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lagunaloireok how can libharfbuzz-dev with source code about version 5.2 be put into ubuntu repositories00:23
lagunaloireand to make sure it has all the harfbuzz-support code00:40
lagunaloirethere seems to be a direct attack on 32 bit intel pentium processors like the pentium 4 northwoods and the celeron's00:41
lagunaloireseems like people are trying to force intel 32 bit out of the business and move everyone to 64 bit00:42
lagunaloirei don't see how intel approved those chromium scumbags trying to obsolete intel...and moving to sse3 instructions with a patch that deliberately and drastically slows down sse2 processors00:43
lagunaloirethat patch brings an intel pentium 4 to its knees00:44
lagunaloirethose chromium scumbag trash need to be destroyed for trying to obsolete everyone's hardware prematurely00:45
lagunaloirei don't see how intel let this kind of shit slide00:45
lagunaloireinstead of making the web more accessible to everyone...the bastards have tried to monopolize it for only latest hardware designs00:48
lagunaloireit is in direct violation of www standards and goals00:48
lagunaloirethe web was supposed to be an avenue for the poor and needy to have the same learning opportunities that the rich disgusting and shameful have...and this bullshit of forcing people to throw their hardware into the trashcan just because of a web browser...is appalling00:51
lagunaloirepoor people have older hardware...not the latest stuff from the most expensive sellers in the world00:51
lagunaloirethis is a direct attempt to destroy the poor and their access to the web00:52
lagunaloirethose greedy harware manufacturing sons of bitches and enemies of the poor need to be brought to justice00:53
mitya57sil2100: Hi! https://bileto.ubuntu.com/v2/metadata returns 500 error09:17
sil2100mitya57: yeah, see -release - I was made aware of that already. Still didn't get direct access to Bileto but I'll try to nudge it via IS later09:18
mitya57Okay, sorry. I searched in this channel but not in -release.09:18
jbichatjaalton: hi, have you seen Debian bug 1025312 ? it is making a lot of packages fail to build in Debian (those using Xvfb for build tests)13:20
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Debian bug 1025312 in libgl1-mesa-dri "libgl1-mesa-dri: multiple packages FTBFS and have autopkgtest regressions running test programs under Xvfb" [Grave, Open] https://bugs.debian.org/102531213:20
tjaaltonjbicha: yes13:58
tjaaltonjbicha: fixes available, I'll upload it to sid before EOD14:16
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bdmurrayFYI I just updated some code in the production autopkgtest environment if y'all see anything weird18:52
nteodosioCan someone please trigger those for me?19:06
bdmurraydoing so19:10
mwhudsonjdstrand: hey do you have the impending go 1.19.4 release on your radar?21:39
jdstrandmwhudson: I do, yes21:42
mwhudsonjdstrand: great i do to, but depending on the interpretation of "us business hours" you may get to it first21:43
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blucaschopin: there are 3 bugs in tpm2-openssl in jammy, affecting azure: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tpm2-openssl/+bugs22:07
blucaI've done the legwork to add the sru template, backport, test - could you please sponsor an sru? branch is ready on salsa22:08
blucaall fixes are from upstream releases, and already available in lunar22:09
blucai've got internal users hitting those on azure, so would be really great to get it sorted in jammy-p-u - TIA22:10
kanashiro[m]mwhudson: I tried to backport golang-1.18 from jammy to bionic but it was not that straightforward as I was expecting. I simply downgraded the debhelper compat level to 11 but then the generated deb package is "empty", you can check it out in bionic-proposed. Would you have some time to take a look and see if you could help me to fix that? For instance, it is using some debhelper >= 12 features which require some changes in d/rules22:32
kanashiro[m]to properly build with debhelper 1122:32
mwhudsonkanashiro[m]: argh22:32
mwhudsonkanashiro[m]: good news, we have dedicated go toolchain person starting soon :)22:34
kanashiro[m]that's good news indeed22:35
mwhudsonhm i guess we only need to ignore this problem for like 5 months and then bionic is EOL?22:37
mwhudsonyes i think i agree based on those build logs that something has gone wrong22:41
kanashiro[m]mwhudson: the server team is supposed to backport the container stack to bionic this cycle, that's why I am trying to do this hopefully final backport to bionic before it becomes EOL22:49
kanashiro[m]latest docker.io does not build with go 1.16 which is the greatest go version we have in bionic right now22:51
mwhudsonyeah i agree in general that we should backport the go from the current lts to all supported ltses23:40
mwhudsoncan reproduce the issue locally, let's see what's going on23:41

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