ravageleftyfb: i did not read the whole conversation but ListenStream= results in a lister ""00:01
leftyfbravage: ooooo , that did it   (BindIPv6Only=no does NOT work )00:04
leftyfb"If the address string is a string in the format "v.w.x.y:z", it is interpreted as IPv4 address v.w.x.y and port z."00:05
leftyfbfrom https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.socket.html00:05
leftyfbso basically openssh has just thrown it's hands up and left it all up to systemd, including documentation00:06
leftyfbravage: the examples I kept finding were only specifying a port for ListenSteam so I didn't know the ip was an option as well00:08
ravageMystery solved now at least :)00:08
leftyfbyep, thanks. Good call00:08
pycuriouswhat is an easy way to create a .deb file for installation that installs a system service?00:11
leftyfb!packaging | pycurious00:11
ubottupycurious: The packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring00:11
leftyfbravage: wait, that DIDN'T actually do the trick, I was looking in the wrong place00:12
pycuriousleftyfb: it still looks painfule?00:13
leftyfbpycurious: YMMV00:13
pycuriousare there any wrappers around that readme - that can easily create deb packages from my source code? I just need to copy some files in the right locations and run systemctl enable00:14
sarnoldpycurious: I've heard good things about https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm00:17
aberrantListenStream= goes in sshd_config?00:22
leftyfbbut it doesn't matter, it doesn't solve the issue anyway00:22
leftyfbopenssh doesn't handle the config for this sort of thing (listening on ipv6) when you have socket activation enabled00:23
leftyfbit's done in systemd as part of the ssh.socket00:23
leftyfbI'm still trying to nail this down because it's going to become important for me in a couple years when I move to 24.0400:24
aberrantand there's no way to tell systemd not to listen on v6?00:24
leftyfbI'm sure there is, I just haven't found it yet00:24
leftyfbbut I'm on a mission now :)00:24
aberrantthank you for looking into it00:24
ravageleftyfb: what exactly doesnt work with it?00:24
leftyfbravage: openssh is still listening on ipv600:24
ravageit was ::22 before i made the change and now its
aberranthow is it listening on v6 when *there's no v6 interface defined*?00:25
aberrantI mean, you have to bind to an address and a port. What address is it using?00:26
leftyfbthat won't matter00:26
leftyfbok, hold on, that gives me an idea00:26
ravageam i missing something here?00:27
aberrantravage: do a netstat -anop please?00:27
leftyfbravage: also lsof -i :2200:27
leftyfboh wait00:27
bougymanum, don't you mean `ss -anop` ?00:27
ravagethats what i did00:27
leftyfbaberrant: what release of ubuntu are you on?00:28
bougymannetstat deprecated last century.00:28
aberrantbougyman: I'm old-school. I use netstat.00:28
aberrantleftyfb: 22.1000:28
aberrantbougyman: only on linux systems, perhaps.00:28
bougymanafair, ubuntu is a linux system.00:29
bougymanI can't believe we even still ship netstat.00:29
aberrantyes, but I use more than linux. :P00:29
aberrantin any case.00:29
aberrantwhat address is this thing binding to in order to listen?00:30
aberrantand ravage: how did you disable v6 binding?00:30
bougymanIt's listening? WOuldn't that be ss -nltp, then?00:30
leftyfbravage: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/dB78ysHGQV/00:30
aberrantbougyman: netstat -anop | grep LISTEN00:30
aberrantwhatever. TMTOWTDI00:30
bougymanwell the -l is specifically listening stuff.00:31
aberrantI appreciate you trying to educate me in linux-specific commands but I've got 30+ years of muscle memory to overcome.00:31
aberrantjust bear with my old-school commands. That's not the problem that needs to be solved right now.00:31
bougymanYou must be one of the remaining ps -ef folks, too :)00:31
aberrantps auxww00:32
bougymanps awwfux, here.00:32
ravagegot disconnected00:32
leftyfbravage: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/dB78ysHGQV/00:33
aberrantravage: what version of ubuntu?00:33
ravageleftyfb: add an empty ListenStream= line before your override line00:33
ravagethat should tell systemd to ignore whats in the original file00:33
aberrantok, I'm gonna try that. That's two files, right?00:34
aberrantssh.socket and override.conf?00:34
leftyfbravage: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/G5rxySf3x9/00:35
aberrantok, my ssh.socket looks pretty much the same as that.00:35
ravagebut if you do edit --full on the socket it works?00:35
ravagei did not use any override00:35
aberrantravage: how did you do this?00:35
ravagesudo systemctl edit --full ssh.socket00:36
aberrantravage: then just the ListenStream= before the other one?00:37
ravageyou only need ListenStream=
ravagein the [Unit] section unsetting stuff works like i told leftyfb00:38
ravagenever tried it in the socket section00:38
leftyfbno matter what combination I try it doesn't work00:38
aberrantok, that did it00:38
aberrantnow I need to do the same thing for nfs and its helpers.00:38
leftyfbaberrant: sudo systemctl cat ssh.socket   # can you pastebin this for me please?00:39
aberrantleftyfb: sure, but I did exactly what ravage suggested: systemctl edit --full ssh.socket, commented out ListenStream=22 and added ListenStream=
leftyfbyeah, I did that too but it's not working00:40
leftyfbI'd like to see the output00:40
aberrantleftyfb: https://pastebin.com/e2r5s66j00:40
aberrantleftyfb: did that help?00:42
aberrantweird. It's working on one RPi but not the other.00:43
leftyfbthis is the output of mine00:44
leftyfbexactly the same as your minus a space in the commented out line00:45
leftyfbnot working00:45
aberrantyeah. It's working on my first RPi but not my second.00:45
aberrantexactly the same.00:45
leftyfbsomething is missing00:46
leftyfbaberrant: how did you disable ipv6 elsewhere?00:46
aberrantleftyfb: one sec00:46
aberrantleftyfb: https://pastebin.com/3vnYgr7A00:47
aberrantleftyfb (/etc/sysctl.conf)00:47
aberrantI miss the days of /etc/rc :)00:48
aberrantat least I knew wtf was going on.00:48
leftyfbgot it00:50
leftyfbhold on, validating00:50
leftyfbcontainer is acting up now00:50
aberrantbonus points if you can get nfs and rpc.statd to stop trying to use v600:50
aberrantjeez. I got it on my first system but doing the exact same thing on the second and .. nothing00:56
leftyfbaberrant: I rebooted and it's working. I tried all the different iterations. It only seems to work if you edit with --full. Not an override00:56
leftyfbgotta go now00:56
aberrantI did that.00:57
aberrantand rebooted00:57
aberrantno joy00:57
aberrantoh, crap, it's good now00:57
aberrantI guess it starts up and then shuts it down?00:57
arraybolt3Dealing with a Heisenbug? Missed the start of the debugging session, interested in trying to help.00:59
aberrantarraybolt3: I think we've got it (at least for ssh). The problem is this: when you disable ipv6 systemwide using sysctl.conf, daemons still "bind" (not sure how) to v6 addresses.00:59
arraybolt3Oh fun. No clue how to work with that kind of thing, sorry! Glad you're making progress!01:00
aberrantssh, nfs, and rpc.statd are three that I know of. We fixed ssh, but nfs and rpc.statd are still binding to v6.01:00
aberrantit was not intuitive.01:00
aberrantas soon as I find a distro that is systemd-free that works reliably on an RPi, I'm gonna seriously consider it. I just don't understand these new-fangled features.01:01
murmelaberrant: devuan has no pi stuff?01:04
arraybolt3Alright, I know I can google this, but I'd like to get this right the first time and am hoping for someone to lead me through it. I am trying to avoid ever fully rebooting a particular desktop, and would like to simply kexec when I need to reboot. Trouble is this system uses the proprietary NVIDIA drivers, which throw a *fit* when you try to do this. I know the general idea of how to get around01:04
arraybolt3this (drop down to a text console and shut most everything else off, unload NVIDIA drivers, then kexec), but I don't know the exact procedure and am wondering if someone can lead me through step-by-step.01:04
arraybolt3(For those wondering why I'm trying to do this, I have a ton of HDDs installed in this desktop and would like them to not ever spin down, plus they add a good amount of time to the boot process. I'm hoping to dodge the delay and spindown-spinup cycle by using kexec.)01:06
aberrantmurmel: devuan's package repo is pretty sparse.01:07
aberrantmight try alpine.01:08
leftyfbaberrant: systemd is pretty good. Just different. Once you get used to it, it’s better than the old alternatives. In your particular case, it was a matter of openssh throwing it’s hands up for a lot of its configs and handing it off to systemd.01:09
murmelaberrant: was pretty sure they pull the rest of the packages from debian, as they only edit the systemd stuff01:09
leftyfbI’m not sure what’s up with this listenstream business and why an override won’t work01:10
leftyfbLet’s not discuss other distros here please01:10
aberrantleftyfb: what about nfs and rpc.statd?01:10
aberrantthey're doing the same thing.01:10
arraybolt3Hmm... I've managed to shut off X, but "sudo modprobe -r nvidia" is just telling me "modprobe: FATAL: Module nvidia not found."01:13
arraybolt3Same results trying to unload nvidia_drm.01:14
bougymansudo lsmod01:14
=== routebee is now known as route-bee
bougymanmaybe it already unloaded.01:14
arraybolt3Used lsmod, I was able to see them. I just decided to try rmmod, which appears to have worked.01:16
arraybolt3Yep, success! NVIDIA seems to be working right after running the final "systemctl kexec". Woot! Screen flashed alarmingly for a bit at first, but it seems to have worked.01:17
arraybolt3I now see the NVIDIA modules loaded properly.01:17
arraybolt3And the new kernel is loaded! Alright!01:17
aberrantwow. That's pretty sick.01:18
arraybolt3It was a lot easier than expected.01:18
arraybolt3Just logged out, switched to a TTY, ran "sudo systemctl stop sddm", then kexec loaded the new kernel and initrd, rmmod'd all the NVIDIA drivers, then "systemctl kexec" and BAM, screen went nuts and then rebooted properly.01:19
* arraybolt3 now needs to script that whole mess01:19
bougymanI have no wish to ever do that. It's cool that it can be done, though.01:20
arraybolt3(This is on Lubuntu 22.04.)01:20
bougymanI live in the cloud, where everything fails all the time, and you have to be ready for that.01:20
murmelarraybolt3: hope you share your script ;)01:20
bougymanHotpatching kernels is the antithesis of immuatble infrastructure :)01:20
arraybolt3murmel: Sure thing :)01:21
arraybolt3Well that was too much fun. I'm gonna write the script now.01:21
arraybolt3murmel: https://termbin.com/42hic - This assumes you're using SDDM, so this probably won't work on standard GNOME. Log out, switch to a TTY, then run the script and it should speed-reboot your system. It should work even with an NVIDIA card with proprietary drivers. Use caution, don't break anything. I just successfully rebooted my desktop with it.01:25
arraybolt3I wonder how viable it would be to use kexec to hot-reboot into a different Linux installation. :P Anyway, I'm going far off-topic.01:29
jhutchinsarraybolt3: Lilo will do that.01:41
superkuhHas development started on Ubuntu 24.04? Alternately is there a different channel where that question would be more appropriate?01:44
murmelbut I hope we are talking 23.04 not 24.04 :)01:45
superkuh... I kind of hoped 23.04 was already well on the way.01:45
superkuhlts or nothin' for me.01:46
murmelsure but the next lts isn't developed for a while superkuh01:46
superkuhOkay. Thanks again.01:46
Pr070cal_hi guys02:12
Pr070cal_i just installed 20.1002:13
Pr070cal_how do i start kde on a new console tty202:13
murmelPr070cal_: did you actually installed an eol release?02:14
Pr070cal_no 20.1002:14
sarnoldPr070cal_: that's five months out of date, probably better to just grab a new 22.04 image -- maybe kubuntu -- and install that instead02:14
Pr070cal_oh sorry 22.1002:14
Pr070cal_so how do i start kde on 22.10 on a new console02:16
Pr070cal_sartx wont start a window manager02:17
Pr070cal_i mean startx02:18
Pr070cal_startplasma-wayland also wont start window manager ?02:18
Pr070cal_ctrl + alt + f2 tty202:18
sarnoldwhat's your ~/.xinitrc look like?02:19
Pr070cal_i want to start manually from tty202:19
Pr070cal_i used to do it all the time02:19
jhutchinsPr070cal_: Running multiple X sessions is a somewhat rare topic and you might not find much here.  Possibly better to search the web.02:19
Pr070cal_but i had to run startx && something else like window manager02:20
jhutchinsPr070cal_: We used to be a lot closer to multi-user multi-session environments than single user systems.02:20
arraybolt3Pr070cal_: Does the Switch User feature of KDE work? (Heads up, if you try to sign in to the same user twice it seems to go haywire, I have no idea if it works with multiple users. Save your work and be prepared to reboot before trying this.)02:25
Pr070cal_how do i start a new kde session02:26
Pr070cal_from console tty202:26
lord_daemonI just installed haveged and rng-tools and restarted the machine. Why is entropy still showing only 256. Command: cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail02:40
sarnoldlord_daemon: check your poolsize; it's probably also 256. the entropy_avail can't be higher than the poolsize02:43
lord_daemonsarnold, cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/poolsize02:51
lord_daemon 25602:51
lord_daemonsarnold, sysctl kernel.random.poolsize=409602:53
sarnoldlord_daemon: good question, I wonder if there's a maximum size..02:54
xxyhow to fix "libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)" error02:56
sarnoldoh, that's read-only, it'll take a recompile to change it, and it might even require a new algorithm02:56
lord_daemonI read here that you can't change newer kernels anymore, well, I'll assume it's safe because I don't have the knowledge to compile my own kernel =)03:05
hiyabluesceada: but it still works fine for me, just that notifications do not work05:08
desktopHi, can i remove the text labels on lubuntu on the panel05:19
arraybolt3desktop: I think so, one moment...05:21
arraybolt3OK, I have figured out how to do it.05:22
desktophow ?05:22
arraybolt3desktop: Right-click on the taskbar, and click "Configure Panel".05:23
arraybolt3In the window that pops up, click Widgets (it's in the menu on the left-hand side).05:23
arraybolt3Next, in the list of items that you'll see, click "Task Manager".05:23
arraybolt3Let me know when you get that far.05:24
desktopi remove task manager?05:24
arraybolt3desktop: No, just click it.05:24
desktopi did05:24
arraybolt3desktop: Next, there's a column of buttons on the right-hand side of the screen.05:24
arraybolt3The bottom-most button should look like a circle with three dots in it.05:24
arraybolt3Click that button.05:24
arraybolt3Does this pop up a window "Task Manager Setting" for you?05:25
arraybolt3Alright, in the Appearance section, there's an option "Button style". Set it to "Only icon".05:25
desktopthank you05:26
arraybolt3You may also want to check the "Window grouping" check box while you're right here, if you're going for a Windows 7-like feel.05:26
arraybolt3Then you can just click "Close" in both the Task Manager Settings window and the Configure Panel window.05:26
desktopgot it05:27
arraybolt3👍️ Nice! Glad to be able to help!05:28
cosmicrajivhi all. why ubuntu denied install itself alongside win11 if windows encryption in on?05:43
ZaphidaHi guys, I'm trying to pipe gzip output to adb shell but gzip is just dumping its output to stdout. https://pastebin.com/yeDnCRWd I am trying to flash postmarketOS (a linux distro) to an ASUS intel tablet following this guide https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/ASUS_MeMO_Pad_7_(asus-me176c)05:47
samy1028bcomicrajiv: I'm assuming you mean Windows BitLocker is enabled on your drive?05:50
samy1028bif so, you won't be able to read/write that drive as it is proprietary Windows encryption.05:51
tomreynZaphida: https://pastebin.com/yeDnCRWd -> "This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff."05:52
cosmicrajiv<samy1028b> if so, you won't be able to read/write that drive....... so must turn off the windows encryption to install ubuntu alongside it or i have to install ubuntu alone?05:52
tomreynZaphida: are oyou actually doing this on ubuntu?05:52
Zaphidatomreyn yes05:53
Zaphidaon jellyfish05:53
tomreyncosmicrajiv: you will need to turn off / undo bitlocker encryption.05:53
Zaphidatomreyn strange, let me repost without the binary data.05:54
tomreyncosmicrajiv: consider alternatives, too, though, such as using virtualization05:54
tomreynZaphida: see !paste for the pastebin we currently recommend here05:54
tomreyn(it is not pastebin.com)05:54
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:54
cosmicrajivyeah, your are right. i am going to install ubuntu alone and do virtualization of win11 from that.05:55
cosmicrajivgoing to say good bye to windows:)05:55
Zaphidatomreyn https://dpaste.com/B8H9367GQ05:57
Zaphidacosmircajiv goodbye windows it was not a pleasure05:58
cosmicrajivwhy ubuntu 22.04.1 recomments nvidia 525.xx when 515.xx is the production version?06:01
cosmicrajivi checked using ubuntu-drivers.06:02
cosmicrajivshould i follow the recommendation or just install the production version?06:02
tomreynZaphida: while the gzip command certainly returns the compressed version of your image file to stdout, apparently adb shell does not have a way to handle this input. sure, you are running zcat inside the adb shell, but that doesn't mean that adb passes input it gets via stdin into that shell06:04
tomreyncosmicrajiv: can you explain the term "production version" in this context?06:06
cosmicrajiv<tomreyn>.. check this page https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/unix/06:07
cosmicrajivnow its 525.xx06:07
cosmicrajivi was checked yesterday and it shows 515.xx06:08
tomreynoh ok06:08
tomreynhttps://docs.nvidia.com/grid/index.html also refers to "december", so it's probably a recent change06:09
cosmicrajivso i was just asking that should i always install what ubuntu-devices recommends?06:09
Zaphidatomreyn strange that the postmarketOS has this as the command to use if fastboot flash fails. well, I don't think I want compressed output, I think need to write the raw data of the image to the device, so I need to output the uncompressed output. I could be wrong06:12
cosmicrajivtomreyn: which should i install https://pastebin.com/raw/SGEvtcCw06:12
Zaphidadepends on how it's supposed to be stored. maybe it gets uncompressed on boot06:12
tomreyncosmicrajiv: you should use what matches your requirements, is supposedly compatible to your hardware, and is actually compatible to your hardware.06:12
ubottuDrivers for Nvidia graphics cards: (A) No gaming/CAD/CUDA needed or legacy hardware? Use "nouveau" (open source, lacks many features). (B) Otherwise, "nvidia" (proprietary driver, fully featured). Install using "ubuntu-drivers" CLI or apt - not from nvidia.com. Driver series, hardware support (release notes): https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/unix/ - Latest drivers !PPA: https://pad.lv/ppa/graphics-drivers06:12
Zaphidacosmircajiv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYWzMvlj2RQ06:13
desktopwhy does my game still runs badly after installing nvidia drivers06:14
tomreynZaphida: the zcat would have undone the compression, if it had received the data through adb06:15
cosmicrajivZaphida: i saw it years ago. but the problem is most of the computer manufacturers still ships with nvidia.06:15
tomreyndesktop: if you have a lot more details, someone may be able to suggest what to do there06:16
cosmicrajivwhat is the difference between nvidia-driver-525-open and nvidia-driver-525?06:18
tomreynthe -open one has permissively licensed kernel modules06:19
cosmicrajiv<tomreyn> so should it contains all the features that the one without "open" contains?06:21
tomreyni guess not yet, but that's something nvidia are working on06:22
cosmicrajivok. so if ubuntu-devices recommends that one then i shoul go with the same version without the "open"?06:23
tomreynyes, probably. ubuntu-drivers only, initally, follows nvidias' recommendations on what is supposedly compatible to what, so this can still result in booting without graphics, if you're unlucky.06:25
tomreynbut you can then boot to recovery and, if you have network connectivity, switch to a different nvidia proprietary driver, or, if you don't, switch to nouveau by uninstalling *nvidia* packages06:27
Zaphidatomreyn well I did this same thing on windows with gzip.exe and I got this: https://snipboard.io/XJdBPT.jpg06:29
Zaphidaerr sorry https://snipboard.io/nqd6t8.jpg06:29
tomreynZaphida: you are looking for help with android and adb, which i cannot provide06:32
tomreynthere are certainly more dedicated channels to this topic, though06:33
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»06:33
Zaphidatomreyn yes06:46
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jdaviescoatesI really really dislike the screenshot tool that came bundled with Ubuntu 22.04 - is there anyway I can revert to the screenshot set-up that Ubuntu 20.04 had?10:36
SteelRosejdaviescoates: try ksnip or flameshot10:41
lotuspsychjejdaviescoates: the old one is gnome-screenshot10:41
lotuspsychjethink flameshot is good for wayland these days10:41
jdaviescoates> I really really dislike the screenshot tool that came bundled with Ubuntu 22.04 - is there anyway I can revert to the screenshot set-up that Ubuntu 20.04 had?10:41
jdaviescoatesOK, so I've installed the good old gnome-screenshot which has got me almost  there, but now I also need to revert what happens when I press the PrintScreen button on my keyboard so that it simply prints the screen with no further interaction instead of opening the annoying new screenshot tool which frustrates me no end.10:41
jdaviescoatesThanks SteelRose lotuspsychje10:41
lotuspsychjejdaviescoates: check your hotkeys or dconf-editor to edit key values10:42
lotuspsychjejdaviescoates: theres also an app input-remapper that will allow you to change keys10:43
jdaviescoatesthanks lotuspsychje I'll have a poke around10:43
whysix_Is there any way to disable cloud-init on initial boot? Seems to be stuck and I just want to provision this manually over KVM its the 22.04 LTS release.11:01
=== darkowlzz1 is now known as darkowlzz
whysix_I can see port 22 is open on the box but I cant actually ssh into it.. I havent set any keys or anything11:08
EriC^^whysix_: ssh -vvv might help to see why11:09
whysix_well it has no keys11:10
whysix_its an ubuntu live iso11:10
whysix_I just want it to run a regular install lol11:10
EriC^^ah, did not know it's an installer11:13
whysix_this should be the easy bit lol11:13
whysix_i just want rid of this cloud-init shit11:13
vincenzohello, I am trying to debug why at some point, under a number of simultaneous login attempts in the order of thousands, my ubuntu server became totally unresponsive over any tcp port, even after reboot, and only stopping ufw permitted a new ssh login11:33
vincenzothat was a bit traumatic, is it a default rule of ufw to block all ports under too many connections? I did not know. And also: do such blocks survive reboot? If so how to fix this behaviour?11:33
vincenzois there a log of such limits when they are applied11:35
SteelRosewhysix_: https://blog.rylander.io/2020/12/23/how-to-remove-cloud-init-from-ubuntu-server-20-04/ <-- have you tried that?11:38
SteelRosevincenzo: do you have fail2ban installed?11:39
bob_x1hello everyone. what is a correct line for main repository in sources.list for cosmic release ?11:39
whysix_SteelRose, im little confused I dont have a terminal prompt yet11:39
whysix_is there a way to run this before boot or something?11:39
whysix_Its just stuck on cloud init... and rotating / \ symbol11:40
SteelRosewhysix_: you can boot into single-user mode, apply one of the changes there and reboot11:40
whysix_it doesnt fallback to just.. running the iso lol11:40
SteelRosewhysix_: do you have a running system already or are you installing a new one from scratch?11:41
whysix_new one from scratch11:41
vincenzo@SteelRose:no I dont have fail2ban11:41
whysix_its not remote11:41
SteelRosevincenzo: any firewall up and running? what does the logs say?11:42
SteelRosewhysix_: what do you use to deploy it? ISO image or Infrastructure-as-Code tools, such as Terraform?11:42
vincenzoSteelRose: yes I had ufw enabled as per default ubuntu-server configuration. I am unsure where to find its log, though11:43
SteelRosevincenzo: journalctl -u ufw.service11:43
bob_x1is there a way to download deb packages for cosmic release directly from ubuntu package directory ?11:44
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whysix_SteelRose, just an ISO11:45
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=== diskin_ is now known as diskin
SteelRosewhysix_: it's been a while since I used an ISO to deploy Ubuntu but I don't remember seeing that cloud-init stuff when I installed 20.04 LTS on my work laptop... hmm...11:46
vincenzoSteelRose, I only see start and stop messages there. Are there other means, e.g. direct iptables11:47
vincenzodoes it have a different log11:47
SteelRosevincenzo: try: iptables -L -v <-- as root, of course11:48
vincenzoah yes, but now the firewall is disabled (otherwise I cant connect)11:49
ograbob_x1, cosmic (18.10) is long EOL ... upgrade to a newer version (and use LTS if you do not want it to EOL after 9 months)11:49
ogra!eol | bob_x111:49
ubottubob_x1: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:49
SteelRosevincenzo: is that issue happening on a regular basis? or only after several connections?11:50
ograbob_x1, see the last link the bot posted11:50
bob_x1ah thanks i will read11:50
bob_x1ogra: now i have a certificate expired error after apt update command11:54
bob_x1is it possible to ignore this error ?11:54
bob_x1currently it is not critical11:54
vincenzoSteelRose, on a regular basis I got sort of short blocks that led me to further investigation12:08
vincenzoFurther investigation was in the form of "watch -n 1 iperf ..." which led to a permanent block12:08
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SteelRosevincenzo: perhaps the -n 1  was the culprit ...12:23
SteelRosevincenzo: I'd install and configure fail2ban as it also provides logs for its activity12:23
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whysix_SteelRose, yeah im stumped.. I just want this page to fk off lol..13:14
whysix_There must be a way to bypass this13:14
whysix_I installed the last LTS release on boxes and never done this..13:15
whysix_LOL weird must have heard me13:15
BluesKajHi all13:15
whysix_last time I ran all night with nothing.. now its timedout and started regular install13:15
whysix_how odd13:15
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SteelRosewhysix_: install 20.04 LTS instead and then do a distro-upgrade...13:21
SteelRosethat's my proposal... I haven't installed 22.04 yet13:21
SteelRosehi BluesKaj13:21
BluesKajhey SteelRose13:22
mybalzitchmy god wayland is just awful13:32
pikapikamybalzitch, trigger happy development is annoying13:33
pikapikaSteelRose, don't13:38
pikapikafirefox is a snap in 22.0413:38
SteelRosepikapika: ??13:39
pikapikaif you upgrade to 22.04 you will find firefox is a snap package13:39
SteelRosepikapika: I'm not upgrading to 22.04 ... and don't use FF anyway :-)13:39
pikapikaoh ok you were answering someone, not describing what you want ot do13:39
SteelRosepikapika: exactly13:40
johnfghi folks13:53
johnfgI have GSconnect installed on this system (all updates installed), and KDEconnect on my phone.  All's working pretty well, except for mounting the phone on this system.13:54
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johnfgI get no feedback when I select 'mount', but am not seeing the phone anywhere.13:55
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SteelRosejohnfg: I use KDEconnect on my phone and on my desktop. All works flawlessly... no idea about what GSConnect is14:01
geosmilealso, how do i record every command used as root into a log file (with timestamp)? - perhaps even ship that file to a central location?14:14
ravagegeosmile: https://nixhive.com/log-sudo-commands/14:17
johnfgSteelRose: It's the extension in GnomeShell that interacts with KDEconnect.14:46
SteelRosejohnfg: thanks! I googled it right after I showed my ignorance here :-D14:47
FaynHi. My output audio device resets to wrong one after each reboot (or logging out and in again) in Ubuntu 22.04. Is there some place I can use to persistently configure the correct device?14:48
FaynAnd a second issue I have is with Steam snap. In steam games microphone does not work. Push to talk button seems to do nothing and for example in CS:GO there isn't even any option to select input device in audio settings.14:49
Faynmic does work elsewhere like in Discord14:49
SteelRoseFayn: I'd recommend updating/reinstalling the firmware14:51
FaynFor the record it's samson meteor mic.14:51
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FaynSteelRose: you mean the linux-firmware package? or something else15:09
Faynthat's already up to date15:10
SteelRoseFayn: fwupdmgr get-updates  <-- try this15:11
FaynLooks like that's up to date as well, thanks anyway.15:14
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ograFayn, for the steam snap, try #ubuntu-desktop ... the people packaging it are in that channel15:17
ograFayn, could well be that your audio-record plug is simply not connected for the snap ... try "snap connections steam" to see if it is15:18
FaynPlug shows steam:audio-record but Slot is "-"15:19
ograsudo snap connect steam:audio-record15:20
ograthat should connect it ... then try again if your mic works in the app15:20
Faynogra: that fixed it, thanks \o/15:35
ograFayn, awesome ... once there is a stable steam snap i think it will auto-connect such interfaces15:36
maxencewhere are u from ?15:55
leftyfb!ot | maxence15:56
ubottumaxence: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:56
blackhawkI am stuck at login screen. I know there is something wrong with the Xauthority file but i'm not able to access the cli from the login screen.16:31
blackhawkI can drop to the root shell prompt but can't navigate my way to the Xauthority file from there16:31
ioriablackhawk, why not ?16:33
blackhawkCan you please tell me the exact location for the Xauthority file ?16:33
ioriablackhawk, usually, your home... but it's not used anymore on recent editions16:34
blackhawkI'm 16.04 but on ESM so supported till 2026. I know 16.04 is abandoned but some help would be appreciated16:35
nteodosioIf you are so certaint that the problem is that file, then just rm /home/username/.Xauthority16:36
nteodosioThen once it fails again post the Xorg log :)16:36
blackhawkA'right. I found the file in /home/username.16:37
blackhawkThe internet lead me to conclude that being stuck on the login screen was due to problems related to the Xauthority file16:39
blackhawkI recently had tried to setup a RDP server with xrdp using xfce4 for the environment16:40
leftyfbblackhawk: if you're on ESM, then you have support through Canonical16:46
leftyfbblackhawk: that said, you should REALLY upgrade to a release that isn't over 6 years old16:48
blackhawkthrough cannonical means ubuntu one advantage, something like that right ?16:48
leftyfbblackhawk: https://ubuntu.com/support/contact-us16:49
blackhawkThank You, appreciate that16:49
jhutchinsblackhawk: Rather than deleting it, rename it.16:50
blackhawkI check for the permissions of the file and they seem to be just fine.16:52
blackhawkI think somehow, the package ( DE) ubuntu-desktop had gotten removed. A simple "sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop" solved the problem.16:53
blackhawkThanks for the help though, didn't need to reach out to the support in this case :-)16:54
blackhawkhttps://www.maketecheasier.com/fix-ubuntu-login-loop/#:~:text=Instead%2C%20press%20Ctrl%20%2B%20Alt%20%2B,provide%20your%20password%20when%20asked. Found this guide really helpful16:55
ioriathat cmd just installs a meta-pkg16:55
forgotmynickhello chaps. i have a server with oracle cloud. for some reason when the server starts i can't seem to connect to nginx. at first i thought it was something to do with the iptables but after removing each rule until no rules, and when flushing all rules, it still didn't work. however, restarting nginx made it work. so after restarting the server and trying again, this time i only restarted nginx and it worked. consistently16:57
forgotmynickevery time the servers restarted, i have to restart nginx in order for it to work. so when it doesn't work, i can see packets are reaching the server using tcpdump: `16:56:03.424258 IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX.50498 > Flags [S], seq 1657802296, win 64240, options [mss 1460,sackOK,TS val 4048372450 ecr 0,nop,wscale 7], length 0 and 16:56:03.424298 IP > XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX.50498: Flags [R.], seq 0, ack 1657802297,16:57
forgotmynickwin 0, length 0` -- what am I doing wrong?16:57
blackhawkAnother question is that while using xrdp to create a remote server, can I use ubuntu-desktop as the desktop environment ?16:58
ioriaonly if logged out16:58
blackhawkokay, i get that. So hows the idea of getting the ubuntu-minimal meta-pkg and using it as a DE for the RDP server ? Does it still require me to log out of my system ?16:59
ioriaubuntu-minimal is not a DE17:00
ioriaxfce is a good solution, imo17:01
blackhawkme using xfce4 imo was the cause I was stuck at the login screen.17:03
RenevantHello all! Could anyone point me to any resource that would list expected outbound communications from Ubuntu Server 20.04?17:07
cartdrigeeasier is to list running services and check listening ports with netstat.17:18
RenevantUnderstood. I was hoping there was a list of typical expected, but if that's the way to go, I appreciate the advice. I'll look into it, thank you cartdrige!17:20
ograRenevant, by default there are no open ports on an ubuntu install17:21
ograonly apps you install later will open any ....17:21
cartdrigeRenevant, sudo service --status-all; netstat -anpo17:22
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/17:35
RiverGolem1Hi guys19:30
chraistOpenCZ: Test test19:44
OpenCZthat was to test if i could chat here19:44
leftyfbOpenCZ: proper use of IRC test Failed19:44
OpenCZsorry im a bit new19:45
goddardso just upgraded from 22.04 and it appears my vpn isn't connecting19:45
goddardhow can i see the connection information to figure out what its problem is?19:45
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goddardany way to trigger from the terminal?19:45
OpenCZDid you change servers on the vpn?19:46
OpenCZtry that, that might work19:46
leftyfbgoddard: nmcli19:46
goddardit doesn't have multiple servers19:46
goddardleftyfb:  thanks19:46
OpenCZgoddard: try a different vpn, could be the current one thats the issue19:47
goddardOpenCZ:  appreciate that help but that isn't the issue19:48
RiverGolem1what protocol are u using19:48
RiverGolem1what VPN are u using19:48
RiverGolem1and how are u connecting19:48
RiverGolem1Example answer: Private Internet Access VPN, Connecting via TCP Port 80, OpenVPN19:48
goddardjust need to know how to connect to an existing gnome vpn so i can debug myself because 20 questions problem won't work19:48
goddardits not a commerical vpn provider19:48
RiverGolem1Are you connecting via Terminal or Network Manager19:49
goddardbefore my upgrade i just used gnome shell19:49
RiverGolem1Ive never used GNome VPN19:49
goddardnow it isn't working19:49
RiverGolem1Gnome shell as in Terminal?19:49
goddardnmcli con up VPNNAME19:50
RiverGolem1Ive never used that vpn method19:50
RiverGolem1Ive only used openvpn or wireguard19:50
RiverGolem1in terminal, or GUI VPN apps19:50
goddardRiverGolem1:  it is openvpn19:50
goddardusing nm19:50
RiverGolem1Whats nm19:50
goddardnetwork manager19:51
goddardhence nmcli19:51
OpenCZGoddard: so openvpn is having issues on ubuntu 22.04 on your part?19:51
leftyfbRiverGolem1: do you need help with something?19:51
RiverGolem1MAybe the .ovpn server config file is old19:51
RiverGolem1leftyfb, not really, just trying to help this mate19:51
leftyfbgoddard: I would start looking through your NetworkManager logs19:51
RiverGolem1sometimes the vpn config files are re-made to account for new server certificates, settings etc19:52
leftyfbgoddard: journalctl -fu NetworkManager   # watch that while you connect19:52
goddardyep looks like its just a timeout19:52
RiverGolem1try downloading a fresh VPN config file19:52
goddardnot as descriptive as i would hope for19:52
RiverGolem1Do you have an exotic firewall setup or Intrustion prevention ssystem, some endpoint security19:52
leftyfbRiverGolem1: we try to troubleshoot issues here as opposed to throwing out multiple assumed causes19:52
RiverGolem1Or custom DNS19:52
RiverGolem1These are possible issues he could be having19:53
leftyfbRiverGolem1: there an almost infinite number of possibilities. It's more helpful to troubleshoot the issue as opposed to naming possible causes19:53
OpenCZI do got one question though, why does openbox window manager glitch out on Ubuntu ( tried it with both 19.04 and 22.04 LTS ) or is it the configs being funny19:53
RiverGolem1example "ah yes I am using a custom DNS" which happens to not resolves IPs in a ceterain datacenter, etc19:53
RiverGolem1II dissagree with your troubleshooting method19:54
RiverGolem1Im covering all possible options19:54
leftyfbRiverGolem1: while ignoring the fact that goddard has already stated the issue19:54
RiverGolem1"just a timeout" isnt the answer19:54
RiverGolem1"just a timeout" is just the beginning, what is causing the timeout?19:54
RiverGolem1Network firewall, Local firewall, custom DNS, etc19:55
OpenCZill wait untill this is finished19:55
RiverGolem1hence my questions19:55
RiverGolem1'openbox window manager' how did u isntall it?19:55
OpenCZsudo apt-get install openbox19:55
OpenCZand the alternative command19:56
RiverGolem1Can Is ee a screenshot of the glitch19:56
OpenCZill have to reinstall it19:56
RiverGolem1Perhaps OPenBox just isnt compatable with Ubuntu19:56
leftyfbRiverGolem1: I prefer to use actual troubleshooting steps like pinging the endpoint or trying to connect to it using a different device. It serves no purpose when you ask "are you running X firewall or Y security or Z DNS or LMNOP etc" There19:56
RiverGolem1Yeah it does19:57
RiverGolem1because those questions are open19:57
leftyfbThere's troubleshooting and then there's spitballing19:57
RiverGolem1I dont have answers yet19:57
RiverGolem1Thats why I ask19:57
OpenCZi dont think its compatability issues, i think its an issue with config because fluxbox and blackbox works well, but i specificly want openbox for themes19:57
RiverGolem1Try updating your OpenVPN version19:57
RiverGolem1Usually the stock version is outdated19:57
RiverGolem1And yes, also ping the endpoint and try to connect from another device19:58
OpenCZill be back19:58
RiverGolem1on the same, and a different network19:58
leftyfbgoddard: do you require further assistance?19:58
oerhekshe is running latest LTS, so outdated openvpn software is unlikely19:58
RiverGolem1even latest LTS can have outdated packages, for exaple I had to update libfuse to get appimages to open20:00
OpenCZok im back20:01
OpenCZi got the screenshot20:01
goddardleftyfb: i got the start of something but gotta figure out what changes between ubuntu version maybe before i completely just delete it and try to re-create it20:02
OpenCZanyone know if its possible to upload images here?20:03
OpenCZbecause i got the screenshot of openbox glitching20:03
leftyfbgoddard: I would look further up in the logs. A timeout for vpn can happen even when auth or the handshake has failed20:03
goddardpostimages OpenCZ20:03
leftyfbOpenCZ: imgur.com20:03
RiverGolem1link dat shiz20:03
OpenCZthis is the link ( imgur ) should work: https://imgur.com/a/ewdrg6b20:05
cbreakanyone noticed ubuntu 22.10 (kubuntu here to be exact) not booting into X?20:05
leftyfbcbreak: after an update?20:05
cbreakI had to roll back to my update state from 2022.12.01, yes20:06
cbreakI updated a few times since then, but didn't reboot until now20:06
leftyfbcbreak: look to see if an oracle kernel got installed20:06
cbreakwell, the rollback removed anything that happened :/ Is that a plausible option?20:06
OpenCZRiverGolem1: this is the image: https://imgur.com/a/ewdrg6b20:06
RiverGolem1Firstly, report that problem20:07
RiverGolem1maybe the devs can see and fix it20:07
sarnoldOpenCZ: YOU BEAT SOLITARE!20:07
RiverGolem1as the GUI says 'report problem'20:07
OpenCZsarnold: ive been trying to beat mines now20:07
oerheksOpenCZ, this only happens when a system program problem is detected?20:07
sarnoldOpenCZ: hehehehe20:07
RiverGolem1Try sending this screenshot to the OPenBox devs20:08
OpenCZok, but the error message ive been getting for quite some time and keeps comin back20:09
cbreakleftyfb: if it happens again, I'll take a look which kernel was booted20:09
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OpenCZcould openbox be having a fit due to the kernel?20:12
OpenCZor is it just universal across ubuntu20:13
jhutchinsOpenCZ: Remind us what platform you're running it on?20:13
OpenCZran openbox on 22.04 and 19.0420:13
OpenCZkernel version 5.0.0-40-gen20:14
leftyfbOpenCZ: ubuntu 19.04 is no longer supported. That one should be upgraded regardless20:15
OpenCZits for the laptop im using20:15
OpenCZits a bit crappy for 22.0420:15
RiverGolem1as in low power?20:15
leftyfb19.04 isn't going to be any better20:15
RiverGolem1Try Lubuntu, is works great on Low-spec laptops! Im using a Celeron N4500 CPU20:16
leftyfbOpenCZ: later versions do sometimes improve performance20:16
RiverGolem1its just barely fast enough20:16
RiverGolem1To run Windows 11, but Linux is perfect20:16
leftyfbOpenCZ: as for the 22.04, you should install linux-generic-hwe-22.0420:16
desktopCan someone help me figure out why my games still run badly after installing nvidia drivers20:18
oerheksdesktop, op what specs, what ubuntu, and what game platform?20:19
desktoplubuntu and gtx 106020:19
leftyfbdesktop: ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ) | nc termbin.com 999920:19
desktopim not sure what is a game platform20:19
OpenCZcrappy as in fetures usually freeze it20:20
oerhekspoor specs, you do not have memory?20:20
OpenCZi just got an RTX 307020:20
desktopi have 16g of ram and an i520:20
desktopit an old pc but it works fine on windows20:20
leftyfbdesktop: ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ) | nc termbin.com 999920:21
desktopleftyfb: https://termbin.com/1vu520:21
OpenCZmy laptop specs is an I5 8gb ram with 256GB SSD with on-board graphics and its unable to handel a modern linux distro20:21
leftyfbdesktop: what game is having an issue and how so?20:21
desktopwarframe , it just looks like it doesnt have alot of fps20:22
leftyfbOpenCZ: that's not true.20:22
desktoplike when im moving it takes alot of time20:22
leftyfbdesktop: how did you instal warframe?20:22
desktopfrom steam20:22
OpenCZleftyfb: about what20:22
OpenCZi tested it a few times on it20:23
desktopi think it might not even be using my graphics card20:23
leftyfbOpenCZ: the specs you gave will run a "modern linux distro" just fine. Regardless, it's offtopic here unless you want help with it20:23
oerheksso the gameplatform is steam..20:24
leftyfbdesktop: open the "additional drivers" utility20:24
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desktopleftyfb: okay, what now ?20:24
OpenCZsorry i must of gotten off topic and not realise it20:24
leftyfbdesktop: what does it show you?20:25
desktoptheres a list of all nvidia drivers20:25
desktopim currently using 515 proprietary20:25
desktopthe game also get stuck on processing vulkan shaders and i have to skip it20:26
leftyfbthen you're probably running through your GPU20:26
leftyfbdesktop: maybe try a steam support chat?20:26
desktopi think i installed intel drivers somehow20:27
oerheksunlikely, intel is supported in the kernel20:28
oerheksand you have latest stable kernel.20:28
desktopi didnt know that it was supported by the kernel and i installed them i think20:29
desktopI get an error when im trying to enable 515 drivers20:32
desktoppk-client-error-quark: The following packages have unmet dependencies:20:32
desktop  libnvidia-gl-515: Depends: libnvidia-egl-wayland1 (>= 1:1.1.7) but it is not installable20:32
desktop (268)20:32
leftyfb!paste | desktop20:32
ubottudesktop: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:32
leftyfbdesktop: you should be trying to install libnvidia-egl-wayland1 1:1.1.9-1.120:34
desktophow can i install it20:34
desktopapt install ?20:35
leftyfbdesktop: ( sudo apt update ; apt-cache policy libnvidia-egl-wayland1 ) | nc termbin.com 999920:35
leftyfbdesktop: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999920:37
leftyfbyou're missing the main repo20:37
desktopwhats the command to install it20:38
leftyfb"# Automatically generated by Calamares on 2022-12-05."   you ran something that messed with your repo's and essentially broke your system20:38
desktopdo i need to reinstall20:39
oerheksno, in /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/sources.list   there is the original20:39
oerheksuniverse is disabled there, also partner.. but easy to enable again in software updates20:39
desktopso what do i do20:40
leftyfbdesktop: sudo curl -s https://termbin.com/e827 -o /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo apt update20:41
desktopsudo curl : command not found20:41
leftyfbdesktop: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace it's contents with https://termbin.com/e82720:42
leftyfbdesktop: then I would recommend:  sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-22.04 && sudo apt full-upgrade    # then reboot20:43
EriC^^desktop: sudo wget -qO /etc/apt/sources.list https://termbin.com/e827     perhaps?20:43
ioriai think partner is gone, for  22.04 and on20:45
desktopleftyfb: i did wget and it worked20:46
desktopdo i run your command now20:46
leftyfbioria: http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/pool/partner/20:46
leftyfbdesktop: yes20:46
cambrian_invaderhow do I determine what permissions are provided by a snap plug?20:46
desktopand i reboot ?20:47
leftyfbdesktop: that was the instruction20:47
leftyfbcambrian_invader: you might try #snappy20:47
iorialeftyfb, yep, it's 2022 now20:47
leftyfbyep, hasn't been updated in over a year. I never took the time to notice20:48
ioriafor the record, https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2022/01/ubuntu-is-axing-the-partner-repo-nobody-uses20:48
morgan-u2OK I just started discord, which is never "really" off, and chrome died. So what do I do with the journalctl -f output?  -- I was told to look for something unusual but ask I have said I have no clue what that would look like.  Thanks for any help.20:57
morgan-u2apparmor="DENIED" is basically all it says, from snap.dicord.com or .... also org.freedsiktop.Tracker3.Miner.Extract' ... requested by ':1.9' (uid=1000 pid=2468 comm-"/usr/libexec/tracker-miner-fs-e " label-"unconfirned"021:02
morgan-u2so I was saying it was all apparmor but then I saw that tracker miner thing.  but a real one wouldnt name itself that would it??21:03
morgan-u2can I find the exact time chrome died so I can look at the jornal then?  --  clearly I am a noob21:03
morgan-u2restarting chrome, which makes the dock shiver.21:10
morgan-u2even with only one tab and a Restore pages? dialog box.21:11
goddardwell i've tested and i am able to ping the vpn server, but my connection request times out.  Not sure what changed between 22.04 and 22.10, but must be a version change switched something?  I don't know.  So far the console and logs only report timeout.21:42
leftyfbgoddard: I would try setting up a new VPN connection profile from scratch21:43
goddardi'm importing from .ovpn file and i did try doing it just how i originally did it21:44
leftyfbgoddard: I did also recommend watching the NetworkManager logs while trying to connect21:44
goddardno i didn't catch that let me try21:44
leftyfbgoddard: don't import it. Try setting it up manually21:44
leftyfbgoddard: using the nm vpn wizard21:44
goddardjournalctl -f -u is much better21:49
goddardOpenSSL: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported21:49
goddardguessing this21:49
leftyfbthere's probably a cipher that has been disabled21:50
goddardmaybe something similar to this - https://stackoverflow.com/a/74416513/132562121:51
leftyfbgoddard: https://ask.fedoraproject.org/t/openssl-error-when-connecting-to-vpn-via-networkmanager-fedora-36/21123/921:52
goddardyep haha :D21:52
goddardwow cool21:54
goddardthanks leftyfb21:54
goddardit works21:54
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