oklopferThe mainline kernel has been failing to properly build since Nov 13, when 6.1-rc5 released. 6.1-rc6 never had any builds ran, 6.1-rc7 only started running builds halfway through the week (which failed anyways), and 6.1-rc8 is now failing too. So as a result the daily builds are just a bunch of empty folders with error logs.00:29
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SvenKieskehey guys, is there a channel on this server for general ubuntu packaging questions? it seems that currently installation of mstlint (mellanox tooling) is broken in bionic somehow..13:45
SvenKieskesorry, the packagename is "mstflint", if someone wonders.14:05
SvenKieskenvm seems to be a local configuration problem in our container.14:06
BLZbubbahi guys, i'm trying to build a mainline kernel from the mainline-crack repo.  it's not obvious how to get the debian/ directory and patch files though, where can I get those?16:05

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