l33t-h4x0rhi all00:37
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bancrofthey l33400:58
paul2hello I am not able to update my software because the key for weechat is missing01:54
paul2it's not signed or something any ideas?01:54
leftyfbpaul2: ( cat /etc/os-release sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ) | nc termbin.com 999901:55
leftyfbor not01:56
sarnoldFri 02 01:55:59 < leftyfb> paul2: ( cat /etc/os-release sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ) | nc termbin.com 999901:58
leftyfbpaul3: ( cat /etc/os-release sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ) | nc termbin.com 999901:58
paul3https://bsd.to/6gRn sudo apt update02:03
mybalzitchyou need to update the gpg key for that repo02:04
leftyfbpaul3: even though you did not provide the data I asked for, this time I'll help you. Remove the 3rd party weechat repository02:04
leftyfbor try: gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv D1820DB22A11534E ; gpg --export --armor D1820DB22A11534E  | sudo apt-key add -02:06
paul3https://bsd.to/mFrE full upgrade02:07
leftyfbpaul3: can you tell me which feature/bug from here since 3.5 that is forcing you to use the 3rd party weechat repository? https://weechat.org/files/releasenotes/ReleaseNotes-devel.html02:09
leftyfbfrom what I can tell, there really aren't any changes the average user should care about02:10
paul3I had no idea02:11
leftyfbpaul3: then remove the repo, remove weechat and reinstall weechat from the official ubuntu repos02:11
paul3it wasn't that easy when I first tried I couldn't find it02:12
paul3then I did something but there's a lot of weechat packages installed02:12
paul3how do I remove the weechat that is problematic?02:12
leftyfbpaul3: step#1: remove the weechat repo you added.02:12
paul3I don't remember how I added it02:13
paul3sudo apt remove weecht is good?02:13
leftyfbpaul3: look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/02:13
leftyfbpaul3: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/weechat.list02:13
leftyfbsudo apt remove weechat* ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt clean ; sudo apt install weechat02:14
paul3thank you leftyfb02:16
paul3it works good02:16
paul3I love it, ubuntu saved my computer02:16
paul3thank you for your help it appears good now02:17
paul3going to poweroff this is the first time I think I have run any operating system on my own computer that is not windows on bare metal :)02:18
paul3and it literally made this computer awesome02:18
paul3from garbage02:18
paul3have a good weekend  and later02:19
sarnoldbye paul3 :)02:19
sarnold!cookie leftyfb02:19
sarnoldleftyfb: okay I don't know how to get the bot to hand out cookies os just pretend I do :)02:20
rob0A cappy hustomer!02:20
Bashing-om!cookie | leftyfb02:20
ubottuleftyfb: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:20
sarnoldyay Bashing-om remembers :)02:21
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EagleOwl28I'd like to be able to reload/restart Apache2 on Ubuntu. Apache2 and Ubuntu are fully current. No error log has any report. I had some discussion with #httpd; they asked me to come here for initial help.03:19
EagleOwl28They're most interested in me figuring out how to define environment variables first. Those not working are in "/etc/apache2/envvars". Examples: ${APACHE_CONFDIR##/etc/apache2-}, ${APACHE_CONFDIR}, and ${APACHE_RUN_DIR}.03:19
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sarnoldEagleOwl28: my guess is that /etc/apache2/envvars is either a feature of apache's init script or apache's default configuration file layout03:27
sarnoldEagleOwl28: ubuntu uses a systemd service file to start apache, so an init script sourcing that file wouldn't be used on ubuntu; and the debian and ubuntu packages have a different apache configuration that might not load that file, if it were loaded by the config03:27
sarnoldEagleOwl28: try systemctl edit apache2   and add Environment= lines under a [Service] heading and see if that does the trick? https://serverfault.com/a/41340803:29
EagleOwl28Yes to the function of envvars. Yes to systemd. Working the next ...03:29
sarnoldhrmph. does anyone know off the top of their head how to disable this thing? https://paste.debian.net/1262590/03:34
sarnoldI know I've seen instructions somewhere but can't remember where :(03:34
tech10171968looks like something from systemd03:39
tech10171968sarnold are you seeing this now?03:40
EagleOwl28sarnold: With "systemctl edit apache2" is your intent to edit the master config file for Apache? That would be "/etc/apache2/apache2.conf"; I can edit that.03:40
EagleOwl28The default version of that file has no headings like "[Service]"; would I turn the rest of the file after that into something it isn't now?03:40
EagleOwl28Do you want strictly an "Environment=" line or do you want something on the right?03:40
sarnoldEagleOwl28: no, the idea behind systemctl edit apache2 is to edit the apache2.service file that systemd loads -- that's how you assign environment variables to services launched by systemd03:41
sarnoldEagleOwl28: except you don't want to edit the apache2.service file directly; you instead just want to edit one of the 'drop-in' files03:41
sarnoldtech10171968: that message comes from the new needrestart package03:42
EagleOwl28Thanks. "systemctl edit apache2" results in "Failed to create directories for "/etc/systemd/system/apache2.service.d/override.conf": Permission denied"03:43
EagleOwl28Maybe "sudo systemctl edit apache2"?03:43
sarnoldEagleOwl28: yeah, try that03:44
EagleOwl28That file has, "Environment=APACHE_STARTED_BY_SYSTEMD=true"03:46
EagleOwl28It's after a "[Service]" header.03:47
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EagleOwl28sarnold: I'm learning lots at the ServerFault link you sent. All good. I'll have to work it more tomorrow. Thx.03:57
h4x0rdo you guys want ai ubuntu ?03:57
h4x0rhow about yum or dnf source code03:58
h4x0rto be plug to ubuntu ?03:58
h4x0rwon't it be so nice03:58
h4x0rhave fun coding it03:59
sarnoldEagleOwl28: cool cool :) I wouldn't expect the Environment=APACHE_STARTED_BY_SYSTEMD=true  bit to be in the file you get from sudo systemctl edit apache2   -- are you editing the service file directly? or did I make a mistake somewhere? hehe03:59
h4x0rdo you love linux so much ?04:00
h4x0rdo you want anti virus son04:00
h4x0ri will release it here04:00
h4x0rhave fun04:01
h4x0rbuy it guys04:01
sarnoldhah, someone's saved me the trouble of figuring out how to reply to him :) very handy04:03
tech10171968was that guy on drugs?04:05
EagleOwl28sarnold: No opinion on making an error.:]  Usually me. (Sigh) "sudo systemctl edit apache2" resulted in a colorful screen seemingly displaying information about starting Apache. Maybe the full file was around 25 lines long.04:07
sarnoldEagleOwl28: hmmm. weird :/  I don't have apache installed, but when I try on eg audit, vim starts up with a blank file: /etc/systemd/system/auditd.service.d/.#override.conf4d4d9dda1d385b4304:13
EagleOwl28sarnold: So much to learn and understand. Thanks for helping.04:18
sarnoldEagleOwl28: I feel that *every time* I touch systemd :)04:19
sarnoldEagleOwl28: I'm off for the night, good luck, have fun :)04:19
murmelsarnold: pretty sure that's needrestart04:20
sarnoldmurmel: I tried changing /etc/needrestart/needrestart.conf to have $nrconf{restart} = 'l';04:20
sarnoldI hope that does it04:20
sarnoldI wish this thing had a more clear SHUT IT UP section :) hehe04:21
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murmelsarnold: yeah I would have liked debian/ubuntu to be less interactive :S04:25
* researcher- wipe the whole .log kill -rehash solanium reload conifg wihout reboot that's all ... . i am out find me at https://facebook.com/skraito.0day or http://worldhacker.org for research ... . is up to you privacy or not privacy ... . if even someone like me use it , like you know what is privacy ... .04:28
DroneError: You don't have the #ubuntu,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.04:28
arraybolt3sarnold: Ah, I know who that is.04:32
arraybolt3Anyway, offtopic.04:33
andjjj23i seem to have gotten my ubuntu installation (22.04) into a state where it tries to upgrade to gcc-12 every time i try to install other packages. the problem is, gcc-12 causes all sorts of problems for some applications i'm developing04:37
andjjj23is there a way to reconfigure the package manager to be satisfied with the existing gcc-11 installation?04:37
Bashing-om!info gcc-12 jammy | andjjj2304:43
ubottuandjjj23: gcc-12 (12.1.0-2ubuntu1~22.04, jammy): GNU C compiler. In component universe, is optional. Built by gcc-12. Size 71,347 kB / 227,582 kB04:43
andjjj23sorry, i'll be more specific04:57
andjjj23in /var/lib/dpkg/status, if i look under "Package: dkms" the dependencies line is like this:04:59
andjjj23Depends: kmod | kldutils, gcc, gcc-12, dpkg-dev, make | build-essential, coreutils (>= 7.4), patch, dctrl-tools04:59
andjjj23on a different ubuntu 22.04 machine, the depends line is like this:04:59
andjjj23Depends: kmod | kldutils, gcc | c-compiler, dpkg-dev, make | build-essential, coreutils (>= 7.4), patch, dctrl-tools04:59
andjjj23why does one of these require gcc-12, whereas the other only requires gcc? Is there a formal/official way I can change dependencies that are like 'gcc-12' to be just 'gcc'?05:00
andjjj23and just to clarify: these are both ubuntu 22.04 systems. One has the 'Depends:' line with gcc-12 for many packages, whereas the other has just 'gcc'05:01
Bashing-omandjjj23: Both gcc and gcc-12 are optional to install, see ' apt show gcc gcc-12 ' .05:03
andjjj23yeah, i understand that gcc-12 is optional, but 'gcc-12' is showing up in the 'Depends: ...' line of many packages listed in /var/lib/dpkg/status05:05
andjjj23and that is causing commands like 'apt install dkms' (and many others) to attempt to install gcc-12 when i don't want to install gcc-1205:06
andjjj23so i'm trying to understand why these packages have (incorrectly, i suppose) become dependent upon the gcc-12 package, whereas they should only be dependent upon the general 'gcc' package05:08
arraybolt3andjjj23: Do you have third-party repos enabled on one of the systems?05:09
* arraybolt3 checks the official Ubuntu repos05:09
arraybolt3andjjj23: Oh. I see that the package changed to depend on gcc-12.05:10
andjjj23yeah :(05:10
andjjj23it started happening due to a recent ubuntu update of some kind05:11
arraybolt3andjjj23: So just having gcc-12 present is messing things up, even though you can have gcc-11 installed at the same time?05:11
arraybolt3I wonder if update-alternatives would be of any help here.05:11
andjjj23yeah, all kinds of header file errors started happening when gcc-12 got installed on the system. it seems to not play nice with clang being on the same system, which i use05:11
andjjj23so i uninstalled gcc-12, but now the dependency issue started happening..05:11
arraybolt3andjjj23: Weird. The presence of unrelated software like that shouldn't be able to cause problems.05:12
arraybolt3Are you able to set any environment variables to rectify the problem? Like `export CXX="/usr/bin/clang"` (or whatever)?05:12
arraybolt3(I don't use clang so I don't know what the actual binary name is but you get the idea.)05:12
andjjj23perhaps. i believe clang uses some of the same standard c++ header files that are installed by gcc/g++ packages, and these newer header files are not kosher in some way05:13
andjjj23i'm sure there's some solution for that, but i'd really like to just find a way to revert the system back to a state where it doesn't want all the packages to depend on gcc-1205:13
arraybolt3If gcc and clang had the same files, they shouldn't be able to be installed at the same time.05:14
andjjj23and get back to work :D05:14
arraybolt3andjjj23: Sadly, trying to remove the dependencies on gcc-12 isn't an option. If it's more than just dkms that depends on it, removing the dependency would require an unimaginable amount of work on your end. And on Ubuntu's end, it's even more difficult to undo that. Working around the existing situation is going to be the easiest way to fix it, most likely.05:15
arraybolt3Some possibilities I can think off of the top of my head: Perhaps your software is designed to look for header files in generic locations, and that's how gcc is able to provide files that override clang? If that's the case, maybe you can modify the header lines to be more specific. Or perhaps your software is accidentally trying to build with gcc rather than clang?05:16
andjjj23i suspect clang is configured to look for header files in generic locations, yes05:19
arraybolt3andjjj23: Hey look what I found! https://askubuntu.com/questions/1441844/todays-ubuntu-22-04-updates-seem-to-break-clang-compiler Someone else had the exact same problem and was able to fix it by installing one extra package.05:19
arraybolt3andjjj23: sudo apt install g++-1205:19
arraybolt3(Yes, that's installing yet *more* gcc-12 stuff into the system, but supposedly that fixes the problem and clang works again after that.)05:20
andjjj23and the clang ok yeah, we actually tried that...05:21
arraybolt3andjjj23: And there's another solution here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/74543715/usr-bin-ld-cannot-find-lstdc-no-such-file-or-directory-on-running-flutte/74605488#7460548805:21
andjjj23unfortunately we were still haven't trouble05:21
andjjj23but ok thanks, it's good to know that gcc-12 requirement isn't some anomaly05:24
andjjj23i'd thought that maybe it was05:24
arraybolt3Sorry. I can imagine that this would be frustrating. Seems like the world of compilers has no mercy when it comes to progress :( I've been snagged by compiler messes before, it's not fun.05:25
andjjj23yeah :(05:25
andjjj23boils down to that we'll have to either update our code or jump though some hoops with --gcc-toolchain or even a docker container or something05:26
webchat62Does anyone on know how I can get the legacy.dll installed on my linux subsystem within Windows?  I have a requirement to generate a .pfx file using the DES3 cipher and I understand the -legacy option is the only way to do it.  I can't find which lib file it is in.05:29
arraybolt3webchat62: What are you trying to do? Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea what you just said. :P05:37
arraybolt3Like I can see what a .pfx file is, and I think I know what DES3 is, but I don't think you're supposed to install a .dll file *into* WSL.05:38
arraybolt3Is there a particular error message you get when trying to run a command?05:39
webchat62i am using openssl command to combine a key file and an updated certificate to generate a private key certificate and the azure web app requires the DES3 encryption, which is no longer the default.  The legacy option automatically uses DES3, but I have to include an option -path-provider and the path to the legacy.dll05:44
webchat62I hoped the libssl-dev install would add it, but I still can't find it anywhere05:45
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zprdhi, after upgrade to jammy from previous lts, my lxc containers do not resolve hostnames, any tips? I use lxbro veth08:14
murmelzprd: do you have a firewall active08:19
zprdon the host08:22
murmelzprd: yes, did you make sure that the traffic gets redirected?08:22
murmelespecially with firewalld you need to add the veth to a zone08:22
zprdI use uwf08:23
murmelsorry, can't say too much about ufw, as I don't have experience with it08:23
zprdok no worries. what do you mean by putting veth in a zone?08:24
murmelzprd: at least with firewalld you need to "configure" the veth before traffic can get passed through08:24
zprdI have no experience with firewalld08:24
murmelotherwise the firewall doesn't know what to do with all the packets ;)08:25
zprdhum ok08:26
zprdIll have a look08:26
zprdso this was introduced in this lts?08:26
murmelzprd: no, but maybe something went wrong with the configuration when installing the new packages08:28
dreamonmorning. what is this? -> panel-8-docklik[119719]: segfault at 16 ip 00007f7749f6e3f3 sp 00007fff99ac01c0 error 4 in libdocklike.so[7f7749f5b000+17000]08:28
rfmdreamon, it's a busted binary somewhere. I'd back up any data I cared about, wipe and reinstall.08:40
rfmdreamon, the alternaive is to do apt-file on libdoclike, reinstall that package, etc.08:41
murmelat least that file is not in the official repos08:47
zprdmurmel: I can ping thoug08:55
murmelzprd: can you "sudo nft list ruleset | nc termbin.com 9999" and post the link?08:57
zprdbut disabling firewall make it work, so you're probably right08:57
zprdmurmel: https://termbin.com/ba9h09:09
murmelzprd: found the culprit. docker doesn't support nftables, and the rule it adds to the firewall breaks lxd. but can't remember how to fix it09:11
zprdhum thx09:11
zprdmurmel: I allowed in on lxcbr0 on port 53, and it works09:17
zprdthanks for pointers09:17
rob0Docker iptables rules are abominable. That said, with update-alternatives, you can choose iptables-legacy.09:17
murmelzprd: glad you found the fix09:17
murmelor just don't use docker *shrug* xD09:18
zprdI need both :)09:18
murmelat least for me, podman for life :)09:18
murmel(and lxd)09:18
zprdthat makes my searches diffcult09:19
zprdlxc from lxd vs lxc from lxc09:19
murmelyeah I also hate this :X09:19
zprdanyways I need to make all work for debian too so it's gonna be lxc for a while09:20
bG9snot a question for ubuntu exactly but murmel zprd : worth getting a certificate for docker?09:20
murmelOo no09:20
murmelonly ever get certs, when a job you want require it09:20
murmelotherwise learn for yourself09:21
* bG9s nods.09:21
andjjj23one bit i'm a little puzzled about regarding the gcc11 -> gcc-12 switch. Any idea why the change was done in the middle of an LTS? seems 22.04 started out with gcc-11, then later a bunch of packages were made to depend upon gcc-12. it just seems an odd choice for an LTS release. i'd expect that sort of thing in 22.10 or the like...09:21
murmelandjjj23: I have 22.04 and no dev tools, no gcc-12 anywhere. so seems like something slipped maybe while packaging software09:22
murmelfor example, I don't use dkms (as earlier pointed out, which pulls in gcc-12 for some reason)09:23
andjjj23hm, maybe it's part of using hwe or something09:24
murmeli use hwe?09:24
andjjj23no, but i do :D09:24
murmeleh, sorry, I wanted to say hwe on desktop is default, that's why I use it ;)09:25
murmelbut I still believe that it's a bug09:25
andjjj23ooh, ok09:25
andjjj23yeah, not sure then09:25
andjjj23there's probably an issue on launchpad or a commit somewhere that explains this decision, it's just a matter of tracking it down09:25
andjjj23i feel like ideally LTSes could stick with a particular gcc major version as a dep for fairly important packages like dkms09:26
andjjj23so the decision was probably (hopefully) not made lightly09:26
murmelandjjj23: seems like here is a better explanation https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dkms/+bug/199784109:27
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1997841 in dkms (Ubuntu Lunar) "More dkms fixes for exact cc compiler" [Undecided, New]09:27
murmelandjjj23: I would suggest adding yourself to affected, and follow that a bit09:28
andjjj23yep, thanks09:29
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user_1337Hi Folks I have accidently messed up the css, when I search on a app by super button then I cant see the results because I applied a bad css how can I reset that_ I tried ❯ d conf reset -f /org/gnome/ Please help me out10:19
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marcopolo1_Hi, how could i make my uefi ubuntu to legacy11:05
Maikmarcopolo1_: probably by setting it to legacy in the BIOS of your computer and reinstall Ubuntu11:14
marcopolo1_@Maik: so i boot the dd on legacy? Will it let me?11:18
Jeremy31marcopolo1_: There is another way but you will need a bios_grub partition and to reinstall grub11:19
marcopolo1_I might just stick to uefi, apparantly its better11:21
marcopolo1_At least what im reading online11:21
Fog_Doodopps sorry11:30
transhumanist_hi! anyone know how I get rid of this? https://imgur.com/a/P28PphM seems I clicked on a bad link , thanks12:01
acuI am running Ubntu 22.04 Gnome --- on a laptop - with thunderbolt - where I connected my adaptor to hdmi screen ---- also I have a bluetooth headset - strangely enough all was working until few days ago - now the blutooth headset does not work if I have the hdmi pluged in ----- in the Settings Audio - I can chose the bluetooth headseat - but I cant hear the music - only the system sounds12:02
transhumanist_for some reason xkill cant even detect it as a dialog box/window12:03
astroninjaHow do you get malware on a Linux machine? You have to be the unluckiest guy alive or going down some really dirty sites. I've never seen it before12:03
transhumanist_non of the buttons do anything nor the close12:03
bG9stranshumanist_: what's the program you see that popup?12:03
transhumanist_was searching for heat exchangers12:04
acutranshumanist_, https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/clamav-ubuntu/12:04
transhumanist_dont see any program12:04
transhumanist_I thought it was part of chrome but its not12:04
transhumanist_acu tried that, doesnt find it12:04
acuI dont think is installed in your computer - is just a trick on their web12:05
transhumanist_well, actually I was looking for research ON heat exchangers12:05
acuto make sure clear the cache from your browser12:05
transhumanist_interesting, so a reboot will clear it12:06
acubrowse usually in icongnito12:06
acualso - install brave browser12:06
acuis the most secrea12:06
acuanyone has an ideead why settings in sound does not allow change12:07
transhumanist_ok I can delete my chrome directory .config directory too and reestablish my connection with google if you think that might clear it12:07
acufrom bluetooh12:07
acutranshumanist_, well - if you downloaded the xyz file --- find it and delete it12:08
acuand use brave ---- is pretty good safe browser12:08
acusudo dpkg-query -L firefox (or whatever app you installed)12:12
transhumanist_guess we will se what  find / -type f -exec grep "*.xyz" {} /dev/null \; finds12:21
Guest19how to downgrade from 22.04 lts to 20.04 lts on my server12:56
Guest19good day12:56
lotuspsychjedowngrading is not supported on ubuntu Guest1912:56
lotuspsychjeGuest19: best to start fresh, or fix your issue on current release12:57
lotuspsychjemaybe if you share what the issue is, volunteers can give you advice here Guest1912:57
Guest19but my system always sleep and suspend for a long time12:58
Guest19any link to fix that12:58
lotuspsychjecan you elaborate a bit more of what exactly happens when you did what, perhaps also share your dmesg in a !paste Guest1912:59
bG9s!paste Guest1913:00
bG9s!paste | Guest1913:00
ubottuGuest19: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:00
Guest19whenever i am working on my machine the server always sleep and suspend for a while without showing the gui but the uid will  function13:04
BluesKajHi all13:50
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SteelRoseHi again BluesKaj14:36
BluesKajhey SteelRose....again14:39
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EagleOwlI'd like to be able to reload/restart Apache2 on Ubuntu. Apache2 and Ubuntu are fully current. No error log has any report. I had some discussion with #httpd; they asked me to come here for initial help, particularly with environment variables. Also, there was some discussion about 12 hours ago.14:59
EagleOwlOne of the obstacles is that environment variables aren't getting defined. They're in "/etc/apache2/envvars". Examples: ${APACHE_CONFDIR##/etc/apache2-}, ${APACHE_CONFDIR}, and ${APACHE_RUN_DIR}.14:59
lotuspsychjeEagleOwl: sarnold already helped you on that case this morning?15:01
leftyfbEagleOwl: you might be better off in #ubuntu-server15:01
lotuspsychjeEagleOwl: might be good to also mention the previous things you tryed with the help of earlier volunteers15:02
EagleOwl@lotuspsychje: sarnold did his best to help. He pointed me to "systemctl edit apache2", which seemed to depend on a systems solution parallel to /etc/apache2/envvars. Perhaps the solution will be more internal to Apache?15:07
EagleOwlsystems => systemd15:08
lotuspsychjetnx EagleOwl perhaps also try what leftyfb adviced, with our more experts on ubuntu server15:08
EagleOwlThanks for your time!15:09
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lord_daemonI have a session on the machine with vlc open, how do I make xrdp call this session with vlc?15:23
paul3hi I am trying to enable sshd server15:36
paul3any idea how to do it?15:36
paul3I actually want to transfer a file from my ipad to my computer15:37
ravagepaul3: https://i.imgur.com/HpMMV0c.png15:38
leftyfbpaul3: sudo apt install ssh15:40
paul3thank you ravage15:42
paul3leftyfb : ssh not available15:43
leftyfbpaul3: then you aren't running a supported version of ubunut15:43
paul3how do I fix that?15:44
leftyfbor you have a broken system15:44
leftyfbpaul3: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; cat /etc/apt/sources.list ) | nc termbin.com 999915:44
leftyfbplease run that and paste the URL here15:44
leftyfbpaul3: ls -l /etc/apt/sources.list15:48
leftyfbdoes that exist?15:48
leftyfbhow big is it?15:50
leftyfbpaul3: ls -lh /etc/apt/sources.list |awk '{print $5}'15:51
paul3leftyfb 015:52
leftyfbpaul3: sudo curl -s https://termbin.com/e827 -o /etc/apt/sources.list15:53
leftyfbpaul3: then: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:53
rollappuser1Yo how r i15:53
leftyfbrollappuser1: can we help you with something?15:54
leftyfbbruh: can we help you with something?15:54
rollappuser1I need elp to config flatpak15:54
leftyfbrollappuser1: flatpak isn't supported here15:54
leftyfbbruh: please only use 1 nick at a time. No need to be here twice15:54
rollappuser1Oh, then where can I find help with flatpak?15:55
leftyfbrollappuser1: maybe try #linux15:55
paul3thanks leftyfb just running it now15:56
aglaonikeHi everyone - I recently updated to 22.04 and now one of my drives is mounted, but you can't click folders in it to open in Files. You have to right click and select Open16:10
aglaonikeNot sure what I did, but does anyone know how to fix?16:10
aglaonikewait I lied - it's all folders in all the drives not just one16:11
aglaonikeOk nevermind, I feel silly now: apparently I had "double click delay" set all the way to nothing in the accessibility settings16:14
anddamwhile using a system account to run a program can I still setup an environment or should I manually call "env FOO=bar myprogram"?16:21
anddamcase in point I am moving a program someone put into root's crontab to a system account, the program calls `dotnet something.dll` and https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/install/linux-snap#export-the-install-location says I should export DOTNET_ROOT16:22
anddamI wonder if I should setup the system account or not16:22
anddamsince it's a nologin, I wonder if a profile rc get sourced at all16:22
leftyfbanddam: https://flatcar-linux.org/docs/latest/setup/systemd/environment-variables/16:23
anddamhrmm through systemd, is there a "systemd proper way" to schedule task as in crontab?16:28
anddamI mean I need to replicate the current crontab behavior16:28
anddamoh, wait, I guess crontab is being run as service16:28
leftyfbanddam: yes, systemd timers16:28
leftyfbanddam: systemd timers is the new way of doing crons16:29
anddamyeah, I am reading arch's wiki16:29
anddam(my default goto for stuff IDKY)16:30
anddamwhen I write a custom unit say for two timers, where should I place the unit files?16:30
anddamor is there an interface to register unit files into systemd regardless of their path on fs?16:30
leftyfbanddam: technically you can keep them wherever you like. But I put mine in /etc/systemd/system/16:31
leftyfbthere is16:31
anddamsorry for the newbie question, but I have ditched systemd a couple years ago so I am not used to do even the basic tasks16:31
leftyfbanddam: https://www.golinuxcloud.com/beginners-guide-systemd-tutorial-linux/16:31
leftyfbanddam: https://www.golinuxcloud.com/beginners-guide-systemd-tutorial-linux/16:32
leftyfbanddam: https://www.golinuxcloud.com/beginners-guide-systemd-tutorial-linux/16:32
leftyfbanddam: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/understanding-systemd-units-and-unit-files16:32
mybalzitchthank you16:32
leftyfbanddam: https://www.thegeekdiary.com/centos-rhel-7-beginners-guide-to-systemd-service-units/16:32
anddamleftyfb: the first (two) links(s) seemed fine as well16:33
anddamI guess it goes in "Local configuration"16:33
leftyfbanddam: I searched google for "systemd unit beginner"16:33
anddam"I don't have time to learn stuff!"16:34
leftyfbanddam: then hire someone to do it for you16:34
anddamthe person who was short on time hired me16:34
leftyfbthen that is your job16:35
anddamseriously, thanks, I am making my way through the info16:35
leftyfbgood luck16:35
anddamthat quoted line was meant as a joke16:35
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest8259
anddam" If you need to modify the system’s copy of a unit file, putting a replacement in this directory is the safest and most flexible way to do this." -> so local files shadow distribution ones16:36
anddamlet's find a .timer and get at it16:36
anddam"leftyfb | there is" <-- what is it? from what I gather so far the local configuration path is the way to let systemd aware of the unit16:39
leftyfbanddam: you can keep them wherever you want and enable the service using the full path16:39
=== jje142191 is now known as jje14219
anddamthe network.target network-online.target et al. are Ubuntu's specific things, right?16:45
anddamthis task packs stuff and sends over via network, I figure one of the various "wait until networking is configured" is appropriate here16:46
leftyfbanddam: pretty sure it's in debian16:46
GoldenMango15Hi guys, I'm trying to cancel an in-progress update, its going so slow I think I should switch update servers.17:07
GoldenMango15Will canceling an in-progress update ruin/break/glitch my system?17:07
mtnnot if it is in the download phase, not the installing phase17:08
oerheksapt install -f to continue17:09
leftyfboerheks: I don't think that will apply if it's still downloading17:09
leftyfb-f is to fix a broken/unfinished package config17:09
oerheksoh indeed, just for the install part17:09
GoldenMango152 hours eta to download 20 megabytes omg17:10
oerheksyes, i read you too in #linux..17:10
leftyfbGoldenMango15: please don't crosspost17:11
GoldenMango15its two distinct, different channels17:13
GoldenMango15but ok17:14
hiyaOmg, the snap-store won't update from Ubuntu software17:25
hiyaWhat is going on?17:25
oerhekswhat does ' snap-store --verbose'  in terminal show?17:30
oerheksmaybe gnome-software is hanging, $ killall snap-store && snap refresh17:31
hiyaoerheks: yes, that command did the job17:39
hiyaWhy does the default-jre default to 11 version?17:51
hiyaIsn't it outdated?17:51
leftyfbhiya: openjdk-19-jre is available17:52
hiyabut it should be default version, right?17:52
hiyaor at least 1717:52
leftyfbI can't answer that17:52
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=== jje142199 is now known as jje14219
user_1337Hello guys I am on ubuntu 22.04 I cant install libc6-dev I really need to to be able to install build-essentials18:28
bougymanWhy can't you install libc6-dev?18:28
leftyfbuser_1337: sudo apt install build-essential18:30
* alkisg has seen that twice these days, both times it was caused by ubuntu repository connectivity issues18:43
alkisgI've installed Ubuntu (GNOME) 22.04 on rpi400. VNC/RDP work fine while the rpi400 is connected to a monitor. When I unplug it, they both show a black screen.18:57
alkisgAny ways around that issue? I only have one HDMI monitor and I need it for my main PC, so I want to use rpi400 in headless mode, over VNC or RDP...18:58
alkisgMy test so far say that the problem happens on both wayland and xorg18:59
jhutchinshiya: Ubuntu isn't a bleeding edge distribution.  The default is well tested and widely supported.  The latest versions may not be.18:59
jhutchinsalkisg: Do you really need a remote GUI?19:00
hiyajhutchins: hmm19:00
hiyajhutchins: I am just shocked with 1 thing19:00
alkisgjhutchins: as I said, I only have a single hdmi monitor, and I need it for my PC, so yeah I can't use GNOME without a remote GUI19:00
hiyaLack of Linux kernel 6 in 22.1019:01
jhutchinsalkisg: So don't use gnome, use the console over ssh.19:01
alkisgjhutchins: and how would I test GNOME then?19:01
alkisgI can't test stuff, troubleshoot programs, fix bugs etc via ssh when the programs and the problems are on gnome19:01
jhutchinsalkisg: Maybe make your primary system dual-boot then.  Testing on a different architecture is useful, but might not be definitive.19:03
alkisgjhutchins: thanks, but seeking different areas of work isn't an option of me currently...19:04
* poisone learned: option of me19:07
alkisgpoisone: sorry, that should probably be "for me"; my english suck more when I multitask :/19:07
* poisone learned: option of me ... exist id: 019:08
* poisone learned: option for me ... exist id: 119:08
* poisone has quit IRC (Nz timeout: 256 seconds)19:08
hiyaMy Avg Read speed comes 6.6 GB/s as per Gnome Disk. Is it good?19:09
=== dstein64- is now known as dstein64
arraybolt3hiya: Extremely good.19:28
relipseHi, I logged out of my Ubuntu desktop session (in Windows Remote Desktop) and now I cannot log back in with rdc, only with ssh, I tried following the instructions on https://linuxconfig.org/ubuntu-20-04-remote-desktop-access-from-windows-10 to no avail. Can someone please help?19:53
jhutchinsrelipse: Try restarting gdm (assuming that's your display manager on the remote).19:54
jhutchinsrelipse: Any reason not to just reboot it?19:54
relipsei did reboot19:54
jhutchinsrelipse: Time to start digging through the logs and processes then.19:55
relipsebut still won't let me use RDC19:55
relipsemaybe i'll reboot again19:55
relipsehold on19:55
jhutchinsrelipse: Does ps aux show gdm and your gnome components running?19:55
relipseoops, rebooting it fixed it, now I can RDC19:56
relipsethanks jhutchins19:56
relipseanother question. I have the /home/webrepos/mywebsite directory chowned to www-data:www-data but when I open PHPStorm or vim it cannot edit the file unless i use sudo, my user should be in www-data as i tried using usermod -G to put him there, but when i checked he wasn't in it, what do I need to do to make the usermod stuff go into effect?19:58
oerheksrestart usually fixes those user permissions20:00
relipseoerheks: oh yes true, now i see him in www-data20:01
relipsethank you20:01
oerheksbut why putting webstuff in ahome folder? that makes it unnessasary complicated20:01
GeneviveHow may I install java 1.7?20:03
oerheksi would use openjdk20:05
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.20:05
GeneviveI just need to install java v1.7.020:06
oerheks17-18-19-20 .. https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=openjdk20:06
Genevivebut it isnt in the repositorys20:06
oerheksoracle java not, indeed20:06
oerheksapt-cache search openjdk # and install the one you need, 17 perhaps?20:08
Genevivethere arent 1.7 there20:10
oerheksthat numbering is oracle, we use openjdk 17 or higher20:10
GeneviveI'm try to use wine20:13
Geneviveand the app cry for 1.7 java20:13
Genevivewhat is the equivalent?20:13
oerheksoh in wine, ask in #winehq?20:14
relipseHi, I'm upgrading to 22.04.1 LTS and in the middle of the upgrade it asks me yes or no, and I pick yes and instantly I disconnect from RDC, I connect again and now there is a black screen20:18
relipsethe server is still running by the mysql is down20:20
relipsewhat am I supposed to do?20:22
relipseIs it still upgrading?20:22
leftyfbrelipse: you did an in-place upgrade from an LTS to a non-LTS on a mission-critical machine that is also running a desktop GUI all over RDP?20:22
relipseE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. It is held by process 2572 (jammy)20:24
relipseN: Be aware that removing the lock file is not a solution and may break your system.20:24
relipseE: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?20:24
leftyfb!paste | relipse20:24
ubotturelipse: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:24
relipsecan someone please help me get my system back20:25
relipseit is just a black screen on RDC20:25
relipseit's not really mission critical, just a dev machine20:25
leftyfbrelipse: are you attempting to upgrade to 22.10 or were you just doing normal apt upgrades?20:25
relipseleftyfb: I did do_release_upgrade or something20:26
leftyfbrelipse: ssh in, kill any apt or dpkg process and run: sudo apt install -f20:29
relipsei rebooted and now I cannot ssh in anymore :(20:29
leftyfbok, then login locally20:30
relipsei have no idea where the server is20:31
leftyfbrelipse: you can't login remotely, you can't login locally. I'm not sure what answer you're looking for here20:32
WaVi need some help. i was trying to get my nividia card working with my ubuntu 22.04 install because it was not inuse after a recent upgrade. a search suggested i install the linux headers for the installed kernel which i did. now it appears the display manager will not load20:33
JoeswHi, just did an update on 22.10, got stuck in a loop of updates, restarted now I've lost ethernet & nvidea, can someone help thanks20:33
WaVlaptop screen is stuck on disk check20:33
WaVi am sshd in and communicating from my phone20:34
etoreHi guys20:34
etoreI need help with ubuntu20:34
WaVso its somewhat working20:34
etoreI have propietary nvidia drivers and i upgraded and now they are kept back20:35
etoreHelp with propietary drivers: https://paste.debian.net/1262670/20:36
sarnoldetore: it's possible those glib updates are being held, https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/phased-updates.html  shows glib2.0 on the phasing list20:41
sarnoldetore: I suggest ignoring it for a day or two20:42
etorewell i upgraded to a new kernel but use old graphics card thats discontinued.20:42
etoreand dont worry im not suffering its gddr5 version20:42
etorei was on debian before, and this happened TOO much20:43
etorereason why i switched to ubuntu20:43
etoreits a bit more stable20:43
relipseok the server got back up, but when I log in with Remote Desktop Connection, it just disconnects immediately, but I am still connected via ssh,20:44
relipsehow do I kill all the apt and dpkg processes20:44
etoreRDP? whats the reason for remote desktop connection20:44
etorerelipse you shouldnt kill apt and dpkg processes20:45
leftyfbrelipse: did you reboot?20:45
relipseetore: yes i tried to reboot and it never started up then I got the server admin to start it up20:45
jhutchinsetore: Did you have a question about getting your graphics driver working?20:45
etoreYou don't own this system?20:45
etoreit works20:45
etorebut my packages kept back20:45
etorewhen i upgrade kernel20:46
etoreits fine will fix itself20:46
relipseleftyfb: what do I do?20:46
etorerelipse dont mess with anything20:46
leftyfbrelipse: ps -ef |egrep "[d]pkg|[a]pt"20:46
leftyfbetore: we got this20:46
relipseleftyfb: it is empty20:46
etoretry sudo20:46
etoresame command but with sudo20:46
etoreor root20:46
leftyfbetore: we got this20:46
leftyfbrelipse: sudo apt install -f20:47
relipseleftyfb: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.20:47
leftyfbrelipse: ok, then follow what it tells you to do20:47
leftyfbrelipse: mind you, upgrading across ubuntu releases remotely is not for the faint of heart. Especially over RDP.20:48
etorei'd rather upgrade over telnet while apocalypse is happening20:48
leftyfbrelipse: you really shouldn't be relying on RDP for anything other than if you NEED access to some graphical application that only runs locally on that machine20:48
relipseleftyfb: i use RDP for PHPStorm an IDE on that machine20:49
leftyfbneither of which require the use of RDP20:49
etoreReally for an IDE?20:49
etorewhat are you using the access that server20:50
relipsewe got this etore20:50
relipseleftyfb: hwo are you supposed to see the screen and use a GUI unless you remote in?20:50
leftyfbrelipse: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/remote-development-a.html20:50
ana21hello if you want to see me look for me in Google putting (muchasmascosicas es Alice_coquine)20:51
leftyfbana21: spam is offtopic here20:51
etoreana21 dont feel like it, cat pictures rule20:51
leftyfbetore: this is a support channel. Feel free to chat and provide commentary in #ubuntu-offtopic20:52
etoreok, thanks for telling20:52
relipseleftyfb: Errors were encountered while processing: usb-creator-gtk20:54
relipseleftyfb: after running sudo dpkg --configure -a20:54
ana21hello if you want to see me look for me in Google putting (muchasmascosicas es Alice_coquine)20:54
leftyfbrelipse: pastebin the full errors please. Not just the single line20:54
leftyfb!op | ana2120:54
ubottuana21: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant20:54
WaVany reason my laptop screen would be stuck at disk checking (never gets to gui login prompt), but i can ssh in? i was upgrading kernel headers before it happened.20:54
etoreNo WaV, you cannot just ssh into it, its still stuck at disk checking.20:55
leftyfbit's not20:55
WaVim literally sshed into it right now talking20:55
leftyfbWaV: CTRL+ALT+F120:55
etoreswitch through terminals20:55
WaVnothing leftyfb20:56
leftyfbtry F220:56
etorepress ctrl alt f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 ...20:56
leftyfbetore: please stop20:56
etorei'm just suggesting, happened to me before.20:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:56
relipseleftyfb: https://dpaste.com/6322FX38920:57
WaVwhat would be the easiest way to share with you a picture of the screen? im on a phone... cant printscrn but can take a picture20:57
leftyfbrelipse: try removing the package first for now: sudo apt remove usb-creator-common20:58
leftyfbWaV: imgur.com20:58
leftyfbrelipse: sorry, add in usb-creator-gtk as well20:58
leftyfbrelipse: try removing the package first for now: sudo apt remove usb-creator-common usb-creator-gtk20:58
etoreleftyfb, thats not a good idea, other apps may depend on that package.20:59
leftyfbetore: they don't. Not any real packages anyway20:59
etorewell let them try21:00
leftyfbetore: we got this21:00
jhutchinsGiven that usb creation is usually not a continuous process but a one-off, it should be safe and is easily reversed.21:00
WaVleftyfb: https://imgur.com/a/5BjXr2b21:01
WaVits been stuck like this since i rebooted several minutes ago.21:02
leftyfbWaV: that's just the inactive tty. Try f2 or f721:02
etoredidnt wav already try that?21:02
etorei think21:02
WaVleftyfb: i already tried that, yes21:02
WaVnothing happens21:02
leftyfbsomething should certainly show up differently on the screen21:03
etorecorrupted kernel?21:03
etorehe talked about a kernel upgrade21:03
leftyfbetore: please stop21:03
arraybolt3leftyfb: Actually, he has a good point. Corrupted, probably not, incompatible? Perhaps.21:04
leftyfbWaV: over ssh, try restarting the gdm service21:04
leftyfbarraybolt3: not if ssh and networking it functional21:04
etoreleftyfb, can you please be more constructive, please. we can do it together21:04
etorewav do you have any recovery drives?21:05
etoreyou can boot from21:05
arraybolt3etore: Perhaps try to not take over quite so much when this is the first day you've been here that I can see.21:05
leftyfbetore: booting from a usb flash drive serves no benefit when we can ssh in just fine21:06
WaV2leftyfb: a blinking cursor appeared briefly. now its a blank screen21:06
etorehmmm, somethings with xorg21:06
leftyfbWaV2: ok, now try F1, F2, F7 (sorry, it's changed a few times over the years, I don't remember which one )21:06
etoreWaV2 what graphics card do you use21:06
WaV2blinking cursor came back but cant type anything21:06
leftyfbWaV2: you don't see typing when you try switch tty's21:07
WaV2nvidia quadro21:07
etorei suspect there is problem with login service or xorg21:07
WaV2i just got a tty21:07
leftyfbthe type of graphics card nor xorg will affect tty21:08
leftyfbheh, didn't even know about that one being used21:08
etoreWaV2 assuming by that high resolution are you using nouveau or nvidia propietary graphics?21:08
leftyfbthat's a start21:08
arraybolt3I always use tty3, since tty1, 2 and I think 7? are sometimes used for graphics and there's almost no telling which one will be used yet :P21:08
leftyfbWaV2: can you login to the local console now?21:08
=== WaV2 is now known as WaV
WaVI am in now yes21:09
leftyfbWaV: ok, over ssh run: journalctl -f   # then on the local console: sudo systemctl restart gdm21:09
leftyfbwe're looking for an error in the log over ssh21:09
leftyfbWaV: also, what release of ubuntu and which kernel are you running?21:10
relipseleftyfb: I did all that but still when i connect to rdc it shows the session Xorg username and password prompt and i fill it in and then it disconnects21:10
relipseon a good note ,i did use jetbrains tool to connect remotely to it21:10
relipsethank you for that link21:10
leftyfbrelipse: ok, then forget about RDP. Remove it completely21:11
relipsebut I still need the ability to RDP21:11
relipsebecause it is a shared server, other people don't use ssh21:11
relipsecan you help me fix the upgrade, i don't know if it actually upgraded or not21:11
leftyfbrelipse: did dpkg-reconfigure finish?21:12
WaVleftyfb: Ubuntu 22.04 kernel 5.15.0-1025-oracle21:12
leftyfbWaV: oracle?21:12
WaVThere is a lot of information in the journal21:12
WaVleftyfb: That's what it says, yea21:12
WaVNot on purpose on my part if that's what you're asking21:12
arraybolt3WaV: Is this hosted on Oracle's VPS?21:13
leftyfbWaV: what type of hardware is this on?21:13
WaVLenovo laptop21:13
leftyfbWaV: sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-22.0421:13
arraybolt3(linux-oracle is in the Ubuntu repositories, so it is supported here, just odd to see.)21:13
relipseleftyfb: yes everything finished21:13
leftyfbreboot into that kernel and then remove the oracle kernel21:13
relipsebut it still won't rdp21:13
WaVThat's what i did when the oracle kernel was installed21:13
arraybolt3(And you almost certainly should not be running an oracle kernel on a laptop :P)21:13
relipsedo you guys get paid to give ubuntu support?21:13
leftyfbrelipse: maybe try: sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade21:14
etoreWaV, you have a lenovo laptop with nvidia quadro graphics with a oracle kernel?21:14
arraybolt3relipse: No.21:14
leftyfb!esm | relipse21:14
ubotturelipse: Canonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.21:14
leftyfbarraybolt3: just because it's supported doesn't mean there's a valid reason to run it and we shouldn't recommend removing it to undo breakage21:14
arraybolt3leftyfb: True. I was just making sure about that since sometimes third-party stuff isn't supported and it looked third-party. But it definitely should be removed AFAICT.21:15
arraybolt3(That's why I followed it up with the bit about "probably don't run an oracle kernel on a laptop".)21:16
relipseleftyfb: is it even wise to upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04 ?21:17
WaVetore: Yes, not on purpose.21:17
leftyfbrelipse: yes. Over RPD, NO. Without backups or scheduled downtime, no.21:17
WaVI ran apt install linux-generic-hwe-22.04 and it pulled in the right kernel this time.21:18
WaVshould i reboot before removing the oracle kernel?21:18
etoreoracle kernel is loaded into memory21:18
etoreshouldnt change anything21:18
leftyfbWaV: reboot and make sure you're not running the oracle kernel. Then remove the oracle kernel21:18
etorebut i think you should listen to leftyfb21:18
WaV10-4 brb21:18
relipseleftyfb: how much down time are we talking about?21:19
leftyfbrelipse: depends on your internet connection, server resources, complexity of your configuration and your aptitude21:19
WaVleftyfb: You are the man21:20
WaVgdm loaded21:20
etorewav whats ur kernel version now21:20
relipsegive lefty a paycheck21:20
WaV I specifically picked the correct one under advanced options on boot. It was going to load oracle again21:21
leftyfbeavremove the oracle kernel packages21:21
etoreyou always had oracle kernels?21:21
leftyfbWaV: remove the oracle kernel packages21:21
WaVetore: no this is sometihng that happened today21:21
=== Guest3256 is now known as genevive
etorecan you do dpkg -l | grep linux-image21:22
etoreand paste it into pastebin21:22
leftyfbWaV: zgrep -a oracle /var/log/dpkg.*   # that should give you an idea of when the oracle kernel was installed21:22
WaVleftyfb: sudo apt remove linux-image-5.15.0-1025-oracle linux-modules-5.15.0-1025-oracle linux-objects-nvidia-470-5.15.0-1025-oracle21:22
WaVleftyfb: today, 3 hours ago21:22
leftyfbWaV: sudo apt remove --purge linux-image-5.15.0-1025-oracle linux-oracle21:23
leftyfbthen: sudo apt autoremove  # you might see other oracle related packages want to be removed21:23
WaV0 to remove21:24
leftyfbwith both commands?21:24
WaVno with autoremove21:24
leftyfbok, that's fine. The --purge probably got them21:24
WaVthe first command executed fine21:24
WaVlinux-modules-5.15.0-1025-oracle linux-objects-nvidia-470-5.15.0-1025-oracle are both still installed.21:25
WaVaccording to dpkg21:25
WaVshould I explicitly remove them?21:25
leftyfbwith --purge21:25
WaVrestarting again for good measure21:26
relipseleftyfb: ok sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade finished and now i still can't log into RDC after the Xorg screen pops up21:27
leftyfbrelipse: again, I don't care about RDP yet. reboot. Then run: cat /etc/os-release21:28
WaVOk, we're good there, but now my nvidia graphics card does not appear to be in use21:28
relipseleftyfb: its not letting me connect21:29
leftyfbrelipse: define connect21:29
leftyfbrelipse: ssh or rdp?21:29
WaVwhich was my original issue which is when i did sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -a), and I think that's when things broke21:29
relipseleftyfb: ooo it worked: PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS"21:29
relipsewhat the heck is jammy21:30
leftyfbrelipse: I thought you were upgrading from 22.04 to 22.10?21:30
relipseleftyfb: no 20.0421:30
leftyfbok, that's a bit better21:30
etorewav.... i think that oracle kernel was the reason you were able to use your gpu21:30
relipseleftyfb: what, now you want me to upgrade to 22.10 ?21:30
leftyfbetore: no21:30
leftyfbrelipse: no21:30
etorewell he removed it and bam he cannot use gpu21:31
leftyfbrelipse: I always recommend sticking with LTS21:31
etorewith lts you can use livepatch21:31
relipsei see leftyfb thanks21:31
relipsei even got in RDP21:31
relipseis it me, or is everything beginnin gto look like MacOS21:31
leftyfbrelipse: sorry to hear that :)21:32
relipseleftyfb: oh darn, now it says "System program problem detected Do yo uwant ot report the problem now?"21:32
leftyfbrelipse: please teach your colleagues how to use their IDE's remotely. You should get rid of RDP and the entire desktop. It's only a burden21:32
etorerelipse, windows and linux desktops copied macos, its always been macos21:32
leftyfbrelipse: ls /var/crash/    # what files do you see?21:33
leftyfbetore: lets not21:33
relipse_usr_bin_gnome-shell.128.crash  _usr_bin_landscape-sysinfo.0.crash21:33
leftyfbrelipse: you're probably fine. Delete both of those files with sudo21:34
WaVnvidia-driver-470 is installed according to Software & Updates, but i get this error: NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.21:34
WaVIt was working fine a couple days ago, and I don't know exactly when it broke21:34
leftyfbWaV: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-install-nvidia-driver-latest-proprietary-driver/21:35
WaVleftyfb: installing21:37
relipsemy apache is not starting can someone help21:37
sarnoldwhat errors do you get?21:38
etoreyou're not specific, apache http server?21:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:38
relipseleftyfb: https://dpaste.com/DEPXJ9RPT21:38
relipseapache httpd21:39
leftyfbrelipse: it literally tells you where to look21:39
relipseleftyfb: the file does not exist though, i tried21:39
leftyfbrelipse: if /etc/apache2/apache.conf doesn't exist, you got bigger problems21:40
leftyfbsorry, apache2.conf21:40
etorerelipse i think you should talk to people who also use the server if they are fine with you changing the apache configs21:41
leftyfbrelipse: you probably have a symlink in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled to a php module that supposed to be in /etc/apache2/mods-available/ but isn't because the package name changes and you don't have it installed21:42
WaVleftyfb: so apt removed 470 and installed 515 but the driver still doesn't appear to be in use21:44
leftyfbrelipse: sudo apt install libapache2-mod-php && sudo a2enmod php21:44
leftyfbWaV: open the "additional drivers" app21:45
WaVsays 515 is in use, but nvidia smi says differently21:46
relipseModule php does not exist21:46
WaVadditionally the nvidia-settings gui is extremely limited21:46
leftyfbWaV: what does the ubuntu-drivers cli tell you?21:47
leftyfbrelipse: ls -l /etc/apache2/mods-available/php*21:48
leftyfbrelipse: did the package install?21:48
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:48
WaVleftyfb: Here is something that may be telling: Cannot find xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-525-open package in the cache. Cannot check ABI21:49
relipseleftyfb: https://dpaste.com/DRUACRXJB21:49
relipseBy the way you are doing an amazing job helping me and others, Jesus bless you and your family to know Him21:49
leftyfbrelipse: try restarting apache then enabling the module21:49
leftyfbrelipse: my only ask is work towards not relying on RDP and a remote desktop :)21:50
relipseleftyfb: i totally hear you21:50
relipsemight as well delete the whole gui while we are at it21:51
relipseso apache is not started and won't start21:51
leftyfbah right21:51
relipsebecause of that error21:51
WaVleftyfb: https://termbin.com/go4n21:51
leftyfbrelipse: sudo rm /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php*21:51
leftyfbrelipse: then try restarting apache21:51
acuHello everyone --- I have a bizare thing - that my laptop with Ubuntu 22.04 can play only throught thunderbold hdmi SOUND (on the monitor) and not to bluetooth headphone ----- if I unplug the thunderbolt - bluetooth headphone works.... ----- any hints what is the cause - howto solve it?21:52
=== Doffi_ is now known as Doffi
relipseok its running but now it's not serving php files21:52
relipseit just outputs the whole file as text21:52
leftyfbacu: go into your sound settings while plugged into TB and pick the BT as your output device21:53
leftyfbrelipse: now enable php like I showed you21:53
aculeftyfb, yes I did --- it does not work21:53
tech10171968acu: pipewire or pulseaudio?21:53
leftyfbrelipse: then restart apache2 again21:53
relipseleftyfb: all appears to be working now21:54
relipseleftyfb: thank you for your help21:54
acutech10171968, thats a new termI lern --- pipewire ---- I think pulseaudio is default sound server --- but how can I check21:54
leftyfbWaV: to be honest, this is about as far as I go with nvidia drivers. I just hammer it with everything I can find until it eventually works. Usually breaking my system half a dozen times in the process21:54
leftyfbrelipse: please do not PM21:55
tech10171968you can check in system settings. But if you didn't know then I'm going to guess pulseaudio21:55
WaVleftyfb: ok thanks. I noticed my audio is messed up now as well. No drivers appear to be in use there either. May have to re-install at this point whenever I get free time.21:56
WaVChanging the sound with keyboard shortcuts changes the volume for "Dummy output" instead of my onboard audio or hdmi out.21:56
relipsejust care about you leftyfb21:56
relipsebut will do21:57
leftyfbWaV: that's all due to nvidia funny business21:57
WaVAnd in the process of join/parting a billion times from restarting, I managed to get myself banned from #linux. What a day. =(21:57
tech10171968WaV: wow, harsh21:59
acuWav: I think there is a bug --- it may happen when I updated the system --- my sound plays through HDMI or I need to unplug it - to play to others (bluetooth or headphone) -----I am tryint to install pipewire ---- per tech10171968 suggestion22:01
acuis there a proper place of howto for sound and pipewire ?22:08
tech10171968acu: yeah, seems that pipewire is everything pulseaudio was supposed to be.22:09
acuI am so confused ---- pipewire pulseaudio jack ---- how they are managed - controled - by OS by user ?22:09
tech10171968acu: usually the arch linux forums have some surprisingly good writeups for this sort of thing22:10
tech10171968acu: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/PipeWire22:11
acutech10171968, thanks, I am reading about it --- I wonder what license is used for that (I use FreeBSD too --- so I wonder if that is available there) ---- I can see though that in Ubuntu a lot of aplication GUI are not available ---- perhaps I need to enable some special repository22:17
tech10171968acu: yeah, it's still pretty new. I know of no GUI tools but everything seems similar to configuring pulseaudio22:20
tech10171968acu: doesn't mean there aren't any gui applications - just that I know of none at the moment22:21
toddcacu   https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2022/04/pipewire-replace-pulseaudio-ubuntu-2204/22:24
WifiHelpCan anyone link a good tutorial to learn how to check/install wireless card drivers in Ubuntu?22:27
Jeremy31WifiHelp: run the 2 commands @ https://gist.github.com/jeremyb31/a2bee9856d8c13f42f1835bc31bf9480 and post the termbin.com URL after the second command is done22:29
toddcWifiHelp: this a good starting place to determine chip and some driver options https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:29
WifiHelpAtheros QCA6174 Wireless card, it works in the live boot (USB) but does not work after install.22:29
toddcWifiHelp: also check addl drivers in software and updates22:30
WifiHelptoddc i have read a bunch of tutorials, i know what my chipset is, and it is listed in lshw, but i dont know how to check what driver it is using or where to read error messages about it starting up22:31
WaVI think I may have found my issue with the audio. "modprobe --show-depends snd_hda_intel" reports modprobe: FATAL: Module snd_hda_intel not found in directory /lib/modules/5.15.0-1021-intel-iotg . I installed the kernel modules and now lspci reports the correct kernel module loaded22:31
WaVAbout to restart to see what happens.22:31
Jeremy31WifiHelp: it should use ath10k_pci22:31
tech10171968WaV: good luck. but I think you may have found the issue22:31
WaVThat fixed my issue22:33
WifiHelpJeremy31 thanks, i looked in /lib/firmware/ath10k, i can see a bunch of files in there.22:33
WaVJeez, whatever update happened completely borked my system :(22:34
WaVSpent the last 3-4 hours tryin to fix22:34
WaVThat kernel module also fixed the issue with my nvidia driver not being used as well22:34
WifiHelpJeremy31 How can I tell if my wifi card if using these drivers? is there a log somewhere? is there a way i can force it to use these drivers?22:35
tech10171968WiFiHelp: use lsmod|less ?22:35
Jeremy31WifiHelp: Run those 2 commands @ https://gist.github.com/jeremyb31/a2bee9856d8c13f42f1835bc31bf9480 and post the termbin URL and I can help22:35
WifiHelptech10171968 thanks i will try this, lsmod is kernel modules right, i will go read a tutorial on how this works and why i need them for drivers22:36
WifiHelpJeremy31 ok, need to copy them on usb, give me a minute, this computer only has a wifi card.22:37
acutech10171968, the pipewire works - thanks a bunch --- it seem that not only I got my bluetooth -but the sound is better... hmm22:37
tech10171968WiFiHelp: lsmod just lists which modules/drivers you have running.22:37
Jeremy31WifiHelp: check in terminal>  rfkill list22:37
tech10171968acu: no problem. like I said, pipewire is what pulseaudio was supposed to be22:38
WifiHelpi am using two computer to try and fix this hahah22:38
WifiHelprfkill list returns nothing22:38
Jeremy31So for some reason the driver didn't load or it crashed22:39
WifiHelpJeremy31rfkill list returns nothing, lshw and lspci do show the wireless card and the correct make a model though22:39
mybalzitchwhat does "snap-store pending update" mean, and why can't I make it update22:39
acutech10171968, I will try it in FreeBSD too -- hopefully it works ---- FreeBSD seem a bit even more sensitive - there are two GUi helvum and some other one -----it seem that this PipeWire replaces jack and pulse ? Interesting -- though it makes sense22:40
Jeremy31WifiHelp: is it a Lenovo?22:40
mybalzitchI didn't know I had the snap store app open22:40
tech10171968WiFiHelp: that's why I suggested using lsmod. you can have the right hardware but the drivers may be fscked - or not even loaded22:40
tech10171968acu: not sure how well it works with *BSD but it should work22:41
WifiHelp@mybalzitch it runs in the background, type "killall snap-store" in the terminal and then type "snap refresh snap-store" it cant update it cus its running, sometimes it starts by itself22:41
mybalzitchthese snaps are just so well thought out and well implemented. lol22:41
mybalzitchthank you WifiHelp22:41
mybalzitchI just kill'd it22:41
WifiHelpJeremy31no dell xps 957022:41
WifiHelptech10171968 I download linux-firmware from the ubuntu package site, deleted everything in /lib/firmware/ath*, installed linux-firmware again, all the files are back in the right place and match the correct hash. is there a log i can see where i can see modprobe not loading the right module or why it crashed?22:43
tech10171968WiFiHelp: you could try sudo dmesg|grep $DRIVER22:44
Jeremy31WifiHelp: in terminal>  sudo dmesg | grep ath10k22:45
tech10171968WiFiHelp: if the driver is loading then it should be reflected in xorg.log22:45
WifiHelptech10171968 thanks, dmesg is the kernel ring buffer, so modprobe stuff should be in there. I have no idea what I am doing, i reading a book on the linux kernel and trying to guess this stuff thanks so much for the help22:45
WaVleftyfb: Thank you for your patience with me. I am back to normal operation.22:45
WaVAside from getting banned from #linux but hopefully that'll drop at some point.22:46
WifiHelpJeremy31 thanks dude, trying that as well now22:46
toddcmybalzitch: snap store runs all the time in the background you can kill or wait and it will close in the 13 day time frame    ps kill the sudo snap refresh to force store update22:46
mybalzitchyeah I got there, thank you22:48
WifiHelptech10171968 ok so nothing in dmesg with ath inside of it. so i guess the model is not loaded?22:50
WifiHelpJeremy31 ^^22:50
tech10171968WiFiHelp: it's possible. but make sure you have the correct driver name, that's easy to mess up22:51
DiagonI'm now running 22.04/ optimus/ nouveau- is there any way to tell what process is using what GPU? Also, is bumblebee just for nvidia?  Or nouveau also?22:51
Jeremy31WifiHelp: Check in terminal>  dpkg -l | grep linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r)22:51
tech10171968WiFiHelp: for example. my touchpad is known in xorg.log as ELAN1300. So try to find out how your driver's name shows up22:52
WifiHelpMY WIFI IS WORKING!!!!!23:00
Jeremy31What did you do?23:01
WifiHelpJeremy31 tech10171968 ok so after looking in dpkg -l, i noticed that the only packages that have the name linux-modules-extra and they all end in one kernel number. it was not the kernel number i was running. so i rebooted in grub advanced setting and picked the same kernel number. now i have wifi.23:02
WifiHelpI am right i thinking here, if i installed some more linux-modules-extra packages, it will work with the new kernels?23:02
sarnoldWifiHelp: ugh I've wasted hours debugging problems that turned out to missing linux-modules-extra packages before :( that's not fun23:03
tech10171968WiFiHelp: Nice!23:03
WaVbasically what just happened to me.23:03
WifiHelpsarnold it has not been fun, but i learnt a lot23:04
tech10171968WiFiHelp: I'm thinking there's some DKMS package which should be installed?23:04
sarnoldWifiHelp: true that :(23:05
WifiHelplinux-modules-extra is full of kernel modules?23:05
Jeremy31WifiHelp: If you reinstall the newest kernel, the linux-modules-extra might install with it this time23:05
WifiHelpare all drivers kernel modules?23:05
tech10171968Jeremy31: That's why I mentioned DKMS23:06
sarnoldWifiHelp: yeah, around 4500 of them23:06
sarnoldWifiHelp: some drivers are run in userspace, libusb makes it easier for usb devices to have userspace drivers23:06
WifiHelpok i am going to read the man pages for all these commands.23:06
Jeremy31tech10171968: the only DKMS I know of for ath10k were ones I made years ago23:07
WifiHelpok im going to read the man pages on these commands thanks everyone.23:08
WifiHelpJeremy31 and tech10171968 thanks so much, i would be here all day if you didnt point me in the right direction23:08
tech10171968WiFiHelp: well, I rarely run into this problem. I compile my own kernels and, when you use make menuconfig, you pretty much have to answer these questions in your config.23:08
tech10171968BTW, no problem23:08
WifiHelpwould there have been a log somewhere that would have told me this problem?23:09
Jeremy31WifiHelp: maybe a dpkg or apt log23:09
WifiHelpthanks again. :-D23:10
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WaVmodprobe would've shown that no module was loaded, but if you don't know what module is supposed to be loaded or what package to install then it's not too helpful.23:10
tech10171968WiFiHelp: other than dmesg and lsmod, I'm not sure. but those are two of the tools I reach for when stuff like this happens23:10
WifiHelpWaV that is 100% my problem :P23:10
Jeremy31WifiHelp: find the version of the newest kernel and use that to replace $(uname -r) in my command23:11
tech10171968it's a matter of knowing what to look for23:11
WifiHelptech10171968 ok i try them commands now23:12
WifiHelpJeremy31 trying them as well.23:12
Jeremy31WifiHelp: you may need> sudo apt install --reinstall linux-modules-extra-5.15.0-56-generic23:13
WifiHelpJeremy31 nice!!!!!23:13
tech10171968WiFiHelp: also, I highly suggest using lshw to get a list of EVERYTHING hardware related on your system. It'll help in the future23:14
WifiHelptech10171968 thanks, reading the man page now.23:15
bingoJACKPOTHas anyone had an issue with an Ubuntu base upgrade breaking their system? It should simply be securing the kernel with better patching but it seems like every time I allow it, it seriously corrupts the OS so I usually just stick to apt when I update.23:18
bougymanHow are you doing this "base upgrade"?23:18
WaVbingoJACKPOT: you're the third person I've seen in here today - including myself - that has reported an issue like this.23:19
bingoJACKPOTYeah, it wants to update the kernel and depending on what programs I have, that could render them incompatible23:19
bingoJACKPOTSome kernel upgrades will break certain versions of VMware for instance. I think it is super daft that Ubuntu does this to us23:19
bougymanYou can put a hold on the older kernel. But if kernel upgrades are breaking apps... are they apps installed outside of apt, or what?23:19
bougymanYou think Ubuntu should care about VMWare, a commercial piece of software, and how it can't keep up with modern kernels?23:20
bingoJACKPOTGiven Ubuntu is always an unstable stream of Debian we don't need Canonical asking us for permission to make our stuff even more unstable.23:20
bougymanI don't.23:20
Jeremy31But VMware relies on some kernel modules installed by DKMS23:20
bougymanI would direct these complaints at VMWare, not Ubuntu.23:20
bingoJACKPOTNo, some of the apps are just not upgraded simply because in some cases the upgrades aren't free or I choose not to upgrade because the newer versions are unstable - I mean, it depends23:21
bougymanYou might have chosen the wrong os. Or at least the wrong flavor.23:21
bingoJACKPOTYeah, I mean, I can see that: blaming the developers more than the OS ...23:21
bougymanI mean, for your specific needs.23:21
bingoJACKPOTI am upset that Microsoft won't allow Office 365 to run as a full install on Linux23:21
bingoJACKPOTI have to use the Beta which will work with Office Live but the local programs are always better23:22
bougymanI thought they pushed O365 all the way to the cloud.23:22
bougymanYou don't need anything installed an longer, do you?23:22
tech10171968bingoJACKPOT: I know that Virtualbox has a DKMS module just for this very problem. Maybe VMWare has the same?23:22
bingoJACKPOTWell, I always install it. The approach with everything is to go full-on cloud and as a business owner, I know I profit more that way. I think in many ways though it's bad for the consumer or data custodian23:23
bingoJACKPOTPutting it in the cloud can save space locally but whenver something goes offline, we can't control the privacy or confidentiality of it ... We can't keep it locked down or we don't fully know how it's protected since the systems protecting it are not our own. So, for those reasons, I try to keep everything locally but if I have something very very23:24
bingoJACKPOTimportant and want redundancy, I will put it in the cloud23:24
bingoJACKPOTAs far as the Office products go, some of the features aren't as good online and it's sort of a hassle to have to download all of the saves from the online cloud. Also, I don't want my business data or personal data in the cloud if I can avoid it23:25
tech10171968bingoJACKPOT: I agree 100%. There are some things you just don't want to leave in someone else's hands23:29
tech10171968bingoJACKPOT: BTW, have you ever considered using Digital Ocean to, say, spin up a droplet as a app server, or for something like a cloud storage server?23:30
bingoJACKPOTThat's a good idea! Sorry, I'm going a bit slow. Instead of just updating Ubuntu blindly, I'm doing what a wise end user does and I'm reading about the updates. On Windows I don't feel the need to do that. It looks like the only important updates or at least the ones I find vital will patch up CVEs23:35
bingoJACKPOTThose should always be updated unless doing so will critically render a system unstable23:35

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