lotuspsychjegood morning04:51
lotuspsychjeoh dear06:34
arraybolt3lotuspsychje: You noticed :P06:34
lotuspsychjegot the nicest support again arraybolt3 :p06:34
arraybolt3Or... whatever :D06:35
arraybolt3(Where did they get the idea that the GPL required the distribution of third-party build dependencies anyway?)06:35
arraybolt3Looks like our native Xubuntu guru has it taken care of.06:36
lotuspsychjecase closed hehe06:36
arraybolt3s/native/local/ (I can argue with trolls but can't get my English right, turns out)06:36
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Bashing-omUWN: Issue764 now available to our reading public: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue764 :D22:11
Jeremy31Is there a text to speech version?22:12
Bashing-omOh Jeremy31 - is there not a app ^ for that ?? :P22:13
Jeremy31I haven't looked, I am too tired to search and don't feel like reading much22:13
Bashing-omJeremy31: Hey - these things happen even to the best of us :D22:14
daftykinsget a nice early night and treat yourself in the morning!22:14
Jeremy31A long nights sleep doesn't happen for me.  I would be wide awake after about 7 hours22:16
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leftyfbsarnold: https://systemd-devel.freedesktop.narkive.com/QVOYjePz/ssh-socket-activation-was-systemd-unit-files-for-debian-based-systems   too funny/sad that the idea has been kicking around for 10 years23:59

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