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jorisDoes anyone knows a guide/book/tutorial that explains how to set up NFS to share home directories with Kerberos?08:48
lotuspsychje!nfs | joris can this help?08:50
ubottujoris can this help?: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.08:50
jorisyeah I saw that allready thanks08:50
jorisbut I am hoping more for a tutorial that let me walk through all the steps necessary to achieve this08:51
jorisnow I find a lot of parts of a puzzle and not I am not too sure how I can put it together... 08:52
lotuspsychjejoris: the guides on linuxconfig are usualy great, not sure if i can find a kerberos version of it08:53
lotuspsychjelooks more like the nfs part only08:54
lotuspsychjejoris: maybe this; https://computingforgeeks.com/configure-nfs-server-client-use-kerberos/08:57
athosgood morning! cpaelzer, I am considering letting postgresql-common sync (for pg-15) now. Any objections? I was holding off because 1) there were some perl packages still blocking things last week. 2) pg-common was blocking things to migrate as well (letting migration ref fail unblocked things - this was due to lack of a supported version for lunar)09:00
lotuspsychjemorning athos 09:01
athosmorning :)09:02
cpaelzerathos: hiho09:09
cpaelzerathos: I haven't checked the recent package, but +1 to the general intend09:09
cpaelzerathos: do you want/need a review on somwthing before doing so?09:09
athosI will file an MP so we can get the sync propose reviewed before moving forward! I was checking the pg-15 migration status and instead of patching universe packages to let it migrate to unblock things before transitioning into pg-15 as the default pg, it just seems better to migrate to pg-15 as default already given the state of the universe packages (already depending on pg-15 as the default one)09:15
athosCc sergiodj (FYI) for whenever you are around ;)09:15
sergiodjathos: heya.  on it15:10
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athosHi lvoytek :) I suppose you will need sponsiring for https://code.launchpad.net/~lvoytek/ubuntu/+source/net-snmp/+git/net-snmp/+merge/434101, right? Let me know and I will push the button :)18:14
lvoytekathos: Yeah, thanks for the upload!18:45
sergiodjops :)19:17

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