guivercthanks teward (you won't know why.. but I don't think that matters; your general care of the community!)01:07
lotuspsychjegood morning02:43
cartdrigeyou know what's missing in Ubuntu?02:44
cartdrigeAnd that's a japanese man who told me about it, ...sexy male wallpapers with fat mustache out of the box.02:45
cartdrigeand turtles or mushrooms.02:45
lotuspsychjewe had mushrooms wallpaper on ubuntu before i think02:46
lotuspsychjefor the other 2 you will need to contest yourself :p02:46
cartdrigegimp has that too as splashscreen lol.02:46
cartdrigelotuspsychje, are you a dev? worked on an app in the official repositories or something?02:48
lotuspsychjecartdrige: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/03/14-community-wallpapers-ubuntu-14-0402:48
sarnoldthere's no "fireman calendar" desktop background packages??02:49
lotuspsychjeno, im an lts bug hunter regular user02:49
lotuspsychjelol sarnold 02:50
murmelgoddard: I agree, but at the same time, ubuntu has at least a fix where the bluetooth button doesn't disappear just because you disable bt08:05
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murmelogra: man I didn't know someone needs 6 hrs of support (with 4 people total) just to remove snapd :)08:24
murmelto be fair, his install was quite broken, (snap doesn't let me remove stuff without removing other software which depends on it)08:24
ogramurmel, haha, yeah, that was a really demanding "customer" 08:59
ograand the system was a total mess through installing random desktops galore08:59
murmelogra: definitely. oh well. at least he seems to have figured it out11:09
murmelogra: pm for a q?11:09
wezLets discus14:42
lotuspsychjeleftyfb oerheks last week we had a user reporting updates installed this oracle/oem kernel18:19
lotuspsychjethen we found a few email lists too; https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2022-January/041805.html18:21
leftyfbneither of those links mention the word "oracle"18:23
oerheksi just read this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1443718/ubuntu-22-04-only-boot-normally-via-recovery-mode18:28
oerheksalso no answer how did it install18:28
lotuspsychjei think the user was talking to alkisg last week about it18:30
oerheks;There are a few reports of this in the Ubuntu subreddit. Seems to be associated with the latest nvidia drivers. Likely a bug.; ...18:31
oerheksworth checking?18:31
arraybolt3Just doing a network test, thanks for your patience19:21
lotuspsychjewe see you arraybolt3 :p19:23
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