cjwatsonWe have a little bit more non-x86 builder redundancy now, with a second region (bos01).  There are still some quota issues with it that we'll need to sort out on Monday, so you'll see some builders there that are stuck in the Cleaning state, but it's at least minimally working.12:45
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diddledanicjwatson, random curious question that doesn't need an answer, but I was wondering how much of the LP build farm is on self-hosted machines vs cloud VMs and stuff16:11
cjwatsondiddledani: entirely self-hosted, mostly on private OpenStack cloud VMs; no use of public cloud16:58
cjwatsonOK, bos01 quotas sorted out.  bos01-s390x-* needs a bit more work, but arm64 and ppc64el have a good bit more functional redundancy now, with 40 and 20 more builders respectively21:09

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