yunze-kucann't access launchpad.net now, what's going on?03:16
sarnoldsad firewalls03:18
sarnoldyunze-ku, it's probably back, try again?03:20
yunze-kutry another laptop can access....ok, I'll reboot pc :-(03:21
sarnoldno need to go around rebooting anything :)03:21
sarnoldI just wanted to make sure you weren't blocked for too long03:21
yunze-kuehh,,,what firewalls u mean? 03:25
sarnoldI don't actually know what kind of firewalls they are; they're complicated 100gbps fail-over sorts of things that are supposed to handled one of them dying entirely, but somehow they seem to cause a problem like this every few months :(03:27
mwhudsonthe ones in the data centres i assume03:27
sarnoldI assume they cost more than my salary :)03:27
yunze-kufine... it back now , i can access now with no reboot.03:31
ricotzhello, this account is creating "merge-proposal" spam - https://launchpad.net/~spoety4012:28
jugmac00ricotz:  Thanks, I'll have a look after my next meeting.12:30
gurupras-ricotz, I have suspended the user's account now.15:01
=== gurupras- is now known as guruprasad
jugmac00Thanks, Guruprasad!15:15
ricotzjugmac00, guruprasad, thanks15:33
ricotzhello, looks like bos02 requires a kick :)21:44
jugmac00ricotz: there is ongoing maintenance with bos02 - that is why we brought up bos01 again, which is working nicely21:52
ricotzjugmac00, I see, thanks, I will be patient22:03
kartik_subbaraoI get the "Uh oh! Something has gone wrong. We're sorry!" page when I try to bring up https://launchpad.net. Does anyone else see the same thing?22:38
jugmac00kartik_subbarao: No, seems to work for me22:39
kartik_subbaraoHmm interesting, works for me now in Chrome, but not Firefox. I also get the error with curl22:41
kartik_subbaraooh well. Hopefully something transient22:41

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