splatinkhello, I have a problem with the system tray07:07
splatinkwhen i minimize an app to the system tray, it works, but if i then right click to exit, and then try to reopen it and minize it again, the system tray icon does not show, but i have confirmed the app is still open07:08
splatinkboth the system tray and status notifier plugins seem to have this issue07:12
splatinkand the only way to get the icon back is to remove them and add them again07:13
vox221hi there, after some kernel update i loose my wlan on an lenovo thinkpad p52. OS: Xubuntu 22.10 x86_64. Last kernel i got is: Ubuntu, with Linux 5.19.0-1013-oracle (why oracle?!) Is this a known issue?09:34
wifwfrnetwork manager adds default route for a second connection on activation which gets in the way of my internet09:40
wifwfrhow to prevent nm from adding this additional default route09:41

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