ColbyStoker[m]Question for UbuntuStudio devs, I am installing software that requires actual root access, sudo not working, whats the default protocol for root login on an US installation?06:44
arraybolt3[m]Colby Stoker: What software are you trying to install? I know how to elevate to root, but it sounds like you might be about to do something in a way that could be done a lot easier.06:45
ColbyStoker[m]I am passing an argument from wget to bash06:46
arraybolt3[m](For the record, I'm only technically an Ubuntu Studio dev, I help test it and can do dev work on it, but the main devs are other people.)06:46
ColbyStoker[m]yeah, It's not too complicated, I am actually wondering for my own purposes.  Its nice to have root sometimes06:47
arraybolt3[m]Hmm. OK, I don't see that in the Ubuntu repos, so I guess you're on the right track then.06:47
ColbyStoker[m]I am just a junior dev, maybe not even that06:47
arraybolt3[m]To elevate to root in Ubuntu (including Ubuntu Studio), run sudo su - in a terminal. That will give you a root shell, be careful.06:47
ColbyStoker[m]perfecto, thank array, that was a lot quicker and easier than I expected06:48
arraybolt3[m]Sure thing!06:48
ColbyStoker[m]also, for the record, I like to break things, but I also like to fix them.  I will try not to break things though06:49
arraybolt3[m]👍️ You might know about this already, but you can use virtualization software like GNOME Boxes to play with stuff and break it without breaking your whole system.06:49
arraybolt3[m](I also am notorious for breaking stuff 🤣)06:49
ColbyStoker[m]HAHA I have been running Linux since 1996.  When it was everyday something was broken.06:50
ColbyStoker[m]first install of Slackware 2.0 on a 486, via floppy06:50
arraybolt3[m]Oh wow. I've not even been alive that long.06:50
ColbyStoker[m]Fun times, back then06:51
arraybolt3[m]Oldest system I have around here is a Pentium III, I'm hoping to resurrect it.06:51
ColbyStoker[m]imagine downloading an installation of Linux over 18 hours with one floppy having a sector of bad data. Then having to start all over.06:52
arraybolt3[m]Ugh. Hated bad floppy sectors.06:52
arraybolt3[m]I one time downloaded the whole Studio ISO over a 70 kliobyte-per-second connection. Not fun.06:53
ColbyStoker[m]yeah, that's close to the speeds, about half to a third of that06:53
ColbyStoker[m]Thank God for modern technology06:53
arraybolt3[m]Yours was in the kilobits though, right? Mine was kilobytes. So more like 300 Kbps.06:54
arraybolt3[m]Anyway, I'm going far off-topic :P06:54
ColbyStoker[m]Good to know this place is around.  You contribute to UbuntuStudios codebase?06:56
arraybolt3[m]I have the ability to, I haven't actually done so yet since the project I was working on got stalled and is currently sitting on a different SSD. Most of my contributions are helping test it.06:58
ColbyStoker[m]Nice, is all the documentation on that listed inside the developer section on the website?06:59
arraybolt3[m]On elevating to root? Or on how to help contribute?06:59
ColbyStoker[m]oh contributing07:01
arraybolt3[m]Probably the best way to get started contributing is to just ask in the Ubuntu Studio Development chat (it's invite-only, Eickmeyer is the flavor lead and can probably let you in). They know where things need help and can help you get started.07:02
ColbyStoker[m]Good to know, see if they pick up the line07:04
Eickmeyer[m]I'm  actually in bed winding down for the evening.07:06
arraybolt3[m]Eickmeyer: I was gonna say, what on earth are you doing awake? :P07:06
Eickmeyer[m]"Awake" is relative.07:06
arraybolt3[m]lol well that's true.07:07
ColbyStoker[m]If you want an email or github I would consider contributing any way that is helpful07:07
Eickmeyer[m]It's more complicated than that as there's no single codebase.07:07
ColbyStoker[m]sure, how about an invite to the dev chat07:08
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, hang on.07:08
ColbyStoker[m]perfect, I can read an follow along with the discussions07:08
ColbyStoker[m]Got it, thanks to you both07:11
arraybolt3[m]<arraybolt3[m]> "I have the ability to, I haven't..." <- I really need to find my SATA-to-USB cable so I can get that project back, it was coming along nicely. /me adds that to the list of Things To Do07:11
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gordonjcpb0id[m]: hah, slackware09:26
gordonjcpb0id[m]: you might be nearly as old as me09:26
gordonjcparraybolt3[m]: I know someone who is working on getting FreeBSD 1 working on a 38609:27
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b0id[m]<gordonjcp> "b0id: you might be nearly as old..." <- Time flies eh16:26

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