IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> Hey00:58
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> I use Kubuntu on my Chromebook as well (re @IrcsomeBot: <loki51> Kubuntu btw,.. works amazing on chromebooks! As you know even has the keyboard layout fr chromebooks)00:58
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> And one issue I've found and Haven't been able to wrap my head around it is01:00
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> 1) If an video or audio is been paused for just a minute, after hitting the play button it skips for some few seconds before catching up01:00
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> 2) Earphones jack isn't working yet, tried alot of tricks but still isn't working01:00
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> Btw, it's a Chromebook 1401:01
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whomehello I have a question that I hope somebody can steer me into the right direction.   I have a person that is in a foreign country and our languages are different.  I looked at pidgin and konversation and a couple of other apps but is there one that will automatically convert Russian to english and/or vice versa so I can communicate without flipping back and forth to a translator page?02:11
valorieinteresting idea, whome02:37
valorieI've not hear of any, but then I have been using konversation for about 20 year02:37
whomevalorie....yeah, still no go02:43
whomevalorie: okay, I have konversation.  But if my party writes in his language will I see it in mine or do I have to change my something here to russian?02:44
valorieI'm not aware of any plugins that would do that02:45
valorieit surely would be awesome for cross-culture communication02:45
valoriegoogle can do it but not perfectly by any means02:46
whomevalorie: wow...this is partly the problem.  google translator is good enough (I use yandex translator) but i'm cut/copy/pasting myself to death here. i thought in this day and age I would be able to talk to jewish, russian, mexican, whoever.  Man we haven't solved that hurdles yet?02:47
whomevalorie: oops. wow...this is partly the problem.  google translator is good enough (I use yandex translator) but i'm cut/copy/pasting myself to death here. i thought in this day and age I would be able to talk to jewish, russian, mexican, whoever.  Man we haven't solved that hurdles yet?02:47
valoriewell, it's free software, so volunteers to make cool stuff like that are always welcome02:48
whomevalorie: I don't mind non-free but there's nothing?02:49
valoriesoftware doesn't get made by magic02:49
valorieI have no idea -- I've never looked02:49
whomevalorie: hmmm...so the world cannot fluidly communicate with eachother yet and that is that.....geeze02:50
SpringHow much space does Kubuntu consume on a drive? I had it installed a while ago but didn't pay attention to the space used.06:08
MattF66hi there, anyone can help me for any workarounds to use Logitech MX Master 3 mouse on Kubuntu 22.04?07:21
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IrcsomeBot<PuzzDio> Anyone having issues with a recent update?12:09
IrcsomeBot<PuzzDio> I couldnt boot up my system this morning, just a bunch of ACPI errors.12:09
IrcsomeBot<PuzzDio> For somereason my default kernel is now "oracle" instead of generic, and i had to go into grub and select generic just to boot up.12:09
iomari892Periodically, all my desktop apps shut down. I can't figure out why. I have to restart them often. MOst times it happens when I leave my laptop for a while and come back. I'm using 22.10.13:16
diogenes_Vx15iomari892: what do you mean by "shut down"?13:18
BluesKajHi all14:03
iomari892diogenes_Vx15: sorry was away from desk. All apps close.14:04
diogenes_Vx15iomari892: maybe you have systemd-oomd.service?14:05
iomari892diogenes_Vx15: yes. it's running. Do I need it?14:27
diogenes_Vx15iomari892: it might kill apps if it thinks that they eat out too much memory.14:28
iomari892I'm killing it. It's driving me crazy.14:29
iomari892alternatively, is they a config file for it?14:30
diogenes_Vx15iomari892: here is the manpage: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-oomd.service.html14:32
iomari892thanks. Seems like this is the cause. I'll read up on it before I kill it.14:35
MopsieI was just wondering if anyone here is a REGEX wizard and might be able to help with what is probably a very simple problem?17:53
MopsieI have a photo app (F-STOP) on my phone which creates a temporary file while it updates the photo with meta data.  It then removes the original file and renames the temporary file to the original file name17:55
MopsieThis is all fine, except I also have a QNAP NAS and an app which syncronises all the changed files17:56
MopsieI now have a folder  on my NAS which is full of duplicate files17:57
oerheksf-stop, is that kubuntu/linux software?17:57
MopsieHow can I find all the files (on Linux) where the filename extension has all these random characters at the end and delete the files17:58
Mopsie@oerheks I have it installed on my Android phone :-)17:59
MopsieThis is the app I am using https://www.fstopapp.com/18:01
oerheksoke, so your issue is on your nas?18:02
MopsieI have both files copied to my NAS and I want to delete one of them18:02
oerhekstons of pages how to find duplicate files with different names, based on md5sum or sha256sum https://askubuntu.com/questions/731108/how-to-find-only-duplicate-files-that-have-different-names18:03
oerheksbut your nas issue is not really kubuntu, so i have no clue how that works18:03
MopsieSo I am using kubuntu on my laptop and I have my NAS mounted18:04
Mopsieand when I look in the photos folder I see all these duplicate files, because they were synced automatically from my phone18:05
MopsieIts not pretty but I have done this...   $rm *.jpg*-* and has worked :-)18:23
Mopsieoerheks " but your nas issue is not really kubuntu, so i have no clue how that works"  that is right its not really with kubuntu, but I am using kubuntu and thought this miight be a good place to ask first for help :-)18:25
IrcsomeBot<PuzzDio> hey guys how do i remove this "1013-oracle" kernel thats suddenly appeared as a new default?19:44
IrcsomeBot<PuzzDio> It doesnt even boot and no idea where it came from19:44
IrcsomeBot<PuzzDio> default in grub*19:44
oerhekssuch linux-oracle kernel does not come by default..https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-oracle19:56
IrcsomeBot<PuzzDio> So something i installed added it?20:00
Loki59Anyone around? I figured out a bug that crushed my chromebook so bad that the Bios had to be reflashed20:31
Loki59in 22.1020:31
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webchat28No audio working on my computer23:26
webchat28Samsung galaxy book 360, Kubuntu 2223:26
webchat28any idea?23:26
AmadroxHey webchat, have you selected the correct audio device?23:28
webchat28fresh install, no audio but even during the live23:29
Amadroxand systemctl --user status pulseaudio.service does not show an error?23:29
webchat28unit pulse.audiocould not be found23:30
AmadroxDo you get no result when executing pulseaudio --check ? That would be a good sign23:32
webchat28the volume control shome me music but I cannot listen anithing. I'm installing pulsaaudio now23:34
Amadroxit already should be installed. The command failed because it is missing?23:35
Amadroxtry at first: apt list --installed | grep pulse23:36
webchat28systemctl --user status pulseaudio.service23:36
webchat28○ pulseaudio.service - Sound Service23:36
webchat28     Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/user/pulseaudio.service; enabled; preset: enabled)23:36
webchat28     Active: inactive (dead)23:36
webchat28TriggeredBy: ○ pulseaudio.socket23:36
AmadroxThats a weird line right there: Active: inactive dead23:37
webchat28Told you: installed or live I cannot listen any sound but the bar of volume control shows a signal like something is playing23:39
Amadroxhave you already tried to restart the service?23:39
webchat28and I'm playing a random video on youtube23:40
webchat28On windows my speakerworks23:40
webchat28speaker works23:40
webchat28Windows 1123:40
AmadroxIt's good to know that it is not an hardware issue. But restart the service with: systemctl --user restart pulseaudio.service23:41
Amadrox@webchat: if you restart the service you might need to reload the tab with the video23:51

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