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Liver_Khey uh isnt the point of phased updates to *not* install them until they are 100% phased?06:13
Liver_KI didn't change any defaults and it is installing some 30% phased updates06:13
Liver_Kwhy is that?06:13
alkisg130% phased means 30% people will get them06:19
alkisg1You're one of them06:19
Liver_Koh i thought it only gave them to people who opted in to get phased updates, i guess it works differently06:27
Liver_Kbut really this way makes way more sense, thanks06:27
Liver_Kbut how do they decide who gets these updates?06:27
rfmLiver_K, it's purely random. 08:44
alkisg1They mention the algorithm online, I think it's "machine uuid modulo phased-percentage"10:27
athosfyi: https://code.launchpad.net/~athos-ribeiro/ubuntu/+source/postgresql-common/+git/postgresql-common/+merge/43399211:30
athosCc sergiodj 11:35
sergiodjathos: ACK, I'll take a look15:28
EagleOwlSorry, all. I intended the above request for elsewhere. I take it back!16:54
Liver_Ki still got my problem...17:36
alkisg1Liver_K: what problem?17:41
Liver_Koh shoot wrong channel sorry17:41
Liver_Kthat was meant for #windows17:42
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sergiodjbryceh: out of curiosity, would you know the difference between Superseeded, Deleted and Obselete in getPublishedSources' "status" field?21:42
sergiodjI'm assuming that Superseeded and Obsolete are intermediary states, and that after some time the artifacts get Deleted21:43
brycehsergiodj, yeah.  There can be only one package in Published state, so when a new one comes in, the older version is set to Superseded.  Eventually that turns to PendingRemoval although I don't know when or how that's triggered.  But eventually it's removed from the DistroSeries and its publishing record also removed.22:21
brycehDeleted is actually a state resulting from user request (via AA).  This includes the identification of who the deleter was.  I don't think this is the end state after PendingRemoval; I think once removed there is no status because the data object is just gone.  Presumably Deleted records also get removed eventually too.22:23
brycehObsolete is a state arising from when a DistroSeries is no longer supported.  These also get cleaned up and removed eventually.22:24
sergiodjbryceh: ah, got it.  so Deleted is just reached because of a user request.  that's good to know22:24
sergiodjgot it.  I'm designing a cleaner for debuginfod and will end up relying on these statuses22:25
brycehyeah they're not a sequential set of states, but analogous parallel states all interim before removal22:25
sergiodjthanks, that helps a lot22:26

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