RicardoAbreu[m]Hi d1rewolf, you can just leave the VM running when you shutdown09:52
RicardoAbreu[m]Multipass will start it again when coming back up09:52
d1rewolfRicardoAbreu[m]: ah...was not aware of that. is there a way to configure this behavior and force a VM to always start?13:16
RicardoAbreu[m]not currently, no13:58
RicardoAbreu[m]d1rewolf: multipass tries to restore the previous state13:58
d1rewolfRicardoAbreu[m]: ok, thank you. I appreciate the info19:49
RicardoAbreu[m] * d1rewolf: you're welcome!19:50
RicardoAbreu[m](ignore the edit)19:51
RicardoAbreu[m]d1rewolf: you're welcome!19:51

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