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seb128goood morning desktopers!08:22
dufluHi seb128 08:29
seb128duflu, hey Daniel, how are you doing today?08:35
dufluseb128, surviving a bit better than last week thanks. How are you?08:36
seb128duflu, I'm doing alright, just a bit tired08:40
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lissyxhello people08:58
dufluHi lissyx 08:58
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seb128lissyx, hey, how are you doing?09:40
lissyxnteodosio, hello12:42
lissyxnteodosio, have you been able to make progesses on the socket activation of speechd ?12:43
nteodosioHi lissyx. Nope, I set that aside some time ago.12:44
lissyxnteodosio, do you have something to reproduce the issue outside of the firefox snap packaging?12:45
nteodosiolissyx, the issue isn't related to confinment, it can be reproduced it in the normal environment. The socket does activate the service, but the latter fails to speak.12:47
lissyxnteodosio, yes, that was what I had memory of, but I lost track of the exact state and I was wondering if maybe I could help a bit12:48
lissyxi.e., if you have clear STR and intermittency rate12:48
nteodosiolissyx, thanks! I didn't decipher the last message though. :)12:50
lissyxsteps to reproduce and how frequently the issue reproduces12:50
nteodosiolet me check that12:51
lissyxthat's the last bit to get speech synthesis fixed on snap and this is bothering me we cant12:51
nteodosioMake sure the socket is enabled (systemctl start --user speech-dispatcher.socket), then try to start the service.12:53
nteodosioI.e., just run 'spd-say hi'12:54
nteodosioYou'll either get "invalid language" or it will silently exit with error code 141.12:54
nteodosioThe only reason this made its way through is because, by not enabling the socket, speechd will default to the old working way.12:55
nteodosioYou can use systemctl status --user speech-dispatcher.socket to make sure the socket is running. Once it fails, it will again default to the old working way, and you will have to restart it to keep testing.12:56
nteodosioMy most recents logs are in https://github.com/brailcom/speechd/issues/777#issuecomment-1279293578.12:57
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Issue 777 in brailcom/speechd "spd-day displays invalid language error and segfault" [Open]12:57
jbichagood morning12:59
nteodosiogood morning jbicha!13:11
lissyxnteodosio, local build, I get always "Invalid language fr-FR", just once  I got empty output (have not checked the exit code)13:28
nteodosioI usually get them 50/5013:29
lissyxif I stop the socket, I get correct output of "spd-say -L"13:29
lissyxlocal build of speechd, so I dont know if the Invalid lang is legit13:30
nteodosioWhat do you mean, if it is legit?13:30
nteodosioI get the error even if I build a deb and install it.13:31
lissyxis this error a symptom of the bug?13:52
lissyxit's unclear from my reading of github issues what exactly is the symptom of the probleù13:52
nteodosiolissyx, both this invalid language and error 141 are symptoms of the bug.14:30
bandaligood morning y'all14:51
bandalihey lissyx o/ hope you had a nice weekend :) quick question: do you know the general status of this bug/patch and any plans on you folks' side for merging it? https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1790496#c3614:53
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Mozilla bug 1790496 in Core "screen-sharing a window crashes browser in Wayland" [S3, New]14:53
lissyxthere is no patch attached ?14:54
bandalilissyx, right, it's not an attachment, but linked to in the specific comment i just linked14:57
lissyxbandali, well it's huge and invalid anyway14:57
lissyxlooking at the bug it is unclear who is working on that14:57
lissyxis it due to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1777345 ?14:58
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Mozilla bug 1777345 in Firefox Build System "linux sysroot includes related to drm (xf86drm.h and drm_fourcc.h) need updates to support libwebrtc pipewire updates" [S3, Assigned]14:58
lissyxbandali, I guess you should needinfo martin? since he's the assignee14:59
bandalihmm, invalid in what sense?15:00
bandalii'm not entirely sure of the exact reasoning (i'm fairly new here), except per what grulja explained15:01
lissyxwell webrtc has been updated15:01
lissyxso the patch does not apply anymore according to one of the comment15:02
bandalibut i do know it's affecting the firefox snap at the least, and that patched seemed to fix it15:02
bandaliright, that's one of the concerns15:02
bandalisure i can try needinfo martin15:02
lissyxwell since firefox snap is still not using wayland as a default15:03
bandaliright, i see a mention of that at https://github.com/canonical/firefox-snap/blob/2f997654ceb9ccaffdd0a02bb8d8cbc2dc6ae416/firefox.launcher#L41 but idk if there are further updates there15:04
lissyxnope, it was decided not to switch until we at least have some CI on our side with Wayland15:06
bandaliyeah, that makes sense - and matches what the comment in the above link says15:07
lissyxbandali, you can ping him on matrix also he's usually responsive15:19
lissyxI think he's in some european country, regarding timezones15:19
lissyxbandali, #gfx-firefox@chat.mozilla.org15:19
lissyxbandali, also you weren't there in prague but we agreed with seb128 on doing some kind of triage on  bugzilla, but we have not yet scheduled a time and process for that15:22
lissyxI will be on holidays after the 12th, it would be nice if we could do one before, so this week?15:22
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bandalilissyx, thanks, i can try pinging him on matrix if he doesn't reply on that bug in a day or two15:39
bandalilissyx, as for triage on bugzilla, i indeed don't know anything about it, but sure i'll be happy to help you and seb128 if i can if given more info about it15:40
lissyxbasically having a look at bugzilla, setting priorities and/or checking if it is upstream or what16:09
lissyxbandali, one issue that worry me a bit more is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=177406216:26
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Mozilla bug 1774062 in Firefox Build System "Ctrl+S shortcut-key triggers too many XDG portal window when running on Xwayland leading to resources exhaustion" [S3, Unconfirmed]16:26
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