ibexnethi everybody, I have an hisilicon board based on hi3798cv200 chip. The board run ubuntu 20 with kernel 4.4.35 compiled using the hisilicon SDK08:47
ibexnetI looking for help for how to build the kms driver for gpu, an Mali T72008:48
ibexnetI found the driver under https://developer.arm.com/, but I don't have the skill to integrate the code into he kernel source an compile the driver module08:50
ibexnetcan someone point me to some documentation08:51
juerghibexnet, which driver is this? are you sure it's not already in some newer upstream kernel?10:04
ibexnetjuergh: unfortunally I'm able only to make linux kernel using the hisilicon SDK (version 4.4.35).10:41
ibexnetI tried to compile latest kernel but with no luck10:43
ibexnetThe DRM driver that I need is for GPU Mali T72010:44
ibexnetis the integrated GPU on the ARM10:44
juerghibexnet, well. this is not an ubuntu kernel then and rather a question for hisilicon, no? where's that sdk?11:03
ibexnetjuergh: yes, you are right. My question is an documentation on how to build a DRM driver using kernel source?13:20
ibexnetmaybe another option should be install the mali-midgard-dkms package from apt13:27
ibexnetbut I need the kernel  header, so some one can help me or suggest some documentation on how to install kernel header from kernel source?13:28
JanCibexnet: you compiled a kernel from that SDK, so the kernel headers should come with that SDK...15:22
JanC(or be created by that SDK, I suppose)15:24
ibexnetJanC: yes I will use the kernel source that came with the sdk, but I don't understand how to integrate the Mali drive or how to just export the kernel headers15:43
ibexnetso I serching for an help15:44
ibexnetthe sample things maybe is try to compile the kernel header from the source and import it to my board15:45
ibexnetso I can use apt and install mali-midgard-dkms package15:45
ibexnetbut I will understand how is the correct way to compile kenel header from source15:46
ibexnetI have no experince on compiling kernel15:46
ibexnetso if someone can suggest some documents....15:47
ibexnetanother thing I try to do is buld an mainline kernel, that already have the DRM driver for Mali builtin15:49
ibexnetI try to cross compile or compiling directly from my board15:50
ibexnetI succesfully buld the kerenel 5.4.132 but when I try to load it on the board I have the message *** irq: undefined instruction after loading15:52
ibexnetbefore compiling kernel under munuconfig I select support for Hisilicon SoC16:01
ibexnetwhat I miss to successfull build the mainline kernel?16:02
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apwHi everyone today we are having an adhoc meeting to discuss an application for kernel upload rights for ~philcox: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhilipCox/KernelUploadsApplication16:33
apwHi everyone today we are having an adhoc meeting to discuss an application for kernel upload rights for ~philcox: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhilipCox/KernelUploadsApplication16:35
apwphilcox, do you want to intorduce yourself ...16:35
philcoxSure.  I'm philcox, I work on ubuntu kernels for the Intel IOTG project.  I have been using linux for twenty some years, and have worked on operating systems full time for about 20 years.16:36
philcoxI've been at Canonical working on the kernel team for just over one year16:36
apwWould the sponsors like to say their piece...16:37
rtgI think Phil has done a great job. +1 from me.16:37
esembeeFrom what I have been looking at there was not much to complain other than I am bored to do more sponsership16:38
apwSounds like we are good to vote, could members please vote now on his application:16:39
klebers+1 (proxy for mhcerri)16:39
apwSeems we have unanimous approve and no -1s so, the application is Approved.16:40
* apw is tasked with adding them to the team and announcing.16:40
apwCongratulations ...16:40
esembeephilcox, congrats16:40
philcoxthank you very much!16:40
kleberscongrats and welcome philcox !16:40
arighiphilcox, congrats!16:40
lukenowcongrats :)16:43
cengiz_iocongrats philcox! 16:44
cengiz_ioisn't it a tradition to buy drinks to all voters?16:45

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