FallenSpread the word :) https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-fosdem-2023-call-for-volunteers/3261313:23
ravagewill try to be there :)13:32
tewardFallen: do me a favor please14:52
tewardgo back in your email chain and look for emails from me RE: voter groups for that cc thread14:53
tewardpretty sure i answered that part14:53
Fallenteward: aha yes, you are absolutely right, I'm really sorry I missed that!14:54
tewardFallen: no worries i just wanted to make sure you saw that i did in fact reply to that inquiry, before throwing the proverbial brick at you ;)16:21
FallenE_TOO_MANY_THREADS :) I'll try to reduce those in the future :)16:22
tewardFallen: for obvious reasons I blame you :P16:50
tewardfor the # of threads :)16:50
FallenAs do I :)16:51

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