Eickmeyer[m]It's dead in here a lot, but a good chunk of the time OvenWerks and I discuss stuff related to PipeWire implementation in studio controls.07:11
ColbyStoker[m]No worries, I appreciate connecting w technical people 07:12
Eickmeyer[m]Don't let that deterr you from chiming in.07:12
arraybolt3[m]Welcome to our semi-secret lair where we enjoy breaking stuff /s07:13
ColbyStoker[m]My lack of knowledge does a pretty good job of that07:13
arraybolt3[m](ok so we try not to break stuff)07:13
eylul[m]hello there :)07:13
ColbyStoker[m]I will likely pop a relevant question some day07:14
Eickmeyer[m]I'm heading back to my bedtime-related activities. Welcome in! And good to read you too eylul!07:15
eylul[m]good night.07:18
* ColbyStoker[m] uploaded an image: (77KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/RSbbKNAEHAikAcIoUGsbJuwJ/IMG_20221108_211931.jpg >07:21
ColbyStoker[m]I was saying in the support chat my first install of Linux was Slackware 2.0 in 1996. Things have come a long way. That's for adding me07:21
arraybolt3[m]ColbyStoker[m]: You have officially managed to use the most monitors at the same time that I have ever seen.07:22
ColbyStoker[m]Wasn't easy, as per the Linux standard.07:23
ColbyStoker[m]Way easier than it used to be though07:23
* arraybolt3[m] is over here on a single 1080p panel, works for everything I need07:24
ColbyStoker[m]Hard being away from the workstation when you get used to it though.  07:24
OvenWerksSlackware was my second Linux distro, with linux kernel some where pre 1.0. I used Yggdrasil for a short time before that07:33
OvenWerksI do not miss compiling a kernel specific to my machine before kernel modules07:34
ColbyStoker[m]I was telling array it's a pleasure to not have to download a whole distro onto floppy disk over 18 hours with one bad sector only to have to redownload the entire set, and god the hardware configs.  nightmare07:40
=== ColbyStoker[m] is now known as b0id[m]
OvenWerksPretty sure I started with CDs... may have had to boot from floppy to be able to see the CD though07:44
b0id[m]Currently training in DevOps w/ Linux Foundation, looking forward to the back and forth here.  Thanks for having me.08:14
OvenWerkssee you later...08:15
* OvenWerks follows some others to bed08:16
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: there is yet another one. I am not sure of it's purpose though: https://github.com/Houston4444/Patchichi16:16
EickmeyerI never understood Catarina's purpose too much myself.16:17
EickmeyerI suppose it's good for illustration purposes, but serves no other functional purpose.16:19
EickmeyerNot bad to explain something without having to fire-up a full-fledged patchbay.16:20
Eickmeyerer, JACK session.16:20
OvenWerksI rebooted the server and lost my scrollback in #lad16:36
OvenWerksAh, it apears it is more of a debugging tool, not really for production17:03
OvenWerksor maybe for setting things up off line.17:04
RikMillskio-admin is now in lunar17:04
RikMillspossibly not to seed, but useful17:05
OvenWerksRikMills: so that affect pretty much anything in the context menu? (right click)17:09
OvenWerksRikMills: for example open in terminal.17:09
OvenWerksRikMills: does it at some point ask for a password, does it ask every time?17:10
RikMillsyes, it does ask17:11
RikMillsnt sure on the persistence of the permission though17:11
OvenWerksif it uses pk there is generally no persistance, but if it askes when admin://path/ is put in, it may persist as long as that screen is active17:13
OvenWerksif it asks when an operation is performed then there would be no persistance17:14
OvenWerksPW screens are anoying but probably best to be annoyed. :)17:15
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Check DMs (the one to Matrix failed for some unknown reason)17:25
arraybolt3[m]Just managed to extract my distrho-ports work from my old SSD, which means I'll be able to start working on the copyright file update for that again. \o/23:50

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