudoers.d/ file as well?22:48
anddambecause a plain vi was enough to shoot myself in the foot22:48
scottg489arraybolt3: deb [check-date=no] file:///cdrom focal main restricted22:49
scottg489I understand I can just edit that file, but the point of this USB installer is to have this all automated22:49
arraybolt3scottg489: OK, what country are you in? I'll just hand you a working sources.list file. Also, you could just add to your USB installer the instructions to write the file correctly, I'm thinking.22:49
scottg489I've used this installer mulitple times in the past. Maybe just something weird happened during this install and I should try again22:49
arraybolt3All I know is you probably *shouldn't* have any cdrom lines in your sources.list file.22:50
scottg489Yeah for sure22:50
arraybolt3Maybe you're just copying the file from a live ISO directly to the host? That might cause the problem.22:50
scottg489I'm just more interested in fixing the autoinstaller rather than fixing this problem22:50
arraybolt3(Host being the system you're installing to.)22:50
anddamsarnold: in fact neither A or B have the authorization to run stuff as root with pkexec22:50
anddamok, that's it then22:50
arraybolt3scottg489: What autoinstaller are you using? (Sorry if this is a silly question, I've never used any Ubuntu autoinstaller before.)22:51
sarnoldanddam: yeah, I wish visudo worked for the drop-in files :(22:51
sarnoldanddam: if you set a root password (unlikely) you could also use su, or login .. but probably you wouldn't be here if you had that22:52
arraybolt3Actually, unless you're doing something like using scripts that manually do everything, I probably don't know how to help here, so I should likely leave this to others to figure out. Whatever setting you can set to make it not include the cdrom lines is probably good, and you should have focal, focal-updates, and focal-security all in the file, with the main, universe, restricted, and multiverse22:52
arraybolt3repositories. That should give you the best experience. If that's not the exact setup you want, tweak that to your liking (but make sure to include focal-security!).22:52
arraybolt3scottg489: ^22:52
anddamsarnold: I didn't set the root pwd, su was how I was switching from B to A in the hope that it would work22:53
anddamvisudo(8) says visudo can specify the path, so maybe next time just  visudo -f /etc/sudoers.d/B22:54
anddamok, it's a matter for tomorrow then22:54
sarnoldanddam: good luck :)22:55
Emerald1012<>_<> Nice  8==================D ~~~  ( . )Y( . )22:55
arraybolt3Emerald1012: ?22:56
anddamarraybolt3: apropos the recovery mode, server docs has no mention of it https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/search?q=recovery , Core docs does but involves snap or a connected keyboard not sure how well those apply to a remote virtualized system22:58
arraybolt3anddam: Odd that it wouldn't be in the server docs. Drop to GRUB early in the boot process (using Esc or Shift), then select Advanced Options for Ubuntu. You can find the recovery mode options there.22:59
sarnoldanddam: the usual thing is to boot into single user mode or rescue mode or something similar, fix themistakes, and then reboot normally22:59
sarnoldanddam: if you can mount the filesystem into a different VM you could fix it that wya, too22:59
anddamthis is an ESXi… environment?23:00
anddamnot sure how to call that, but I guess I can mount the fs23:00
anddamno I mean the hypervisor is ESXi so all the VMs are managed by its console23:01
sarnoldsome cloud environments let you detach and attach block storage to different VMs23:03
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scottg489arraybolt3: Yeah after another install it seems fine now and the sources.list is properly populated23:44
Guest93Hi, Im setting up Lubuntu 22.04, whats the maximum LUKS passphrase length? All answers I googled were years old. Thanks.23:49
matsamanGuest93: ...23:50
zzo38How to support TRON character code on Ubuntu?23:56

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