semCan anybody confirm that caffinate does not prevent Power Mangement / Idle Watcher from shutting down the computer?00:52
lubot[matrix] <roberalz> Is working?01:07
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *does a thing*01:11
Joo-HwanI contacted you because I needed a driver.05:40
Joo-HwanIs it possible to consult?05:40
Joo-HwanI installed Lubun 22.04.05:41
Joo-HwanMy PC is CPU Intel 12th Iris Xe Graphics05:41
Joo-HwanIntel did not find the 12th Iris Xe graphics driver.05:41
Joo-HwanIntel asked you to contact Linux technical support.05:41
Joo-HwanCan I find and provide the Intel 12th Iris Xe graphics driver I need?05:41
Joo-HwanI installed Lubuntu 22.04 on my PC.05:42
Joo-HwanCan you guys help me?05:44
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: o/ I see your question!05:54
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: Are the graphics not working acceptably well out of the box? Intel graphics usually should just work.05:54
guivercI don't see korean available at https://lubuntu.me/links/ sorry05:54
guivercfyi:  Joo-Hwan, you need to be patient waiting for reponses on IRC, people are busy working & doing other things, and only scan on their IRC screens when they have free time (we're volunteers)05:55
Joo-Hwanbe using a translator05:55
Joo-HwanI installed Luburn 22.04 on my PC.05:56
Joo-HwanMy PC is CPU Intel 12th Iris Xe Graphics05:56
Joo-HwanIntel did not find the 12th Iris Xe graphics driver.05:56
Joo-Hwan상담이 가능한가?05:56
Joo-HwanIs it possible to consult?05:56
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: This is the place to consult us at.05:56
Joo-HwanThis is an answer from Intel.05:57
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: Lubuntu does not require additional drivers in order to work with Intel integrated graphics. However, for 12th gen Intel CPUs, it might be helpful to install the Linux 5.17 kernel.05:57
Joo-HwanThis is in loop to our chat conversation. We would like to inform you that, kindly refer to the below link to know How to Identify & Find Graphics Drivers for Linux.05:57
arraybolt3[m]One moment while I find directions for how to do that.05:57
guivercI just noted a response online that indicated you may do better with 22.10 which uses the 5.19 kernel..  Ubuntu 22.04 LTS won't have the 5.19 kernel until we release Lubuntu 22.04.2 which is still awhile away05:57
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: It is generally a bad idea to listen to hardware manufacturers when it comes to getting drivers for Linux systems. Many hardware manufacturers release generic instructions that aren't designed to work on Ubuntu very well.05:58
Joo-HwanI checked the contents late.05:59
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: You may be able to get newer drivers for your system by running the following command in a QTerminal window: `sudo apt install linux-oem-22.04`05:59
Joo-HwanIs there any way to install the 12th Iris Xe graphics driver?05:59
* guiverc just looked; current dailies for jammy (22.04.2) still have 5.15 kernel on them05:59
arraybolt3[m]That will install the Linux 5.17 kernel on your system, which has enhanced support for 12th Gen Intel processors. It may also help with the graphics drivers.06:00
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: If you have the time, could you run the following command and share its output with us? `lspci -k | grep -EA3 'VGA|3D|Display'` This is the same command from the linked Intel page, and it will help me to see if a newer kernel is necessary at all.06:01
Joo-HwanThanks. Is this the best way?06:01
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: I believe so.06:01
Joo-HwanI'll install it in the way you told me to06:02
Joo-HwanThank you very much.06:02
arraybolt3[m]Glad to assist!06:03
Joo-HwanI'll install it.If I fail, I will ask again.06:03
Joo-HwanIt was a great help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.06:04
Joo-Hwan "lspci -k | grep -EA3 "VGA|3D|Display"06:16
Joo-HwanVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 4628 (rev 0c)06:16
Joo-HwanDeviceName: Onboard - Video06:16
Joo-HwanSubsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device 895606:16
Joo-HwanKernel driver in use: i91506:16
Joo-HwanOutput value06:16
Joo-HwanThe installation seems to have failed.06:17
Joo-HwanWhy can't I install it?06:22
arraybolt3[m]Joo-Hwan: Look at the line "Kernel driver in use: i915". It's saying that the driver is installed and working.06:25
arraybolt3[m]It's possible that you misunderstood the Intel website. The line that says "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 4628 (rev 0c)" i06:26
arraybolt3[m]is telling you what your graphics hardware is.06:26
arraybolt3[m]The "kernel driver in use" line tells you what driver is being used. The i915 driver is the driver used for Intel graphics. So "Kernel driver in use: i915" means that the driver is installed, and is being used.06:27
Joo-HwanIs the installation completed normally?06:29
arraybolt3[m]As long as you didn't see any error messages, yes.06:30
Joo-HwanAre you saying that the Intel 12th Iris Xe graphics driver installation is complete?06:31
Joo-HwanI'll run the PC again and test it.06:32
Joo-HwanThank you for your help. If the installation fails, I will make an additional inquiry.06:34
TreeFish20Hi guys, I want to re-encrypt my OS from aes to twofish or serpent, using Lubuntu 22.04, LUKS.22:13

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