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lagunaloirehello again, i am trying to work on a better browser for ubuntu and xp...one that doesn't need that blasted sse3 trickery that obsoleted the pentium 4 processors like the northwood versions00:12
lagunaloirei don't know why those google scum...forced sse3 instead of sse2-support that all pentium 4's had00:13
lagunaloirebut right now i need a better version of libharfbuzz into the ubuntu repository....i need about version 5.2 like fedora 37 hass00:14
leftyfb!latest | lagunaloire00:14
ubottulagunaloire: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.00:14
leftyfblagunaloire: you might try #ubuntu-devel or #debian00:15
lagunaloireare any ubuntu devs here today that can help with getting libharfbuzz-dev version 5.2 source code and headers into the ubuntu source code repositories00:15
leftyfblagunaloire: please see my posts above00:15
lagunaloireleftyfb..ok i will ask again in #ubuntu-dev00:15
lagunaloirethose sse3 scumbags trying to obsolete everyones processors and computers that had sse200:16
leftyfblagunaloire: sorry, that's offtopic here00:16
lagunaloireleftyfb...ok well i am working on it00:17
leftyfblagunaloire: feel free to air your grievances on the forums, in bug reports or in #ubuntu-offtopic00:17
lagunaloireleftyfb...it is not a grievance...it is just those damn greedy sob's trying to force people to give up their sse2 processors just to have a modern browser00:17
leftyfblagunaloire: please stop00:18
lagunaloireleftyfb ok well i am going to keep working on this because it is very important for the entire world that doesn't want forced obsolesence00:19
lagunaloireit is those chromium browser scumbags...which affects all the derivatives like edge and so on00:20
leftyfblagunaloire: please stop00:20
leftyfblagunaloire: this isn't the place for it00:20
lagunaloireleftyfb ok did you say #ubuntu-devel00:21
leftyfblagunaloire: yes, 16 lines above this one00:22
lagunaloireleftyfb there is always so much to do every lousy day...because of a..holes in this business00:22
leftyfblagunaloire: please stop00:22
lagunaloireleftyfb....asking in #debian doesn't do any good because debian refuses to supply a buildable chromium-dev sourcecode package that can be modified to change from sse3 instruction code to sse2 instruction code00:27
lagunaloireleftyfb...and ubuntu is only supplying a binary from snap00:27
leftyfblagunaloire: then make your own snap00:27
leftyfb /join #snappy for help with that00:28
leftyfblagunaloire: otherwise, if you want a library included with ubuntu, you start with debian00:28
leftyfbgood luck00:28
lagunaloireleftyfb that is what i am going to do...but first i need to get all the build-deps in order on this ubuntu jammy systemm00:28
leftyfbthat's not how snaps work00:28
lagunaloireleftyfb...i don't care how binary trickery like sse3 requirements for a chromium snap...causes all kinds of headaches to people on older but good machines00:29
lagunaloireleftyfb it has to be recoded and rebuilt00:30
lagunaloireleftyfb and you need all the dependency libraries to do that00:30
leftyfblagunaloire: snaps do not rely on library packages in ubuntu(for the most part). Everything a snap needs is included in the snap00:30
leftyfblagunaloire: feel free to /join #snappy or start with https://snapcraft.io/docs/creating-a-snap for help building your own snap00:31
lagunaloireleftyfb...snaps that require processors with sse3 are of no use to the majority of the world on older hardwaare00:31
leftyfblagunaloire: ok. Then that leaves getting your preferred library included ubuntu as a package. You do that by starting with Debian00:32
leftyfbgood luck00:32
lagunaloireleftyfb debian doesn't even supply the chromium source code much less the build dependencies for it....i am in #ubuntu-devel now to see if ubuntu devs can work on this00:33
leftyfbgood luck00:33
yendorhello i have a problem here00:50
yendori have a folder with 40 GB and only 10 free00:50
yendori ddi try to extract 13gb there so it give error, and no extraction was completed, but now i dont see any file, and it said the folder is 100% size uccupied00:51
yendorthere extracting file ddi gone but still i see no space left00:51
yendorthere extracting file ddi gone but still i see no space left00:52
yendordid gone*00:52
yendormaybe some with tmpfs files? where are they00:53
oerhekstry to extract 13gb .. how?00:58
lagunaloireyendor sometimes that stuff is very hard to find....i suggest getting one of the cheap ssd drives on sale for Black Holiday Sales before Christmas and migrating your stuff to it so you will have more room00:58
oerhekslagunaloire, that is not helpfull00:58
lagunaloireyendor just migrate your whole partition of work onto a larger drive00:58
yendornomy sdd disk was 240gb and now it tells tehre is 220gp00:59
yendoriam from argentina,00:59
yendorbroken country00:59
oerheksyendor, so what command did you use?00:59
yendori haven th eposibility to buy new things00:59
oerhekswe need more info than that00:59
yendortar file was 4gp, but when uncompressed its 10gb01:00
lagunaloireyendor don't feel bad...i also am very very poor...i keep having to go to prison many times in the US so they stole many of my ideas and never paid me any money for them01:00
yendori just right click it and click extract here01:01
yendori think it uses a defaul program like xarchive01:01
lagunaloireyendor...so i fully understand your poverty...and wish to better the opportunities of the poor like me01:01
yendori will learn programming to have a remote job01:02
lagunaloireyendor some stuff is really secret and hard to detect and clean....like DISCORD that even Revo Uninstaller can't seem to find01:02
lagunaloirethose DISCORD bastards that did not include an easy uninstall for windows that would clean up their registry garbage01:03
oerhekslagunaloire,please stop, this a support channel, not casual chat01:03
oerheksyendor, your archive might be extracted somwhere, as the space filled up.. maybe on /01:04
yendorits like the file its hidden  but is still thre01:05
lagunaloireoerheks i am trying to help him in the easiest way possible so that he learns to migrate from difficult issues when they arise because of malevolent and criminal web trash01:05
oerhekslagunaloire, no you are not helpfull.01:05
yendorits a game called planeshift01:06
oerheksfrench doc might give a clue, it is installed in /opt ? https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/planeshift01:07
oerheksold app .. i hope you get it working01:08
yendorits the new planeshift01:08
lagunaloireyendor i have heard of it...but you will need more room for that and many other games...so i suggest nipping it in the bud with the latest Black Friday sales on larger drives01:08
yendorallthe game redo with the unreal engine01:08
yendorand now its 4GB compressed and around 10GB uncompressed01:08
oerheksyendor, any url?"01:08
oerhekslagunaloire, ?????01:09
yendori did download and try to extract it in a apart disk i only have it for storage01:09
yendori did download the linux.tar.bz2 file01:10
lagunaloireyendor don't feel bad...i am trying to evaluate the free games like genshin impact, vietnam, fallout, and the unreal engine development files and it is already 200 gigabytes just for those few.... but it has to be done to see if they are worthy games for others to enjoy before they spend a lot of money01:11
oerheksoke, 15 minute download, 5 hrs to register account.. grinn01:11
yendor/dev/sdb1       220G  206G  2.4G  99% /media/z10001:12
yendorit say 220GB but it its 240gb01:12
yendor20gb disappear01:12
lagunaloireyendor...evaluation of games is very time consuming and arduos work...but it is important for people to know which games to spend their time with01:12
lagunaloireyendor especially if they are very poor like me01:13
yendorpoor its just a circustance01:13
yendoryou can change it later on and be rich01:13
lagunaloireyendor..no i have been forced to live in poverty ever since i got my Doctor's degree...and now i am 67 and it is too late to worry about getting a better life01:14
lagunaloireyendor you can't change it later on..because later is too damn late01:15
arraybolt3lagunaloire, yendor: This channel is for Ubuntu tech support, not general chat.01:15
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lagunaloireyendor if i could have made some money decades ago...after i became a Doctor...i could have enjoyed having a wife and children of my own...but sadly all these bastards prevented me from making any real money with my Doctor's degree01:17
oerhekslagunaloire, keep this channel family friendly, watch your language01:18
oerheksand stay ontopic, this is support, not chat.01:18
oerheksyendor, have you checked /opt?01:18
lagunaloireoerheks you starve in the lowest depths of poverty-stricken hell for nearly half-a-century and see what words you choose01:22
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant01:23
oerheksno need for those insults, leave this channel please01:23
ravageyendor: and for the 20gb that "disappear" -> 240 gigabyte are around 220 Gibibyte. So thats totally normal.01:23
oerheksravage,  2 minutes to go, to test..01:24
oerheksand t is 4.8 gb...01:24
lagunaloireoerheks...its not an insult..it is meant to be an eye-opener but i will go elsewhere...there must be a club for the poor somewhere01:24
ravageplease just leave01:24
arraybolt3Also drives frequently will measure gigabytes in straight gigabytes rather than binary gigabytes, which messes with stuff.01:24
oerheks5% reserved..01:24
oerheksopening archive now..01:26
oerheksmy i7 kicks in to 4.4 ghrs..01:27
yendorbe right back01:27
oerheksyendor, oke, archive unpacked, the name of the folder starts with  a .01:32
oerheksso it is hidden01:32
oerheksweird way to package..01:32
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FurretUberI'm trying to set the CPU frequency on a AMD Ryzen 7 5800H on Xubuntu 22.04, but the only options I found were the states and something related to the boost, and the only option that changes anything is powersave governor, which limits to 400 MHz the frequency01:33
FurretUberSetting the boost to 0 doesn't seem to change anything, either01:34
oerhekswhy messing with cpu frequency? let the bios handle that.01:35
FurretUberI'm trying to set frequency that isn't 400 MHz or 4,4 GHz (as the 3,2 GHz without the turbo)01:35
FurretUberIts fans are getting loud as the temperature reaches 95°C+. It doesn't really throttle, but I would like less noise (and less heat)01:37
oerheksmax temp 105' C .. https://www.amd.com/en/product/1082101:38
oerheksbuy a better cooler.. messing with frequencies, while you want to avoid noise and overheating is in contradiction.01:39
FurretUberI did a lot of this with Skylake (with my old laptop), the 6100U had a max frequency of 2,3 GHz, I would set 1,1 GHz and use it normally, and I was trying to do the same with this Ryzen01:42
tech10171968FurretUber: You got a Ryzen? I'm envious, how's it working for you?01:43
FurretUberI'm glad with the performance, both CPU and integrated GPU were a significant upgrade01:44
tech10171968FurretUber: Cool, I'm happy with my i5 for now but, looking at the specs, I imagine Ryzen to be a significant performance boost01:45
yendoroerheks, but if it start with . and i put showhidden files in thunar, i can see it anyways right?02:13
jhutchinsyendor: Get out of the GUI.  That's probably 99% of your problem.02:18
yendorjhutchins, go back to commands line?02:23
yendori will reboot the pc02:38
yendorlaters and thanks!02:38
webchat27Hi! Can I report a bug here?03:56
Bashing-om!bug | webchat2703:57
ubottuwebchat27: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:57
Avago_Broadqualhow the heck does one find the mysql cnf file in ubntu 22.04? I cannot seem to change the datadir using the existing configuration files I had from 20.0404:00
Avago_BroadqualI had to symlink the /var/lib/mysql directory to where my existing db lives04:01
Avago_BroadqualOthe way around*04:02
webchat27Bashing-om thanks!04:04
WaVAvago_Broadqual: not familiar with how mysql works but "sudo find / | grep -i filename" ?04:07
Avago_BroadqualI did that, but it looks like its all the usual suspects04:07
Avago_BroadqualI am scratching my head on this one, as I would expect mysql to look where I tell it to04:07
Avago_Broadqualthe configuration file is /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf04:08
Avago_Broadqualbut the data dir is still pulling from default04:08
Avago_Broadqualdefault location*04:08
Avago_BroadqualI firuged it out04:18
Avago_Broadqual!includedir /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/ needed to be added to the /etc/mysql/my.cnf config04:18
ubottuAvago_Broadqual: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:18
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yukiupdoes the current xubuntu have a hot-corners app?04:35
yukiuplike if i move my mouse to the bottom right corner, it shows the desktop...04:35
yukiupi tried that on arch and it fails to compile04:40
yukiupi'm not running ubuntu :/04:41
yukiupsorry if i'm bugging you guys, because of that04:42
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lagunaloire123just try apt-get source chromium and then apt-get build-dep chromium to see the total shit that the world is in...those greedy bastards and their sse3 requirements....and then no source code from debian or ubuntu to back up the binaries so people can modify them to work with sse206:26
lagunaloire123this ubuntu is total shit06:27
arraybolt3lagunaloire123: Chromium is a snap, that's probably why it didn't work.06:27
lagunaloire123arraybolt3 i dont' care what you call it...those greedy sons of bitches are compiling the code to require sse3 for any 32 bit version...and if ubuntu doesn't supply the source for the binary so people can fork it to make it more useful to the poor...then ubuntu is violating gnu06:28
arraybolt3lagunaloire123: https://code.launchpad.net/chromium-browser <-- there's the source :D06:29
arraybolt3lagunaloire123: Also Ubuntu dropped 32-bit support, not because we didn't like it, but because we didn't have enough testers so that we could ensure that Ubuntu-on-i386 was reliable.06:29
lagunaloire123arraybolt3...that doesn't work...just try to get all the third_party issues to compile with it06:29
lagunaloire123arraybolt3...all the testers got screwed because of the damn coders and their shit-ass games trying to force people to buy new hardware when they don't need it06:30
arraybolt3lagunaloire123: Nothing in the GPL says that someone has to make it easy to build - frankly it's probably way easier to use the source directly from Google, if you want to put yourself through that misery. Anyway this is off-topic for this channel, though it might be a good fit for #ubuntu-discuss.06:30
arraybolt3!language | lagunaloire12306:30
ubottulagunaloire123: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:30
lagunaloire123arraybolt3 for more than 25 years the gpl says that if you supply the binary you must also supply the source code with all the thirdparty crap that is required to build it successfull06:31
lagunaloire123arraybolt3 and that website fails to work for obtaining all the thirdparty issues to compile it06:32
arraybolt3Still not on-topic for this room. And no, it doesn't say that. Now stop it.06:32
lagunaloire123arraybolt3 yes it does..it demands it for more than 25 years....from everyone ...no exceptions...that is how a lot of code today came about06:33
arraybolt3!ops | lagunaloire123 is disrupting the channel *and* spreading misinformation06:33
ubottulagunaloire123 is disrupting the channel *and* spreading misinformation: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant06:33
lagunaloire123ubottu fuck you...you damn enemy of the poor and gnu06:34
arraybolt3Unit193: Thank you!06:36
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Guest15hey, is there a way to disable the news on full-upgrade, but only the ones I have already seen?07:25
lotuspsychjeGuest15: the news?07:33
Guest15when I apt full-upgrade there are news (for example right now about how to turn them off completely)07:34
Guest15but I only want to turn them off for stuff I have already seen07:35
iomari891greetings, I have a 32gig swap file with 16gigi memory and "free --giga" show that it's correct. However when I try to hibernate using "sytemctl hibernate" I get "Failed to hibernate system via logind: Not enough swap space for hibernation"07:44
xxywhen start a element-desktop , i get a error like this " libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)" how to fix it , my os is Ubuntu20.0407:59
someone235Hi, when running `sudo apt upgrade` (or trying to install anything), I get `E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).` But when trying it I get `E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?`. How can I fix this?09:12
ravagesomeone235: remove any packages you installed not from the ubuntu archives -> ppa-purge09:13
someone235ravage: It seems a bit aggressive09:14
someone235ravage: I can tell you the exact command that got me into trouble: `apt-get -y install libpam0g:i386 libx11-6:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libstdc++5:i386`09:14
someone235Which uses the ubuntu archives09:14
ravagewhich ubuntu version is this? and why do you need 32bit libs?09:14
lotuspsychjesomeone235: Unmet dependencies usualy arise when users install external ppa's conflicting with apt, perhaps share your full apt ouput, so volunteers can see whats happening exactly09:17
someone235ravage: I wanted to install some old VPN software09:17
someone235lotuspsychje: https://gist.github.com/someone235/e7346a0677877e896840df39dad1bbb209:17
someone235lotuspsychje: and then https://gist.github.com/someone235/3d4dff3bc7ed99c710ec4d857b98fabf09:19
ravagedid you try an "apt update" ?09:20
someone235ravage: yeah, it doesn't help09:21
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | someone235 adviced by ravage09:21
ubottusomeone235 adviced by ravage: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:21
someone235lotuspsychje: but how is it related, if I installed the problematic packages from Ubuntu archives?09:22
lotuspsychjesomeone235: lets have a look at your sources.list ?09:22
lotuspsychjethere were some archive repos problems last week, maybe its a combo of both09:23
ravageit looks like your mirror may just not have the i386 arch09:23
ravagetry archive.ubuntu.com directly09:23
someone235lotuspsychje: https://gist.github.com/someone235/742961f8fba5d6f48aa028345b15a01709:24
someone235ravage: How can I change this?09:24
lotuspsychjethat looks pretty sane09:25
ravageand it cant be your only file09:25
ravageit says http in that file. but the 404 comes from https09:25
ravageso my guess is you have more .list files in /etc/apt/ or /etc/apt/sources.list.d/09:26
someone235ravage: Yeah right: `docker.list  google-chrome.list  hashicorp.list  linuxuprising-ubuntu-java-jammy.list  signal-xenial.list`09:26
someone235But I don't think it's related09:26
ravagei think it is09:27
someone235I can purge all of those PPAs, but it seems highly unrelated, so I would prefer to avoid that09:27
someone235ravage: what's your indication?09:27
someone235ravage: All of the packages in here https://gist.github.com/someone235/e7346a0677877e896840df39dad1bbb2 seems unrelated to any of those PPAs09:28
someone235Is there a way to just remove them somehow?09:29
lotuspsychjesomeone235: volunteers cant help with external ppa's here, and we can oly say we see often Unmet dependencies as result of ppa's09:29
someone235lotuspsychje: Is there a way to check if that's really the case? If the dependency is caused by a PPA?09:30
lotuspsychjesomeone235: what you could doublecheck is using archive.ubuntu.com directly to rule out its about .il as ravage stated09:31
lotuspsychjesomeone235: we do have some cases/bugs when unmet dependencys caused by other bugs too, but not too often09:31
lotuspsychje!uptodate | someone235 see also09:32
ubottusomeone235 see also: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.09:32
ravagesomeone235: ls -l /etc/apt/*.list > /tmp/out.txt; ls -l /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list >> /tmp/out.txt;cat /etc/apt/sources.list | sed '/^[ \t]*#/d' >> /tmp/out.txt;cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*|sed '/^[ \t]*#/d'  >> /tmp/out.txt; cat /tmp/out.txt | nc termbin.com 999909:34
ravagerun this and paste the URL09:34
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someone235lotuspsychje: looks like changing to archive.ubuntu.com fixed the problem09:37
someone235lotuspsychje ravage , everything is back to normal now. Thanks for the help09:41
ravagegreat :)09:41
ernstpI have an /var/crash/_usr_lib_xorg_Xorg.1000.crash but I can't create a bug report from it. ubuntu-bug show one window for it but then closes09:46
lotuspsychjeernstp: crash bugs have another procedure then regular bugs09:47
lotuspsychje!bug | ernstp09:47
ubottuernstp: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:47
lotuspsychjeernstp: before filing bugs, we reccomend you to state your issue here in the channel first, maybe volunteers can trace your issue09:49
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manwhowouldbekinHi all! Somehow my Ubuntu 22.04 system got into this state. Any help or advice is appreciated. https://pastebin.com/xRVysfqx12:23
bluesceadaOn one ubuntu 22.04 machine that was updated from 20.04, my bluetooth headphones connect with SBC only, on the other one that was fresh installed, aptx is shown in pavucontrol ... both machines have bluetooth 5.0  (however not identical hardware) and I checked that libfreeaptx0 is installed in both of them12:45
cosmicrajivhow to upgrade nvidia drivers in ubuntu 22.04.1?12:50
FNAShinobiI have my UPS connected to my 20.04 machine. I don't seem to have any power statistics in gnome. I see the UPS and it is refreshing, but when I click on the history tab is says "There is no data to display"13:15
BluesKajHi all13:41
Blohshhello there, im on   Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS          Kernel: Linux 5.4.0-135-generic14:03
Blohshhow can i install this?14:04
Blohshi can see 6.0.9 for install but not that14:04
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jhutchinsBlohsh: What does the 6.x kernel have that you need?14:30
rk1222xthis shit crazy14:32
rk1222xim new to hex chat btw14:33
rk1222xhow dis works ?14:33
samy1028bHello rk1222x14:34
rk1222xhow this thing works and is this secure ??14:35
jhutchinsrk1222x: Internet Rule One: Nothing you post on the internet is secure.14:35
jhutchinsrk1222x: Basically IRC is discussion forums.14:35
leftyfbrk1222x: you might try /join #libra to discuss IRC in general or #ubuntu-offtopic for random chat about Ubuntu. This is an Ubuntu support channel14:35
rk1222xso if i just join this channel is it safe14:35
jhutchinsrk1222x: This one focuses on supporting Ubuntu.14:35
rk1222xok ok14:35
rk1222xohhh nice14:35
rk1222xin new , soo , yk14:36
oerhekshint; read the topic14:36
jhutchinsrk1222x: Linux-based clients generally do not access any information on your system outside of their own functions.14:36
rk1222xah nice14:36
samy1028brk1222x: there are thousands of channels (chat rooms), each with their own topic, on this IRC server.14:36
jhutchinsAlso many other servers and other irc networks.14:37
rk1222xthat's cool14:37
rk1222xhow to leave dis channel ?14:40
leftyfbJonathanD: ?14:44
RikMillscopy/pasta error I imagine14:47
JonathanDleftyfb: appologies. Apparently I left some cruft in the buffer :)14:49
mortwhat package contains catch2-with-main.pc?14:53
leftyfbmort: none14:54
mortwait why14:54
mortcatch2 provides a catch2-with-main.pc, so it has to be included in the ubuntu package14:54
leftyfbmort: zero package in ubuntu (focal and jammy) contain catch2-with-main.pc14:56
mortso ubuntu's catch2 package is just broken?14:56
leftyfbI can't answer that.14:57
mortit seems like the issue is that ubuntu still packages catch2 v2, and catch2-with-main is a catch3 thing15:15
mortsorry, a catch2 v3 thing15:15
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ForeverNoob[m]Hi, on 18.04 using QEMU/KVM via virt-manager, but how do I enable 3D acceleration? I try to select Virtio in video and check the 3D acceleration but when I try to launch the VM the virt-manager says "Error starting domain: unsupported configuration: virtio 3d acceleration is not supported" - I'm using Intel HD3000 as my GPU so all open source drivers.16:02
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: What's the host running?  Why are you trying to do accelerated video in a VM?16:13
ForeverNoob[m]Host is running 18.04 - I want to mess around with Compiz and such graphical tools, and AFAIK that requires 3D accel.16:14
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: So both are running 18.04?16:15
ForeverNoob[m]Guest is running 18.04 now too but I might transition to 22.04, but I the error I get is regardless of the guest I choose.16:17
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: Except for very limited compatibility, you won't get the full advantages of 22 running within 18.16:21
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: I would expect that this would apply specifically to things like direct hardware addressing.16:21
ForeverNoob[m]Aah, that might explain a lot of things actually.16:22
jhutchinsForeverNoob[m]: You might consider a dual-boot if there's something about 18 that you need to preserve - or possibly running you 18 instance under a 22 host.16:22
ForeverNoob[m]Yeah it's not really anything major, it's just that I'm testing out 22.04 in a VM in order to fully transition to it with as little hassle as possible. Compiz is fun, but luckily not essential in my case :)16:23
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arnabany general chat channel?17:15
leftyfbarnab: /join #ubuntu-offtopic17:16
ssussdriad[m]Hello. I am hoping this is an appropriate place to ask this.17:28
ssussdriad[m]I am running PopOs on a lenovo thinkpad p1. I am unable to get a signal to my DUEX external monitor via usb-c. Can someone point me in the direction of a solution? :P17:28
mtnpop os has it's own support site17:30
mtnfrom the topic: | Unofficial derivatives: Use your distro's support channel, not here17:30
jhutchinsssussdriad[m]: Alternatively, install Ubuntu and see if that works.17:32
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ssussdriad[m]<jhutchins> "ssussdriad: Alternatively..." <- I might give it a try at some point. I've been enjoying pop so far17:40
toddcssussdriad[m]: make a live ubuntu usb to test  what jhutchins said but not a full install works great for testing  tho full install and updated may yeaild better results17:41
toddcwe have no way to tell what changes poos has made and how it might affect a usbc monitor17:42
hiyaAre you also facing the similar issue? I have Telegram installed from snap store17:54
hiyaand when I click on the notification - it won't take me to the app to quickly reply to it17:54
hiyaIt just does nothing17:54
hiyaIs it same with you? 22.1017:54
Blohsh"07:30 PM <jhutchins> Blohsh: What does the 6.x kernel have that you need?"  <----- I have a server which i use for testing, like latest kernels packages testing sources etc.. that is why wanted18:14
Guest12I updated/upgraded my 22.04 systems and got kernel 5.15.0-56(up from Unfortunately, http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/l/linux/ does not contain any dbgsyms for 5.15.0-56. Is there a new protocol?18:14
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bluesceadahiya, i have inconsistent experiences with all snaps, unfortunately19:05
bluesceadasomething is always off, even in ubuntu 22.0419:05
bluesceadahiya, speaking about telegram, the snap got entirely broken for me,  .... /snap/telegram-desktop/4353/usr/bin/telegram-desktop: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `' not found (required by /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libbrotlidec.so.1)19:14
leftyfbbluesceada: sudo snap refresh telegram-desktop --channel=latest/stable19:14
bluesceadaleftyfb, snap "telegram-desktop" has no updates available19:15
bluesceadaif only the packages through apt would be more updated ....19:15
bluesceadaleftyfb, any other idea? I already removed and installed it again19:16
iomari891is kernel 6 safe to install on 22.10?19:28
bluesceadaiomari891, there is always a risk in running a newer less-tested kernel. However for very recent hardware it might be safer than the very old "stable" kernel.19:32
nteodosiobluesceada, can you pastebin: snap run --strace telegram-desktop19:47
bluesceadahm yeah19:56
bluesceadaif anyone else wants to see it, since nteodosio quit: https://nopaste.ghostdub.de/?26d65414cbfa5186#9PPvhmhbCTf7WUgZUkKAWCf8WiURCqoPGCaarPZRFm6d20:01
oerheksbluesceada, see leftyfb advise, reinstall the snap with --channel=latest/stable20:05
oerheksthat might give a newer version20:05
bluesceadaoerheks, I did so!20:06
bluesceadaI get " snap "telegram-desktop" has no updates available"20:07
bluesceadai also uninstalled and reinstalled it entirely using snap remove and snap install20:07
diceLibrarianoh yeah, used to get that all the time with libc620:08
bluesceadaI also had it before, back then it solved itself "magically"20:08
oerhekspoorly written snap .. contact the maintainer? https://snapcraft.io/telegram-desktop20:08
bluesceada:/ if i wouldnt be busy .... yeah let's see20:09
bluesceadaoerheks, i RESTARTED and it works now. I remember having this before20:25
bluesceadathis is so ugly, it's a Windows 98 flashback were installing new programs might even require a reboot20:25
bluesceadaworst of all, now I get a huge cursor inside telegram, this is super ugly. When the cursor moves over the telegram window, it gets different and bigger20:26
sarnoldbluesceada: take a look at "End users can also choose their own themes" on https://snapcraft.io/blog/how-to-ensure-your-snap-uses-the-correct-theme -- you might be able to do something about the ugly mouse pointers, etc20:28
raphahi all! does anyone know a software that can be used to make text comments on PDFs (klick on a location on the page, make your comment there) and then export a text-based format (could be XML, JSON, whatever) of your comments including x,y coordinates, page number, PDF-text on that line (if any) and comment text?20:33
bluesceadarapha, sounds weird, what are you trying to achieve? I think "xournalpp" has an annotation-type format that is saved separately from the pdf file it annotates20:34
raphabluesceada: let's say I'm going through a scholarly work on Shakespeare. Let's say I'm on page 9. Let's say for each character that appears I make a comment "person: Romeo" and for each work that appears I make a comment like "work: Romeo and Juliet" and for each topic that appears one like "topic: forbidden love". Also, I mark each chapter/section/subsection heading in some way. Then, given the20:39
raphapage numbers, all those comments and their x/y coordinates, I'm able to transform this visual representation into a fully textual one and run various kinds of NLP on it. The twist is that it's not written text and it's not Shakespeare. It's old Arabic manuscripts.20:39
bluesceadarapha, i just tested it, it creates .xopp files, you can unzip them with gzip and get an XML file. :-)20:39
raphaAha, wonderful! Thank you bluesceada!20:39
bluesceadaIt might be a bit annoying since you have to zip/unzip20:40
bluesceadaand gzip recently seems to have become stubborn, so you need to change the .xopp to .gz20:40
raphaNo matter bluesceada, Python has a native gzip library20:41
bluesceadayeah depends on your usecase, then perfect, good luck/have fun with it20:41
sarnoldbluesceada: gzip or the bash tab completion?20:42
sarnoldI often miss the old bash tab-completes-filenames support :(20:42
bluesceadasarnold, gzip ,.... gzip: Downloads/Program.pdf_anno.xopp: unknown suffix -- ignored20:42
bluesceadaI can't remember that this was the case before, it would just extract anything if it is a gzip file20:43
sarnoldbluesceada: argh :(20:44
bluesceadalol something is really wrong with my system, now ubuntu software doesn't launch anymore (wanted to check snap permissions), i don't know it's command to test it on the shell -.-20:47
bluesceadasarnold, I think the problem isn't the snap after all, it is that KDE doesn't follow the ubuntu/gnome3 theme, also some kde apps have an ugly large cursor20:49
sarnoldbluesceada: ah that's possible20:50
bluesceadaI wonder why there is still no default solution to that20:50
bluesceadaeach install i need to tinker a lot and then it works only halfway20:50
bluesceadakde and gnome devs just seem to hate each other20:51
bluesceadaah i found that in update-alternatives: * 0            /etc/X11/cursors/breeze_cursors.theme     102       auto mode20:55
bluesceadaprobably that happens by accident when installing some kde packages20:56
bluesceadaapparently that really does the trick, but I can't find the correct default ubuntu cursors among those I can choose....21:00
bluesceadamisconfiguration in my homedir, a new user's apps follow the gnome3 theme it seems ....21:05
raphabluesceada: fun fact, 7zip under Windows just unpacked it without complaint, even being named .xopp.21:08
bluesceadathen use 7z also in ubuntu I guess21:08
raphaThe XML is very nice and parseable.21:08
bluesceadaprobably also works fine in git then21:09
raphaor just cp blah.xopp blah.gz && gunzip blah.gz, no?21:09
whysix_Afternoon folks.21:11
whysix_Is there any way to disable cloud-init on initial boot? Seems to be stuck and I just want to provision this manually over KVM21:12
whysix_its the 22.04 LTS release21:12
duxscodoes an "apt install <filename>.deb" also verify the .deb signature?21:32
marcopolo1_Everytime i try to do something theres always an error that will happen22:09
marcopolo1_It isnt like that on windows22:09
leftyfbmarcopolo1_: if you want help, you're going to need to be way more specific. State what version of ubuntu you're on, the kernel you're running, what issue you're having and a pastebin or screenshot of any error messages22:12
aberranthi all.22:29
aberrantI've disabled ipv6 via sysctl, but things like sshd are still listening on v6 interfaces. Why, and how do I stop this?22:29
archerdid you stop disable ssh service?22:30
leftyfbaberrant: https://ping.flenny.net/2016/disable-ssh-connections-over-ipv6/22:30
aberranttcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN      1/init22:31
aberrantI edited sshd_config to only use `inet`22:31
leftyfbaberrant: set the above and restart ssh22:31
aberrantwill try it22:32
aberrant# Port and ListenAddress options are not used when sshd is socket-activated,22:32
aberrant# which is now the default in Ubuntu.22:32
leftyfbaberrant: set the above and restart ssh22:33
aberrantnope, still listening on tcp622:33
aberrantthere is no v6 interface anywhere, so I don't understand how it's even listening on v6.22:33
leftyfbaberrant: sudo grep Listen /etc/ssh/sshd_config | nc termbin.com 999922:33
marcopolo1_Do you guys know why i cant boot windows?22:35
marcopolo1_I have a usb with a windows iso but when i select it it just goes back to bios22:35
leftyfbmarcopolo1_: try #windows22:35
leftyfbmarcopolo1_: we cannot support Windows here22:35
aberrant+seth@red:/etc/systemd/system/ssh.service.d $ grep Listen /etc/ssh/sshd_config22:36
aberrant# Port and ListenAddress options are not used when sshd is socket-activated,22:36
aberrant#ListenAddress ::22:36
leftyfb!paste | aberrant22:36
ubottuaberrant: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:36
Jeremy31marcopolo1_: The Ubuntu USB writing tool can't write Windows ISO's properly22:36
leftyfbaberrant: please follow instructions and do not attempt to modify commands given22:36
marcopolo1_Idk i used dd22:36
archeretcher can write it properly marcopolo1_22:36
marcopolo1_Etcher wont open for me22:37
aberrantleftyfb: I don't need sudo and nc isn't installed on this system.22:37
archermarcopolo1_, hit the google up on how to properly install it, give it another shot22:37
marcopolo1_Install what22:37
marcopolo1_Its not hard to install22:38
marcopolo1_You just press one button22:38
marcopolo1_It just doesnt want to open22:38
marcopolo1_It opens but there is no gui22:38
marcopolo1_Ill try ventoy22:38
oerheksnc isn't installed on this system... then you run no ubuntu ..22:38
aberrantoerheks: I do run ubuntu. nc was removed.22:38
leftyfbaberrant: then you're not running a supported version of Ubuntu. All versions of Ubuntu install netcat-openbsd as part of ubuntu-minimal22:39
leftyfbwhy would you do that?22:39
aberrantleftyfb: because this is an appliance that has no need for netcat.22:39
leftyfbaberrant: so you removed a troueblshooting tool that's 39kb in size and does not run in the background?22:40
aberrantI'm trying to strip it down even more because there's no reason sshd should be binding to a v6 address.22:40
aberrantleftyfb: yes.22:40
leftyfbaberrant: restart the ssh service22:40
leftyfbif you enabled Listen for ipv6 and did not enable ipv6, then it will not listen on ipv622:40
aberrantI've done `systemctl restart ssh` - should I do something else?22:41
leftyfbuse sudo22:41
aberrantyes, that was with sudo22:41
leftyfbsudo lsof -i :2222:41
leftyfbplease pastebin that22:41
oerhekslet me guess; this is in a vm ?22:41
aberrantoerheks: not a vm.22:42
aberrantleftyfb: first line is systemd     1 root  104u  IPv6  15149      0t0  TCP *:ssh (LISTEN)22:42
aberrantI'll pastebin the rest. one sec.22:42
aberrantleftyfb: https://pastebin.com/1P2hfMyw22:43
aberrantthis makes no sense. I am not ssh'ed in via v6.22:44
leftyfbaberrant: anything of note in /etc/default/ssh ?22:44
leftyfbaberrant: you have something going on that is non-standard22:44
aberrant`w` shows me in via v4.22:45
aberrantnothing of note in /etc/default/ssh22:45
aberrantlet me check another system.22:46
leftyfboh, hold on. You're running 22.10 aren't you?22:46
bluesceadaI couldn't find the real cause of my issue, but three things together "fix" it: XCURSOR_SIZE=24 and QT_QPA_PLATFORM='xcb;wayland' in ~/.profile and a new file (and even those dirs didn't exist for me) .icons/default/index.theme with [Icon Theme]22:46
bluesceada(just for the record if somebody was passively reading here)22:46
aberrantleftyfb: I am.22:47
aberrantleftyfb: DISTRIB_RELEASE=22.1022:47
leftyfbyeah, I am seeing the same thing on a 22.10 container I just spun up. This is different in 22.10 compared to all previous releases22:47
aberrantbecause I thought I was going crazy - I didn't see this before.22:48
leftyfbaberrant: btw, why run a non-LTS on an appliance?22:48
aberrantleftyfb: it's a prototype.22:48
aberrantleftyfb: just for research right now.22:49
aberrant(stripped-down ubuntu on an RPi)22:49
aberrantI'm seeing this on my AMD 22.10 system also22:49
leftyfblooks like it's an openssh 0.9 thing22:50
bluesceadaaberrant, for something super minimal you might prefer something like alpine instead of ubuntu, no?22:51
leftyfbbluesceada: lets not22:51
bluesceadaok sorry *hides*22:51
aberranttrying to get alpine running reliably on an RPi was a challenge. It worked but it took way too much effort compared to Ubuntu.22:52
leftyfbaberrant: unfortunately, my quick googling hasn't turned anything up. I need to step away for a bit. But at least you know where to start looking. openssh 0.9 changed the use of Listen22:52
aberrantyup. Thanks for that. I'll do some more digging.22:53
aberrantas long as there's no access via v6, I'm ok with incorrect output :)22:53
aberrantleftyfb: you mean openssh 9.0, right?22:55
marcopolo1_So how do you use ventoy23:02
bluesceadaaberrant, you could also disable ipv6 on the kernel level somehow?23:29
bluesceadaor .. sysctl .... sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=123:32
leftyfbaberrant: found it https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/sshd-now-uses-socket-based-activation-ubuntu-22-10-and-later/3018923:32
Jeremy31It can be disabled in grub also23:32
bluesceadaah wait that was your start ... sorry just read everything now23:32
leftyfbdisabling ipv6 in the kernel/grub(same thing btw) won't matter with this particular issue (openssh listening on ipv6)23:33
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leftyfbaberrant: you can disable this new behavior with systemctl disable --now ssh.socket23:37
leftyfbthis one is really tricky23:42
leftyfbI can disable ssh.socket but can't for the life of me figure out how to disable listening on ipv623:42
leftyfbit might need to be at the systemd level23:42
sarnoldleftyfb: check the service file, I think I've seen new sshd options tacked on the end of the command line htere, before23:47
leftyfbsarnold: I can only find ListenStream which is for the port23:48
sarnoldaha :/23:48
leftyfbsarnold: it's really frustrated when changes like this get implemented but aren't feature parity with the previous methods ... or lack the documentation23:49
leftyfbtechnically it's not an ubuntu issue but moreso openssh 9.x23:49
sarnoldleftyfb: I'm not sure which parts are due to our switch to socket-activation vs which parts are common with openssh..23:50
leftyfbsarnold: true, but openssh did a poor job of documenting this23:51
leftyfbchangelog != documentation23:52
leftyfbI do like the idea of socket activated. But not if you have less control over it's configuration23:53

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