-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** bors[bot] merged [pull request #2740](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2740): Make accidentally closing a mir::Fd a compile error00:17
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** RAOF opened [pull request #2743](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2743): Drop server/graphics/gl_extensions_base.cpp; it's dead code05:41
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** RAOF opened [pull request #2744](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2744): Add core mmap-backed SHM handling... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/37ff0fa892ba672d520749e3d82e1633740a9160>)07:02
alan_g[m]Saviq you mentioned you had some logic for automating updates to branches when main changes? Where is it so I can plagiarise?09:14
Saviqalan_g here: https://github.com/MirServer/ubuntu-frame-vnc/blob/main/.github/workflows/edge.yml - it's quite trivial, but does the trick09:16
SaviqIf you're thinking about iot-example-graphical-snap branches, it should be a simple rebase.09:16
SaviqWhether you want it to be atomic (fail all branches in case one fails e.g. due to conflicts) is something to decide09:16
alan_g[m]Actually, this morning I was thinking of ubuntu-frame/mir-build-snap09:20
alan_g[m](And that too should be a rebase)09:20
SaviqWas thinking the same yesterday :)09:21
SaviqCould be a composite action… but not sure it's worth the indirection09:21
SaviqWe could move GIT_{AUTHOR,COMMITTER}_{NAME,EMAIL} to the org environment09:22
SaviqSo it doesn't have to be explicit09:22
SaviqHmm or maybe we could not, there isn't a global environment, just secrets09:24
alan_g[m]Maybe I should let you ponder a while?09:24
SaviqMakes a bit more reason to have a shared action in e.g. MirServer/actions09:24
SaviqIt would save maybe 20 lines in the workflow… will toss a coin…09:26
alan_g[m]I've simply rebased manually. You are still having design ideas09:27
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** AlanGriffiths edited [issue #2742](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/issues/2742): [clang] we should rework unqualified call to std::move and std::forward09:41
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** AlanGriffiths edited [issue #2742](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/issues/2742): [clang] we should rework unqualified call to std::move and std::forward09:42
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** Saviq edited [pull request #2741](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2741): ci: fix working with jammy in GitHub Actions09:46
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** Saviq assigned to [pull request #2744](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2744): Add core mmap-backed SHM handling09:59
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** Saviq closed [pull request #2645](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2645): platform/buffer_from_wl_shm: Handle clients immediately destroying the buffer10:07
* Saviq sent a code block: https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/7b65453d9ce23bd6cb6eb4cdc32ff1c727fd8a2810:42
alan_g[m]I assume "PRs welcome" 🤷10:44
SaviqLooks like we're a bit lenient on -W in Frame… Also CMake's default should be much more strict :P11:56
alan_g[m]You're welcome to fix12:37
alan_g[m]Hey, did we need egmde fixed for 22.04?12:51
SaviqWe didn't, in theory, but I wanted the least changes to Mir CI for base: core22 - if we replace egmde with something else in there, fine12:52
alan_g[m]OK. Maybe someone will find time to do a miriway snap recipe before too long12:54
Saviqalan_g having worked through some of the core22 changes needed I'm starting to think we need to make "how do you _use_ the graphics-core22 interface" a part of the spec. Copy the hooks and wrappers? Make them a part? Extension?15:16
SaviqI know I've been against an extension for long, but now I'm not sure if it isn't the least bad…15:16
alan_g[m]I put references in to the examples as I didn't want to open that debate yet. But you know I have wanted to try the extension approach for a while. (Not that it is all good, but none of the approaches we've tried are either)15:20
alan_g[m]BTW you were discussing the CI failures with Chris when I joined. Do you know why the shm handling fails lxd:ubuntu-22.04:spread/build/sbuild:ubuntu_armhf?15:27
SaviqYeah that test should be disabled on QEMU, it crashes there. And that disabling is what isn't working15:29
SaviqI.e. the define you suggested wasn't a good name any more15:30
alan_g[m]Are you blaming the name?!15:31
SaviqI'll look into it15:40
SaviqI didn't get far… wild guess is that ptest does not respect test_exclusion_filter17:01
alan_g[m]I'm hoping it will be fixed by Monday 😀17:02
SaviqGood night all o/17:03
alan_g[m]Good weekend all!18:01
sophie-wgrayson-g: how did you fix your clang headers problem? I think I might be getting the same thing21:54

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