arraybolt3patrick_: o/01:25
patrick_hey bolt01:26
arraybolt3I miss how super-customizable KDE used to be. Maybe my particular derivative of Kubuntu 14.04 just had a lot of fancy stuff, but I used to customize KDE like *crazy*.01:26
arraybolt3Kubuntu 22.04 wasn't nearly so customizable for me.01:26
arraybolt3I also miss the Oxygen theme.01:26
patrick_yeah. 01:27
arraybolt3Really I miss all of KDE 4, I don't get why people hated it so much and I wish KDE had just stuck there and stayed there forever :P01:27
patrick_i think thats what i disliked most about it, but thats the beauty of linux right? :)01:27
patrick_kind of feel like Xubuntu and Lubuntu have some of that old school KDE chutzpah01:28
arraybolt3(re: thats the beauty of linux) Agreed.01:28
* arraybolt3 is currently on Lubuntu01:28
patrick_i really do feel like KDE is a DE that was WAY ahead of its time01:29
patrick_yeah. Lubuntu is nice01:29
patrick_been running a bunch of different cannonical distros on a proxmox server01:29
patrick_anything that will still run XRDP01:29
arraybolt3I've tried non-Ubuntu distros before and always ended up back here :P I *just about* jumped ship to Arch back in the day... and then nuked my install on accident and decided "ok this is a bad idea"...01:30
patrick_sounds like me. although, Zorin is pretty nice01:30
arraybolt3(Lesson learned, force shutdown is *not* the answer to everything!)01:30
patrick_im a deb guy01:31
patrick_id like to run Arch though, or at least play around with it01:31
patrick_my love of apt prevents me01:31
patrick_its either this or BSD01:31
arraybolt3Once you figure out what you're doing with it, it's really nice, but you have to make your mind work differently for it. Don't come at it as "I'm going to install an OS and then use it", come at it as "I'm going to create an OS from scratch and then use it". Much better results that way, for me personally. I have an Arch VM still that I boot every once in a while, though I will likely never01:32
arraybolt3use it as a daily driver.01:32
patrick_that intense huh?01:32
arraybolt3My first successful Arch install was basically KDE everything - I just installed *the whole whopping load* of KDE apps. Ended up with a jumble of broken stuff and eventually a nuked install (though it was the second one I nuked, not the first, I did the two in about the same way).01:33
patrick_how many hours of work do you think you lost that day?01:33
arraybolt3Yeah, that intense. My finally good attempt was IceWM + ROX-Filer + a few lightweight apps, in an attempt to make a very minimal installation. It was very much like building an OS from scratch.01:33
arraybolt3How many hours? Eh, I dunno, about a night's worth, maybe a bit more. I nuked it very soon after making it (like a few days later or so).01:34
patrick_that is definitely crazy, but a pretty sweet learning experience i bet01:38
patrick_one of the reasons why i love this OS01:39
patrick_i am, by no means, an expert01:39
arraybolt3Very much so. Really, though, Arch is a *lot* of work, and Lubuntu and Kubuntu have everything I need and want already for most of my systems. If I were to do Arch again, it would only be for a very targeted usecase that benefited from the ability to build most everything from the ground up.01:39
patrick_probably why Arch is used in enterprise / dev work right?01:40
arraybolt3I've never seen Arch in enterprise before.01:40
arraybolt3For dev work, I think that's probably out of a combination of preference and a need for really new software.01:40
patrick_im thinking of CentOS01:40
arraybolt3CentOS is Red Hat, not Arch.01:41
patrick_i get the two confused sometimes01:41
patrick_so arch is for the very bleeding edge stuff?01:41
arraybolt3Yeah, that's one of its main selling points.01:41
patrick_yeah. thats super cool01:42
patrick_well, its been a pleasure bolty01:42
patrick_thanks for the conversation buddy!01:42
arraybolt3Debian is basically "stay stable and secure at all costs", Ubuntu is "stay secure and stable, be ready for both home use and enterprise use", and Arch is "Stable? Never heard of it. Give me newest of everything!"01:42
arraybolt3patrick_: Sure, thank you!01:42
patrick_so true man, so true01:42
patrick_take care!01:43
lotuspsychjegood morning04:52
wezAfternoon lotuspsychje!  How are you today?06:05
webchat88hi, can someone pls advise how to mount external USB drive without being asked for password - presently I am being asked for password (as user) - I am using Ubuntu 22.04 / Jammy - I searched a lot and tried many links, but didn't help : e.g. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=122761,06:53
webchat88https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/how-to-mount-drives-without-password/23432, etc.06:53
arraybolt3webchat88: This is Ubuntu Desktop, right? Also, this sounds more on-topic for the #ubuntu channel.07:01
webchat88yes, I posted in the channel there but there was no response07:01
arraybolt3Ah. I'll respond over there.07:02
webchat88Thanks ! :)07:02
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