arraybolt3Using VirtualBox 7.0 on Lubuntu 23.04. When I try to insert the Guest Additions ISO file into a VM, I'm asked to download the file from the Internet. I tell it yes, and then get a notification within VirtualBox, "Downloading Guest Additions... Name: VBoxGuestAdditions   During certificate downloading: Unknown reason". The progress bar shows 100%, and nothing else happens. I'm not able to get00:13
arraybolt3it to download. Any hints, is this a known issue?00:13
arraybolt3I don't see anything interesting in the VirtualBox log. And I'm using the version of VBox from the Ubuntu repositories.00:14
arraybolt3Hey, I was able to use the virtualbox-guest-additions-iso apt package! Woot!00:17
arraybolt3superkuh: Wrt 24.04 development, we only develop one new release of Ubuntu at a time. Right now 23.04 is in the works and is slated to release in April of 2023, at which point we'll get things moving to develop 23.10. Once that releases in October 2023, *then* we'll start work on 24.04. We don't try to prepare multiple releases in advance, since for one, that would be really hard, and for two,02:03
arraybolt3we only have the newest or near-newest software to work with each release, so there's not really much we *can* do for releases later than the one we're currently developing.02:03
superkuhGot it. Thanks for the summary.02:04

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