xu-irc66wi tried installing LMD but it took forever so i closed(scan)00:00
gnrpxu-irc66w: Can you maybe make a paste of the whole thing in the terminal? Or a screenshot?00:00
xu-irc66wit is what it is00:00
gnrpxu-irc66w: Try maybe once `sudo apt install --fix-broken`00:01
xu-irc66wWell then its just nvrending repeating message00:02
gnrpwhich is...?00:02
xu-irc66wi cant do that either, nor shut down00:04
gnrpthere is apparently some process still running (something you said you closed during installation) that is still holding the lock, and probably waiting for some input from you. You can restart (or kill that process, but restarting might be easier). And then you have to do the `sudo apt install --fix-broken`00:04
gnrphu? Why not?00:04
xu-irc20wsudo apt install --fix-broken?00:07
xu-irc20wYeah its dun 0 problems00:08
gnrpok, then you can try again now to install rkhunter00:08
gnrpsudo apt install rkhunter00:08
xu-irc20wI did it yesterday aswell it will just show the same message00:08
gnrpwhich is...?00:09
gnrpah, sorry, please also do once: `sudo dpkg --configure -a`00:09
xu-irc20whow many times can i install it? shouldnt it say "already installed" or something00:09
xu-irc20wwell the configuration fix again00:10
gnrplook. I have no clue what you see there. Either you paste the output or we have no clue what is happening.00:10
gnrpand if you paste the output, paste also the command you were running. The whole thing.00:11
gnrpif you run `ps aux | grep 1935` ?00:11
gnrpalso, one-line output you can just paste here, no need for pastebin00:11
gnrpdid you try again to install rkhunter?00:13
gnrpthen `sudo kill 1935`00:14
gnrpyeah, that's good00:15
gnrpand then try again `sudo apt install --fix-broken`00:15
gnrpand `sudo dpkg --configure -a`00:15
gnrpand then `sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix`00:15
xu-irc20wi just ran these we haven't changed anything since last00:15
gnrphm, ok00:17
gnrpcan you please take a screenshot of what happens when you try to install rkhunter?00:17
xu-irc20wrunning dpkg --info00:18
xu-irc20wsomething about a "deb-filename" needed00:19
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.00:21
gnrpI feel like you could also install nullmailer or so and then go on. But without knowing where the installation of rkhunter stops...00:21
xu-irc20wThe text is what it is, nothing more nothing less00:21
gnrpanyway, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I can help if you're online and willing to get help. gn800:21
xu-irc20wi dont dear going on my youtube risking losing my channel i build for years with 47 subs00:22
xu-irc20wN god knows what was in that 332,2 GB 'log' yesterday00:26
xu-irc20wAfter getting a log dump of 332,2 GB yestersay, tho have it removed but automaticlly got signed out of every socialmedia platforms, would you sign into it again?01:37
xu-irc20wor should i stick to the phone for another day hoping gnrp shows up tomorrow alto i basically just woke n will be up for another 8 hours?01:38
xu-irc20wCan anybody give the name to the offtopic chat, n do u know if the whole Libera.chat will be locked if i get banned in that one?03:04
xu-irc20wI tend to have tendencies..03:05
vallottiHello!  I've been trying to make a startup usb.  I downloaded the .iso image from xubuntu.org  I've used dd, mkusb, and startup disk creator, but the usb never boots.  Reading from parted shows a boot flag, but the reading from fdisk does not.  Yes, my BIOS is set to boot from an external source.14:25
gnrpvallotti: where did you dd the iso to?14:25
gnrpto a partition or to the whole usb drive?14:26
vallottiThe whole drive, so the would be sdb.  Should it have been sdbx?  I notice that, once finished, dd leaves three partitions.14:35
gnrpno, this is correct14:39
gnrpwhat kind of computer are you trying to boot from? Isit more recent? Is maybe Secure Boot activated, or only UEFI boot?14:40
vallottiI've a Sony VAIO, about eleven years old, now.  It's turning into a dinosaur!14:41
gnrp(or only legacy boot? I actuall yodn't know what you would need)14:41
gnrpdo you maybe have secure boot on that computer?14:42
vallottiI don't believe so.  This will be my third or fourth install of xubuntu, and I'm not doing anything differently than I've done in the past.14:47
gnrpah, it works when it is installed from the hard drive?14:50
vallottiWell, I do install xubuntu from the usb.  The problem is that the stick I just made doesn't seem to have a partition from which to boot.  What further confounds is that parted sees a bootable partition, but fdisk does not.  The computer agrees with fdisk.  It's also possible that my computer refuses to boot from a gpt partition table.14:59
vallottiI believe that this is the problem.  As a test, I made a successful startup disk with another distro, arch.  The arch disk has an msdos partition table.  Is there any way to write the dd command so that the usb stick has an msdos partition table?  I've read the man page, but I'm sure there's something I don't understand.15:32
xu-irc20whello gnrp did u have möjlighet to help me today :]21:11
gnrpxu-irc20w: Maybe ;)21:18
xu-irc20wwell where where we=L21:19
xu-irc20wsomething about a .deb-filename21:19
gnrpWell, that was something entirely different21:24
gnrpso your final goal is to install rkhunter21:24
gnrpcan you please once again try to install it and then take a screenshot (an image) of where it's stuck?21:24
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.21:24
xu-irc20wpostfix is not installed21:26
xu-irc20wThis youtube is rly strange i cant download it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUYzSaAZk1s21:37

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