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samba35i am using lts 18.04 with 2 guest and i want to monitor cpu ,disk ,network using of guest from host 12:22
samba35which app i should use ? 12:23
uzeeHi, this might be early for North American folks but maybe someone from EMEA is here too. I'm just trying to understand the new autoinstall to replace our existing deployment mechanism. But it doesn't tell me where do I enter the boot parameters to read the autoinstall yaml file from my remote server??12:47
ograuzee, there should be documentation on discourse.ubuntu.com i think12:49
uzeeogra: Thanks, I'm looking through it, some of the pages did come up when I had searched earlier, but nothing specifically answered my question sadly :(13:12
uzeeMy issue is that the ubuntu 22 live installer doesn't give me a tab or f6 option to supply my autoinstall params, I tried 'e' to edit and add autoinstall after the vmlinuz and initrd line, but it just says autoinstall not found...13:17
frickleruzee: if you manually edit the grub cmdline, you need to escape the ";" in the ds string with \14:42
fricklerotherwise everything after it will be interpreted as comment14:43
rbasaklvoytek: o/ I heard you were blocked on dnsmasq? I thought I'd take a look. It all looks good except that I don't understand the test case.17:17
rbasakI have 40 minutes left of my day. I'm not sure if it's worth going into, or will sergiodj be able to look instead?17:18
lvoytekrbasak: Yeah its a bit of an endeavor to get into. The overall point of the test case it to show that when a DNS request gets denied a first time by a DNS server, but should be accepted when sent correctly, that a duplicate request sent by the client is not denied immediately again before it attempts to go through.17:27
rbasaklvoytek: I was confused by the use of ping for DNS testing. Can I suggest using dig or "getent hosts" instead?17:32
rbasakBecause ping is continuous, but I think the DNS request only happens once (but am not sure) and that makes things a bit unclear.17:33
lvoyteksure, I'll update it and make sure it works consistently17:34
rbasakThanks. I'm not saying the use of ping is wrong, just that it's harder to follow what's going on.17:34
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