davefSo I got a Rasp Pi 4, I was using it for DNS filtering but no longer need it for that task.  Any suggestions on what to do with it? No, I'm not mailing it to anyone! :-P01:11
zxmpiskys the limit with a pi4. it's a lite desktop replacement01:17
davefI don't need another desktop. I thought about using it on the TV, but the Shield pretty much covers that.01:18
zxmpihome automation?01:19
zxmpilocal voice assistant?01:19
davefI've already got home-assistant running in a VM01:20
davefThe voice assistant idea, now that could work.01:20
davefI got rid of my NSA spy pringles can01:20
zxmpiso did amazon :-P01:20
davefamazon did what now?01:25
davefEnjoy https://youtube.com/shorts/pXJNpyOYjBI?feature=share03:18

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