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IlGiocatore_ubunDoes anyone know how to run .cmd files with wine?00:58
IlGiocatore_ubunI thought, it would work using wineconsole.00:58
IlGiocatore_ubunBut when I enter the name of the .cmd file, nothing is displayed - except for a new prompt line.00:59
murmelIlGiocatore_ubun: what is a .cmd file?00:59
IlGiocatore_ubunSomething like a .bat file, I guess.01:00
IlGiocatore_ubunWindows Batch files, if I'm right.01:00
IlGiocatore_ubunSomething like Windows shell scripts.01:01
oerheksNo, .cmd files are not suimple bat scripts, better ask in #winehq01:01
IlGiocatore_ubunI did asked there, but nobody has answered yet so I thought maybe someone in here knows it too. :)01:01
murmeldefinitely ask there as I am not even sure if those _should_ run01:01
IlGiocatore_ubunMaybe I should look up the difference between .bat and .cmd.01:02
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awinmngtany good 5g hotspot with port forwarding?01:45
backthenHow do I know if file transfer really completed? The "Moved 893,483 files to 'LG external drive' pop up still persists. I'm not sure if I can remove the drive now01:59
NickHRun a checksum on the file and confirm it is the same as the original.02:00
murmelbackthen: with the command "sync" you force to write stuff to the disk, when all data is written, the command completes. after that I just make sure another time that really everything is written by reissuing the command02:00
sarnoldbackthen: you could try 'lsof' in a terminal, to see if the files are open or not; you could collect an md5sum run over the entire source directory and verify that on the destination directory02:01
backthenok I'll have to learn those commands. How come Ubuntu doesn't give some visual feedback? Around the file explorer's address bar, there is still a circle (filled) to indicate some writing operation is/was going on.02:03
tomreynbackthen: That would (likely) be a bug in Nautilus / Gnome Files, I think (or maybe some of the UI libraries it uses). You could check their bug tracker to see whether soemone already filed it and if so, what the status of fixing this is.02:07
backthenMaybe I can try unmount this external drive? Presumably if everything completed, the unmount would succeed02:08
murmelif you eject in nautilus, it will send a sync command, before it actually ejects02:09
backthenok. Yes in nautilus. Nautilus's eject button is labeled 'unmount' if you mouse over. But I guess underneath, if I press it, it'll issue a sync before really unmount02:11
marcopolo1_I installed nvidia drivers and even tho it runs better it still runs with some lags like there will always be slight freezes sometimes02:12
murmelmarcopolo1_: did you make sure that the nvidia driver is in use, not the foss driver?02:15
marcopolo1_murmel: yeah i did, in additional drivers it says nvidia 51502:21
marcopolo1_The game runs fine but like it isnt really playable02:21
marcopolo1_On windows it runned better02:22
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murmelmarcopolo1_: sorry, don't know too much about how to verify that nvidia runs well. never had a nvidia gpu02:27
oerheks" the game"02:46
johnfghi folks04:32
johnfgmy desktop is gnome shell.04:32
johnfgNot sure what happened, but my desktop icons, normally (always, forever) would be on the left side.  But they've disappeared.  They show up when I click on Activities.  I've looked at Settings, but can't figure out what to do to get them back.  thanks for helping.04:33
toddcjohnfg: https://linuxhint.com/hide-dock-in-ubuntu/04:38
johnfgtoddc: Thanks.  For some reason, the Settings/Appearance didn't work/change things back.  However, using the cli worked.  I appreciate the help.04:46
gebbionehi ubunters, my desktop takes a long time to show the login and let me back in after screens are locked. It litterally takes at least 30 seconds . Is there anything I can check to improve this?04:51
webchat3I have a partition I want to resize, before I make backups of partitions with DD to another drive, obviously as files like so :  dd if=/dev/sda1 /external_disk/sda1.img; and then I boot the machine with some livecd image, resize the partitions AND THEN restore the fs with my previous backup files: dd if=/external_disk/sda1.img of=/dev/sda1, and in05:23
webchat3the same vein with other partitions. Now, I know that ext4 uses inodes to keep its structure, and they are logical but underneath it uses device blocks, and if the blocks change, (and with partitions being resized they will change), will this eff up my fs?05:23
webchat3what I want is actually a certain partition smaller, and the next one to assume its space05:26
ravageIf you have backups boot https://gparted.org/livecd.php05:34
ravageMake your changes and be happy05:34
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morgan-u2is there a way I can get my grid of images to be more than one inch high (in files) I used to be able to doom in to actually see what's in the screenshots. This is unworkable.07:16
gonixask your distrib channel #ubuntu #mint whatever, or try anothe filemanager, like thunar or gnome/xfce pcman-fs07:20
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avihhi, what do i need to do to clean up the snaps on my system to the absolute minimum before the system starts breaking? it's taking up gigabytes of space which i don't have08:41
avihusing 22.04 LTS08:41
avih(which started somwehere around 14.04 LTS and updated/upgraded since)08:42
avihafter i removed all the non-current snaps, it still uses 6.3G at /snap/ and 3G at /var/lib/snapd/   . needless to say that i did not request to install any of them.08:43
avihfor reference, this is what snap list --all shows: https://0x0.st/odNK.txt08:45
avih(why do i need 5 gnome versions?!)08:46
avih(and i don't even use gnome...)08:46
alkisgYou can completely remove snap without the system breaking, if you wish: https://ltsp.org/guides/snap/08:49
avihalkisg: thanks. how do i know which functionality goes away by removing each snap? the only one i can be sure of is "firefox" (which i actually want to keep, though i'd prefer non-snap instead if possible)08:53
alkisgavih: yeh the link installs the non-snap firefox version, from the mozillateam ppa. I don't know about the other snaps, I uninstall it myself as it doesn't work at all in my use cases08:54
avihalkisg: but how do i know what would break by removing them?08:54
avihfirefox is just one. i have more than a dozen snaps installed...08:54
alkisgYou'd read the package description, but as I said I'm not using snap so I can't help with "where to find it". Wait for others to answer that part if you wish. I do know nothing broke for me in all flavors when I uninstalled snap.08:55
avihso basically, you're saying "if you want to remove all snaps, this is how. but i don't know what things will stop working for you"  ?08:56
alkisgYup, and additionally "in a default installation, when removing snap, nothing breaks for me".08:57
avihwell, i need to know what stops working before i do that...08:58
alkisgAnd that's the "wait for others" or "read the package description" part that I mentioned. I didn't claim that I had a fully documented answer for all your questions, I just wanted to mention a relevant idea.09:01
avihyup, appreciated.09:03
avihso how do i find what depends on which snap? (including inter-snaps?)09:04
avihe.g. of the seemingly 5 versions of gnome here, what stops working if i remove the first (gnome-3-26-1604) ?09:05
avih(should i be worried that i seem to have 16.04 snaps?)09:05
avih(never looked at it closely before, till apt told me it can't update because it ran out of disk space...)09:06
avihagain, for reference, snap list --all prints this https://0x0.st/odNK.txt09:06
avihalkisg: if i understand correctly, that script does these: 1. remove mate stuff if needed (which i don't have). 2. replace firefox snap with firefox from mozilla PPA. 3. remove snapd. 4. symlink the new firefox to the snap location.    right? do you know if i can remove all snaps except firefix and expect it to work? (i _think_ i only care about firefox, but not sure...)09:30
alkisgavih: I think firefox snap depends on the core, themes, portal, hunspell etc snaps to function properly09:32
avihare there dependencies of stuff outside snaps on snaps? e.g. do some apt packages depend on some snap packages?09:33
murmelavih: if you give us a list of all snaps you have installed, we could even help you better ;)09:34
avihmurmel: i've installed none that i know of, and yet snap list --all prints this https://0x0.st/odNK.txt09:35
avih(that's after i removed all the non current ones. this system started and upgraded since 14.04 LTS and currently at 20.04 LTS)09:35
avihsorry, currently 22.04 LTS09:36
murmelavih: k, so the things you could be interested in are snap-store, firefox and gnome-system-monitor which means, you need to install the ppa firefox, and apt packages called gnome-software and gnome-system-monitor ;)09:37
avihmurmel: i don't use gnome (i still use the old unity, and if needed, i also have xfce installed)09:37
avihalso, define "you could be interested in"?09:38
murmelokay, so afaik you still want those, but not sure, as gnome-system-monitor should be also used in unity09:38
avih(i mostly use this system headless though)09:38
murmelavih: that are the actual software you installed, the rest are dependencies09:38
avihnot sure i understand09:39
avihi don't recall, but i think firefox was installed with the system without me installing it explicitly via apt? (but that was years ago)09:39
murmelavih: firefox was moved from a deb package to snap with the move to 22.0409:40
avihso what does this mean? " the actual software you installed"09:40
murmelavih: the software which is "front facing", which means that is software which you interact with, which you maybe use09:41
murmelidk how to explain it otherwise09:41
avihi didn't install gnome that i recall, and same for firefox (i don't care about gnome, but i do about firefox)09:41
avihyou mean "the things i want to keep" ?09:42
murmelavih: well what specifically "gnome" are you reffering to? (the gnome snaps) or gnome-system-monitor?09:42
murmelavih: the thing you "may" want to keep09:42
murmelidk if you want to keep firefox for example. (I mean I know you want, but still)09:42
murmelit's something you maybe don't want09:42
murmelas you use chromium or whatever09:42
avihwell, my first issue is that i have this list of snaps installed, not by me, and i want to remove as much as possible, but i don't know exactly what each name refers to (Except probably firefox), and i don't know what depends on what09:43
murmelso as I already said, the software which is installed are these 3 (firefox, gnome-system-monitor, snap-store) the rest are just dependencies so these softwares can run09:44
murmelsnap store is a front-end for deb repositories and snap packages, gnome-system-monitor is a system monitoring tool (duh) and firefox is firefox09:45
avihof the things on this list https://0x0.st/odNK.txt i know prefer to keep using firefox (possibly from elsewhere, like mozilla ppa), i don't use gnome desktop, i don't think i use gnome system monitor, i don't know whet depends for instance on "gtk-common-themes" (only other snaps? or also non-snap gtk stuff?)09:46
avihwhat is gnome-system-monitor?09:46
murmelavih: as I said above, unity uses gnome-system-monitor09:46
avihand what is snap-store?09:46
murmelas it's monitoring tool09:46
avihlike task manager of sorts?09:46
avihi.e. a user gui tool?09:46
avihright, i don't need it09:47
murmeland gtk-common-themes are themes, so the software can give you a correct window with information on it, so a dependency09:47
avihof what? only of other snaps? or also of non-snap packages, like xfce?09:47
murmeleverything in snaps is only for snaps09:48
murmelthat's why you can purge snapd, and nothing is broken09:48
avihso if i have xfce, it does not depend on anything in snaps, yes?09:48
murmeleven unity09:48
avihso basically i'd lose firefox (and gnome desktop, and gnome-system-monitor), and that's about it, yes?09:49
murmelyou don't lose gnome desktop, as that's not installed09:49
murmelwhat's called gnome, is the toolkit09:49
murmelso that the windows of software can be shown to you on the screen09:50
avihhmm.. why do i have 5 of them?09:50
avihi though that's gtk?09:50
avihgnome-3-26-1604                    104    latest/stable/…  canonical**  -09:50
avihgnome-3-28-1804                 3.28.0-19-g98f9e67.98f9e67  161    latest/stable    canonical**  -09:50
avihgnome-3-34-1804                 0+git.3556cb3               77     latest/stable    canonical**  -09:50
avihgnome-3-38-2004                 0+git.6f39565               119    latest/stable    canonical**  -09:50
avihgnome-42-2204                   0+git.c271a86               44     latest/stable    canonical**  -09:50
murmeldont spam ;)09:50
murmelgive it a min, then you are unmuted09:50
murmelbut yes, that's gtk, in the snap world, they are called gnome<something>09:51
murmelyou are back09:52
avihso why do i have 5 of those? does firefox need them all?09:52
avihand i have 4 cores...09:53
murmelavih: no, but the gnome-3-26-1604 is for example an old residue from your 16.04 days09:53
avihwhy is it not removed automatically the same way it was added automatically?09:53
avihand how do i know what breaks if i remove it now?09:54
murmelavih: no idea, I assume nobody implemented a way to remove old stuff (which are not disabled)09:54
murmelsnapd will complain that it's needed09:54
murmelfor example you can't remove core as of right now09:54
avihyou nean if some other snap depends on it, then i wouldn't be able to remove it?09:55
murmelbut you should be able to remove core18 afaik09:55
murmelavih: same with apt and deb packages09:55
avihhow do i list which snaps depends on which others?09:55
murmelyou can't09:55
murmelavih: can you give me the output of "snap list --all | nc termbin.com 9999"09:56
avihso the only way to test whether snap X depends on snap Y is to remove Y and if it complains then something depends on Y?09:56
murmelyeah, or you know a little bit about packaging (and your software which is installed with snap)09:56
avih(5th time, that's the output of snap list --all)09:56
murmelavih: so you have no disabled snaps?09:57
avihnot anymore09:57
murmelthat's why I was thinking that you didn't put the --all in it09:57
avihyeah, i removed them.09:57
avihto quote one of my initial comments: <avih> after i removed all the non-current snaps, it still uses 6.3G at /snap/ and 3G at /var/lib/snapd/   . needless to say that i did not request to install any of them.09:58
avih(i guess i meant "non disabled")09:58
murmelavih: I mean the easiest is really debate if you need gnome-system-monitor and snap-store, backup the firefox data directory and purge snapd if you have that of an disk space issue09:59
avihi don't need the gnome task-manager-ish, and i don't know what snap-store is09:59
murmelavih: type snap-store as a command and see ;)09:59
murmelif you like it or not10:00
avihoh, it's a gui thing i see. i'm connected remotely, it refuses to open10:00
avih"No manual entry for snap-store"10:00
avihso what is it? some gui store thing to choose what snaps to install? if yes, i don't care about it10:01
murmelyeah, but I assume you ever heard of gnome-software (it's a software which lets you "shop" around to install software)10:01
murmelit's not only snaps, but also deb packages10:01
avihi think i've heard of gnome-software, but i do all my installs either via apt or i build things myself. i don't use any gui installer10:02
avihor store10:02
avihmaybe i used aptitude once or twice years ago, but i don't care about gui stores10:02
murmelwhich means the only software _is_ firefox, just make sure you backup ~/snap/firefox/common/.mozilla as that's your firefox profile10:03
avihoh, it was moved there from ~/.firefox/ (or whatever it was before)?10:03
murmel(on the other hand if you remove snapd, it doesn't remove stuff from ~)10:03
murmelit was ~/.mozilla10:04
avihcan i try to keep only firefox and its deps first? how do i do that?10:04
avihright, previously ~/.mozilla10:04
avihtry to remove everything which isn't firefox? :)10:05
murmelyou can but not 100% sure which are needed for firefox (but as I said, snapd will complain if it's needed)10:05
avih(seriously? no way to tell which snaps firefox depends on?)10:05
murmelI do know core and core20 should be nonremovable10:05
murmelI assume it's core20, firefox, gnome-43-2204, gtk-common-themes10:06
murmelah and bare10:06
murmelbut remember core is not removable (even with nothing depending on it :S)10:06
avihhmm.. so i removed gnome-system-monitor, it told me it "disconnects" it from some things (why does it overwrite the line as it works so i can't have the list?!), and i ended up with ~zero space freed10:08
murmelavih: probably because gnome-system-monitor is a snap which is very very small10:08
murmeljust think about it, the gtk dependencies are in a different snap, which means the snap is maybe 5 megs?10:08
avihnuala: wait, wouldn't it remove the deps too if nothing depends on it?10:09
avihmurmel: ^ sorrt10:09
murmeladditionally, did you --purge?10:09
murmelthat's why it keeps the snap file10:10
avihjust sudo snap remove gnome-sys....10:10
avihit does?10:10
murmelremove --purge gnome-10:10
avih$ sudo snap remove --purge gnome-system-monitor10:10
avihsnap "gnome-system-monitor" is not installed10:10
murmelobvious, you removed it ;)10:11
murmelthe snaps are stored in /var/lib/snapd/snaps10:11
avihso? did it remove the file or not?10:11
murmelno as I said, to also remove the file, you need to use the --purge switch10:11
avihok, but now after i removed it without --purge, what can i do to also remove the file?10:12
murmelwhat do you think if i gave you the directory where the snaps are stored10:12
avihi.e. how do i unf(ck it?10:12
ubottuPlease avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:12
avihi don't understand the question10:12
murmelit doesn't help when you "censor" it10:12
avihright. unimportant i didn't understand your question10:13
murmelavih: make sure the file is not in that directory? otherwise delete it10:13
avihwhich dir? /snap/ ?10:13
murmelread what I type?10:14
avihok, sec10:14
avihright <murmel> the snaps are stored in /var/lib/snapd/snaps10:15
avihi don't see it there https://0x0.st/odN0.txt10:16
murmeloh, interesting. I thought the snap was being kept, seems like it doesn't10:16
avihok, so back to "how to i remove verything except firefox and its deps". should i just try to remove all of them except firefox until nothing get removed anymore?10:18
avihbut also, if that's where the snaps are, and it's ~3G for me, what's at /snaps/ ? (which is ~6.5G for me)10:19
avihig21: loud and clear10:19
avihmurmel: so what's at /snaps/ ?10:20
avihoh, wait, so the /var/lib thing is the "source" package, and /snap/ is where it's extracted or some such?10:22
avihmurmel: so, i ran this few times till it removed no more: (for s in $(snap list --all | tail -n +2 | awk '{print $1}'); do [ "$s" = firefox ] || sudo snap remove --purge "$s"; done)10:28
avihsnap list --all now prints: https://0x0.st/odNn.txt10:29
avihand firefox seems broken10:29
murmelwhat is broken?10:29
avihfirst error of several:  firefox10:29
avihupdate.go:85: cannot change mount namespace according to change mount (/var/lib/snapd/hostfs/usr/share/cups/doc-root /usr/share/cups/doc-root none bind,ro 0 0): cannot create directory "/usr/share/cups/doc-root": permission denied10:29
avihiirc you said firefox depends on some gnome packages, right? but all of them now seem removed10:30
avihsnap seemingly didn't prevent me from removing all the gnome-* ones10:30
murmelyeah, I am baffled honestly10:31
avihi'm lest only with core, core20, and firefox10:31
murmelinterestingly enough, it complains about cups oO10:32
alkisgavih: as I said I'm not using snap, but here's another idea, maybe if you remove firefox snap now, and reinstall firefox snap, it will pull the dependencies it's missing10:33
avihthere are more, https://0x0.st/odNR.txt10:33
murmelyeah, so you can reinstall firefox to get the dependencies back or go full non-snap system10:34
avihalkisg: yeah, i'm sure it's possible from the ppa, but i was attempting to remove all snaps except firefox and its deps10:34
alkisgavih: "reinstall firefox snap". Not deb.10:34
alkisgI.e. maybe the purging/removing dependencies code isn't very mature, but I doubt that the snap install firefox code wouldn't pull the missing snap dependencies10:35
avihalkisg: it could fix it, but so far i've not yet started to think how to fix it. just trying to understand how it got broken10:35
avihyes, i imagine it might10:36
murmelhope you can find the issue, I'm out10:36
alkisgEh, apt has almost 3 decades on its back, I'm sure you can find a lot of cases where snap isn't as mature :)10:36
avihhowever, the worrying thins is that removing all those packages freed about only about 1.5G10:36
avihof disk space10:36
alkisgAre you counting the loopback mounts on /snap, or the source size in /lib?10:36
avihdf -hs10:37
alkisgdf -sh /lib or /snap?10:37
avihsorry, df -h10:37
avihjust df -h10:37
alkisgWhat's the output?10:38
alkisgFiles in use will be freed after they're not in use anymore10:38
alkisgNot sure if snap behaves properly in that regard10:39
avihso /dev/sda1 has ~1.7G free and after all packages were removed and purged except 3, it has 3,2G free10:39
alkisgTry rebooting, if you measure just the df and not the du -sh /lib...10:39
avihit had 1.7G free, now it has 3.2G free10:39
avihyeah, will try10:39
alkisgAlso, what's the output of this? sudo du -sh /var/* /usr/* /lib/* | sort -h | nc termbin.com 999910:40
avihfwiw, it behaved as if "snap won't let it remove it if things depends on it" is 100% incorrect10:41
avihsec, still rebooting10:42
avihi think unity broke too10:42
avihi don't get a desktop anymore10:42
alkisgDid you reinstall the missing dependencies?10:43
avihdefine "missing"10:43
alkisgThe ones that you uninstalled  and made firefox complain10:43
avihi tried to remove all snaps except firefox till nothing more got removed10:43
avihno, i rebooted after you said the free space might show up after reboot10:43
alkisgOK, login to vt2 then and reinstall the missing snaps10:44
avihi'll ssh into it10:44
avihdf -h still shows 3.2G free on /dev/sda110:44
alkisgFor the disk usage issue, the command I mentioned above will help ^10:45
avihi'm trying to find it :)10:45
alkisgsudo du -sh /var/* /usr/* /lib/* | sort -h | nc termbin.com 999910:45
avih(still running)10:46
avihyeah, unity desktop definitely ot broken10:46
alkisgAh, termbin might stop processing when it takes a long time10:46
avihalkisg: https://0x0.st/odqi.txt10:47
alkisgYou'd better do it in two steps: sudo du -sh /var/* /usr/* /lib/* | sort -h > /tmp/disk.log; cat /tmp/disk.log | nc termbin.com 999910:47
avihi didn't pipe to termbin10:47
alkisg8.7M    /var/snap10:47
alkisgSo snap is fine, and the bigger parts are 4.6G    /var/log and 5.4G    /usr/lib10:47
avihyes, but the snaps are at /var/lib/snapd, no?10:47
alkisgNot sure, try du -sh /var/lib/* | sort -h then10:48
avih1.4G    /var/lib/snapd10:48
avihnot terrible10:48
Newbiegood morning, I need help10:49
avihand /snap/ is 1.10:49
alkisgThat's a loop-mount, it doesn't count10:49
avihso overall 3G instead of ~10G used by snaps, but df -h still shows 3.2G free, and it should have been ~7.7G free (6G freed by snaps)10:50
alkisgWhat did you measure to see that snap was using 10G?10:51
alkisgJudging from the snaps you had installed, I wouldn't have expected 10G10:51
avihas i said, /var/lib/snapd/ was 3G, and /snap was 6.5G  (but you now say it doesn't count)10:51
alkisgRight, so from 3G you freed 1.5G10:52
avihthis is ****** up10:52
avihso firefox got broken, unity got broken, non-snap things (unity) do depend on snaps, and and snap doesn't refuse to remove snaps which other things depends on10:53
avihbasically, the cake is a lie10:53
alkisgEh, I decided to remove snap ages ago, no need to preach at me :D10:54
aviheven if i install the firefox snap, surely it won't restore things which unity depends on10:54
avihexcepy by pure luck10:54
alkisgI don't think unity depends on snap, but a broken snap can affect things10:54
alkisgSo you can either reinstall the dependencies and fix it, or remove it so that it doesn't affect the rest of the programs10:55
avihwell, unity worked, and after i removed some snaps it doesn't work.10:55
alkisgYeh, firefox too10:55
alkisgDependencies do that, removing them breaks things not only in the snap world10:55
alkisgDon't think that snap is completely isolated and that its breakage won't affect apt10:56
avihwell, i got pretty straight up replies "non snap things don't depend on snap"10:56
avihwhich was wrong, at least in some ways. ffs.10:56
alkisgI never said that :)10:57
avihi didn't say you did :)10:57
alkisgBut in any caseit should be easy to reinstall your missing snaps and restore what you had10:57
avihsome other people10:57
avih(which did try to help, my fault for not cross checking their suggestions)10:57
alkisgIf you didn't keep your initial list, it's still there: https://0x0.st/odNK.txt10:58
avihi do have the link10:58
avihbut i doubt reinstalling all of them would fix the broken things10:58
avihthe "snap remove $whatever" prints that it "disconnects" the removed snap from things, and i doubt it will "reconnect" them upon install10:59
alkisgAFAIK it does10:59
avihthe other issue is that it used terminal escape sequences to rewrite the same line, so even the terminal scrollback doesn't have the list it disconnected from11:00
alkisgsnaps declare connection points and mounts and whatever they call them in their description11:00
avihanyway, forgetting firefox for now, my current problem is to get a desktop. it was set to auto-login without a greeter, and now it fails to start unity, and i'm not sure how to make it show the greeter11:01
avihi do have xfce4 installed11:01
avih(i don't know if it would work, but it exists. greeter would be a good start)11:02
alkisgWithout knowing the snap internals, my experience with it is that removing SOME snaps make the DE fail. So either reinstall the deps, or remove snap.11:02
avihhow do i change the greeter config from cli to start xfce4 instead of unity?11:03
avihi believe it's the default one (gdm?)11:03
alkisgThere's a lightdm.conf entry for this, I  think it's user-session=xfce, or you can temporarily move aside /usr/share/xsessions/*.desktop and leave only the one you want11:04
avihgreat, and now i get a message from the not-started unity that "desktop will suspend soon due to inactivity"11:04
alkisgsystemctl stop lightdm will kill it :D11:04
avihalkisg: so i moved all of them elsewhere except xfce4.desktop, killed lightdm, started it, it showed the login dialog, username is correct, i entered the password, and it "fails to start session"11:09
avihthis is like bad bad11:10
avihi can still use it remotely, which is my main  use case anyway, but the desktops seems just broken, which sucks11:10
avihi'm a fool to believe advice so quickly,, and murmel should not have talked so confidently with their advice if they're not 100% sure it's actually true.11:12
avihfor posterity: "snap remove foo" WILL remove foo even if other snap depend on it, and removing some snaps can break non-snap packages, like xfce4 refusing to start11:16
avihalkisg: how come the space at /snap doesn't count? is it ramdrive? or some virtual things which maps into /var/lib/snapd like "zip folders" used to do on windows?11:19
zetheroois it possible to restart a VPN connection (not stop and start it)?11:20
xxyi hope to enable BBR in ubuntu 20.04, i see the parameter configure is " net.ipv4.tcp_congestion_control=bbr", but my traffic is IPv6, how to enable IPV6 bbr ?11:23
ograavih, /snap is just mount points, there is no actual data in it11:26
avihogra: of what?11:27
ograavih, snaps are compressed, gpg signed read-only filesystem images that only get loop mounted (imagine a CDrom iso) but never unpacked ... the acual space they occupy is in /var/lib/snapd/snaps11:27
avihright, so it's a virtual mount which is passthrough to extracted data from /var/lib/snapd ?11:28
ograwhat you see in /snap is just a representation of what the upacked content would be, but it is nevr actually unpacked11:28
avihright, thanks11:28
ograthere is no extracted data11:28
avihi understand11:28
avihit's fetched on demand11:28
ogra(well, there is, but only at runtime in ram ... for the bits actually needed by a binary)11:28
avihi understand, yes11:29
ograsnaps are generally way smaller than th equivalent of binary data in debs11:29
ogra(and are 100% tinker proof thanks to being readonly and signed)11:30
avihok, anyway, after i removed everything i could except "firefox", lightdm fails to start a session. i do have xfce4 installed for instance, and if i run it via remote x then it starts, but in lightdm it shows "failed to start session"11:30
aviheverything = snaps11:30
ograwell, there is nothing except the snapd package that hoks into your session ... and given you still have the firefox snap, the snap daemon will/should LSO BE STILL THERE11:31
avihlightdm does show the greeter, and i can enter password and choose a DE, but it shows a blank screen instead of starting the DE11:31
ograsorry, rogue capslock11:32
ograthats very unlikely to be related to any snap removals11:32
avihwell, it did work before k remove the snaps...11:32
ograwhat exactly did you remove ...11:33
avih1st i removed all disabled snaps, which resulted in snap list --all printing this: https://0x0.st/odN0.txt11:33
ogra"snap list" should still show snapd, core20 and firefox11:33
ogralooks like you removed the snapd snap11:34
avihthen i followed an ill advice that to keep only firefox, i can try to remove everything except firefox and snap will refuse to remove deps of firefox. i ended up with this https://0x0.st/odNn.txt11:34
ograwell, this is true if you properly use "snap remove" ...11:35
avihnot sure what "properly" means, but i did this: (for s in $(snap list --all | tail -n +2 | awk '{print $1}'); do [ "$s" = firefox ] || sudo snap remove --purge "$s"; done)11:36
avihi ran this few times till nothing more got removed, and i was left with core, core20, and firefox11:36
ograwell, try removing and then installing the firefox snap ... it should pull the missing bits back in11:36
avihwon't i lose the firefox profile if i remove it?11:37
ograalso, probably a "snap install snapd" first11:37
ograyou can use snaps backup feature and make a snapshot ... (though first re-install the snapd snap ... then take a look at "snap help save")11:38
ogralater you can restore the snapshot with "snap restore" (see: snap help restore)11:39
ograthat will back up your profile (and all other data of the package) and restore it properly11:39
ograin general it helps to take a deeper look at "snap help" to familiarize with the features snaps give you11:41
avihogra: thanks. so installing snapd (how is it allowed to be removed?!) seem to improve things. desktop seem to start now. sec. still checking things11:41
avihogra: do you happen to know in lightdm, if the list is too long and the screen (Resolution) too small, how to view what's below the bottom of the screen at the list of DEs ?11:47
ograno idea, sorry, has been ages since i used lightdm last (6y or so)11:47
avihthe list seem to start always at the middle of the screen, with pretty big font, and it doesn't seem to scroll11:47
avihk, thx. i think it did solve the "no desktop" issue. xfce logs in after start. now i'm trying to choose unity, but the list is too long and i can't choose it at the lightdm greeter11:48
avih(installing snapd solved the desktop issue)11:48
ograwow, the list of desktop sessions is too long ?11:49
ograhave you considered removing a few sessions ?11:49
avihi installed few of my own (xfce, fvwn), but many got there on their own (gnome, gnome-wayland, unity because i used it, and more)11:50
avihat least half the list are some variants of gnome11:51
avih(this system started as 14.04 LTS, and upgraded over the years, now it's 22.04 LTS)11:51
avihthe gnome variants show up at the lightdm list even without a respective *.desktop file at /usr/share/xsessions/11:52
p3limOn ubuntu 22.04 with gnome wayland xdotool obviously doesn't work, but neither does wtype (because mutter doesn't support the virtual keyboard protocol) nor ydotool11:56
p3limare there any other alternatives for typing something?11:56
loloki use xte for simulating keypresses but its probably not useful under wayland12:05
avihogra: is it possible to check what are the dependencies of snap X, and what breaks (system wide) if i remove snap Y? (independent questions)12:12
avihthe earlier replies i got were "impossible" and "nothing", respectively.12:13
avih(well, nothing breaks, except obviously the removed snap itself)12:14
ograavih, snap connections show you what an installed snap uses ...12:14
ograobviously "snap help connections" for more info12:14
avihso i presumes this will answer the first question? or both?12:15
ograif you look at the "slot" column you can see the sname of a snap that provides a certain slot (if it is not provided by the system itself)12:16
avihfwiw, i did run snap connections before i started removing things. i got this https://0x0.st/odqV.txt12:16
ograwell, that lists *all* existing connections of everything12:17
avihyou mean even of snaps which i don't have installed?12:17
ograyou want to look only at single snaps12:17
ograsnap connections firefox12:17
avihwell, i can't do that now, because most of them are now removed :)12:17
ogra(like snap help connections eplains)12:17
avihbut anyway, does this also answer what breaks system wide (also non snap) if i remove snap Y?12:18
ogranothing breaks system wide12:18
ograsnaps are completely independent from the OS12:18
ogra(they run on top of their own minimal rootfs (the core* snaps))12:19
avihsure, except lightdm, which is not a snap, was not able to start any desktop until i installed snapd12:19
avihso something definitely did break12:19
ograbecause you removed the snap system itself by removing snapd12:19
ograthats like rm'ing parts of our apt installation12:20
avihso the answer is "except for the "snapd" snap, all other snaps can be removed safely without breaking non-snap systems" ?12:20
ograright, and usually removing the snapd *deb* will also cleanly remove all snaps12:20
ograif you remove snapd but keep i.e. snapd-desktop-integration around, things can fall apart12:21
ograbecause you removed only parts of the system12:21
avihwhy doesn't "snap remove snapd" complains or requires special force flag if it's known to be able to break non-snap things?12:21
ogradunno, file a bug12:21
ograin general removing snapd does not break because it falls back to th snapd deb12:22
ogra(i.. you still had the "snap" command functional, even though you removed the snapd snap)12:22
avihk, thanks. so now the other thing i counted on but seemed incorrect: shouldn't "snap remove foo" refuse to remove foo if there's some snap X which depend on it?12:22
ogranot really, because snaps do not have dependeincies ... there could be other snas providing the same interface connection (imagine snapped themes)12:23
avihmurmel: FYI ^ snap doesn't refuse to remove snaps which others depend on.12:24
ograwell, it depends ... things like the gnome extension snap will likely complain12:24
ograit depends on the type of connection between two snaps12:24
avihright, so a more correct answer is "it might or might not refuse, you can't count on it to keep deps of another snap X"12:25
ograsomething that is deemd necessary will complain12:25
ograthere are no deps 🙂 try to overcome this thinking 😉12:25
ograthere are interface slots provided by other snaps ... if these connections are essential, the removal of the snap *will* complain12:26
avihwell, snap firefox can't run without snap X, then firefox logically depends on X, even if "dependency" is not a snap terminology12:26
ogra(this is seemingly not true for the snapd snap itself because there is an expected fallback)12:26
ograright, this is true for the gnome snap12:27
ografirefox can run without all the others12:27
ogra(will look shabby, missing fornts/features or whatnot, but should still be functional)12:27
ograthat you could remove snapd without having snapd-desktop-integration removed alongside (which was likely the reason for your login hanging) is obviously a bug you should file12:28
avihi'm not overly concerned with snapd. i understand it's required but snap doesn't refuse to remove it. whatever. but is there some way to do "i want only firefox and the things needed to make it run well, and remove all other snaps" ?12:29
ograbut in general removing essential content snaps like the gnome-* ones will also remove the snaps using them12:29
ograsame goes for all the core* snaps12:30
avihso if firefox depends on gnome-X, then removing gnome-X will also remove firfox?!12:30
ograand if firefox uses i.e. core20 removing core20 will remove it too (as well as any other core20 based snap)12:31
avihclearly that's incorrect. i started with this https://0x0.st/odNK.txt and tried to remove all except firefox and ended up with this https://0x0.st/odNn.txt12:31
avihgnome removed, firefox stayed12:31
ografile a bug ?12:31
ograit should defnitely remove the others12:32
ograunless you removed snapd first ... which gets you into a kind of degraded mode12:32
avihi'm not filing bugs. the most i would do is leave ubuntu. i'm getting there, but not quite yet.12:32
ograbecuse all these features are handled by snapd12:32
ograwell, if you dont file bugs such issues will never be fixed12:33
avihi removed them at the order they're listed here https://0x0.st/odNK.txt (Several times till nothing got removed)12:33
ograright, file a bug ....12:33
avihand snapd-* is at the end of this list, so at least at the first pass, snapd-* was removed last12:34
ograubuntu-bug snapd12:34
avihno offense, but i won't.12:34
ograwell, then stop complaining12:34
avihi wasn't complaining12:34
avihi tried to undrstand how it's supposed to behave. i didn't assume bugs12:35
ograit is software ... you should always assume bugs12:35
avihlet's put it this way, i didn't assume such blatant dependency bugs from ubuntu crown jewel packages snap12:36
avihthe same way i don't expect such blatant dependency bugs from apt12:36
ograwell, i doubt anyone in the snapd team even expects people to run such weird scripts on top of the snap ecosystem12:36
avihi can believe that, sure12:37
ograeither way, if you want them to be aware, you need to file a bug12:37
avihbut again, i foolishly believed an advice which said it will refuse to remove depsimportant snaps12:37
ograand it usually does (for me at least)12:38
ogramigh be because of the bulk removal you are doing with that hack12:38
ograno idea12:38
avihyeah. anyway, i really do appreciate your help. thanks again.12:38
avihyeah, i definitely ran too quickly with that. **** happens... my fault.12:39
avihogra: from my "snap connections" output https://0x0.st/odqV.txt , is there a way i could deduce that unity (the old desktop) would stop working if i remove some snaps? (other than snapd)13:11
avih(i'm still not 100% sure it's broken, but so far i couldn't get it running after the removals, and also not after i restored snapd)13:12
ograavih, no ... i dont think snapd-desktop-integration is even exposed there, it is an internal tool that yu seemingly left behind somehow when removing the snapd snap befor13:12
avihnot sure i understand the reply, but is it "no, connections is not enough to deduce that" ?13:13
ogra... and that would be the only thing i could imagine having any influence on desktop session13:13
ograno it is ... you removed half of snapd somehow formerly ... that was the reason for your xfce session not starting ... there is nothing else that could affect your desktop startup13:14
avihso presumably unity should still be able to start?13:15
chinkuam new13:15
ograunlikely to be in any way snap related13:15
avih(i can start xfce, but not unity)13:15
ogracheck the logs 🙂13:15
avihof what?13:15
ograof your session startup13:15
avihunity was my main desktop (though it was mostly used headless)13:15
ograno idea where unity stores them though13:15
avihso basically you think unity should still work, but i should check the unity logs to see what prevents it?13:16
ogra(it used to use ~/.xsession-errors but that was years ago, i have not used it in 6y or longer, no idea where it stores logs in the systemd based world now)13:16
chinkuanyone i gotta a q13:16
ograavih, yes13:17
avihmy thought was that it might depend on some old gtk which is not only available via a snap13:17
avihwhich is now* only...13:17
avih(i had like 5 gnome-* versions...)13:18
avihogra: if i wanted to remove all the snap things completely, should i expect lightdm and xfce to still work?13:19
ograavih, yes, if doing it properly13:19
avihwhat is "properly"?13:20
ograthat is: sudo apt purge snapd13:20
avihso "snapd" is both a dpkg package, and a snap package?13:20
avih(different ones, same name)?13:21
ograsame content even ... but the deb has additional bits like a postinst script that cares for clean removal13:22
ogranote that the "purge" is essential for it to remove the snaps ... else it wont13:22
avihthat did not succeed https://0x0.st/odbi.txt13:22
ograagain. file a bug, no idea what state your system is in now after all that tinkering13:23
avihit was very stable till today....13:24
avihfor 8 years...13:24
avihcan you identify something at this output which suggests what might have gone wrong?13:24
ograwell, it looks like your disk became redonly or some such ...13:24
avih(obviously it thinks some firefox files are readonly... but how do i proceed?)13:24
ogra/var/snap/firefox/common/ is just a dir on your filesystem13:24
avihshould i remove it manually? (i don't care about the firefox profile anymore)13:25
ogranothing fancy or readonly ... it is where FF sores RW data13:25
ograparticulary in that hunspell dir there should only be symlinks and files that are RW13:26
ogra(they are here on all my machines)13:26
FreneticksI try to install a jamy package but apt don't found it, it's in universe but if I do : add-apt-repository universe it say already enabled13:28
Freneticksnvm motd message say 22.04 everywhere but it's not 22.04............ i'm not use to ads in terminal...13:34
BluesKajHi all13:35
avihogra: i had to umount something, and then apt purge snapd completed successfully. thanks.13:37
avihxfce still works after boot. better than nothing...13:40
alkisgavih: I already reported a bug for that issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/199871013:41
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1998710 in snapd (Ubuntu) "Purging snapd fails due to the hunspell mount" [Undecided, Confirmed]13:41
alkisg....and scripted the workaround in https://ltsp.org/guides/snap/13:41
avihright. i "solved" it by umount the hunspell thing manually, and then purge snapd completed successfully13:43
avih(and i gave up on my firefox profile. i'll start a new one if i reinstall it)13:43
alkisgavih: this left some traces in your system, like the hunspell snap connection service13:43
avihk, can i remove it now?13:43
alkisgI suggest that you reinstall snap and remove it using the commands I mention13:44
alkisginstall snap, install firefox snap, then remove firefox snap, then purge snap13:44
avihyour suggestion includes removing firefox first, should i install snapd and firefox first?13:44
alkisgThe snap remove firefox properly removes firefox, while apt purge snapd doesn't13:44
alkisgNo, you can keep your firefox.deb13:44
alkisgYou don't have to remove it when installing firefox.snap13:44
avihi don't think i have it (not sure)13:44
alkisg> install snap, install firefox snap, then remove firefox snap, then purge snap13:45
avihright. will do. thanks.13:45
alkisgYes, you do need to install snap and firefox snap first, in order to remove them13:45
avihso "sudo apt install snap && sudo snap install snapd firefox && sudo snap remove --purge firefox && sudo apt purge snap"  ?13:46
alkisgsudo apt install snapd; sudo snap install firefox; sudo snap remove firefox; sudo apt purge snapd13:46
avihright. thx13:47
avih(hmm... it downloads many MBs...)13:50
avih(finally installing the firefox snap)13:50
avihalkisg: thx. for reference: after installing snapd (apt) and firefox (snap): 3.6G free. after snap remove firefox: 3.9G free and the following snaps remained: (bare core20 gnome-3-38-2004 gtk-common-themes snapd), after apt purge snapd, 4.8G free.13:59
avihand after reboot, xfce starts well, but so far i was not able to run (the old) unity, which was working before i started removing snaps.14:02
avihso basically, it seems that snap and firefox take about 1.2G, which is not huge TBH.14:05
avihand i still don't know what depends on the other snaps i removed. i suspect maybe the old unity (on older gtk), but not sure.14:06
MrMobiuswhere in the directory tree should I store a source code file that is referenced by several other projects? now I have a separate copy in each project which is a pain to update when I change something14:12
ravagemay /usr/src ?14:14
avihogra: alkisg: unity now runs too :) so i removed all snaps and snapd, and basically seems to have lost only firefox. that's good. thanks again for your tips and time.14:18
anddamhi, asking here since I could not find any more appropriate channel and I am on ubuntu 20 LTS: I need to install dotnet aspnet 3.1.31 https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/3.114:37
anddamthe Linux "Package Manager Instructions" says it's packaged on Ubuntu 20 https://learn.microsoft.com/en-gb/dotnet/core/install/linux-ubuntu but from what I can see that's only the .net runtime, not aspnet14:38
anddamoh wait, adding their repo via the provided .deb I do see aspnetcore-runtime-3.1/kinetic14:39
kkkssfHow long will it take to fix the remote code execution in vlc on ubuntu?15:31
kkkssfthis one https://ubuntu.com/security/CVE-2022-4132515:32
-ubottu:#ubuntu- An integer overflow in the VNC module in VideoLAN VLC Media Player through allows attackers, by tricking a user into opening a crafted playlist or connecting to a rogue VNC server, to crash VLC or execute code under some conditions. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2022-41325>15:32
kkkssfdebian already fixed it https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2022-4132515:33
-ubottu:#ubuntu- An integer overflow in the VNC module in VideoLAN VLC Media Player through allows attackers, by tricking a user into opening a crafted playlist or connecting to a rogue VNC server, to crash VLC or execute code under some conditions. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2022-41325>15:33
mybalzitch*checks watch*15:33
leftyfbkkkssf: https://ubuntu.com/security/CVE-2022-4132515:34
-ubottu:#ubuntu- An integer overflow in the VNC module in VideoLAN VLC Media Player through allows attackers, by tricking a user into opening a crafted playlist or connecting to a rogue VNC server, to crash VLC or execute code under some conditions. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2022-41325>15:34
leftyfbit's in progress15:35
mybalzitchand is only an issue if you blidly feed vlc a malformed playlist15:36
avihi presume "random" is not particularly an issue, but "maliciously crafted" is15:37
* alkisg didn't know VLC has a VNC module!15:43
alkisgavih: you can get firefox from the mozillateam ppa, which is maintained by canonical (thanks for that!); and your snap-firefox profile should be somewhere under ~/snap, if you want to locate bookmarks etc15:45
avihakossh: thanks, yes, i did install it. there was a ~/.mozilla (which shouldn't have changed much since i upgraded to 22.04) but the new firefox didn't pick it up. i _think_ i removed /snap15:46
alkisgavih: "alkisg", not "akossh"; it's ~/snap, under home, not /snap, under rootfs15:46
alkisgI.e. /home/avih/snap15:47
avihyeah, i removed /snap. so i guess that profile is lost, and ~/.mozilla does not seem to get used15:47
avihright, sorry (autocomplete)15:47
alkisg...that doesn't sound right, the ppa firefox should be using ~/.mozilla15:48
avihhmm.. ~/snap/firefox/current is a symlink to "2154", but i don't think i can locate this dir15:48
avihalkisg: i think so too, but maybe the move to snap with 22.04 also cleaned ~/.mozilla ?15:49
alkisgEeeh, that sounds horrible to contemplate15:49
avihit was about 70M before i installed firefox-esr from that ppa15:49
alkisgAh, dunno about firefox-esr, it might be using something else, I installed firefox15:49
avihwhich sounds a bit small TBH, but then again, maybe not15:49
avihyeah, possibly esr has a different config dir. let me check inside ~/.mozilla15:50
avihthere is indeed ~/.mozilla-firefox-esr15:50
avihalkisg: renaming firefox/ to firefox-esr inside ~/.mozilla did not work as expected, but removing firefox-esr and installing firefox from that ppa (and restoring the config dir) does pick it up as expected :) thanks15:59
avihit's a shame that firefox works so badly these days over remote x. i remember when they removed xrandr support and i was against it (i was forking for mozilla back then)16:00
jenkyany incite on being able to download movies from i.e. netflix/hulu/hbogo/etc to be able to watch on a plane w/o internet?  was going to check to see if there are any netflix/hulu/etc clients for ubuntu/linux, but figured id check here first16:01
avihtheir excuse at the time was "chrome doesn't work great over remote x, so that's our benchmark...)16:01
leftyfbjenky: feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic for software opinions16:02
avihwhile before the removal firefox was orders of magnitude better than chrome over remote x16:02
avih(obviously there's technical merit for the removal, but still...)16:03
jhutchinsjenky: There are a couple of youtube downloaders that might work with other sources.  It's considered piracy, so much of any support is "underground".16:03
jhutchinsjenky: Before you try, you should test your device and see if it will actually drive full-res graphics for two hours or more.16:04
jhutchinsjenky: Many laptops won't.16:04
jhutchinsjenky: (Also, "incite'=to arouse, "insight" means to see into.16:05
jenkyk ill look that up as well; thx for the responses16:05
jenkylol it didnt autocorrect so figured it was spelled right16:05
huw_hey, a couple of nights ago my trackpad just stopped working, don't think i had installed, updated, or upgraded anything for quite a while.  any ideas of what to look at? I ended up doing a hail mary upgrade so I'm up to date now at least :)16:21
huw_Meant to say, it works on a live cd.16:21
jhutchinshuw_: Ah.  Sudden failure without software changes points to hardware, thanks for clarifying that it still works.16:47
jhutchinshuw_: Try creating a new user and seeing if it works for them.16:47
huw_jhutchins, new user works :D what could I have done? I do wonder if one of my kids has pressed some buttons.. lol16:50
jhutchinshuw_: I suspect a guest cat in my office has not only opened folders but may have deleted files.  I had the "Unable to create trashcan" message on my screen.16:54
jhutchinshuw_: There's something in your profile, the preferences for your desktop most likely.  I only have about five minutes of experience with gnome, so hopefully somebody else knows what to tweak.16:55
arraybolt3jhutchins: Oh yikes. You have backups right?17:01
ograof his trashcan ?17:05
arraybolt3ogra: Yeah but what if more than just a trashcan got deleted?17:09
ograhe can blame the cat ...17:09
ogra(i'm totally not serious here in my last few lines, hope you get that 🙂 )17:10
* alkisg would like to restore 2 cats he accidentally deleted... :/17:10
arraybolt3ogra: :P17:11
=== Xard5 is now known as Xard
esvhey folks, it seems like http://azure.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ points to a recursive link18:12
esvto itself18:12
jhutchinsarraybolt3: I don't usually pay attention to when/how/why that message crops up, I know what _I'm_ doing.  I _think_ it aborts the delete if it can't create the trashcan (CIFS share).  In any case, it wasn't an important file, just a cute video if anything.18:13
jhutchinsI do now have the screen lock engaged.18:14
jhutchinsOh, yeah, that folder's in the backup stack too, so no loss.18:14
leftyfbesv: sort of. Are you having an issue with your repo?18:16
leftyfbesv: https://askubuntu.com/a/95325418:17
cluelesspersonWhere does nautilus store samba passwords?18:19
leftyfbcluelessperson: more than likely in your "passwords and keys" (seahorse) application18:20
cluelesspersoncan't find them in there.18:21
leftyfbcluelessperson: gnome-keyrung18:21
esvyes, there are issues with the repo. wondering if anyone at canonical can fix that.18:22
leftyfbesv: try #ubuntu-mirrors18:22
CrepeDoes anybody know how to configure Ubuntu so it keeps my Lenovo's keyboard backlight always on? I tried to search a solution but it looks like nothing works on Lenovo laptops, so i'm asking just in case anyone managed to solved it19:02
jhutchinsCrepe: That _might_ be a hardware limitation.19:26
jhutchinsIt'd be nice if it could at least keep it on during power-up.19:26
jhutchinsCrepe: Does it go out even if you're typing?19:26
Crepejhutchins: hi sorry, I was cooking; no, it just turns off both when 1) I restart my computer (well, not really when i restart, but when I shut down and start again), and 2) when I'm iddle for few minutes so the screen also reduces its brightness19:40
Crepebut keyboard's backlight doesn't reactivate as screen does19:40
Marzcan anyone assist with unattended upgrades? On debian I add "o=Artifact"; but this does not work on ubuntu. How do you add other packages to unattended upgrades?19:41
jhutchinsCrepe: You might look for Lenovo keyboard drivers on the web, or see what support Lenovo might be offering these days.  Even if they won't support Liux, the more people who ask the more likely they are to eventually support it.19:50
jhutchinsCrepe: It definitely sounds like a driver issue, although keyboards usually don't take a specific driver.  (Special function keys do.)19:50
Crepejhutchins: true, I've been reading about it and it looks like a drivers problem19:56
CrepeI'll ask them to include the drivers so they feel the pressure from more and more people :)19:57
Crepebtw, thank you jhutchins19:57
linuxsux_windowslinux sux20:08
linuxsux_windowswindows best benchmarks20:08
leftyfblinuxsux_windows: trolling is offtopic here. Please /join #ubuntu-offtopic20:08
linuxsux_windowsim not trolling im serious20:09
leftyfblinuxsux_windows: as am I20:09
linuxsux_windowswho is more serious bring me evidence20:09
linuxsux_windowsbenchmarks talk20:09
arraybolt3!ops | linuxsux_windows is disrupting the channel20:09
ubottulinuxsux_windows is disrupting the channel: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant20:09
linuxsux_windowsdisrupting? youre overly emotional. sorry to hurt your fragile ego20:10
arraybolt3Apologies if that was overkill, I saw he wasn't listening and figured he wasn't going to listen, but it dawns on me he probably would have just left if ignored.20:14
emilyCringeopening with "linux sux" was funny at least. definitely just wanting to troll though20:16
leftyfblets stay on topic please20:16
Crepelinux might suck but in my company we only use Linux and we sell open source software so nothing to envy to property software20:38
Crepeanyway it's a clear trolling so nevermind20:38
Crepedinner time20:40
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oerheksLinux kernel 6.2 contains fixes for some problems handling floppy disks20:56
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bingoJACKPOTAlright, I'm having some weird issue with permission. I can open my text editor alone - I use gedit - without putting a file in path. But if I use it to open some programs it just hangs. The only way to fix it and it's not a surefire way is to run the following command: ps -aleF | grep sudo | awk '{print $4}' | xargs kill -921:29
bingoJACKPOT... If anyone knows of a permanent fix, please share. In other news, I'm being recruited by Canonical for an Ubuntu job!21:30
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: define "But if I use it to open some programs"21:31
bingoJACKPOTAnd it looks like it will open some files without sudo. That makes no sense. The root user should have full access and non-root should not have more privelege in any way or form over root.21:31
bingoJACKPOTMy local user has the highest rights in the sudoers file but he should not be overtaking Mr. Root.21:32
bingoJACKPOTOK, when I open a script I wrote for /usr/local/bin, it will open without sudo but with sudo it hangs.21:32
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: what type of script? Shell script? Python?21:32
bingoJACKPOTI store my scripts in /usr/local/bin, which is where they should go by Linux convention.21:32
bingoJACKPOTThey are Bash scripts, mostly21:32
bingoJACKPOTI have a separate photo for my Python code21:33
leftyfbok, how exactly are you opening them?21:33
bingoJACKPOTI run usually sudo gedit /usr/local/bin/<filename>21:33
bingoJACKPOTI just tested one of the files and it did open without sudo and it was written likely without sudo as sudo should never be the default way to write a script. Sudo should be limited in use.21:33
bingoJACKPOTBut in my sudoers... And this shouldn't be an issue, the standard user can run anything without a password - or most things anyway. I can run sudo <argument> for most programs and they will run. But that sudoers file was edited months ago and the issue arose only recently.21:34
oerheksno,  /usr/local/sbin21:35
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: slow down. The queick answer is, you're not going about this correctly21:35
bingoJACKPOTWhat ... sbin has the binaries themselves ... that makes no sense21:35
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: the longer answer I'm trying to find21:35
bingoJACKPOTThe binaries for owners are there ... the files are not stored there... sbin is for the ownership bits21:35
alkisgDoes sudo gedit work on wayland?21:35
bingoJACKPOTOK, someone not be terse ans answer. Please, mr. leftyfb21:36
leftyfbthat also isn't the issue21:36
oerheksfiles in  /usr/local/bin are used for users without sudo rights..21:36
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: I'm looking21:36
bingoJACKPOTYou're being aggressive and terse and those two adjectives should not go together21:36
bingoJACKPOTYes, that's right /usr/local/bin is not for super users. I agree with that21:36
oerheksso why use sudo to edit them?21:36
bingoJACKPOTLinux traditionally is a multi-user platform and root should not have his or her scripts in /usr/local/bin21:36
bingoJACKPOTI did not21:37
EriC^^bingoJACKPOT: try sudo -H gedit21:37
bingoJACKPOTI either mispoke, you misread or both21:37
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: sudo -E gedit /usr/local/bin/script.sh21:37
bingoJACKPOTwith sudo -H it still hangs21:37
bingoJACKPOTI know something is up with my permissions either way as some of my issues aren't happening on Debian21:38
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: the quick answer is, you're not supposed to be calling GUI applications with sudo. There are proper mechanisms for this.21:38
bingoJACKPOTFor instance, about once every month or so after an update, I have to edit the config file for Software Center so that the GUI will open without sudo21:38
bingoJACKPOTI should not have to use sudo to open Software Center21:38
bingoJACKPOTOK, /usr/local/bin doesn't store GUI programs, dude or lady21:39
bingoJACKPOTIt's for shell scripts21:39
EriC^^bingoJACKPOT: gedit is the gui program21:39
bingoJACKPOTI think most programs which are gui go in /usr/bin21:39
bingoJACKPOTThe configs go in /etc21:39
bingoJACKPOTGedit, yes, that's the text editor21:39
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: sudo -E gedit /usr/local/bin/script.sh21:39
bingoJACKPOTI use it to write my scripts.21:39
bingoJACKPOTHold on. Let me see if it opens that way21:39
bingoJACKPOTI don't write normal scripts or edit them with sudo, BTW21:40
bingoJACKPOTI only use sudo when I have to21:40
EriC^^bingoJACKPOT: yeah, you're not supposed to use "sudo <gui program>" you will mess up your $HOME file ownership potentially21:40
bingoJACKPOTOK, we're getting somewhere, the "E" switch worked. Thanks!21:40
bingoJACKPOTYes, it says in numerous places not to open Nautilus with root21:41
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: just because it worked doesn't mean it's the right thing to do21:41
bingoJACKPOTThat is well known - and I don't21:41
leftyfbthe same thing applies to gedit21:41
bingoJACKPOTBut you have to edit the network configs for VMware by opening it with root21:41
oerheksnautilus has a special plugin for that21:41
bingoJACKPOTSo, in the case of VMware, there's no other way21:41
bingoJACKPOTYou can't create network adapters or networks in VMware Workstation Pro without opening it as sudo21:41
bingoJACKPOTNice that non-noob questions can get answered here. I rarely come here for technical problems so I apprecitae this21:42
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: I can tell you an answer you're not goin to like21:42
oerhekshave fun!21:42
bingoJACKPOTThere will be a lot of people like me though if I get that Canonical job21:42
bingoJACKPOTI have a thick skin for this channel so you can tel me whatever. Trolling is popular on Libera21:43
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: "non-noobs" don't use gedit to edit config files21:43
bingoJACKPOTTrolling is VERY VERY pouplar on Stack Exchange21:43
bingoJACKPOTOh, you use Vim or Vi21:43
bingoJACKPOTYeah, I could do that21:43
bingoJACKPOTYou must be pushing eighty-six years old to be using it though. You were with AT&T in the Unix era? Can you pass over a note to Dennis Ritchie for me please?21:43
bingoJACKPOTAlso, Kevin Mitnick has a question for you... He's on the phone no21:44
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: coming from someone who used to work for Canonical, you'd be good to not have that attitude while working there21:44
bingoJACKPOTleftyfb ...  You're right21:45
bingoJACKPOTIt's a dick thing to say, what I said. I prefer nano - that's the respectable answer21:45
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: vim and emacs are very popular for sysadmins and devops. As are proper IDE's for development. Regardless of age21:45
bingoJACKPOTBut it's hard to edit huge scripts with nano21:45
leftyfbnano is also fine for some21:45
bingoJACKPOTFor really hardcore stuff, I like Visual Studio Code21:45
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: good luck21:45
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: If you have no further support questions, feel free to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic21:46
bingoJACKPOTYeah, thanks. If you are not being sarcastic21:46
bingoJACKPOTI can't believe they're even talking to me. I'm a power user but I'm not like my uncle who could do pretty much anything with Linux21:46
bingoJACKPOTIf you're an older man or lady, you may be my uncle's age. He's a baby boomer and he got me into Linux in the mid 2000s21:47
bingoJACKPOTUbuntu was less popular and well known then21:47
bingoJACKPOTIf you have any tips beyond telling me to be humble or trashing gedit, which could help me score a job, please share them leftyfb ... I was playfully joking with you, mate. I mean no harm nor disrespect.21:48
leftyfbbingoJACKPOT: It's offtopic here. Feel free to ask others in #ubuntu-discuss21:49
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TreeFish20Hi guys, I want to re-encrypt my OS from aes to twofish or serpent, using Lubuntu 22.04, LUKS.22:13
oerheksbackup data and reinstall ? that would be fastest and safest.22:16
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ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.22:16
jesmaanihello everyone. Could someone help me. I am trying to revive old Acer Aspire ES 14 with a Lubuntu install. Everything went fine with the live USB install, but after the install computer does not recognise its eMMC where it should boot and where I have lubuntu installed22:26
oerheksdisable uefi?  and reinstall.. https://askubuntu.com/questions/943947/no-bootable-device-found-after-ubuntu-install-aspire-es-1422:28
oerheksold issue22:28
jesmaanino uefi option in boot menu22:28
jesmaanieven after disabling secure boot and adding passwords22:28
oerheksoke, no clue then ..22:29
jesmaanithere has to be some way22:30
oerheksother more recent post; https://askubuntu.com/questions/1198117/no-bootable-device-on-single-boot-ubuntu-for-acer-aspire-es1422:30
oerhekson https://askubuntu.com/questions/1277405/problems-installing-ubuntu-on-acer-laptop  i see screenshots with 'fastboot'. make sure that is disabled during install22:31
jesmaaniI have no option to choose from UEFI or LEGACY in bios and thats the problem with these things. ES1-432-C0BW is complete model. This piece of junk comes with 32gb eMMC with the only storage22:33
oerheksfastboot is different from secureboot22:34
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:34
ubuntu4evahi am looking for ways to imrpove perfornamce on linux. any tips?22:35
jesmaaniok i boot that piece of junk and lets see if there was any fastboot option but if remember right there was no such option22:35
leftyfb!op | please remove ubuntu4evah. Same troll as earlier22:36
ubottuplease remove ubuntu4evah. Same troll as earlier: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant22:36
ubuntu4evahi am not a troll. its really rude of you to talk about me this way22:37
leftyfbubuntu4evah: please leave22:37
ubuntu4evahjust because you dont have any suggestions22:37
ubuntu4evah!op | please remove leftyfb same troll as before22:38
ubottuplease remove leftyfb same troll as before: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant22:38
oerheksoh linuxsux_windows is back..22:39
jesmaaniOk. There was no fastboot option. When I'm in bios there is the eMMC where i have lubuntu installed, but when i restart the machine and hit f12 for boot manager it show only network boot options22:39
jesmaaniif i stick my live usb on the machine it boots from there22:39
ubuntu4evahwindows sux22:40
oerheksjesmaani, check bios version? maybe an update solve things22:40
ubuntu4evahoerheks. u a witch22:40
neowebI cannot get this laptop to stop suspending at the login screen22:52
neowebI have tried everything here22:52
neowebis there some systemd stuff here that is messign with me22:54
neowebi know systemd has some hate when i close the lid in archlinux22:56
neowebback in the day22:56
neowebso freaking frustrating at this point22:57
highratewhy does itoa() not have man page23:12
highratetest.c:(.text+0x48): undefined reference to `itoa'23:13
highratenot used anymore?23:13

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