sarnoldnicoz: you know it :D I'm always preaching the "a low end vm in a datacenter is pretty cheap and reliable" gospel to any who will listen :)00:38
Unit193sarnold: https://www.vultr.com/pricing/ those micro ones. :302:35
sarnoldUnit193: yes! :D02:36
sarnoldwow, $14k PER MONTH machines..02:37
sarnoldokay, those are decent procs..02:37
Unit193If you want dedicated, I'd go OVH.02:38
Unit193https://eco.ovhcloud.com/en/ huh, Germany and Poland now too eh?  I knew about the latter, but neat.02:41
Unit193...OK I've gotten side tracked.02:41
sarnold$372/mo for their silliest :) heh02:45
leftyfbI prefer containers on my own physical in-house servers :)02:58
sarnoldi still haven't gotten around to containers yet02:59
sarnoldsome day02:59
leftyfbJust picked up another R620 which will be a mirror for the one running everything at the moment. I'll do periodic snapshots of the containers nightly02:59
leftyfblove me some lxd02:59
leftyfbyesterday setup a full lab environment to test out some deployment code. Got a router and "metal" server providing DHCP and DNS and containers on that "metal" container for the deployments just like we do in the field03:00
leftyfblxc launch ubuntu:22.04 new-server03:01
leftyfbthat's it03:01
leftyfbthen mess with lxd bridges and profiles if you need to do the fancy stuff I was doing03:01
leftyfblxc list # to list your servers and lxc shell <server> # to bootstrap it with ssh and such. OR do what I do and use ansible to create, bootstrap and deploy everything to it in a matter of minutes03:03
sarnoldthat's so cool03:04
Unit193Never used lxd, but I have lxc for autopkgtests.03:05
leftyfblxd is better for managing multiple containers and allows more orchestration 03:05
leftyfbyou can also create and manage kvm/qemu vm's with lxd03:06
Unit193Oh dang, it's actually in the repos.  Huh.03:07
leftyfbI just set that up for our support engineers. They're all still running 18.04 because they need to support customers on older versions. But I wrote an ansible playbook to spin up the 20.04 VM, copy over all their keys and creds and runs a full engineer deployments on it03:07
leftyfbUnit193: lxd is snap only btw03:08
Unit193!info lxd unstable03:08
ubottulxd (5.0.1-2+b1, unstable): Powerful system container and virtual machine manager - daemon. In component main, is optional. Built by lxd. Size 13,185 kB / 46,440 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)03:08
leftyfbI can't believe you guys haven't messed with lxd. It's trivial and so easy to spin one up for quick tests and then just stop it or delete it if needed03:09
sarnold"messed with', a bit, yeah03:09
leftyfbit's how I check package versions and such on releases I'm not running all the time to help in #u03:09
sarnoldwell, okay, lxc list just now is taking its sweet time.. I think I've got one for every supported release, and some of them have esm configured, etc03:10
sarnoldoh i've got debians going too03:10
leftyfboh man, are they all running?03:10
sarnoldno, all stopped right now03:10
leftyfbhow many you got?03:11
sarnoldbut they're all so cheap that I often forget I start them, and I might at some point wonder why i've a thousand processes running03:11
leftyfbI wouldn't call that "haven't gotten around to containers yet" :)03:11
sarnoldwell, some folks really live and breathe containers, organizae their entire workloads in them, orchestrate them together, etc..03:12
leftyfbthat's sort of me 03:12
sarnoldI just have a few sitting around for easy question answering, like yours03:12
leftyfbthough we're going to be moving to ESXi at some point in the near future. Gotta rewrite all my ansible for that next03:12
sarnoldbut no ansibles to create and configure them on a whim, etc03:12
sarnoldaww ;(03:12
sarnoldI thought with the broadcom aquisition everyone was moving *away* from esxi03:13
leftyfbyeah, they need HA and support03:13
leftyfbdidn't know about this03:14
sarnoldah, I dunno about lxd's HA, but I wouldn't be shocked if esxi has *better* HA regardless03:14
sarnoldanother 15 years on the market will do that :)03:14
leftyfblxd's sort of have HA but it takes a bit of work03:14
leftyfbyou need to strap on some other pieces to do the heavy lifting03:15
sarnoldbroadcom has a history, as it were .. https://www.techtarget.com/searchdatacenter/news/252521669/Broadcoms-acquire-and-axe-history-concerns-VMware-users03:15
leftyfbwelp, I was waiting for "smee" to come back but apparently it take multiple hours to install a single package. I can't wait any longer03:18
sarnoldgnight leftyfb ;)03:19

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