user|97I have lost operations in 3 home linux Kubuntu and all say the same thing01:24
user|97something is lost in using the discover or software available01:25
Loki56what are you trying to do?01:25
user|97just tried to reinstall the laptops and one desktop everything goes in well no problems until I try to bring in additions for the  software and it prints on the base of the screen something about a security failure,  I'm at a loss of even which way to step or even ask a good question.01:28
Loki56ok. what specifically did the Error say?01:29
Loki56Did you turn off secure boot in the Mobo?01:29
user|97Ok, hang on and I"ll try and type it out01:29
user|97E:  The repository 'http:security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu groovy-security Release' no longer has a release file.01:32
Loki56Ubuntu 20.10?01:33
user|97followed with: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default"01:34
user|97there are two more lines if you need them01:34
Loki56Right,... so are you using Ubuntu 20.10?01:35
Loki56There is a reason why I'm asking this01:35
user|97I have tried 20.10, 21 and the new 22 all fail01:36
Loki56Well,.. "Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) End of Life reached on July 22 2021"01:36
user|97this is Kubuntu I'm referring to.  I have run both01:36
Loki56okay. but still 20.10 has reached end of life01:37
Loki5622.04 LTS is the newest01:37
Loki56well newest LTS... there is a 22.10 version. I'm using it myself on my netbook01:37
Loki56If you are trying to install the source for other versions in the software sources that's the error you're going to get01:38
user|97I've not fully tested the 22. veriation because two of my other computers came down01:38
Loki56Well,.. basically the easiest way to fix this is to update/install to the latest version LTS or non-LTS01:39
Loki56that way you have all the latest and greatest01:40
user|97what are you referring to as "software sources" I've wiped the drives out reloaded and no matter which I go to it comes up whith this failure.01:40
Loki56at what point is this error occuring?01:41
Loki56What are you trying to do?01:41
user|97I'll try that.  what is the version available presently?  I think I've got it just remind me01:41
Loki5622.04 LTS is latest Long Term Support version. 22.10 is the latest release01:42
user|97I've got it ..  I'll reset this system I'm on now and see if I'm just seeing to much smoke to find the fire.01:43
Loki56yea,.. you can't putt updates for one version on another. it doesn't work that way. If you are trying to update a specific application, you can do that via command promt01:44
Loki56Werd... I just found this... Kubuntu 20.04.5 LTS01:45
Loki56The previous Long Term Support (LTS) version of the Kubuntu operating system for desktop PCs and laptops, Kubuntu 20.04 LTS supported with security and maintenance updates, until April 2023.01:45
Loki56So I guess technically you have a few more months... but still.. might as well upgrade if you're going this far01:45
user|97If I can't get it further I'll get back with your or someone else. And I didn't try any of that. I've just been trying to get one system running right all the others are stalled with the first fault.01:45
arraybolt3Loki56: 20.04.5 != 20.1001:45
arraybolt320.10 is EOL, 20.04, not quite EOL yet.01:46
Loki56Well,.. you could have a bad install disc too01:46
Loki56arraybolt3, yea I seen that after... but still if he's installing from scratch, might as well upgrade now'01:46
arraybolt3user|97: What error are you getting when trying to install 22.04? Or have you tried that yet? Backing up your data and clean-installing 22.04 is probably the fastest way to fix an EOL installation.01:47
Loki56that's basically what I just told him01:47
arraybolt3Ah, sorry, missed that.01:48
Loki56arraybolt3, hey while you're here maybe try and help my issue?01:54
arraybolt3Sure, what's wrong?01:54
arraybolt3(I'm not sure I see the whole thing in my scrollback.)01:54
Loki56KDE connect.... I have a desktop (Kubuntu 22.04LTS) and a chromebook ( Kubuntu 22.10)01:55
Loki56the KDE connect version in the 22.04 LTS works flawlessly...01:55
Loki5622.10 the slideshow buttons don't work..01:55
arraybolt3Hmm, I've never used KDE Connect before, but that sounds like a bug.01:56
Loki56can't use 22.10 in the chromebook because it has no Wayland and audio issues that have been fixed01:56
Loki56I'm in the middle of filing a bug,.. but anyway01:56
oerheksah chromebook ..01:56
oerheksgood luck with that01:57
Loki56I was wondering if you knew how to put the previous version that's in the 22.04 LTS into the 22.10... basically a rollback01:57
Loki56Well,. .the chrombook is up and running,.. this is just a application bug01:57
arraybolt3Technically you can do that, do keep in mind it's not exactly recommended, but it's possible.01:57
arraybolt3I think you can just install the older package from 22.04 and then hold it so it doesn't get updates.01:58
Loki56Well,. If I was trying to jam a newer version in I'd see it might be a problem... but I'm basically rolling it back01:58
Loki56yep,.. that's what I'm trying to do, but not sure how to do it.01:58
arraybolt3Yeah. And kdeconnect is its own package, so it hopefully won't put too much at risk. It may throw a wrench in the works when you go to upgrade later, but hopefully you can get around it.01:58
arraybolt3So first thing would be to uninstall the version you have now, "sudo apt purge kdeconnect".01:59
arraybolt3(Do NOT run autoremove after this.)01:59
arraybolt3Then... lemme find the download link for the old version...01:59
Loki56I can just uninstall via discovery too01:59
arraybolt3(It will be on Canonical's Launchpad, just takes a bit to dig it up.)01:59
Loki56that's what I've been trying to find...01:59
Loki56ohh, let me get you the version that I know works on my desktop02:00
arraybolt3Loki56: That might be helpful. I found the link for the Jammy version, though.02:00
arraybolt3https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeconnect/21.12.3-0ubuntu1/+build/23213332 <-- There will be three files under the "Built files" segment, you need the bottom two.02:01
arraybolt3^ that is version
Loki56Let me delete the current02:01
Loki56how do I install those files tho?02:01
arraybolt3OK, download those, then before installing them, do "sudo apt purge nautilus-kdeconnect".02:01
arraybolt3Next, open a terminal in the folder with the two files, and do "sudo apt install ./kdeconnect_21.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb".02:02
arraybolt3Then "sudo apt install ./nautilus-kdeconnect_21.12.3-0ubuntu1_all.deb".02:02
Loki56those the two files?02:03
arraybolt3The two files are the kdeconnect and nautilus-kdeconnect files.02:03
arraybolt3I don't see a file named "indicator" anywhere here.02:03
Loki56hang on02:04
Loki56ase shit02:04
arraybolt3As long as you open the terminal in the correct folder, the two "sudo apt install" commands ought to work if you just paste them verbatim.02:04
Loki56that link is on my main02:04
Loki56there are 3 to download which 2 do I need again?02:07
arraybolt3The bottom two.02:07
arraybolt3Once you have the files installed, then you should be able to do "sudo apt-mark hold kdeconnect && sudo apt-mark hold nautilus-kdeconnect" and that should prevent them from updating anymore.02:09
Loki56hang on.. lol02:09
Loki56hampster on the wheel can only go so fast02:09
arraybolt3lol no problem02:10
Loki_ChromebookReading package lists... Done02:12
Loki_ChromebookBuilding dependency tree... Done02:12
Loki_ChromebookReading state information... Done02:12
Loki_ChromebookNote, selecting 'nautilus-kdeconnect' instead of '/home/loki/Desktop/1/nautilus-kdeconnect_21.12.3-0ubuntu1_all.deb'02:12
Loki_ChromebookSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have02:12
Loki_Chromebookrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable02:12
arraybolt3Loki_Chromebook: You may want to use a pastebin for that, I can't see anything after the bot muted you.02:12
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:12
arraybolt3(The bot unmutes you after 60 seconds, sorry for the inconvenience.)02:12
Loki_Chromebookwhat the hell02:14
arraybolt3Sometimes the channel has a lot of people in it, and a whole bunch of lines all at once can be disruptive.02:15
arraybolt3So there's a bot in here that will mute people who paste a whole bunch into the channel in order to keep that from messing everyone up (also comes in handy when someone starts intentionally overloading the channel to mess with other people). All too often it ends up messing with support sessions like this, sadly.02:15
Loki_Chromebookthat link work?02:16
arraybolt3Shoot. 22.10 is incompatible with the version of KDE Connect from 22.04.02:16
arraybolt3Dunno. Something about the Nautilus software apparently messes with nautilus-kdeconnect, and so the maintainers added a line in the packaging to warn "don't let these two packages be installed on the same system at the same time".02:17
arraybolt3Which apt is now running into and throwing a fit about.02:17
* arraybolt3 finds out what nautilus-kdeconnect even does02:18
arraybolt3It says it lets you send files directly to a device from within Nautilus. If you can live without that, you might be able to omit nautilus-kdeconnect.02:18
Loki_back21.12.3 installde02:20
Loki_backand promptly informed me there is an update02:20
arraybolt3OK, now use "apt-mark hold kdeconnect".02:21
arraybolt3(er, sudo apt-mark hold kdeconnect)02:21
arraybolt3That will tell it "don't ever upgrade this".02:21
Loki_backit has the same issue as before02:21
arraybolt3Then I'm  not sure what to do from there.02:22
Loki_backme either02:22
Loki_backI'm checking the keyboard model02:24
Loki_backbut prolly not it02:24
Loki_backwell mouse control works02:30
Loki_backmeh,. I'll use that and send a bug report in02:31
-ubottu:#kubuntu- KDE bug 462655 in kdeconnect "KDE Connect: Slideshow 'Forward' and 'Back' buttons don't passthrough on KDE connect Ver. 22.08.2-0ubuntu1" [Normal, Unconfirmed]02:43
Loki_backWell It's reported02:43
Loki_backarraybolt3 still here?03:00
Loki_backmeh,.. tried installing the latest version... same thing03:11
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> What could be possible cons of having kernel 6.0.9 on Kubuntu 22.04 knowing it uses LTS kernel 5.15 ?03:29
glagnarThose that use Kubuntu, those that file bug reports, and any developers that happen to be here, I just want to give my thanks for the incredible work. I've been using Kubuntu since 2017 and the *only* issues I've ever had with it are Nvidia-related. That's my own fault.03:44
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> Need help.  I have connected my nvidia hdmi port to a soundbar and the display port to a monitor.  The monitor works perfectly but no sound from the hdmi port.  Is there a way to fix it?    I have selected the HDMI port as the sound output device but still no sound. : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/19253b0b/file_61949.jpg04:08
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> I am using 22.10 version of Kubuntu.04:08
glagnarNot the world's greatest solution but if your motherboard supports optical audio I'd use that, assuming it works.04:15
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> No optical unfortunately04:16
glagnarYeah, it's becoming less popular as motherboards get...weirder.04:16
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> Can i connect the USB port to the soundbar?  The soundbar has a USB input also?04:17
glagnarIf it's cool with it, it should work. I use a Sony USB DAC via USB and it's great.04:18
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> I prefer the hdmi sound output though and would like it to work.  It works brilliantly on Windows 11.04:19
glagnarIf it's just for "controlling" the sound, like on an old pair of speakers I've got on my retro desk, it won't actually transmit audio. It'll just be things like "hey, bass up" or "hey, virtual surround on".04:19
glagnarHDMI is the preferred solution. PulseAudio clearly sees it. Could it be using a format the receiving end doesn't support, and Linux is guessing/being told wrong whereas Windows somehow guesses right?04:21
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> Pulseaudio sees it.  Trying to play audio through brower and vlc and both are not working04:22
glagnarAre the applications themselves set to go to the default output? I think you can override and say "no, this program always plays video Output X no matter what".04:23
glagnarAre the applications themselves set to go to the default output? I think you can override and say "no, this program always plays audio  Output X no matter what".04:23
glagnarWhoops, this ain't Discord, I hit up to edit out of habit, sorry!04:23
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> i have set all audio to be played on this device04:23
glagnarI'd definitely try USB, which is, in the final sense of transmitting audio digitally, should be the same, sonically, as HDMI.04:24
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> yeah.04:25
glagnarI can drive my speakers through my DAC at 1 Hz. One freaking hertz. And does it work? Yep. My speaker cones gently move in and out...until the DAC says "woah woah woah, that's a sustained DC load, bye" and turns off.04:25
glagnarPoint being, I'd try it at least.04:26
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> Yeah that would be my last resort.  Would love the HDMI sound playback to work.04:26
IrcsomeBot<BrendanBell> BEMP11:21
IrcsomeBot<BrendanBell> happy day . i have Avent desktop DT2111 with Kubuntu as main system on own SSD , now installing ubuntu server on its own SSD , Also been trying to load bitcoin core complete node so i can get mining in kubuntu , its runs for a few days and freezes . That`s the problem , its not the hardware as win8 and 7 run fine from their SSDs . So I wondering if connecting to my ubuntu server might help . I`m using Tor browser in bitcoin core settings 11:55
BluesKajHi all13:41
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Hi14:11
IrcsomeBot<Omar> How can i choose what to upgrade and what to not upgrade with apt and discover?14:12
oerheksomar don' t do that, it could end up in broken packages.14:16
oerheksand it sounds silly, not updating keeps your system vulnerable,14:16
=== mkv is now known as m4v
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Ok15:13
Eickmeyermmikowski: ping21:31
mmikowskiEickmeyer: Thank you21:32

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