bluesceadaon one ubuntu 22.04 machine that was updated from 20.04, my bluetooth headphones connect with SBC only, on the other one that was fresh installed, aptx is shown in pavucontrol ... both machines have bluetooth 5.009:57
bluesceadawhat went wrong with the update? how to find out?09:57
bluesceadalibfreeaptx0 is installed on both...09:58
guivercbluesceada, I'd try #ubuntu for support; this is a bug squad channel and you seem to be seeking support; not asking about bug triage or anything related to this channel12:15
bluesceadaThanks, right, I just happened to be here already. However, it might also be a bug, as it works out of the box in a fresh installation but not on upgrade12:44
rbasakbluesceada: this channel is for bug *triage*, not bug reports.13:04
bluesceadaAh right, the last time I was here in this channel was just the right place by accident (known kernel bugs not cared for in ubuntu). Sorry for that. </offtopic>15:44

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