blahdeblah_teward: #ubuntu-kernel?00:33
tewardblahdeblah_: never had luck getting them there.  I see they have a discourse thread so I'll just stab there00:33
tewardpretty sure xnox or someone'll reply to me xD00:33
blahdeblah_They eventually got to my questions there.  FWIW>00:34
vorlonteward: uh making an authoritative statement on behalf of the kernel team sounds like a tall order; what's the actual question?01:19
tewardvorlon: the question is whether the mainline PPA is monitored or not01:19
tewardstdby for incoming askubuntu link01:19
teward... if i can find the tab again01:19
teward*has 10000 tabs open for Lubuntu stuff*01:19
vorlonteward: what does "monitored" mean? it's an archive01:19
tewardvorlon: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1444284/how-are-the-kernel-builds-at-https-kernel-ubuntu-com-kernel-ppa-mainline-moni/  <-- exactly as written and asked01:20
vorlon"can we be sure that the kernel builds staged there are successful" uh no and why do you care01:20
tewardgiven that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds is stating they're not supported, I already made a presumptive answer on the basis of "not supported" being "not monitored, tested, validated to work, etc."01:20
tewardvorlon: welcome to the usual [CENSORED] we get from average people on Ask Ubuntu01:21
vorlon"what should I do if I find a failed build" again why are you making work for yourself01:21
vorlonteward: I mean, I subscribe to the netplan tag on Ask Ubuntu and it's a wonder there aren't more questions from people trying to plug their ethernet into 220V (although maybe that's a self-solving problem)01:21
vorlonI exaggerate - but I often despair of people failing to understand CIDR :)01:22
tewardvorlon: what you don't see that I do is when people flag questions as "uhhh... offtopic?" with mod flags ;)01:22
tewardvery few people notice from here i'm a moderator over there :P01:23
tewardso unfortunately I see a ton of extra crap you don't there :)01:23
vorlon(uhhuh, yes, ok, you've configured two network interfaces on your machine, using the same network address, and you want to access what? how exactly are you expecting this to work)01:23
tewardunrelated: my current hated thing: CORS.  *hisses in chaos and beats the crap out of his webserver*01:23
vorlonteward: right so anyway, I can't speak authoritatively for the kernel team, and they may not want to go on the record, hth :)01:24
tewardwell if the answer is "we won't go on the record" then my answer which is nbased on the wiki's "not supported' statement is all that exists :)01:25
teward*yawns and returns to fighting CORS*01:25
sarnoldfrom my end of things, it seems like the linux-mainline stuff has been broken for so long that we'd be doing everyone a service if we deleted the ppa, deleted the wiki pages that mention it, and reclaim all that disk space for use for other things01:38
sarnoldI don't think those have been installable for months, maybe years, even when they *did* build01:38
rbasakRikMills: FYI, https://code.launchpad.net/~kbar/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-wallpapers/+git/kubuntu-wallpapers/+merge/431449 exists. I wouldn't want to sponsor without checking with a Kubuntu person first, so maybe you could take a look instead?01:51
Eickmeyerrbasak: I'm going to put my seldom-used outside of work hours Kubuntu hat on and +1 that, LGTM. I highly doubt Rik would -1 that.01:59
rbasakEickmeyer: thanks - can you sponsor?02:01
Eickmeyerrbasak: I can. :)02:02
rbasakLike there are so many things I need to look up. Does it need to be rebased into a packaging branch somewhere for example?02:02
rbasakThanks :)02:02
EickmeyerAnd yes, there's a packaging branch it needs to go in.02:03
rbasakThis came in as a git-ubuntu MP. FWIW, I've been trying to get those into the sponsorship queue, and am asking sponsors to rebase as required without burdening first time contributors with the details.02:03
EickmeyerSure, makes sense. I'm pretty sure Kubuntu isn't using git-ubuntu yet.02:04
rbasakThe exact workflow for "random" git-ubuntu MPs still needs to be worked out. I just want to make sure contributors can be comfortable submitting requests in a "one size fits all" method that we can universally accept. Feedback appreciated.02:04
EickmeyerYou bet. I'm sure Rik would have something to say about that but I'm pretty sure he's asleep right now.02:05
rbasakNo need for "yet" - it's fine for teams not to use git-ubuntu if they have something else. In particular if the packaging originates with us rather than being derived from Debian, then I'm not sure it makes sense to use git-ubuntu anyway, except for accepting contributions.02:05
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Eickmeyerrbasak: I commented on the merge request, but I'm not sure if it should be approved or disapproved.03:26
cpaelzerhiho, I'm looking for better alternatives or suggestions - if I have a source package name and a version, now I need to know which Ubuntu release this was for, is there anything faster than rmadison (maybe something that downloads files once and does all processing locally then)?09:24
jdstrandmwhudson: it looks like s390x finally built and that you promoted to stable. thanks!13:30
rbasakcpaelzer: this felt faster than rmadison: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/s3mdJQtvXt/14:08
rbasakAssuming you mean anything currently published for a given source package name and version, as opposed to something historically published and then removed.14:08
arraybolt3[m]Heads up, I'm switching homeservers to matrix.lubuntu.me, so you're going to see @arraybolt3:lubuntu.me show up in here pretty soon, that's normal.14:45
arraybolt3[m]^ And that's me.14:46
cpaelzerrbasak: I meant published to any of esm related targets which this would not cover - but thanks for the hint!14:57
rbasakcpaelzer: maybe chdist and grep-dctrl?15:09
rbasakMaintaining a big pile of chdists locally does take up a ton of space though15:10
cpaelzerrbasak: yeah, but I'd need to pull all potential esm service infos into that environment, nevertheless that might indeed be a much faster way15:10
rbasakcpaelzer: also, ESM is driven from PPAs, and I think getPublishedSources() exists for PPAs.15:11
cpaelzerthey are no normal PPAs15:11
rbasakBut you would have to combine the result of multiple queries I guess15:11
ahasenackrbasak: if you are still doing SRUs today, and are in the mood, this samba one just completed aging and is green in the board: https://launchpad.net/bugs/199393420:11
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1993934 in samba (Ubuntu Jammy) "Windows 11 22H2 and Samba-AD login issue" [High, Fix Committed]20:11
ahasenacktomorrow is my day, so it won't be released tomorrow, and after that it's friday, no releases then either, so only monday20:11
mwhudsonjdstrand: ah good, i'll promote s390x too20:13
mwhudsonjdstrand: thanks for your part :)20:13
bdmurrayI'll release samba20:20
ahasenackthanks bdmurray20:20
rbasakI was just reviewing it for release, and came to the conclusion that it was good to go.20:22
ahasenacktwo +1 votes, even better :)20:23
rbasakYeah but who's doing the actual release between the three of us? :)20:23
rbasakWhichever way, +1, and I don't now care who does it!20:23
rbasak(+1 x3 - not caring about 2 days ageing)20:23
ahasenackI think it's done, I just got the accepted emails20:23

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