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patrick_irc is filled with the names of people that don't really chat01:20
arraybolt3Well a lot of people like to idle and watch what happens, and also most of the time this channel is quiet unless someone needs help.01:22
patrick_wish i could get used to KDE01:22
patrick_KDE is great and i can totally see why if you love KDE, you REALLY love KDE01:23
patrick_whts your take on KDE Bolt?01:23
arraybolt3Personally, I think it's really nice and one of my favorite DEs.01:24
arraybolt3I like how it works smoothly and doesn't get in your way too much.01:24
patrick_did you ever use KDE back in the early days? Say early 2ks?01:24
arraybolt3No, first experience with it was with Kubuntu 14.04. This is probably a better conversation for #ubuntu-discuss, just mentioning this so no one gets in trouble since this channel is usually used for tech support only.01:25
patrick_thanks for the heads up01:26
patrick_thank you for the chat too! have a great one buddy!01:26
AmadroxHey everyone, does someone know how I can hide sinks from pulseaudio in KDE? Especially in the volume tray it's annoying to have my "helper" sinks01:45
|aaronI am having some weird issues after updating my 22.04 kubuntu desktop a few days ago. Plasma doesnt start automatically, I have to switch to a different tty and login. (tty1 hangs at "Reached target Multi-User System"). I can login but I have no network connectivity, in fact my NICs seem to not be detected at all any more (just the "lo" device07:45
|aaronlisted by "ip addr", nothing else). Even weirder, I cant find any errors in journalctl.07:45
|aaronI booted from the rescue usb, chrooted in and updated everything to the absolute latest, and re installed grub, but that didnt help at all..07:45
|aaronI can start plasma manually with startx, sddm is running07:46
alkisg|aaron: what's the output of `uname -r` when you have no network?07:49
|aaronalkisg: 5.15.0-1025-oracle07:49
|aaronHmm so I did actually find an error in Xorg.0.log. "Failed to open DRM device..."07:55
|aaronopen /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory07:56
|aaronbut if i startx manually it works and i dont get that error, weird07:56
|aaroni guess the kernel was the issue, booted to -generic and its fine08:19
|aaronHad the -intel-iotg and -lowlatency kernels installed too, weird. Just removed all the packages except -generic, hopefully thats good enough08:23
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BluesKajHi all14:10
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Loki56Bug Report: KDE Connect in 22.10 isn't integrated right... The slide show buttons on the app on the phone don't register (they are normally up and down) in the Distro... This works in 22.04 LTS just fine... not sure what happened22:46
Loki56Also,.. in 22.04.2 LTS If yea all could bring in Pipewire early,.. that be awesome :)22:47
Loki56I'm having to bring it from 22.10 to fix an audio issue in my samsung chromebook 322:48
Loki56to 22.0422:48
Loki56and also bring in 22.04.2 ---- WAYLAND!23:04
Loki56 :D23:04

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