arthur_littlepawoh that might be the lights on my network card v.v00:00
mmikowskiarthur_littlepaw: On my hardward, it had no effect. Ymmv. If you get something figured out, I'd certainly appreciate if you'd share.00:00
arthur_littlepawpoo then nope not supported *Sighs*00:00
arthur_littlepawok i'll tinker ^_^00:01
mmikowskiGood luck!00:01
arthur_littlepawthank you!00:02
mmikowskiyw arthur_littlepaw00:08
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IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> Hello.  I installed Ubuntu 22.04 lts and the additional drivers, it said that the nvidia driver was installed a manual version.  I did not do it.  and it won't let me choose another driver.01:34
mmikowskijosias, which driver do you want?01:46
IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> Nvidia.01:50
mmikowskiOk, Nvidia. Great :) So what do you currently have installed?01:51
mmikowskitry 'sudo apt list --installed |grep -i nvidia' to get a list01:52
IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> I actually not using Kubuntu. On the other occasions that I used it, this happened.  which made me upset.01:55
IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> Sorry about that.01:55
mmikowskiok, then you're all set?01:56
IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> What you mean?01:58
mmikowskiDo you have a question I can help you with?01:58
mmikowskiBecause I can help you get drivers set on Kubuntu, but if you're not using it, then it sounds like there's nothing I can help with.01:59
mmikowskiIf there is, please let me know.01:59
IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> well no.  I intended to use Ubuntu again, so I decided to get ahead of this problem, in the hope that someone else had experienced something similar.02:00
mmikowskifwiw, there's no 'manual version' driver. Typically, you have either intel (i915), nvidia, nouveau, amd, or amd-pro drivers.02:01
mmikowskiTo install ubuntu (or kubuntu) nvidia drivers, just use 'sudo apt install nvidia-driver-520. Boom, that should be it. All you'd need to do after that is reboot.02:02
IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> The point is, when I install the system and go to the proprietary drivers section, the options for the nvidia card are all disabled and an option, already checked, says that an nvidia driver was manually installed.  I have never personally done this.02:04
mmikowskiJosia, that's because they tried to do the best thing for most users. I'm not sure why the other options are disabled, but it sounds like its should work just fine.  While nouveau drivers are good for some users, they are generally a lot less desirable than those from Nvidia in terms of performance, features, and compatibility.02:06
IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> I see...02:08
IrcsomeBot<JosiasWando> IMy hardware is an nvidia AMD Ryzen card.  Does Kubuntu have the possibility to choose the default profile and board?02:09
mmikowskiMy guess is you have an nvidia GPU and an AMD CPU. In that case, the installer helps you select the correct (recommended) drivers. After install, you can change them, but usually you don't want to do that.02:11
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Guest73Hey y'all.05:18
arraybolt3Guest73: o/05:27
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IrcsomeBot<priyojitdeb> glad to be here, after been dual booting kde neon for over a year, now i am fully prepared to use Kubuntu as my daily driver booting windows 🎄07:36
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BluesKajHi all13:50
Guest69why when using wayland on 22.04 would pressing f12 produce an error message "The screen locker is broken and unlocking is not possible anymore..." but if you just go to the taskbar and press lock it works fine.....?15:11
mybalzitchI have similar issues in gnome, so you aren't alone15:19
BluesKajwayland isn't ready for prime time on kde/plasma ...yet15:20
Guest69also, the task bar jumps between monitors when logging out and back in. not sure if there's a fix for that15:22
mybalzitchyeah wayland really isn't great16:33
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IrcsomeBot<Pur0s> GIOP23:20
IrcsomeBot<Pur0s> GIQP23:20
loki51hey awesome dev peeps23:48
loki51I have a question23:48
loki51I use Kubuntu as my only daily computer now. I have an amd desktop, but my netbook is a chrome book I flashed.23:49
loki51There is an issue with the audio that I have noticed, kinda hard not to23:49
loki51in 19.10 I think that was a non lts and now definitely 22.10 the audio works fine.23:50
loki51but the 22.04 the driver or something crashes after it's played for more than a few minutes23:50
loki51plays a buzzing noise23:50
loki51I'm curious as to what the difference is between LTS and non-LTS in that reguard23:51
loki51and also,... if there is a way to bring stability to the LTS builds23:51
loki51Kubuntu btw,.. works amazing on chromebooks! As you know even has the keyboard layout fr chromebooks23:52
loki51Samsung Chromebook 3 if anyone was wondering23:53

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