tewardtsimonq2: arraybolt doesn't know how to turn on LXD containers.  Or rather, doesn't have access.00:32
tsimonq2teward: That's because he only has SSH access to the container, not the host :P00:36
tewardtsimonq2: and even if he did I'm a person who doesn't easily give LXD out without sudo00:42
tewardi restarted his container, and set it to boot automatically on power up (5 minute delayed)00:42
tsimonq2I thought I had the latter set?00:43
tewardopenqa created by you had autoboot = true00:43
tewardbut his container didn't00:43
tewardnor did it have the startup delay enabled00:43
tewardlxc config set AAAAAAAA boot.autostart true00:43
tewardlxc config set AAAAAAAA boot.autostart.DELAY 30000:44
tewardclose enoug just lowercase 'delay' there00:44
tewardbut nah his container's good now and back up00:44
tewardarraybolt3[m]: have fun and don't break anything again :P00:44
teward*evil laughter*00:44
arraybolt3[m]teward: Thank you!01:05
arraybolt3[m]Dan Simmons: Would it be awful if I wanted you to look at and possibly merge in the calamares-settings-ubuntu MP? I remember you and Simon already reviewed it, Simon wanted one change which I made. It's at https://code.launchpad.net/~arraybolt3/+git/calamares-settings-ubuntu/+merge/43355419:15
kc2bez[m]I can do that, probably later this evening. I need to get my dev VM up and running. It shouldn't take me too long.19:17
arraybolt3[m](Also, I've noticed I've been talking a whole ton in here and am worried I might be trying to go too fast, if my enthusiasm is messing anyone up, let me know so I can calm down and work on stuff that won't interfere with anyone.)19:18
kc2bez[m]I think you're good.19:18
kc2bez[m]We need to respond to your application too.19:19
arraybolt3[m]I'm in no hurry, we're all busy. Whenever is best for everyone, I'll be there.19:21
tsimonq2arraybolt3[m]: Don't worry, it's not you. Part of the reason I'd like you to become an LD in the first place is to have simple stuff be self-serve19:22
arraybolt3[m]Thank you!19:31
arraybolt3[m]Uh... is Diffusion supposed to still be working? A ton of calamres-settings-ubuntu stuff just entered Phabricator, and I'm wondering if maybe it's set up to mirror from LP.21:41
kc2bez[m]It does mirror from launchpad. It should be fine.23:02

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