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coolbhavihello guys I am bhavani shankar an ubuntu member, was wondering how to get the irc cloak back on libera-chat11:01
coolbhaviso, any help will be appreciated 11:01
coolbhavimy lp page link https://launchpad.net/~bhavi11:19
tomreynBenC: i can't enact your request, but if you can provide your launchpad ID, that'll help those who can.18:59
BenCben-collins is my launchpad ID19:12
tomreynBenC: https://launchpad.net/~ben-collins says your registered nick on the irc.libera.chat IRC network is "Ben". this seems to belong to someone else, though, and you're logged in as "benc" now. if my assumption is correct, would you mind updating your LP profile?19:25
BenCEh, must have been a autocorrect…let me fix it.19:27
tomreyn(you may also want to make sure your email addresses are correct / can receive mail which you'll get to see)19:27
BenCAll of them are correct.19:29
tomreynSo, for whoever can work on this: BenC is requesting a members cloak.19:29

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