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ThreeFiddyDollaI need help with findid the right release still supported for my intel atom n270 32bit10:50
ThreeFiddyDollaFor now found bionic beaver is it ok?10:50
guivercThe oldest supported release of Lubuntu is 20.04 LTS which is amd64 only. You can find support in #ubuntu for a 18.04 system as Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is still supported10:51
ThreeFiddyDollaThank you. Just what I was looking for. What does support do? Am I save running my bionic beaver? First timw linux user10:53
guivercThreeFiddyDolla  (if you return), you can use `ubuntu-support-status` to see the support status of an 18.04 system, ie. what parts of your system still get security fixes/upgrades, and what parts are without support.  I used an n270 eeepc in QA for releases up to 19.04 & yes it works; but all support ends in 2023-April12:16

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