tomreynmorgan-u2: And (completely unrelated to you posting the same line twice) "THIS" referred to reproducing the issues you were reporting with Chrome (which is not a package available in Ubuntu)00:02
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bjorkintoshis there a trick to enabling nfsv2 on 22?01:33
bjorkintoshI thought these settings were all I needed in /etc/default/nfs-kernel-server RPCNFSDCOUNT="--nfs-version 2 8"01:34
bjorkintoshRPCMOUNTDOPTS="--nfs-version 2 --manage-gids"01:34
oerheksnever un into this, but this answer might be a help01:37
bjorkintoshthank you oerheks, already saw that.01:37
bjorkintoshapparently something's changed in 2201:37
oerhekssudo mount -t nfs ..... nfsvers=201:37
bjorkintoshand I can't figure out what. because not that many people need NFSv2 in the first place.01:38
oerheksso this page is also no use? https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-install-and-configure-an-nfs-server-on-ubuntu-20-04/01:38
oerheksyeah, it is pretty .. ancient01:38
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1973101 in nfs-utils (Ubuntu) "After upgrade to 22.04 NFS exports for vers 2 and 3 no longer work" [Undecided, Opinion]01:39
oerheksand Regarding v3, the UDP transport is no longer available, only TCP....01:40
oerhekssetup a vm?01:41
oerheks18 something01:41
bjorkintoshany good options besides vbox?01:41
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM01:42
bjorkintoshokay, I shall check it out.01:42
oerheksand tons of howto's online01:42
bjorkintoshfunny thing is, I need nfsv2 enabled to run an alien OS on my machine.01:42
oerhekswhy not try to import that alien os directly?01:43
bjorkintoshits a virtual machine. it's alien and ancient.01:43
bjorkintoshso I'm going to run a virtual machine in order to run the intended virtual machine I'm interested. only 2 layers deep.01:44
bjorkintoshbecause nfsV2 is deprecated.01:44
oerheksgood luck01:46
bjorkintoshthank you.01:48
peacefulmanDoes anyone else have issues with ubuntu 22.04 lts and evolution+exchange and microsoft teams with multi-factor authentication? I thought it was only suppose to prompt me once in awhile but it's asking for multi-factor authentication many times a day now.01:51
peacefulmanOon 20.04 lts it was normal.01:51
mekhamii'm having my 937th problem updating my nvidia drivers01:59
mekhamii've tried running the .run file that nvidia provides, i've tried running `apt install nvidia-driver-525`, i've tried the cuda-drivers thing (doesn't install)01:59
mekhamiis it like intentional that ubuntu makes this stuff so overcomplicated and broken? or is it accidental.01:59
mekhamii'm gonna try rebooting real quick.02:00
oerhekswhy not use the nvidia-cuda-toolkit ?02:02
oerheks!info nvidia-cuda-toolkit jammy02:02
ubottunvidia-cuda-toolkit (11.5.1-1ubuntu1, jammy): NVIDIA CUDA development toolkit. In component multiverse, is extra. Built by nvidia-cuda-toolkit. Size 61,332 kB / 122,636 kB. (Only available for amd64, ppc64el, arm64.)02:02
mekhamiprobably cause the last time i installed drivers it probably wasn't available or wasn't advertised cause there have to be 900 ways to do simple things -.-02:03
oerhekswe never said that you should use .run driver from nvidia itself02:03
tomreynpeacefulman: not sure this helps, but i've had a good enough experience using thunderbird with commercial (but cheap) extension "owl"02:22
morgan-u2I have screenshots of journal... just after chrome died. Please someone look and see what is odd here. Where shall I put the images on the web?02:23
tomreynpeacefulman: for ms teams, there are microsofts' apt archives (different release channels) and an open source variant on github, all of which are just differently limited (compared to ms teams on windows) electron webapps-in-a-box02:26
tomreyn!paste | morgan-u202:26
ubottumorgan-u2: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:26
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.02:27
tomreynmorgan-u2: no need for screenshots, though, the text will still be in your journal02:27
oerhekswhy a screenhsot of journal..02:29
oerheksand not providing them.02:29
gebbionehello ubunters ... I have installed some updates. I think some nvidia drivers got installed and this morning i could not get a login screen. I had a black screen with cursor. Finally it moved on and now it shows a very low resolution in only one of the screens. I can see from `lshw -C display` only one screen as unclaimed. Using a VGA compatible driver. Any suggestions what i can try?03:28
gebbionei have display unclaimed even if i installed the nvidia drivers. Has anyone experienced this?04:26
gebbionehi ubuntudrivers autoinstall fails ... not sure how to show the error as i tried to nc termbin.com 9999 and it is not working from recovery mode. In short the video drivers are not working and system shows not GUI05:12
webchat88hi, can someone pls advise how to mount external USB drive without being asked for password - presently I am being asked for password (as user) - I am using Ubuntu 22.04 / Jammy05:22
webchat88I searched a lot and tried many links, but didn't help : e.g. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=122761, https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/how-to-mount-drives-without-password/23432, etc.05:24
gebbionecan anyone suggest is this approach of deleting Xorg config is fine? https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/upgrade-from-ubuntu-18-to-20-messed-up-graphics-drivers/200696/1305:43
gebbionedamn nvidia05:57
Bashing-omgebbione: I offer my assistance - to clean up your system and install the repo proprietary driver (as advised by Nvidia !). To start - what results from terminal command: sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*"05:58
Bashing-omgebbione: ^ "find" will take a while to search - patience :)05:59
gebbionei m using the official stuff. Difficult to post info here as i need to boot using recovery mode and cannot even load the UX in fail safe, no networking and limited root terminal06:01
gebbionei ll try to post in a minute if i can get the shell06:01
Bashing-om!nomodeset | gebbione06:02
ubottugebbione: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.06:02
gebbionei ll try nomodeset ... i had it before and if i remember correctly it was causing troubles. I have had this nvidia card for a little while now06:03
gebbioneand drivers were working until yesterday's kernel and software updates06:04
Bashing-omgebbione: Ack --- If you were running a driver provided by Nvidia *AND* DKNS is not installed and applied to the driver then such is the expected behavour when the kernel is changed.06:05
gebbionedkms comes in another package with the -dkms suffix?06:06
gebbioneok somehow decided to show me a GUI but still not detecting monitor06:08
Bashing-om!info dkms jammy | geb06:08
ubottugeb: dkms (2.8.7-2ubuntu2.1, jammy): Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework. In component main, is optional. Built by dkms. Size 69 kB / 295 kB06:08
Bashing-omgebbione: Sorry but if you can not see the display after the kernel boots - I do not know how to assist in that event :(06:12
lotuspsychjegebbione: boot a previous kernel as a test?06:14
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: gebbione: Oh Yes !06:15
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gebbionei m inside a UX session now. Drivers not working but let me see if i can show some output06:20
gebbionei have run sudo apt install nvidia-driver-515 nvidia-dkms-51506:24
gebbionedo i need to reboot or can i test drivers installation without a risky reboot?06:24
Bashing-omgebbione: As you have installed a new driver without purging the other ---- could now be in for a world of hurt to fix :(06:26
gebbionewell now i went to the software and packages UX -> additional drivers and set it to the 525 one06:27
gebbionesomething i tried before but on reboot it was not working06:27
gebbioneshould I autopurge?06:27
gebbione`sudo apt autoremove`06:28
Bashing-omgebbione: There can be but the one driver installed - else the system is confused and does not know what to do.06:28
gebbioneok well not only the 525 are installed06:33
gebbioneand i have set them put in software and updates config06:34
gebbioneany step i should take before a reboot?06:34
gebbionehoping it now works (hopefully)06:34
gebbionenow only the 525 are installed06:35
Bashing-omgebbione: 'dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' to insure there is only one version if "ii" .06:36
gebbionethat shows a lot of stuff https://termbin.com/3hzh but some of these are not installed .... For instance if i try to install sudo apt install nvidia-dkms-455 ... it asks me if i want to add it with extra Kb of space. So it is not installed06:40
gebbionei dont get what is happening the dpkg -l shows packages that arent installed06:40
gebbionestill no luck but for some reason the default UX is working06:48
Bashing-omgebbione: In bios us secure boot enabled ?06:49
gebbionei dont think so06:49
gebbionenot sure what difference it would make, ie the nvidia drivers were working before last packages update06:50
webchat88hi, can someone pls advise how to mount external USB drive without being asked for password - presently I am being asked for password (as user) - I am using Ubuntu 22.04 / Jammy - I searched a lot and tried many links, but didn't help : e.g. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=122761,06:50
webchat88https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/how-to-mount-drives-without-password/23432, etc.06:50
Bashing-omgebbione: Need to verify that secure boot is not enabled - the driver is 3rd party and secure boot will prevent the installation of the driver.06:51
gebbionewould I have experienced these troubles before if secure boot was enabled?06:51
Bashing-omgebbione: Depends on if a new proprietary driver were to be installed with a new kernel.06:53
gebbionelsmod | grep nvidia shows  https://termbin.com/gfk8g06:53
Bashing-omgebbione: the zero reflects not used ?? what shows ' cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version ; dkms status ' ?06:56
gebbionethe version file does not exist here06:57
alkisgwebchat88: what's the file system of the drive? sudo lsblk --fs | nc termbin.com 999906:58
gebbionedkms status https://termbin.com/sp94n06:58
Bashing-omgebbione: O bet ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' also shows no driver installed :(06:59
alkisggebbione: dpkg -l | grep nvidia | grep termbin.com 9999; and the output of sudo mokutil --sb-state07:01
arraybolt3webchat88: Just to be clear, you're using Ubuntu Desktop? If so, did you do anything weird just before this stopped working? USB drives should automatically mount upon insertion without needing admin rights.07:02
arraybolt3Also, what filesystem is on the USB drive?07:03
webchat88arraybolt3, yes, It does automount upon login (from remote desktop), but it asks me for user password (not root)07:03
webchat88I want to avoid giving the user password also07:03
webchat88It is NTFS07:03
arraybolt3That makes sense. The user password is providing admin privileges though, due to how Ubuntu works.07:04
arraybolt3So this is over remote desktop? Does the USB drive act as intended if you're using the computer locally?07:04
webchat88remote desktop07:04
arraybolt3Parhaps that's why things are acting strangely. What remote desktop software are you using? xrdp?07:05
arraybolt3Or is this the built-in remote desktop thing in GNOME?07:05
* arraybolt3 doesn't know what that's called07:05
webchat88yes xrdp07:05
webchat88xrdp into gnome desktop07:05
arraybolt3OK, let me do some research real quick.07:06
webchat88in the links, there was talk about polkit and udisk2 as I put there07:06
gebbioneBashing-om, https://termbin.com/q3ece is the cat ouput for gpu-manager log07:06
alkisgAFAIK xrdp doesn't mark the remote session as "active" (means "local"), and policykit then doesn't authorize your mount request07:06
alkisgwebchat88: so you can either modify a policykit configuration file, or add a user entry in /etc/fstab07:06
gebbionealkisg, https://termbin.com/3hzh dpkg output07:06
alkisgwebchat88: if it's always the same drive, I think the fstab entry would be the better approach07:07
webchat88ok, can you pls tell how to modify the policykit config file ?07:07
webchat88its always thes ame drive -07:07
webchat88ok, I will read on the fstab and use it - so I may have to specify the username in the fstab correct ?07:07
arraybolt3webchat88: I don't believe so, I think you just specify the drive's UUID and where you want it mounted.07:07
gebbionealkisg, i dont have mokuitl07:07
arraybolt3(Along with some settings.)07:07
arraybolt3webchat88: What OS are you using on your local system? Windows or Ubuntu?07:08
alkisggebbione: try: sudo apt install nvidia-dkms-52507:08
webchat88arraybolt3, so it will then work for any user ?07:08
webchat88I am using Ubuntu 22.0407:08
arraybolt3webchat88: Yes.07:08
arraybolt3Any user will be able to mount that drive after this.07:08
gebbionealkisg, it is installed and i also selected it in software and packages ... both the driver and dkms07:08
webchat88ok, let me try fstab07:08
alkisggebbione: sudo dmesg | grep -i secure | nc termbin.com 999907:08
webchat88Thanks arraybolt3, @alksig07:09
webchat88Thanks arraybolt3, alkisg07:09
alkisggebbione: see your own output, rc  nvidia-dkms-525                                             525.60.11-0ubuntu0.22.04.1                   amd64        NVIDIA DKMS package07:09
alkisgwebchat88: you're welcome07:09
alkisggebbione: rc means not properly installed07:09
alkisgIf it says it's installed, do dpkg-reconfigure instead, sudo dpkg-reconfigure  nvidia-dkms-52507:09
arraybolt3webchat88: What OS are you using on your local system? Windows or Ubuntu?07:09
webchat88arraybolt3, i am remote desktoping from windows 10 to Ubuntu 22.04 and I want to see the drives mounted without password prompt in ubuntu 22.0407:10
arraybolt3Ah, OK. So log into the remote system, redirect the drive, but don't mount it.07:11
arraybolt3Then in a terminal on the remote system, run "lsblk -f | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link it spits out.07:12
webchat88arraybolt3, https://termbin.com/u946;  What does redirect the drive, but don't mount it mean ?07:14
arraybolt3That link doesn't work, can you try it again?07:14
gebbionealkisg, i get ii  nvidia-dkms-525 but rc for the -open one07:15
arraybolt3(I mean, whatever youre doing to get the drive into the remote system, do that, but thebn dont provide the password when asked.)07:15
gebbionei selected the 525 in software and packages but still get no screens detected07:15
alkisggebbione: right, installing the one would remove the other. But did you see any errors while installing it?07:15
alkisggebbione: please use apt instead, so that we can see the error messages07:15
arraybolt3(Or is the drive already plugged into the system on the remote end?)07:15
arraybolt3Oh wait I see what went wrong with the link, now it's working.07:16
gebbionealkisg, i didnt ... it ended with "update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-6.0.0-1007-oem07:16
alkisggebbione: we want `dkms status` to say "installed", not "added"07:16
gebbioneis ii added ?07:16
gebbionenot installed?07:16
alkisgThis is dkms status, not dpkg07:16
arraybolt3webchat88: Is the drive the "Seagate Expansion Drive", or the other drive?07:16
alkisgA different command07:16
alkisggebbione: I'm not sure if nvidia supports the 6.0 kernel yet; the dkms make.log file will tell you if you run it via apt and not the software center or the drivers window07:17
webchat88arraybolt3, for the seagate, i entered password for user and started using. It is for another drive I want to do this07:17
gebbionealkisg, still shows added :(07:17
gebbionenot installed07:17
alkisggebbione: most of ubuntu users have kernel 5.15; you have a weird 6.0 oem kernel instead07:17
arraybolt3webchat88: Ah, OK. Do you know which partition on the other drive you're trying to mount? There's three of them marked "NTFS", one of which is marked "New Volume".07:18
gebbioneeven if i boot with an older kernel i get the same probblem07:18
webchat88I didn't connect the other drive yet, but yes I know the partition.07:18
alkisggebbione: do you have the normal 5.15 kernel installed? If so, boot with that one and let's see07:19
webchat88I am trying this in fstab : UUID=XXXXXX /media/hdd2 ntfs permissions,locale-en_US.utf8 0 207:19
gebbionealkisg, also i dont experiment with new kernels07:19
gebbionei just run updates07:19
webchat88arraybolt3, will above update in fstab work ?07:19
arraybolt3webchat88: Hold on, lemme find out.07:19
webchat88arraybolt3, I was looking up in https://askubuntu.com/questions/113733/how-to-mount-a-ntfs-partition-in-etc-fstab07:19
alkisggebbione: dpkg -l | grep linux- | nc termbin.com 999907:19
arraybolt3webchat88: That looks right to me, I'm not sure about the "permissions,locale-en_US.utf8" bit, but it might work.07:20
webchat88ok, I will try it07:20
gebbionealkisg, i have ii next to the 5.15 on e07:20
arraybolt3webchat88: Oh hold on, I see a problem.07:20
arraybolt3webchat88: It should be "permissions,locale=en_US.utf8". =, not -.07:20
arraybolt3Actually, you should be able to drop the "locale=..." part entirely.07:21
alkisggebbione: do you mind sharing the URL? it will help us avoid pitfalls07:21
arraybolt3webchat88: So just try UUID=XXXXXX /media/hdd2 ntfs permissions 0 2.07:21
arraybolt3(Obviously replacing XXXXXX with the UUID of the drive.)07:21
gebbionealkisg, https://termbin.com/u88b207:21
alkisggebbione: OK, let's first see the make.log file, and then you can try to reboot with 5.15.0-5607:23
alkisggebbione: sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-dkms-52507:23
alkisggebbione: when it fails, pastebin the terminal output07:24
gebbionealkisg, it doesnt look like it is failing to me https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mgWHZkzZ6t/07:24
alkisggebbione: ok, reboot with the current 6.0 kernel, and let's see if it gets loaded07:25
gebbioneok going for now. I hope i can get back on :)07:26
alkisggebbione: wait wait07:26
alkisgBlind. "not built" it says, not "success"07:26
alkisgYou need the headers for your kernel07:26
alkisggebbione: no , dont reboot07:26
webchat88arraybolt3, ok thanks, will try without the locale stuff07:27
alkisggebbione: sudo apt install linux-oem-22.04b07:28
alkisggebbione: this is the metapackage that  corresponds to your 6.0 kernel, it will also pull the kernel headers07:28
gebbioneit ends up setting up the kernel but ...07:29
gebbioneError! The /var/lib/dkms/v4l2loopback/0.12.5/6.0.0-1007-oem/x86_64/dkms.conf for module v4l2loopback07:29
gebbioneincludes a BUILD_EXCLUSIVE directive which does not match this kernel/arch.07:29
gebbionethis line was also output07:29
gebbionenot sure if relevant07:30
gebbionei can pastebin the whole lot if needed07:30
alkisgBetter pastebin all of it07:30
gebbionealkisg, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BDpN6knMhW/07:30
alkisggebbione: it looks good enough, even if you lost the video for linux module, what's the output of: dkms status | nc termbin.com 999907:31
alkisgYou probably have some dell or lenovo or something pc/laptop, that's why you got the -oem kernel07:32
gebbionei have a PC desktop07:32
gebbionenot dell07:33
gebbionecustom built07:33
alkisgOK, reboot07:33
gebbionealkisg, thank you. Life is better again07:35
Bashing-om!cookie | alkisg07:36
ubottualkisg: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!07:36
alkisggebbione: not sure why ubuntu installed the oem kernel for you; I usually remove it and get back to the usual 5.15 one (generic) for maximum compatibility07:38
gebbionei think because i am subscribed to all updates maybe?07:40
gebbioneshould i change it to security and recommended only?07:40
alkisgI guess it detected some oem hardware that it thought would be supported best by the oem kernel07:40
alkisgBut that then leaves video for linux uncompiled, etc07:40
alkisgYou should have all updates enabled as you do now07:41
anddamhowdy, I tried settig a simple systemd timer/service as in  https://termbin.com/v2cm , it starts but then I get08:45
anddamDec 04 08:44:47 ubuntu-20 marktime.sh[3720]: /usr/local/marktime.sh: 3: cannot create /tmp/sample.out: Permission denied08:45
anddamDec 04 08:44:47 ubuntu-20 systemd[1]: sample.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=2/INVALIDARGUMENT08:45
anddambut ls -l /tmp/sample.out is    -rw-rw-rw- 1 1000 1000 1 Dec  4 08:26 /tmp/sample.out08:46
anddamdo unit files processes live in a restricted environment?08:46
EriC^anddam what's the user created if you do /tmp/sample.out2 ?08:48
lotuspsychjecan we help you skydoge ?08:52
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skydogelotuspsychje, yes some oligarch on #linux just banned me08:52
lotuspsychjenothing we can help with skydoge08:53
lotuspsychjegebbione alkisg we had users in the past reporting their system/brand installed an oem kernel by default, would be interesting to findout how ubuntu decides that09:04
alkisglotuspsychje: I've seen it many times, e.g. just now a user in #kubuntu reported the -oracle kernel variant, but I'm not sure which part decides that; maybe ubiquity09:05
lotuspsychjenice to know alkisg , it never occured on my or customers bxoes yet09:06
skydogejoin #centos09:07
skydogeoops sorry09:07
lotuspsychjealkisg: found something here; https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2020-January/002478.html09:11
EriC^nice find lotuspsychje09:22
alkisg> On certified machines, identified precisely by smbios grub module (i.e. equivalent to matching by vendor, sku, product ids as seen in dmidecode) may boot to the OEM kernel for installation by default.09:22
alkisgSo I guess the motherboard is the basic part...09:23
alkisg> This also means, that one might install Vanilla 20.04, and get offered certified upgrade via per-vendor/per-sku metapackage from focal-updates when said machine gets certified.09:24
alkisgHeh, fun, an apt full-upgrade may switch the kernel flavor09:25
MichaelSMy Ubuntu 20.04 LTS just updated from09:50
MichaelSlinux-image-5.15.0-48-generic to linux-image-5.15.0-56-generic09:50
MichaelSThe new kernel does not boot - it stops right after it says that the file system is clean. The previous kernel boots fine.09:50
MichaelSShould I report a bug? I guess I would need more information but I am not sure what to report.09:50
lotuspsychjelets check some recent kernel bugs MichaelS holdon plz09:51
lotuspsychjeyou got an AMD system by the way MichaelS ?09:52
MichaelSYes, a 32 core thread ripper09:52
MichaelSlotuspsychje: to be preicise: model name    : AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX 32-Cores09:55
lotuspsychjewhat about the gpu MichaelS09:55
MichaelSnVidia Quadro A500009:55
lotuspsychjeok tnx09:56
lotuspsychjei dont find recent bugs filed on -56 specific yet MichaelS09:58
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: you cant see more text the file system is clean? even witg F1 text boot?09:58
MichaelSI think I have text boot as default09:59
MichaelSThe cursor stops blinking less than 1s after it says the file system is clean10:00
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: can you report your bug with: ubuntu-bug linux please10:00
MichaelSShould I include some dumps?10:00
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: well as you cant boot into -56 you will need to file it from previous kernel, and add your story its about -5610:01
MichaelSRegarding: GPU: I forgot to mention that in addition I have a VGA provided by the BMC I can use for low level remote login10:01
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: then try to add relevant logs later, as apport will important the logs from the kernel you file it from10:02
MichaelSyes. Still I am new to reporting Linux bugs and have not the slightest idea what is common to include.10:02
lotuspsychjeapport will include it auto for you10:02
MichaelSI see apport is a bug reporting tool ...10:03
lotuspsychjeit will import the logs relevant logs, based on the package you chosen to file against, in your case 'linux' (the kernel)10:03
MichaelSIs see. Let me quickly read some doc ...10:04
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:04
MichaelS@ubottu thanks I will try that. So to be sure, I enter "ubuntu-bug linux" and follow instructions?10:07
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: yes, it will redirect you to launchpad, then add a title + description, done10:07
lotuspsychje(you need to have a launchpad account)10:07
MichaelSI guess I need to run it with sudo?10:08
MichaelSHmm, it asked me for authentication 5 times in a row very fast ...10:08
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lotuspsychjeMichaelS: are you on a GUI desktop to file the bug?10:09
MichaelSlotuspsychje: yes, normal UI boot10:10
lotuspsychjenever had apport asking me admin pass before10:10
MichaelSI opened a terminal and entered "ubuntu-bug linux" and then it came up with authetication requests avery 1/2 second - after 5 I CTRL-Ced it.10:11
MichaelSSo should I use "ubuntu-bug" or "apport" ?10:11
lotuspsychjeubuntu-bug linux should to the trick yeah10:12
MichaelSRegarding a launchpad account: I have one for Inkscape (vector graphics editor) bug reporting - can I use that?10:13
MichaelSLet me try again ...10:13
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: are you on a flavour of ubuntu, or ubuntu-desktop?10:14
MichaelSI have a fairly plain ubuntu-desktop I would say. Maybe reporting to package linux is special - it says it needs authentication for this specific package. I tried again and it asked 3 times and succeeded then after a while.10:16
MichaelSIt now asks "send report to developers". Can I edit it now or later? I guess I get a web link or the like?10:17
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: yep, send report and it will redirect you to LP in a browser10:18
lotuspsychjeyou will get a bug ID after the process10:18
MichaelSlotuspsychje ubottu: thanks for the help! I created bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1998689.10:29
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1998689 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS does not boot after update 5.15.0-48 -> 5.15.0-56 - old kernel boots fine" [Undecided, New]10:29
lotuspsychjelooking good MichaelS thank you for reporting this bug and make ubuntu better!10:30
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: now what you could try to do, is find a way to get the dmesg from booting kernel -5610:31
gneeriiloeepdeeris there a shortcut to disable/enable wifi?10:31
lotuspsychjeand attach it as a new comment on your existing bug10:31
MichaelSI guess I keep it like this for a while (manually select the kernel during boot) in case there are questions.10:32
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: you will get email notifys, from devs wanting you to take action10:32
MichaelSlotuspsychje: since it is the same filesystem, wouldn't a previous boot dmesg do it?10:32
MichaelSYes - as I said I keep it like this so that I can boot the new kernel as well in case there are questions.10:34
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: (if you can find a way to grab it, like recoverymode or tty) you can try grab -56 dmesg10:34
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: or via journalctl previous boot listings10:34
MichaelSlotuspsychje: I don't quite get it. In case it gets far enough that it writes dmesg to the file system, can't I just look at it after I boot the old kernel? Doesn't it keep the logs from the last N boots?10:35
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: you could try it from the journal logs, those should be able to list previous boots10:36
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: https://www.loggly.com/ultimate-guide/using-journalctl/10:37
MichaelSOtherwise the motherboard has a BMC, so I can log into it and record the BMC VGA screen.10:37
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: your current dmesg on the bug shows now 5.15.0-48-generic and the devs interest will be the -56 one10:38
MichaelSI managed to get the boot log for the old and new kernel boot from journalctl (with -b -1 and -b 0). Should I append both?10:49
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: attach only the logs from -56 now10:50
lotuspsychjeMichaelS: as your current bug has all the info already on -4810:50
MichaelSOK, will do.10:51
MichaelSThanks again for the help!10:51
lotuspsychjewelcome MichaelS and good luck, hope it gets solved soon10:52
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MichaelSlotuspsychje: well it it not that bad - as long as the old kernel boots ... I attached the new kernel boot log to the bug report. Let's see.11:01
raphahi all!11:42
raphadoes ubuntu server have some ... device ... whereby, ootb, when there's kernel updates available, they get applied automatically?11:43
raphaand if so, how can i disable it for good?11:43
AlexCunattanded-upgrades or snap livepatch?11:44
AlexClivepatch doesn't work ootb11:44
AlexCunattanded-upgrades just downloads the security updates from the official repos, done11:45
raphapackages were definitely installed11:47
raphalet me uninstall unattended-upgrades11:47
raphaah, yes, it has log files, and it was definitely the culprit11:48
raphathank you, AlexC!11:48
hiyaWhat is the replacement in AMD for intel-gpu-tools, I wish to check if my Firefox is running hardware accelerated esp. for Youtube.com12:38
gebbionelotuspsychj3, my experience with ubuntu is pretty much as a user but i am happy to check and report stuff if needed13:19
gebbionealkisg, i think i have seen the oracle one in my system too13:20
BluesKajHi all14:10
Bunghi. i have got based ubuntu distro14:32
Bunghow can i download microsoft excel?14:33
respawn_Bung: you have libre office14:33
Bungis it enough ?14:33
respawn_and it has libre office calc that is excel14:34
Bungis it enough for my school?14:34
respawn_it should be14:35
respawn_just save in office 2003 xlsx or xlxs14:37
respawn_so they can open it in Ms office14:37
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LiblxI have firefox installed with snap. Can I install it with apt without removing the snap install? I've to test in both versions.15:09
bmDo you use a hex editor? What GUI hex editor for Ubuntu would you recommend?15:20
AngsI have an ultrawide screen on ubuntu 22.04 and would like to organize my display by splitting it into 3 pieces. I found i3 on the internet but it has too different display. Is there any windows tiling manager for ubuntu 22.04 that wouldn't change wayland or xorg display?15:23
=== respawn_ is now known as respawn
jhutchinsbm: Why GUI for hex?15:51
bmjhutchins: how else would you do it efficiently?15:52
bmOkay I guess GHex is good enough16:03
jhutchinsLooks like Sleep-In Sunday out there.16:15
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gebbionejhutchins, france vs poland17:18
jhutchinsgebbione: Ah, of course!17:18
jhutchinsgebbione: Silly me, I timeshift everything.17:19
jhutchinsI still haven't finshed F1.17:20
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Guest58E: Package 'mono-dmcs' has no installation candidate19:48
Guest58I'm on 22.0419:49
tomreyn!info mono-dmcs jammy19:49
ubottuPackage mono-dmcs does not exist in jammy19:49
tomreynthe message is correct.19:49
Guest58that means ut4 engine does not run on it19:50
Guest58might try 4.2719:50
Guest585.0 and 5.1 does ask to pay for multiplayer19:50
Guest58let me ask yourself, has ubuntu made it, outside kids homes?19:51
Guest58ut5 engine has that simulation thing, where it supposed to be used in some sort of industrial testing application19:52
tomreynit's not clear to me what you are trying to achieve, or why you are expecting this package with this exact name to be provided by Ubuntu 22.04 LTS19:52
tomreyndo you want to start with describing this?19:53
Guest58nvidia says that there stuff will be used in bio engineering etc probably also, not linux related, due to fact, all that is way too slow for me19:53
Guest58I am into making some stupid game that 90's gad19:54
Guest58like gta 3 or unreal tournament 200319:54
Guest58but with my style19:54
tomreynlet's say this: what is your ubuntu support question?19:55
Guest58it was since packages weren't there19:55
Guest58can ubuntu do anything19:55
Guest58that's not basic19:55
tomreynmaybe, what you actually want is package mono-mcs19:56
Guest58it does not work19:57
Guest58is there computer tech slash linux related chat19:58
tomreynthere is #linux19:58
Guest58one thing I really find is that very popular file formats such as .mp419:59
Guest58are common thing19:59
tomreynbut they, too, can only support you when you can describe what you are trying to achieve, or which error messages you are running into.19:59
Guest58and .jpg and .png19:59
Guest58and here is that thing, they have reference to actual real19:59
Guest58so, they have actual value19:59
Guest58based on stuff19:59
Guest58but the thing is, that that seems very viable for somebody to use this as a weakness20:00
Guest58it would be first thing hacked by actual devices20:00
tomreynGuest58: this channel is really just for ubuntu support. if you want to chat about other things, please find a more suitable channel.20:00
Guest58ubuntu example20:00
Guest58would be doing something for20:01
Guest58extremely fucking up the idea that somebody can do that20:01
tomreyn!language | Guest5820:01
ubottuGuest58: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:01
morgan-u2tomreyn, I dont know where the journal is. I didnt know it was "somewhere". I didnt copy any of the lines re discord. .   . <--yesterday. Today ==> chrome quit. <--yesterday. Today -->  Chrome quit. jorunal just discord till a while bac EVEN THOUGH DISCORD IS NOT RUNNING, but it gives me notifications.  (OTOH chrome has been messing up for years with no discord.)20:02
tomreynmorgan-u2: the systemd journal (managed by journald) is usually stoed in /var/log/journal - it is in a binary format, though, you need to use the journalctl command to view it.20:03
morgan-u2and so tomreyn what do I show you, everything? just the end? what kind of thing? Thanks.20:03
morgan-u2I quit discord yesterday20:04
tomreynmorgan-u2: i forgot what you were asking the other day, some issues with chrome and discord, i think. i told you these are not ubuntu packages and thus i don't think you will find much support with them here. but that you can look at your journal (as just explained) and see what is logged there by these processes / applications, since it might have relevant information.20:05
morgan-u2I am so sorry. yesterday I stopped journalctl -f and I didnt restart so everyhting I just said is mostly wrong.20:05
tomreyn"journalctl -f" prints the last lines added to your journal, when they are. there are other options you can pass to the journalctl command to view past logs.20:06
morgan-u2I have a zoom meeting, later20:06
tomreynjournalctl --help    or    man journalctl    should help you get started20:07
morgan-u2wow, a yellow linke that said asked to register...blah blah appeared in the terminal then vanished. - I looked back and found this yellow line:  Dec 04 12:10:26 seer-OptiPlex-9020 kernel: kauditd_printk_skb: 217 callbacks suppressed20:11
morgan-u2Dec 04 12:12:26 seer-OptiPlex-9020 kernel: kauditd_printk_skb: 177 callbacks suppressed20:12
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FNAShinobiI'm trying to migrate some files of an old ubuntu install, but keep getting errors reading the input file. Seems like it's timing out trying to read a portion of the file. Should I run badblocks or is there another tool for this sort of thing?21:33
Guest69why does some packages have -bin ?21:40
Guest69e.g libsixel-bin21:40
Guest69what's the difference compared to other pkg without -bin prefix21:40
tomreynGuest69: lib...-bin hints at a library package which (unlike others) also contains executables.22:00
tomreynFNAShinobi: you should run a file system check while the file system is not mounted writable22:02
tomreynFNAShinobi: note that file system checks can be destructive to data - it may be a good idea to create an image of the file system before you do22:02
FNAShinobitomreyn: I'm getting the remaining data off now. If it's only the 2 affected files. I'll just reformat. Will that reallocate the blocks?22:04
tomreynnot automatically, no22:04
tomreynwhen you have disk which runs into timeouts due to unreadable blocks it usually means that all reserved blocks have already been used22:05
tomreynwhich is the latest when a disk should be replaced22:05
tomreynyou may check the block reallocation status using !smart22:06
tomreynyou can include badblocks in a fsck22:06
tomreynthere's also -c to mke2fs22:08
Guest69got it22:08
anddamEriC^^: sorry had to go afk this morning22:28
EriC^^hey anddam no worries22:28
anddamEriC^^: first thing first, can I register/enable a unit file without placing it in /etc/systemd/system or other unit files directory?22:31
bougymananddam: no, that's what those directories are for.22:32
bougymanYou can symlink it, if you prefer.22:33
anddamI just linked those22:33
anddamI wanted to keep editing the files with my regular user22:33
bougymanno problem.22:33
anddamoh it's working22:34
anddamI enabled service and timer, then started timer22:34
anddamis the [Install] required in the service? I think I read when using a .timer file the Install section would be just carried by that22:35
anddamI started the whole shebang again, removing the target file, it is root:root 644 so I wonder why in any case the timer could not write in it22:38
anddamthis periodic running is a bit odd22:40
anddamI get https://termbin.com/5v4ou from OnCalendar=*:*:0/522:40
anddamI expected a date every 5 seconds22:41
anddamOnCalendar=*:*:0 is spot on though, and that is enough22:51
anddamam I wrong that *:*:0/5 means every 5 seconds?22:51
bougymanNo idea. Never used timers.22:52
anddamthat makes two of us22:52
bougymanI use snooze for timed operations.22:52
anddamdon't give me more bad ideas22:58
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anddamthat was weird23:01
johnny_LinuxI get it23:05
johnny_Linuxbuilds have secret part #'s23:07
leftyfbjohnny_Linux: can we help you with something?23:08
johnny_Linuxive been an electronic engineer 40+yrs.  we seen it coming. im quiet.23:08
johnny_Linuxleftyfb,  maybe, depending upon you resilience as well as academic decorum23:11
leftyfbjohnny_Linux: this is an ubuntu support channel. Please /join #ubuntu-offtopic for anything else23:11
johnny_Linuxleftyfb,  thats why I am here.. please respond to my last statement. tThanks.23:12
leftyfbjohnny_Linux: what is your ubuntu support question?23:12
johnny_LinuxI am looking for a job23:13
leftyfbjohnny_Linux: that is offtopic here23:13
johnny_LinuxTO support Ubuntu23:13
leftyfbjohnny_Linux: that is offtopic here23:13
leftyfbjohnny_Linux: please /join #ubuntu-offtopic for further discussion23:14
johnny_LinuxI appologize i was under the imoresion that you, on a personal level could accommodate my malfeasance23:14
johnny_LinuxThank you for your time23:15

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