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BluetailsBuizelHello, first time using a internet chat client, i can't see any messages above this line.11:53
BluetailsBuizelnever used irc beore11:54
kc2bezBluetailsBuizel: congratulations. You've made it to the Lubuntu support channel. If you have any questions or need assistance for Lubuntu this is the place. 11:56
BluetailsBuizeloh nice, thanks :)11:56
BluetailsBuizelnot sure if i can ask this here, but why does my previous installation of lubuntu boots up very slow. it took up 1min 30 to 45 sec to boot up, while windows on the same machine boots up way faster then lubuntu (about 10-15sec)? how can I configure it to boot it as fast or faster then windows? if possible?12:04
BluetailsBuizel(it's a windows 8.1, 2GB ram, HDD)12:05
guivercyou've not provided any release details; but modern windows uses fastboot which is really not a full boot but just a restore from a prepared hibernate file.12:05
BluetailsBuizelso windows will forever be an advantage in this area?12:06
guivercfastboot has disadvantages too... if the boot file becomes corrupted; it has only a certain number of fixes that can be performed before system is a write off.. nothing comes with only benefits (ie. no costs)12:06
BluetailsBuizelok, thanks12:07
guivercfastboot means the file-system is left in an unclean state, not a problem if only the OS that is hibernated is used; but it means the data on disk isn't in a clean state which reduces capacity to recover data on corruption, OR use it whilst booting another OS (eg. a live system)... ie. costs are tehre12:08
BluetailsBuizeli don't really care if fast boot will break thing if it's a windows only issue, I'll get back to you whenever I reinstall Lubuntu again :)12:14

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