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ibexnethi everybody16:27
ibexnetI have some trouble to compile kernel for an arm64 board16:28
ibexnetsomeone can helpme?16:28
mhcerriibexnet, what kind of trouble?16:29
ibexnetmhcerri: when I load the uImage I have the error:*** irq: undefined instruction17:00
ibexnetI have cross compiled the chernel using the toolchain provided by Hisilicon for arm64 (arch64-histbv100-linux-)17:01
ibexnetwhen I make the kernel under on menuconfig, I select all the option for hisilicon support17:02
ibexnetwhat I miss?17:02
juerghibexnet, probably missing options. what board is it? what kernel version are you trying to compile? do you have a working kernel and config?18:12
ibexnetI use an hisilicon board with hi3798cv200 SoC, I try to compile kernel 5.4.132, I have an working kernel 4.4.3518:14
ibexnetI should have the kernel 4.4 working config, but I don't know ho to port it to kernel 5.418:15
sarnoldibexnet: 'make oldconfig' can be used to prompt your for what's new19:34

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