Eickmeyer[m]If it would help, should I go back and mark the sddm SRU as verification-needed?00:09
Eickmeyer[m]That could at least delay some things.00:10
arraybolt3[m]I don't know. Personally (and this is just my opinion), I would mark it as staging so that it's clear that the verification worked but it's not supposed to migrate yet. But I don't know if that's really the best idea, that's just my idea, and so far I've had a lot of bad ideas today, so :P00:10
Eickmeyer[m]That's not valid in an SRU tag.00:10
arraybolt3[m]To stage an upload, follow the usual process but additionally add a block-proposed-<series> tag to at least one of the SRU bugs together with a comment explaining the reason for the staging.00:11
arraybolt3[m]What am I missing?00:11
Eickmeyer[m]The upload is far beyond the staging stage at this point. It's completely in proposed.00:12
arraybolt3[m]Hey I'm learning all sorts of new things today! :D00:12
Eickmeyer[m]Happens. SRUs are tricky logistically.00:13
Eickmeyer[m]Ok, I stand corrected: "...his can be done at any time before an SRU is released. If you do so, please make sure that you add a bug comment that explains the reason."00:15
* Eickmeyer[m] does that00:15
-ubot93:#lubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1998254 in sddm (Ubuntu Kinetic) "[SRU] sddm with multiple monitors can result in screen overlays and insets" [High, Fix Committed]00:18
arraybolt3[m]Thank you for your patience. I can't believe something as silly as one missing feature could cause this big of a problem.00:20
lubot[matrix] <teward> This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.  This is only a test.00:21
tewardtsimonq2: now get off my ass about this one :P00:21
* arraybolt3[m] starts an emergency00:22
Eickmeyer[m]The Grumpasaurus Rex has arrived.00:22
Eickmeyer[m]Oh, nvm. It's just teward .00:22
tewardarraybolt3[m]: you have incoming missiles :P00:22
arraybolt3[m]It's lubot [matrix] teward, that's different. He's much more dangerous than teward.00:22
Eickmeyer[m]Oh, so Grumpasaurus Rex with Missile Launchers. Gothcha.00:23
* Eickmeyer[m] programs his Ubuntu Studio setup with the brown note00:23
* teward assigns shit for arraybolt3 to do00:23
Eickmeyer[m]"assigns shit" : "brown note" Yep, that checks.00:24
teward*shoves Eickmeyer[m] out the airlock*00:25
tewardi've had an evil day00:25
Eickmeyer[m]Gladly. o/00:25
tewardat least every message I post here pings me in Matrix xD00:25
tewardEickmeyer[m]: you try waking up without water in the apartment00:25
* arraybolt3[m] sucks Eickmeyer back into the airlock and accidentally triggers the Big Bang00:25
tewardand then having to ask your PARENTS to let you use their shower instead00:25
tewardand steal breakfast00:25
arraybolt3[m]OK hold on things aren't quite working, uno momento por favor00:25
teward... okay not steal but still00:25
Eickmeyer[m]Oh, yeah, that sucks.00:26
teward*pokes arraybolt3[m] with a stikc*00:26
arraybolt3[m]Oh nice, Matrix.org is trying to hold me hostage!00:26
lubot[matrix] <Thomas Ward (@teward> yep welcome to Matrix00:26
lubot[matrix] <Thomas Ward (@teward> population CRUD00:26
arraybolt3[m]Bah, I don't want my Encrypted Messages anyway.00:26
* arraybolt3[m] signs out and loses data because why not00:26
tewardarraybolt3[m]: you'll lose your current connections so :)00:27
tewarduse a private window to use a separate web session00:27
Eickmeyer[m]The bridge, at it again.00:27
tewardoooops i broke it :)00:28
tewardwelcome back bot!00:28
lubot[matrix] <teward> testing00:28
tewardsoi soi soi soi soi00:28
arraybolt3And it's giving me a hard time setting the homeserver...00:28
tewardarraybolt3[m]: that might be your client specifically00:28
arraybolt3I'm using Element Nightly.00:28
* Eickmeyer[m] uses Matrix and sees a matrix relay bot and is trying to figure out what the hell....00:29
tewardEickmeyer[m]: because IRC be bitchy and we already have an irc bridge bot and to sate Simon's hatred we're simply using the existing bridge we have for our stuff?00:29
arraybolt3Eickmeyer[m]: Dedicated Lubuntu Development matrix room, bridged to IRC, then showing up on Matrix. Welcome to the Wormhole.00:29
arraybolt3Sooo... I guess Element Nightly must not be compatible with the new homeserver. /me nukes Element Nightly and installs Element Stable00:30
lubot[matrix] <teward> well this homeserver is maaaaaaaaaybe a few weeks old00:30
arraybolt3But then again app.element.io didn't do it either so I'm wondering if our own personal GFW is blocking things again.00:30
lubot[matrix] <teward> so it's possible it's out of date00:30
lubot[matrix] <teward> arraybolt3: it shouldn't be, the federation and normal ports are wide open00:30
lubot[matrix] <teward> 'course i'm using the web app too in a private window to not interfere with my normal element connection and it's working00:31
lubot[matrix] <teward> ... well not from *this* matrix account but.  (this matrix acct i'm spekaing through is from my homeserver yay federation)00:31
tewardarraybolt3[m]: here's your test.  https://matrix.lubuntu.me/ in a web browser00:31
tewardif you can reach it good if not then we have to debug your stuff00:32
tewardthe federation tester shows it works though so00:32
arraybolt3I, in Missouri, cannot access it.00:32
arraybolt3teward: https://ibb.co/zR3sM9d00:33
lubot[matrix] <teward> hmmmmmmm00:34
lubot[matrix] <teward> arraybolt3: try going to the web page first, see if you get any error there.  use matrix.lubuntu.me for the homeserver00:34
lubot[matrix] <teward> (it'll show lubuntu.me on connections though)00:34
lubot[matrix] <eickmeyer> HEHE, I found your slice of paradise!00:34
lubot[matrix] <teward> hi eickmeyer (on the matrix side)00:34
lubot[matrix] <teward> well i mean it's a public room so :p00:34
lubot[matrix] <eickmeyer> True.00:35
arraybolt3teward: Odd thing, I can get a web page from matrix.lubuntu.me.00:35
arraybolt3The web page?00:35
arraybolt3That is a web page.00:35
arraybolt3(maybe Lubuntu Lunar is messing with me)00:35
lubot[matrix] <teward> that's the matrix endpoint yes00:35
lubot[matrix] <eickmeyer> I mean, there are simpler ways to bridge two Matrix rooms without a bot.00:35
lubot[matrix] <teward> if you see it say the "synapse is running" then we know that works00:35
arraybolt3Yes, it says Synapse is running.00:35
lubot[matrix] <teward> three rooms.  you forget we have a Telegram channel too00:35
lubot[matrix] <eickmeyer> Yes, there's a bridge for that without a bot too.00:36
lubot[telegram] <teward001> everything shows here too :)00:36
* arraybolt3 tries using the envs.net Element00:37
arraybolt3Nope, same error.00:37
arraybolt3eickmeyer: What did you do exactly?00:38
arraybolt3You seem to have been able to shake it just right.00:38
* arraybolt3 tries using Firefox rather than Chrome00:38
lubot[telegram] <teward001> arraybolt3: eickmeyer didn't register on the lubuntu matrix server00:39
lubot[telegram] <teward001> you can keep your previous matrix server just join #lubuntu:lubuntu.me00:39
lubot[telegram] <teward001> you don't *have* to use the Lubuntu homeserver00:39
lubot[telegram] <teward001> and worst case I just spawn you with a default password and give you that to login with00:39
lubot[telegram] <teward001> as for why it can't get the server configs I have *no idea*00:39
lubot[telegram] <teward001> fresh Element here can00:40
arraybolt3Ah, OK.00:40
tewardit might be failing to get homeserver config for some obscure A F reason hence why i wanted you to try the web app, hit F12 and watch the dev console for output00:40
lubot[matrix] <eickmeyer> That's the beauty of federation. You can use your existing server but join a different server.00:40
tewardbecause that gives you useful information00:40
arraybolt3Oh, OK, I'll do that.00:41
tewardit's how i am working - my own homeserver, connected to Lubuntu's space00:41
arraybolt3I missed you asking me to use F12.00:41
teward*evil grin*00:41
tewardffs nodejs takes an eon to install >.>00:41
Eickmeyer[m]That's because it's YUUUUUUGE.00:42
* arraybolt3[m] uploaded an image: (1830KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/bMKdJMXuGqWAIeglkgmjINwk/image.png >00:43
* arraybolt3[m] uploaded an image: (1833KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/LblhltiFKkyhaOhtSKVreKsv/image.png >00:43
Eickmeyer[m]arraybolt3: /join #lubuntu-devel:lubuntu.me 00:43
Eickmeyer[m]Or click that, whatever...00:43
arraybolt3teward: There's more than just that, but that's a lot of it.00:44
tewardoh i freaking HATE cors00:44
arraybolt3Eickmeyer[m]: Matrix.org is *so buggy* for me, so I'd really like to make this work.00:44
Eickmeyer[m]It's not Matrix.org that's buggy for you. It's the libera bridge that's the buggy part.00:44
Eickmeyer[m]And that has nothing to do with matrix.org.00:44
tewardso one thing i know by the way arraybolt3 00:45
tewardis Chrome uses web isolation00:45
tewardand that breaks CORS00:45
tewardthat might affect the element client too00:45
arraybolt3Eickmeyer[m]: It's not just the Libera bridge. My whole E2EE setup is in some sort of weird limbo state, and I'm locked out of a space I made.00:46
arraybolt3teward: It also failed with the same error in Firefox, FWIW.00:46
* arraybolt3 tries to get a debug log from there too00:46
tewardfirefox does it too00:46
tewardi'll; do some poking00:46
arraybolt3Ah. Well then I'll get some other Matrix client then.00:46
Eickmeyer[m]Spaces aren't a Matrix thing, that's an Element thing.00:46
* arraybolt3 installs Nheko00:51
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Testing, testing, can you guys see this?01:00
arraybolt3Yay! Nheko works!01:00
lubot[telegram] <teward001> hi arraybolt301:01
lubot[telegram] <teward001> so01:01
lubot[telegram] <teward001> firefox and chrome have web security enabled by default01:01
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Ugh, hold on, signing out and back in.01:01
lubot[telegram] <teward001> so for Firefox you have to set this to false in about:config - security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy01:01
lubot[telegram] <teward001> Chrome is harder, you have to disable it with a command line arg/flag01:01
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> OK, back.01:03
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Eh, no need to fight with that stuff. Nheko looks nice and is way more lightweight.01:03
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Reactions appear to work.01:04
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> And somehow I have managed to misplace my profile picture. :-/01:06
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> There it went!01:09
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *does a thing*01:11
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i... think i fixed it...01:14
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i need to test from another computer that doesn't have element on it01:14
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *steals his desktop*01:14
lubot[telegram] <teward001> but first, sushi dinner01:14
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> I can test easily enough. Thank you huge, and see you later!01:15
lubot[telegram] <teward001> yep01:15
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i had to dig into the configurations for matrix-synapse01:15
lubot[telegram] <teward001> and get some things configured but I *think* i got that all done01:15
lubot[telegram] <teward001> gonna learn from this and fix my own server i think too xD01:15
lubot[telegram] <teward001> there we go01:34
lubot[telegram] <teward001> that should behave now :)01:35
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> It likes it!01:37
* lubot [matrix] <arraybolt3> now tries Element Nightly01:37
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Hmm... but my security key from Nheko isn't taking...01:39
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> OK, does this work?01:44
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Looks like it worked!01:44
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Thomas Ward: Everything seems to be working! I am signed into the Lubuntu homeserver via Element Nightly.01:45
lubot[matrix] <teward> huzzah!  yeah i did quite a bit of stabbing on our end to make it work01:58
lubot[matrix] <teward> setting base url, setting server_name, etc.01:58
lubot[matrix] <teward> note to self don't run this and IRCCloud at the same time - noisy pings are noisy01:58
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> lol01:58
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Eickmeyer: If you get the chance, I'd love an invite to the Ubuntu Studio space on the Lubuntu side.02:16
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> (I mean, add my new Lubuntu Matrix account to that space.)02:17
lubot[matrix] <eickmeyer> arraybolt3: Done.02:18
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Eickmeyer: Thanks!02:18
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> OK so...04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> For the lubuntu-update-notifier bug, I think we actually should go with the "force-kill apt and lubuntu-upgrader, restart lubuntu-upgrader, finish the update" solution. But, I think we need to make the postinst script more complicated.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 1: Detect if lubuntu-upgrader is running at all. If not, exit the script and don't do anything.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 2: If it is running, we know that there's a functional X server *somewhere* (either on the local machine or possibly on a remote machine if SSH with X forwarding is involved).04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 3: Detect the version of lubuntu-upgrader that is currently running (just check the command-line args it was called with for a "--repair-update" argument, if that's missing we know the old, bad version is running).04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 4: If the good version is running, exit the script and do nothing else.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 5: If the bad version is running, determine if it's actually doing the upgrade by looking for an aptd process that was started by lubuntu-upgrader (how do you even do this?) If it's not doing the upgrade, exit and don't do anything.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 6: If the bad lubuntu-upgrader is the thing doing the upgrade, determine the X display that lubuntu-upgrader is running on.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 7: Kill lubuntu-upgrader.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 8: Kill aptd.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 9: Launch lubuntu-upgrader with a "--repair-update" argument, launching it on the proper X display.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> This way, whether the user is using apt, Discover, or lubuntu-upgrader, whether lubuntu-upgrader is actively doing the upgrading or not, whether the user is on a TTY or not, and whether they're on a remote system or not, everything should work normally.04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> 04:11
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Any other edge cases you can think of that aren't covered here? Also, btw, teward, I'm about to really exercise your Matrix-to-IRC bridge bot.04:11
lubot[telegram] <teward001> hah its the same bridge we use for telegram to IRC so xD04:26
lubot[telegram] <teward001> again most of our stuff is on the dedi so :)04:26
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> @teward001: Hey while you're right here could you voice lubot? I got worried about the flooding that large messages on the Matrix side causes, and an ircop in #libera confirmed that it *could* get itself glitched or k-lined if it's not voiced and floods the channel because of monster messages like the one above. But voicing it will avoid that.04:28
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> (By "exercise" I meant see if it's going to dump mass quantities of stuff into IRC, or compress the messages, or what. Turns out it does the "mass dump".04:31
Joo-HwanIs it possible to consult?05:49
guivercJoo-Hwan, if you have a Lubuntu development issue/suggestion, providing details may help us to understand & know how to respond.  Does it relate to lunar?05:50
Joo-HwanWhat does the detail mean?05:51
guivercThis is the Lubuntu development channel, current development is on lunar (what will be 23.04 on release next April)05:51
guivercchannel topic has links on channel, read up your screen05:52
Joo-Hwankorea / Can't you make an inquiry about Luburn?05:53
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: We may be encountering a language barrier. guiverc, is there a Korean lubuntu support channel?05:53
Joo-HwanI'm sorry. I didn't know05:53
guivercI see now you were on #lubuntu, that is a better place to be for support  (sorry I missed that before)05:53
Joo-Hwanok Thank05:54
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> FYI https://github.com/lubuntu-team/lubuntu-update-notifier/issues/512:30
-ubot93:#lubuntu-devel- Issue 5 in lubuntu-team/lubuntu-update-notifier "lubuntu-updater stucks on SDDM update prompt" [Open]12:30
Roberalz[m]<lubot> "[matrix] <kc2bez> FYI https://..." <- If I'm not mistaken, ubuntu-update-notifier doesn't have the built-in option to ask for various options, overwrite config files... In that case it never ends and gets stuck13:24
Roberalz[m]* If I'm not mistaken, lubuntu-update-notifier doesn't have the built-in option to ask for various options, overwrite config files... In that case it never ends and gets stuck13:24
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Unti yesterday there was no bug on that. That was most of yesterday's topic of discussion.13:28
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> It happened to me once in a similar situation. (re @lubuntu_bot: (matrix) <kc2bez> Unti yesterday there was no bug on that. That was most of yesterday's topic of discussion.)13:31
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> I'll reread all the posts then, thanks (re @lubuntu_bot: (matrix) <kc2bez> Unti yesterday there was no bug on that. That was most of yesterday's topic of discussion.)13:50
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Hmm, looks like ubot93's notices aren't getting copied into our room.14:00
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Guess we could use some help from chaosadmin for that, and we might have a chance at getting him to do that if we hand over a gallon of coffee and a donut shop.14:26
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Thomas Ward: ^14:26
* lubot [matrix] <kc2bez> sends a tanker of Tim Horton's coffee.14:28
lubot[telegram] <teward001> morning dayjob crap takes priority :P15:39
tsimonq2Good afternoon!18:56
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> tsimonq2: Get over here! Wrrong homeserver!19:07
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Ah.19:08
arraybolt3[m]Well then I'll come over here.19:08
arraybolt3[m]I have a complicated plan of attack for the lubuntu-update-notifier bug that you can probably find in the backlog.19:09
tsimonq2Here's a plan forward...... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/118cd7657b4950eaf74671ed29dfae2fd12c0abc>)19:23
arraybolt3[m]OK. For me it seemed like notes.lubuntu.me was working sorta well enough, but it was a very thrown-together method of doing things. And I do not know what software would be best to use for this task, and am too pressed for time to be investigating it - unless of course you'd like to take over making the recovery script (if that's even a thing we're doing), and we're willing to delay Debian LXQt a couple more days. Then I could19:26
arraybolt3[m]spend my time only searching for a task-tracking system so we can unravel this.19:26
arraybolt3[m]Preferably we'd be done with LXQt before the end of this month to make it in time for the Bookworm freeze, we need to finish our own LXQt 1.2.0 audit before the end of the cycle, and we have to unbreak lubuntu-update-notifier pronto, everything else can wait I believe.19:28
arraybolt3[m]Simon Quigley: ^19:28
arraybolt3[m]Would you like me to spend my time searching for a task-tracking system for us?19:28
tsimonq2I would personally say carry on for now, let's ping chaosadmin teward to see if he has ideas, since he'll be the one setting it up.19:29
tsimonq2We have just about 2 months for all of this19:30
tewardnuke the world, nuke the world, 1 2 3 4. together we will nuke the world, 1 2 3 419:30
tsimonq2That being said, there's also char holidays[10];, so 2 months will fly.19:30
tewardtsimonq2: arraybolt3[m]: short term, would a kanban board / issue tracker work?19:30
tsimonq2teward: yes19:31
tewarddo you have any objection to me letting that live on Trello for now?19:31
tewardwith me as godadmin19:31
tewarduntil i can set up Taiga on our stuff19:31
teward(which is basically open source trello)19:31
tsimonq2I hate the idea. I really do. But we need something, and it's under the hope of "godadmin is in the process of actually setting up Taiga"19:32
tsimonq2How easily can you migrate tasks from Trello to Taiga?19:32
tewardtakes me about 5 minutes.19:32
arraybolt3[m]What is Trello?19:33
tewardbasically SaaS kanban boards and issue tracking19:33
tsimonq2*RMS voice* "it's non-free software"19:33
tsimonq2I've used it before19:34
arraybolt3[m]Ugh. Non-free and non-cost-free. Oh well.19:34
tewardarraybolt3[m]: it's actually got a free version19:34
tewardit's just not OSS19:34
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> * gasp*19:34
tewardi'm working on deploying Taiga now though19:34
teward*shoves kc2bez out the airlock until the coffee debt is paid*19:34
* genii twitches19:35
* tsimonq2 pays kc2bez's coffee debt19:35
tsimonq2carry on :P19:35
arraybolt3[m]Well we use GitHub so I won't gripe too much.19:35
tsimonq2GitHub has always been a mirror tbh :P19:35
* arraybolt3[m] returns to writing a 90% comment 10% code script that hopefully won't give the SRU team a heart attack19:35
tsimonq2We've only used it recently because Phab is obsolete19:36
arraybolt3[m]Sap. xdotool is not installed by default. I need that for my script.19:38
arraybolt3[m]Maybe we can add it as a depends?19:39
tsimonq2So, recovery script, or an actual modification to lubuntu-update-notifier allowing for continuation of interrupted apt processes?19:40
tsimonq2Except, what you said before is true, apt isn't killed...19:40
tsimonq2I'm confused as to what your approach will be19:40
arraybolt3[m]Recovery script.19:40
arraybolt3[m]Basically, it's a bunch of long, convoluted logic to detect if lubuntu-upgrader and apt need to be restarted at all. If it does, it can kill python3 /usr/sbin/aptd (I think?), kill lubuntu-upgrader,and restart it with a special script.19:41
arraybolt3[m]Same approach as last time, except for much better logic so that, if the user isn't updating using lubuntu-upgrader, the script just silently exits.19:42
arraybolt3[m]Simon Quigley: ^19:42
arraybolt3[m]The reason I wanted xdotool is because that would let me detect where the lubuntu-upgrader window is at (I think), so that if the user is doing something like SSH with X forwarding and running lubuntu-upgrader through that, the window pops up in the right spot.19:43
arraybolt3[m](Basically trying to handle multiple X displays.)19:43
arraybolt3[m]But without xdotool, I can't do that, which means that I have to figure out some other way to make it work, or we have to install xdotool.19:43
arraybolt3[m]Or I have to find a different tool to figure out which X display a window is on.19:43
arraybolt3[m](It's not really that convoluted, the comments just make it look that way.)19:44
tsimonq2I say install xdotool, just be careful that it's a Pre-Depends if it needs to be.19:44
tsimonq2If it works, I'm not against it. Just make sure you test it, really really well :P19:45
arraybolt3[m]OK. I'll need to make one more change to the update notifier to be able to repair the busted installation once it gets restarted, that will turn into version 0.5.1, right?19:46
tsimonq2It can, yeah :)19:47
arraybolt3[m]Simon Quigley: Oh my gosh, I just had a way easier idea.19:50
arraybolt3[m]We'll make the script detect if lubuntu-upgrader is being used to do the upgrading. If it is, it will just kill it and aptd... and leave it. The user can then be like "Oy, what happened?", restart the upgrade themselves, and bam, problem solved. No xdotool, no undocumented "fix it" switch, just blow everything up and make it easy for the user to clean up.19:51
arraybolt3[m]I think that will be way easier to implement, without causing too much trouble. Worst case scenario, the user will miss an update and then everything will be fixed the next time a new update comes through.19:52
tsimonq2I'm open to seeing your code :)19:52
arraybolt3[m]It will be the same as "let it freeze, the user can restart it themselves", only we break through the freeze.19:52
arraybolt3[m]OK, will submit soon-ish.19:53
arraybolt3[m](This does have the significant downside of leaving a possibly CVE-riddled system if the user fresh-installed 22.04.1, updates, and the updater self-nukes and then lets the user pick up later. It will be fixed at the next update, but that's a pretty significant risk.)19:55
arraybolt3[m](So maybe the self-resurrecting updater is a better idea.)19:55
tsimonq2arraybolt3[m]: Check what actually launches lubuntu-upgrader19:56
tsimonq2Maybe piggyback off of that slightly?19:56
tsimonq2Also, that's not the way to do it, in hindsight :P should be a systemd timer... how exactly it should be implemented, no clue at this current moment ;)19:56
arraybolt3[m]Hey, maybe we just install a systemd timer during the lubuntu-update-notifier update?19:58
tsimonq2Now that is too complicated for an SRU :P19:58
arraybolt3[m]Eh, maybe too much for an SRU.19:58
tewardtsimonq2: taiga is pending, i need IS to update the DNS first before I can deploy20:01
tsimonq2teward: did you file an RT yet :P20:03
tsimonq2teward: throw me an IP, I'll point /etc/hosts >:P20:05
tewarddid i file an rt.  yes i filed the RT. numpty20:05
tewardand that won't work because i haven't enabled the site yet in the config so SNI is a thing.20:06
tewardi need the DNS for LetsEncrypt20:06
tewardyou can wait until tomorrow20:06
arraybolt3Who says we need HTTPS?20:06
* arraybolt3 runs20:06
teward*trips arraybolt3*20:07
* arraybolt3 falls over and knocks teward into a pool of lava20:07
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> *Sigh.* This is getting complicated :P20:37
tewardright-o, so21:01
tewardIS got the DNS done21:01
tewardi got the cert generated21:01
tewardi'm spinning Taiga up21:01
tewardi require more caffeine21:01
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> CAFFEINE YES PLEASE21:23
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> ugh I hate working with some parts of Bash. Doing something as simple as extracting a single number from a table looks like someone spilled salsa all over their keyboard.21:25
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> What in the world. Code that was working perfectly fine a second ago just stopped working. For some reason mapfile has just decided to go AWOL.21:25
tewardoops i broke taiga.  btrfs on zfs is probably the problem.21:26
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Ah, finally. Must have just had a brain glitch.21:28
tsimonq2teward: here have some Karuba Gold21:49
arraybolt3[m]Simon Quigley: I can see a flaw in my script. What happens if:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/78ce874678b33226a1d2ef0296ac99a9062f49b1>)21:53
arraybolt3[m]The question in any of those scenarios is, which X display should be used? If there's only one X display, easy. If there's only one window, easy. If there's multiple windows on multiple X displays, the script is left with the question of which display to use.21:55
arraybolt3[m]Perhaps in that edge case the script should kill everything and leave it to the user to figure out that they need to relaunch lubuntu-upgrader? That way the user decides which X display is used.21:55
arraybolt3[m](One assumes that a user who can use SSH with X forwarding knows what they're doing enough to be able to restart an upgrade.)21:56
arraybolt3[m]K, learning from our mistakes with "not implementing things for this one edge case", I'm now handling the multiple-windows-on-multiple-X-displays scenario.22:04
arraybolt3[m]Simon Quigley: This is how far I've gotten so far: https://termbin.com/8ebc7 The end is not actually functional, but I'm brainfried.22:21
arraybolt3[m]Oh, and this whole thing is almost entirely untested.22:23
arraybolt3[m]Made more progress - now lubuntu-upgrader is terminated, restarted, and disowned, and then aptd is terminated. That should let control transition smoothly to the new upgrader, and hopefully the user should notice nothing more than a window suddenly vanishing and reappearing.23:52
arraybolt3[m]I still have a tiny bit more logic to work out for dealing with the highly unlikely "windows scattered everywhere" scenario, but it's almost done!23:52
* arraybolt3[m] takes a break23:53

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