Unit193I know I shouldn't ask this over the weekend, specifically at 1am.  But what's the criteria for getting riscv enabled for a PPA?06:02
arraybolt3Unit193: Forgive me if this is a silly suggestion, but if you have access to Bileto, I believe you can make a risc-v enabled PPA through that.06:23
arraybolt3(Personally, I just have a RISC-V emulator handy. If you needed me to build some packages for you, you could throw them at me and I can produce build logs and packages.)06:24
Unit193Not a core dev, so I presumed not.  I currently just dput to a staging PPA and let it fail or not on s390x, because that's where something is most likely to. :P06:25
arraybolt3K, makes sense. I'm booting the emulator now to update it, and will have it available to do builds in just a bit if you'd like.06:26
arraybolt3(Er... ok, might take more than "just a bit" but you get what I mean.)06:26
Unit193Nah, I just am pushing something to Debian soon, no big deal.  I don't expect it to fail anyway.06:27
xypronUnit193: Please, create a question on Launchpad itself asking to enable riscv64 for your ppa.07:58
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cjwatsonUnit193: Sorry, but we can only currently enable riscv64 for Canonical employees and Ubuntu core devs.  Hopefully this will change in the next few months, but for now that's where we are.  (I thought xypron knew this ...)13:54
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Unit193cjwatson: Cool, thanks!  That answers the question quite well.18:01

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