roltuxi am trying to configure an interface with neighbor surpression, however netplan is telling me that the key does not exists, i use it as: neigh-suppress: true14:08
roltuxbut get the message that the key does not exists14:08
schopinroltux: which version are you using? neigh-suppress is only available in 0.105 onward.14:39
roltux0.104 :( schopin14:43
roltuxThat explains a lot 14:43
roltuxI am wondering what my best course is to achieve the same thing 14:44
schopinroltux: are you using Ubuntu? If so, I'm guessing Focal?14:45
roltuxeah 14:45
roltuxcorrect schopin14:45
schopinroltux: you might want to subscribe to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netplan.io/+bug/1988447 for availability of 0.105 on Focal14:49
schopinMeanwhile... slyon: do we have an equivalent of passthrough: for networkd?14:49
slyonschopin: roltux: we don't have no passthrough mode for the networkd backend, but you could be using a sd-networkd override config file as a workaround, e.g.: /etc/systemd/networkd/10-netplan-MYITF.network.d/override.conf14:52
slyonto basically extend the config generated by netplan in /run/systemd/network/10-netplan-*.network14:54
schopinslyon: we might want to have an how-to for this kind of things ;)14:54
slyonyeah, we should put that into our docs/FAQ somewhere14:55

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