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andjjj23blahdeblah: chiluk: in debian/rules.d/hooks.mk, change:03:55
andjjj23export gcc?=gcc-1203:55
andjjj23export gcc?=gcc-1103:55
andjjj23i also had to turn off the config checks in debian/rules.d/4-checks.mk03:56
andjjj23i commented out the entire if/else starting with 'if [ -e $(commonconfdir)/config.common.ubuntu ]'03:56
andjjj23start on line 3203:57
blahdeblahNice - thanks04:22
juerghThis will not yet produce correct build-depends I believe.07:24
juerghSigh, yes mainline builds are broken. We know, we're working on it.07:25
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