sarnoldleftyfb: hah, I bet the idea is way older than that00:00
sarnoldinetd was A Thing for ages :)00:00
sarnoldpizza!! :D01:26
* arraybolt3 now wants to eat soem pizza01:28
murmelthe place I stay at, has a pizza place which is open till 6am01:28
murmeldefinitely great :)01:34
arraybolt3Is the pizza good?01:34
murmelyeah! but at least in comparison to other stuff, it's not as cheap01:34
arraybolt3(I guess I've never had bad pizza, though it's definitely not healthy and sadly I can't even eat it anymore most of the time :-/)01:34
murmelhow come?01:35
murmelyeah, I mean pizza is rather on the easy side to "cook"01:35
arraybolt3Sensitive to dairy and animal fat. It's really sad.01:35
arraybolt3But whatever. There's lots of other yummy food in the world.01:35
murmelsure but for me, cheese01:36
murmelespecially french cheese01:36
arraybolt3The fun part is figuring out good milk alternatives. Me and my best friend made garbanzo milk earlier today, it actually came out really good for coffee creamer.01:36
sarnoldchickpeas, I think01:37
arraybolt3Yep. Garbanzo. aka chickpeas.01:37
murmelpretty sure you don't mean https://garbanzo.io/ ;)01:38
murmelahh k01:38
* arraybolt3 is scared to click that link01:38
murmelit's a software to learn spanish01:38
arraybolt3Oh lol.01:38
sarnoldI don't really think of 'spanish' when I think of garbanzo beans01:40
murmelask them why they named it that way ;)01:41
arraybolt3They're Italian... though they can make a decent burrito.01:41
arraybolt3But then again people think my sense of taste must have a corrupted sector or something, chances are if my dad hates a food, I'll love it.01:42
murmelarraybolt3: are you sure you are dads kid? ^^ (I mean for me it's also almost the same)01:43
arraybolt3Very sure.01:43
arraybolt3I guess some genes just must have tried to write to the same file at the same time or something. I like lots of foods my mom likes, lots of foods my dad likes, and then there's this "twilight zone" of things that one or both of them think taste horrible that I love, along with the "antimatter zone" of things that one or both of them love that I hate.01:45
arraybolt3Like I think mayo should be used as a caulk substitute with some added ingredients, not as a food item, but raw fish tastes great. So does salmon salad made with dill relish and salsa.01:46
murmelon the topic of ubuntu: can somebody explain to me how this is not a bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapstore-server/+bug/199324301:53
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Launchpad bug 1993243 in Snap Store Server "can't refresh or install packages" [Undecided, Invalid]01:53
sarnoldmurmel: because replacing squid-deb-proxy with squid would probably fix it01:57
murmelugh, so basically I need to run "full" squid to use snapd? still sounds a bug to me, as snapd errors out within a millisecond, and doesn't try to use no proxy01:58
sarnoldyou asked it to use a proxy, but the proxy you told it to use says no01:59
murmeli didn't?01:59
murmelI only ever typed in the proxy during install01:59
sarnold"this only ever happens when I add a proxy during install."01:59
sarnoldskip that step? :)01:59
murmelyes, that's an apt proxy, says nothing about snapd01:59
murmelsarnold: I don't mind downloading the updates all the time I install ubuntu into a vm /s02:00
sarnoldmurmel: it might be worth adding a ubiquity bug task to say that the installer should ask for different proxies for different uses -- one for snap, one for deb, one for general system use, that way you can configure them as needed02:01
murmelsarnold: sounds good, still a bit annoying, as 18.04 and 20.04 didn't have that issue02:02
murmelwhich means snapd changed it's proxy detection to the same variable as apt oO02:03
sarnoldmurmel: is that because the installer changed, or because snapd these days uses a proxy but snapd from two or four years ago didn't?02:03
lotuspsychjegood morning03:33
arraybolt3xu-irc5w is a troll, yes or no? (Referring to the current events in the #xubuntu channel.) I dunno if he's just bored or trying to cause trouble.06:36
lotuspsychjethere's a lot of them hanging around lately arraybolt3 06:39
arraybolt3Yeah. Here's hoping they don't start using AI to generate their responces.06:42
arraybolt3(Though that might be funny to detect - just say "Write a Wikipedia article about John Doe" in the middle of a support session, if the user suddenly floods the channel with junk you know it's a bot :P)06:43
lotuspsychjei think its already the case06:43
lotuspsychjethe multiple joins are concerning06:43
arraybolt3OK, I just told him how to remove a giant (over 300 GiB) logfile using "sudo rm /path/to/logfile". If he's a troll, the next message will probably be "This is taking a long time. OH NO I JUST DELETED MY WHOLE DRIVE"06:45
arraybolt3(At least that's my guess.)06:46
arraybolt3lotuspsychje: I just don't see how this is real. It looks like he cleared his cookies yet he claims not to have, he runs Vim when trying to install rkhunter, now apt can't find rkhunter but he want to know how to run it, Brave won't launch yet there's no error message about it in the console output, and the log file issue looks like something he could have found with a Google search so he07:55
arraybolt3could sound believable.07:55
lotuspsychjeit tiring for sure07:56
leftyfboerheks: everything they have suggested is unlikely :)19:59
oerheksyeah, i just joined in ..19:59
leftyfbit's been pointed out to me that RiverGolem1 is a known troll. They've been banned from other channels for constantly posting inane questions. They've joined #u with the same hostname and almost 200 different nicks since June20:10
sarnoldheh do they all end in numbers?20:12
leftyfbmost do, not all20:13
leftyfb8 out of 192 do not have numbers at the end20:14
* daftykins is now known as daftykin35720:16
sarnold*so* shady20:18
leftyfbjust more reason to keep an eye on them20:18
sarnoldI I outsourced keeping an eye on daftykins to mischief. seems to be working so far.20:19
daftykinsshe keeps us both in line ;)20:19
* sarnold nods20:19
daftykins(Mischief is my cat, for those unfamiliar - or rather i'm her staff)20:24
goddardthe new gnome drop down in the top right is nice for the sound changer alone22:56
goddardneeds a MIC options as well though22:56
wezdaftykins: Nice, is it a requirement to have her on a leach when outside on public property?23:55

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