xu-irc5wI HATE COMPUTERS05:46
xu-irc5wsudo apt updates does nothing05:47
xu-irc5wIt all started after i just tried downloading this youtubevideo: Eurocop Fattest.nu05:49
xu-irc5wI'm signed ou of everything, FB swell05:50
xu-irc5wI have a log today of 332,2 Gig06:13
xu-irc5wI don't think i wanna use xubuntu ever again06:13
xu-irc5wi can't even take a screen shot it says error06:14
xu-irc5wi cant even remove the file06:14
xu-irc5w;(  sry i just wanned to have friend06:15
xu-irc5wcan u help me remove this?06:18
xu-irc5wi liked my computer06:18
arraybolt3xu-irc5w: o/06:34
arraybolt3xu-irc5w: I'm not sure if you're asking for help with your computer or if you just want to chat. You might try going into #ubuntu-offtopic if you're looking for chat.06:35
arraybolt3(Also, no worries, the o/ was me waving "hello", not saying "stop" or anything.)06:35
xu-irc5wI thought it said No06:35
xu-irc5wThere's 332,2 GB of 'log' that i cant remove06:36
xu-irc5wAdded today06:36
arraybolt3Ah. Are you able to open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T?06:36
xu-irc5wthx for responding btw06:36
arraybolt3Alright. Do you know which file is the massive log file?06:37
arraybolt3I'm guessing /var/log/syslog or something similar.06:37
xu-irc5wAnd why am i signed out everywhere? Idk if i ever dear to sign in again ;(06:38
arraybolt3It might be related to your disk filling up. I'm guessing that you can't remove the log file because you're out of disk space and Xubuntu is trying to move the file to the trash (or maybe you don't have the needed permissions). Either way, we should be able to remove the file with "sudo rm /path/to/logfile".06:39
arraybolt3You might have also accidentally cleared your cookies in your web browser or something.06:39
xu-irc5wneeded permission?06:40
arraybolt3Depending on the log file, you might need to have root privileges to delete the file. Using "sudo" gives you those privileges. It's a security feature.06:41
arraybolt3(Er, I mean, having to have certain privileges to do certain things, is a security feature.)06:41
xu-irc5wI can't type the password after the command(never happend b4)06:42
arraybolt3It's probably just not showing you what you're typing as you type. That's normal, and is also a security feature. Just type your password blindly when prompted for it, then press Enter. (Please double-check your command for typos before doing this.)06:43
xu-irc5wis 'logfile' the location of the file?06:45
xu-irc5wok i try again06:45
xu-irc5wthe map says .var does it matter?06:47
arraybolt3What map are you referring to?06:48
xu-irc5wvar log uvcdynctrl-udev.log06:48
arraybolt3Ah. Then you would run "sudo rm /var/log/uvcdynctrl-udev.log".06:48
arraybolt3Save any unsaved work real quick, just in case this goes wrong.06:49
arraybolt3(I don't think it will go wrong, but sometimes stuff doesn't work like you expect.)06:49
xu-irc5wHow could i've sign out from all my platforms tho, was it a virus?06:53
arraybolt3Very unlikely. You probably just cleared your cookies or something similar. Clearing your cookies will immediately sign you out of all websites.06:54
xu-irc5wI know that i didn't do this!06:56
arraybolt3Did you have a web browser update recently?06:56
xu-irc5wno but i ran sudo apt update? n sudo apt brave-update but nothing was changed06:57
arraybolt3Are you sure it signed you out of *everything*? Earlier you said that Firefox signed you out of Google, so I'm just making sure I'm understanding what happened.06:58
xu-irc5wYes, brave stoped working and everything in firefox was signed out06:59
arraybolt3What version of Xubuntu are you using?06:59
xu-irc5wthe newest?06:59
arraybolt3You can find out by running "lsb_release --all", it should tell you what version you're using in there. (Please don't copy and paste the output of the command into the chat.)07:00
arraybolt3(I'm looking for specifics because there's two "newest" Xubuntu versions - there's the absolute newest one, 22.10, and there's the newest LTS, 22.04.)07:00
xu-irc5wlts .107:01
arraybolt3OK. Hmm, did either web browser crash just before this happened?07:02
xu-irc5wWell i wrote to a young woman on twitter and was asking what 1899🇳🇱 ment tho i couldnt find the dutch football team being astablished til 190707:04
arraybolt3Yeah that wouldn't cause this problem.07:05
xu-irc5wshe posted spanish n was naturaly blond?07:05
arraybolt3In the terminal window, can you run "brave-browser" in a terminal, then copy the terminal output into https://bpa.st, send the link to it, and then share that link in the chat? That will let me look for error messages and debugging info.07:06
arraybolt3(Please don't paste the terminal output directly into the chat.)07:07
xu-irc5wWhat about firefox?07:08
arraybolt3Since the Brave glitch and the Firefox glitch happened at the same time, I'm thinking that the two may be related and am looking for clues.07:10
xu-irc5wSecure Boot dbx is this something u familior with? it says windows update07:11
xu-irc5w64 - 21707:11
arraybolt3Secure Boot should probably be left on. You're dual-booting Xubuntu and Windows, right?07:12
arraybolt3Hmm. Weird. Secure Boot is probably unrelated to this problem, so I wouldn't mess with it.07:14
xu-irc5wyes but should i insatll it07:14
xu-irc5wwhere did the log come from n y07:15
arraybolt3If it's part of your updates, I would let it install.07:17
xu-irc5whttps://bpa.st/FHPQ ?07:23
arraybolt3Hmm. Well so much for that.07:24
arraybolt3Sorry, at this point I'm stumped. If you07:25
arraybolt3you're scared of malware, you can back up your data, reinstall Xubuntu, and then restore any non-executable data.07:25
xu-irc5widk what log u were talking about i just wrote brave-browser in command07:26
arraybolt3Yeah. If that line of text is all that you saw on the console after running "brave-browser", then I guess that's all we get.07:26
arraybolt3But it didn't really give me any info to tell me why it wouldn't launch right.07:26
xu-irc5wBut what did it mean tho07:28
xu-irc5wI wont reinstall xubuntu but if theres a malware/spyware program i can run i do that07:30
lotuspsychjeclamav, rkhunter, lynis07:30
arraybolt3xu-irc5w: Basically the message is saying that your graphics hardware isn't fully supported by a particular graphics rendering system. But that usually doesn't cause problems.07:31
xu-irc5wthere only seem to be versions of lubuntu(rkjunter)07:44
lotuspsychje!info rkhunter07:45
ubotturkhunter (1.4.6-10, kinetic): rootkit, backdoor, sniffer and exploit scanner. In component universe, is optional. Built by rkhunter. Size 215 kB / 1,081 kB07:45
arraybolt3xu-irc5w: "sudo apt install rkhunter"07:48
arraybolt3(Looks like you tried to run Vim.)07:48
xu-irc5w"couldnt found packadge"07:50
xu-irc5whow do i run it07:51
xu-irc5wits not in the aps07:51
arraybolt3`cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 9999` and send the link that spits out.07:52
arraybolt3This looks like maybe the Universe repository isn't enabled (though I find that unlikely).07:52
xu-irc5whow do i run rkhunter?07:55
lotuspsychjexu-irc5w: sudo rkhunter -c07:55
arraybolt3Hmm, the Universe repository is enabled. Maybe you made a typo trying to install it?07:59
xu-irc5wits always like this i have to go thro, 2-3 programs to find a one that works even the slitest08:02
xu-irc5wlinux sux08:03
xu-irc5wi dont even know if i can logg in to my accounts again without having them lost 😭08:04
davexHelp with 22.04 legacy bios not booting past install screen.18:55
davexBye :-)19:04
xu-irc66whi after running this command the following text appears apt install rkhunter -y 'E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), are you root?'23:28
gnrpxu-irc66w: Try     `sudo apt install rkhunter -y`23:30
xu-irc66wYes i get the same message as i got all of the other times 'postfix Configuration'23:31
gnrpwhat is exactly the message?23:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:35
xu-irc66wStrange, the paste from yesterday is not in my history23:38
gnrpchoose no configuration23:40
xu-irc66wN how do i do that23:41
gnrpdoesn't it show you a screen where you can select stuff? blue or so?23:42
xu-irc66wTheres no arrowmoving of choices no23:43
xu-irc66wyes i made another tab23:44
xu-irc66wShould i write something in it?23:46
gnrpno, I mean, the tab button, does it not move anything either?23:46
gnrpcan you maybe make a screenshot?23:46
gnrpotherwise, try on a terminal:   `dpkg-reconfigure postfix`23:47
xu-irc66wthis is taking too long time23:48
xu-irc66wit says it must run as root23:48
xu-irc66wIDK if it is a quinsidence but it started yesterday after i posted a critic about Donald Trumps death penalty for drug dealers23:49
gnrpah, sorry, `sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix`23:51
arraybolt3xu-irc66w: How... are you getting a Postfix configuration window when trying to install rkhunter?23:52
arraybolt3What is the exact command you're running?23:52
xu-irc66warraybolt3 directly afterwards?23:54
Unit193arraybolt3: Recommends default-mta | mail-transport-agent23:54
arraybolt3xu-irc66w: What command do you run that ends up with that "Postfix configuration" prompt appearing.23:54
xu-irc66wI've tried them app apt install rkhunter, sudo apt install rkhunter -y n so on23:55
arraybolt3Unit193: Oh. OK, that's seriously weird.23:55
Unit193...Not really?  Pretty sure it has a cron entry that emails, needs somewhere to do that.23:55

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